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JohnyFit.com was founded by several professionals in the health and fitness area. Initially should have been an easy, informative resource that may inform every one of fitness and health information. Johny Fit is a fitness model and got there in early years of his journey.

The authors and managers with this website all have experience past or current within the fitness sector, focusing on a component-time basis to determine this website being an easy-to-understand educational and guiding resource. What we should share is a resolve for the practices of fitness and health, in addition to a need to encourage others to become fitness addicted. Some pages are targeted at current topics while some are meant more for ambitious fitness professionals or everyone.

We’re always available to feedback, may it be associated with the precision of our content, the an indicator for any new page, or perhaps an inquiry into more information or sources. If you want to depart a comment or simply say hello, mind to our Contact Us page and complete the shape. Our site hosts a number of fitness – related links, some serious plus some less so. Hopefully, this resource is useful and, as pointed out before, encourage any comments that might allow us to enhance its construction.