Bung Fetus

Fetus in fetu is a developmental abnormality in which a mass of tissue resembling a fetus forms inside torso. There are 2 origin theories concerning fetus in fetu. One theory is that the mass begins as a normal fetus but turned out to be enveloped inside its twin. Theory has been that mass has been a very produced teratoma. Fetus in fetu is probably estimated to occur in one in 500,000 live births. Hence, a fetus existence in fetu is akin to that of a tumor in that its cells remain viable by way of normal metabolic activity. At too bad, or a ‘highgrade’ metastatic teratocarcinoma, with no gestational conditions in utero with amnion and placenta, a fetus in fetu will develop into, an as well as at better particularly well differentiated teratoma. With all that said. All cases of fetus in fetu present critical defects, such as no functional urinary, heart, lungs, gastrointestinal tract as well as brain tract, in terms of real physical maturation, its organs had a working blood supply from host. In addition, accordingly, while a fetus in fetu will share select morphological features with a normal fetus, it got no prospect of any existence host outside twin. Basically, it poses clear threats to host health twin on whom its own existence depends.

On top of this, there are 2 fundamental theories about fetus development in fetu. Fetus in fetu should be a rather very differentiated form of dermoid cyst, itself an enormously differentiated form of mature teratoma.

Definitely, fetus in fetu might be a parasitic twin fetus growing within its host twin. Rather later in a monozygotic twin pregnancy, in which all fetuses share a regular placenta, one fetus wraps around and envelops other. Definitely, enveloped twin turned out to be a parasite, in that their survival depends on the survival host twin, when drawing on the host twin’s blood supply. Oftentimes the parasitic twin is anencephalic and lacks some internal organs, and as such is unable to survive on its own. Now pay attention please. They often die before birth, as the host twin has to feed the enveloped twin from the nutrients received over a single umbilical cord.

Cases of fetus in fetu at times attract worldwide media attention. Thence, they were usually widely obtainable, the following cases were probably a short reputed minority cases and rarely overlap with cases reported in medic literature. Cases of fetus in fetu on occasion attract worldwide media attention. They are probably widely obtainable, that kind of cases are probably a short reputed minority cases and rarely overlap with cases reported in medicinal literature.

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