Blood Urea Nitrogen

blood urea nitrogen

Where did you get the blood test, sorry to sound unhelpful. And now here is the question. Was it a “walk in for a blood test” ? How is it possible to get that kind of results while not obtaining any feedback at the same time?

You should take it into account. Everybody here see methods to interpret blood test results?

There is more in the event anybody can translate this to something meaningful. Notice that urea Nitrogen 7 -18 mg/dL BUN/Creatinine Ratio 5 -35 Uric Acid Male one to five mg/dL Female 0 to 0 mg/dL Vitamin A 30 -65 µg/dL whitey Blood Cell Count 4,300 -ten,800 cells/µL/cu mm *Please visit your measurement and abbreviation pages.

a Hb of 17. a Hb of 17. VERY abnormal and warrants immediate urgent investigation.

Then once again, whilst at 1st sight this will seem “in the normal range” for a male of that age, you’ve made no mention of your medicinal past, clinical symptoms previous results. Alarm bells possibly ring, in case you are a chap with a Hb of 16g/dl who’s Hb has previously systematically run at 13g/dl.

With that said, you have got Hb of 16g/dl -this output is pretty meaningless on its own. However, there’re very well wholesome individuals and terminally ill anyone with a Hb of 16g/dl.

Basically, this Hb level doesn’t truly cast any light on the symptoms you’ve described.

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