6 Working Week Rather Old Fetus

6 week old fetus

Awh that big to hear delighted for you. Keep up the good work. As a outcome, brilliant how ur maintaining your weight. You search for it hand to juggle between meds/nebs/exercise, right? That said, congratulations to you meg.

Of course, yes I’m having twins. It’s good. Thanks for the update alfie.

Another question is. Did you say babies? Needless to say, are you expecting twins? Exciting.

6 week old fetus

Thanks for all the feedback guys. Babies are getting large looking forward to meeting them. Congrats on your pregnancy! Babies are so tough to come by quite often that every pregnancy announcement feels exciting to me, no feedback from me.

Thanks meg that gives me a little piece of mind. Let me tell you something. Then, congratulations on your pregnancy. As a outcome, how have you searched with success for it so far? Is this your 1st? Of all my drugs, my doctor let me choose whether to stay on zithromax or not. In matter of fact, at 1st I stopped it I kept getting chill right after chill my 1-st trimester, accompanied by the flu. On top of that, the doctor had me restart zithromax, my lungs needed all the help that they could get next. You see, vS|versus|against|or reward. It may be more risky to get the drug, it was more risky for me to get sick than to get zithromax, in the event you’re doing well. Doesn’t it sound familiar? That said, I think you’re ok to stay on it until you talk to your doctor and get the opinion since he/she sees you and your needs.

With that said, then I was leted to stay with my regular when we 1st cleared up I was pregnant, oB through my all the pregnancy my CF doc had me consult with a lofty risk OB. I’m sure it sounds familiar. The ‘highrisk’ OB and my CF doc consulted one another about all my meds, and the 2 that they had me stop were Zithromax and Mucomyst. They stopped Zithromax through the all the pregnancy and while breastfeeding, mucomyst was entirely stopped all along the 1-st trimester. I understand they use a risk against reward method for figuring out whether to have you continue on every med, with that being said. It’s a well they may intend to keep you on it, when the reward you are getting from ithromax is worth the risk.

Now pay attention please. Have you talked with your OB regarding this? Yes, that’s right! In the event you haven’t again, that is my next move when I were you. That may help reassure you, in the event she concurs with your GP. It is have you talked with your OB regarding this? When you haven’t usually, that will be my next move in case I were you. That may help reassure you, in case she concurs with your GP.

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