22 Weeks

22 weeks

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22 weeks

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Immature twin babies born at 22 weeks weighing 500g and 560g respectively celebrated their ninth birthday. Now pay attention please. Hunter Ryan Ridley and Darcy Louise Ridley were born on April 24, 2006 nearly 123 months earlier. The twins were considered quite immature twins to survive at the time.

This video, which chronicles Darcy’s medicinal struggles, shows she suffered from fluid on her brain requiring surgery. The twins were released from the hospital nearly 6 months right after the birth, right after months of medicinal care.

In 2008, the sire & mother published the video below documenting the twins’ 1-st months. Some viewing the precious video, which has nearly 2,500,000 views, have written hateful comments.

Now let me tell you something. Thought I should check in and give all an update on the twins, he wrote. Explore through the comments I noticed that there’re some negative and insulting comments. For you who think it is ok to insult me and my children heal your life. It is to me my kids are real heroes and I hope they continue to give anyone hope. On top of that, in case you got hope and trust anything is manageable. Over and over again thank you to all who have left positive comments.

And now here’s a question. Is it feasible to imagine? Ok, and now one of the most important parts. Congrats on your sweet wholesome babies! Sounds familiar? It touched my heart to see how they were able to survive cause I practically died with my 2nd son who is now 8 years quite old by having him at 27 weeks and he was as well a premie. For example, it’s simply letting us see how god watches over his children and that his angels are here to protect us when we don’t see them and to see that god were looking over your babies. I’m sure you heard about this. They look so healthful and are amazing god bless!

Awh this brings a this modern meaning to being born once more. In reality, your babies are love very true meaning, much, life or even more. Doesn’t it sound familiar? Your babies are extremely sweetest, little and even beautiful bundle of joy I had seen. May god bless your children, you and your housekeeping. Sounds familiar? Such a pity that some folks will not see that!

You should take it into account. These interested can stick with their progress, the housekeeping has created the Facebook page Hunter and Darcy for the twins, who are now 9 years old enough. Essentially, these interested can go with their progress, the housekeeping has created the Facebook page Hunter and Darcy for the twins, who are now 9 years old enough. Primary links. Now pay attention please. Discussion adviced!

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