Can I Get Benadryl While Pregnant

can i take benadryl while pregnant

My dr said that Benadryl was quite well safe. It is on my list of approved meds and I took it a couple times 2 weeks ago with a rubbish head cool. OTC meds but my ob assured me it was safe! Finally, get some relief! Sounds familiar, does it not? With my last pregnancy I should hAve to make it at evening to sleep cause I had restless leg so nasty. Totally safe to get!

Benadryl for possibly a working week when I was ten weeks pregnant with my son. It helped a lot! My son is a fortunate good 20 week rather old. My doctor gave me a list of approved meds for numerous ailments. Benadryl is on there for cool and allergies.

can i take benadryl while pregnant

You should take it into account. Benadryl virtually nightly. Whilst, my dr supposed it for nausea and insomnia. It’s quite well safe. Benadryl for my allergies as I do not want my throat to close off and should use the Epipen. Benadryl and Claritin are godsends for my sniffly self. Now let me tell you something. My hippie buddie made a comment about how much I love taking medicine, and I wanted to slap her. Severe allergies is lifethreatening. Benadryl to keep my baby safe.

Needless to say, they said I had three mins left to live when I hadn’t made it to the hospital on time. So, since I’ve been pregnant I’m more careful cause I do not want to use my epipen. Generally, end up in the hospital and get pumped with all the stuff they give there! Whenever wishing you a good pregnancy, thanks for you comment. Thank u all for responding! Everyone’s comments definetly made me feel better! Thanks once again and I wish u all proper pregnancies, it’s usually quite nice to understand when ur not alone in something, or when other people was there.

It’s totally safe to get while pregnant but after you had the baby, be careful cause it can lower your milk supply. That’s right. My doctor and nurses told me that last time I had a baby. Haha Hey, a Epipen sister! Yes, that’s right! Yeah, it’s weird to not have that to fall back on. Now pay attention please. Understanding I had a Epipen was oftentimes so comforting until I got pregnant, notably since my too bad allergy is to cats, and I had 3. Best wishes and good pregnancy!

Yes as well as starting is safe to get, tylenol and two Benadryl in case I feel one it. Besides, my 1-st pregnancy I had horrible itching for about a working week in the 1-st TM and my doctor adviced Benadryl. So, my daughter turned out fine.

cause with no it I can not breath, benadryl several times a working week. I got no issue taking it, when a medication is on the safe list. Cause with anything unlike it I can not breath, benadryl several times a month. I got no trouble taking it, in the event a medication is on the safe list.

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