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I have a Bodybug for sale.

I paid $399.00 for this wonderful tool.

Never have I seen such a remarkable device that does so much.


isnt a better way to track calories than with the Bodybug, it is 97%

accurate so no guess work! It’s so simple to use! Customize the

program with your data and weight loss goals.

Use the armband to track

calories burned vs.

calories consumed.

Keep eating the food you love

and stay in control of your weight so you can get There Faster!

I originally purchased the BodyBug for my wife but we are now

expecting a baby and have no need for this item.

I paid $399.00(plus

tax) but will take $200.00 even for it.

It comes with the BodyBug and

Manual, sorry no box.

It is approx 2 months old.

I hate to sell it but

baby comes first! Just shoot me an email at bodebldr2000@…


How did it work for your wife? I can’t see how this device knows how many calories you’ve taken in unless the person is somehow recording their food.

According to the little film information it said the bodybugg knows how many calories you’ve eaten and burned by the changes in the body.

Can that be for real?

I know you want to sell this and I don’t mean to ruin your chances but as a trainer if this thing works I’d love to get some of my clients to buy it.

Don’t forget to try selling it on craiglist


I am also a personal trainer and my clients love it.

It counts calories burned not consumed.

You have to go to [MOD EDIT: URL removed]

You input the foods you eat daily and at the end of the day you will plug your bodybug into your computer and download the info.

It then will tell you if you are in a caloric surplus or not.

It is a big help and takes out the guess work.

What I like most is that you have to log food intake daily, this makes people more likely to be successful because it makes them commit to doing it.


I think I found the answer to my own question;

Does the bodybugg �� armband track what I eat?

No, the armband itself tracks the calories you burn, but not the

calories you eat.

Your calories consumed are calculated by the

bodybugg �� interface based on your weekly body mass change.

To better

stay on track of your calorie input, the program also offers an

easy-to-use food log so you can monitor the calories you eat throughout

the day.


Looks like you still have to keep track of the foods eaten.

That’s the hardest thing to get my clients to do-write down what they eat each day.

When there is a device that can calculate the calories consumed without a person having to weigh, measure and write it down, that will be some great tool for dieters!


Thanks for the info on the Bodybugg, Mathew, but I don’t see a huge difference between this and what I ask my clients to do which is weigh or measure their food and write down a calorie total.

It might be high techy, which I know would appeal to a lot of people, but how many will really wear that thing on their arm all day, every day?

You can learn the same thing about yourself by logging your calories (which you say you have to do with the bodybugg anyway), exercising more and stepping up on that scale every morning and recording your weight.

If it ain’t going down, you are eating too much and/or exercising too little.

I hope I don’t sound like I’m arguing but I don’t want to ask a client to buy one of these if they will eventually not use it efficiently because of the things I pointed out.

I really appreciate the feedback.


I think you have it backwards.

The Bodybug doesn’t count calories in, it counts calories burned.

Logging what you eat is vital BUT how do you know exactly what you have burned? If you are not burning enough then you wont drop the weight.

So if you are logging what you eat AND know what you burn that will insure success.

You don’t have to wear it 24/7, you can take it off at bed time and put it back on when you wake up.

It isn’t uncomfortable at all, kinda like getting use to a new necklace or watch.

Sure, I agree that people don’t “need” the bodybug but it is a very good tool and takes allot of guess work out.


Lori – I agree with you on all points.

When a client is interested in more

specific (or closer to exact) caloric expenditure for activity I recommend a

Polar HR monitor.

I also recommend it for those who really can’t get the

RPE concept or take HR during activity.

Of course they can use a formula to

calculate their expenditure too – may not be “exact” but it will be pretty

dang accurate and free.

They range in price from very reasonable to what I consider too much to

spend or ask a client to spend (unless of course they are training for a

marathon and want to track specific run times/distances, intervals etc.


a PC program).

If you really want total caloric expenditure for the day you could use this

but I think there are enough programs and formulas available to determine

one’s resting metabolic rate.

Hope that makes sense.


This is a great resource thanks for reminding people that My Pyramid

is out there.

However, the point behind the BodyBug is not how much

you eat but how much your body USES.

I personally use a BodyGem and measure the RMR for my nutrition

clients so they can then use the site you suggested or the nutrition

tracking software I offer to track what they eat.

I set their caloric

needs based on activity levels and tell them which amounts to use on a

cardio day, a strength training day and a rest day.

The accountability

is their own.

I re-measure once every 6 weeks to see if they are

making gains in their metabolic rate and I also measure their body fat

to see if they are cutting fat.

The people who follow the guidelines I

set see progress the ones who can’t or won’t make the changes they

need, don’t.

Like I said they are accountable to themselves at that point.


The tracker which is FREE tells use how many calories consumed also , how much of every nutrient and what nutrients you still need still for the day.

It tells how much energy burned for countless calories.

It is FREE.

The client, however, does not wear device and has to log everything accuratly, but it’s free.

The gov.

puts a lot out there for us to help us become a healthy nation.

Check out your free resources.


Actually, that is where you are mistaken, the EER is based upon a

algebraic logarithm which is why the E in EER stands for Estimated.


does not give you YOUR exact metabolic consumption.

My metabolic rate

is different from yours which means for the same physical output my

body may consume more or less calories than yours does.

Just because

the EER said I will burn 360 Kcal, that may not be true.

So, my 60 minutes of heavy lifting may cause my body fat to melt away

but the same program may have little impact on another woman my age

and size.

That is why when you set caloric needs for a client it is

only a starting point not an exact science and they may need to eat

more or less than what you recommend based on the follow up results

you receive.

I like the My Pyramid site and I do use it.

I agree that the Body Bug

is an expense and we can track ourselves at a lower expense.


personally don’t feel the need to know to the milligram how many

calories I burned.

However, for those who really want to know, it has

its uses.


You are correct, and I agree about, but it’s a very, very good program, free, a good educational tool to teach your clients tons of health info and FREE.

The client then will not be dependent on anything after he/she has learned all about the health of his/her body, movement, weight loss and food.

I don’t agree that people need to buy that device when things that are much cheaper or free are right at their fingertips.

I would need to see scientific research done on this thing to see if has any validity to it or see if any scientific research has been done on it.

I’m off now- good luck- a lot of fraud out there and esp in this business.

Be careful and do your research!


I’m really busy but tried to research medgem, bodygem, balancelog, bodybugg

Some studies are on going but most came out with positive results.

Looks like medgem does measure VO2 well and quite a few studies on nih that showed reliability and accuracy of medgem/bodygem [MOD EDIT: URL removed]

There is an ongoing study that was just started in October of 2007, [MOD EDIT: URL removed]

It’s a 2 year study.

Pubmed had a few on reliability of medgem/bodygem too for rmr and vo2

OKAY sounds interesting but can’t look at it anymore.

I spent too much time looking it up instead of doing my own research…..woops.

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