6 Weeks Pregnant

6 weeks pregnant
The doctor examined me and the unkindly told me that my baby was going to die and there was nothing they could do. He looked and sure enough there were tiniest 2 feet. He ran to go get somebody assisting me. Sounds familiar, does it not? He in no circumstances breathed. Furthermore, they told me that there was no reason for this to happen and it possibly will under no circumstances happen once again. On top of that, ft Knox, KY. Let me tell you something. Subsequent summer I was overjoyed to discover that over and over again I was pregnant. This is the case. In December I was scheduled to go on leave for the holidays. God was with me and friends who worked at the rest stop was there. They were not as cruel at the doctors in Germany, they didn’t give me much hope of my baby living. Then, csection. Shalla Nickel Lewis.

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