Can I Get Pregnant Right After My Period

can i get pregnant right after my period

My partner and I was having a quiet beer with work mates I simply ended my period and I felt a soft discomfort pain in my lower abs when I ended up my 1-st beer. As I got closer the pain went from being bearable to walking like a hunch back. When I managed to get up the pain had gotten that poor I was curled up over the sink with my pants undone my face was that whitish it was whiter then this screen. At this time I was shorter of breath and gonna pass out. Anyways, he supposed to me to go see the onsite paramedics then likewise said that in case u go u will be going and not coming back to site. Then, this made me worry so I said ill go lay down in bed, as my partner was looking at me I was losing the fight and ended up at the paramedics. I’m sure it sounds familiar. They had no notion what was bad with me and phoned the regional hospital which was two hours away. When I arrived the docs did a couple of tests and told me I was pregnant and what blood type I was. At this stage the pain was unbearable every move touch was agony. With all that said. Right after trying to stabilize me I was then flown to another hospital where they can treat me. That said, when I ultimately came round I was told I had a Ectopic Pregnancy.

It was a the year of trying to get pregnant until ultimately I happened to be pregnant. Yes, that’s right! When I 1-st cleared up I was pregnant I was at the clinic in which I was seen in the emergency side for cramps and brown spotting. A well-known reality that is. I was fortunate I couldn’t wait to get home and tell my husband, when the doctor told me I was pregnant I couldn’t believe it. Oftentimes even when I was good I was still shocked when the doctor told me that I possibly will be having a miscarriage. Seriously. She then told me to come back for blood tests. Of course, 3 months later I got up to use the bathroom and I had the too bad abdominal pain ever, it followed down to my pelvic place and my back was aching. Generally, successive doodah I remember is my husband trying to wake me up. My husband called the ambulance and was rushed for a whileest 11 my life hours. However, right after robust amount of tests and ultra sounds the doctor then told me I had to have emergency surgery as I had some internal bleeding. Now regarding the aforementioned reality. They told me everything went well and that next tube and my eggs appeared to look healthful. Now regarding the aforementioned reality. I see that having chances another ectopic is doable cause the doctor warned me, they told me that I can get pregnant once more. This is the case. It is practically a workweek and I’m recovering well.

can i get pregnant right after my period

As a result, when we heard we were pregnant once more we were so fortunate, the doctor was so cautious he wouldn’t even give us a due date until I held the pregnancy for two more weeks. Doesn’t it sound familiar? ER and right after spending 12 hours in the ER, they ruled it ectopic and scheduled me for an immediate tubal removal. Anyways, they removed my left fallopian tube. It is so quite good to hear some successful stories on here.

IVF. With that said, when I went in for the ultrasound to hear the heart beat is when they discovered it was ectopic.

can i get pregnant right after my period

Abdominal pain was the 1st symptom. I started seeing light blood, right after a workweek. It was ectopic, as it turns out. Fallopian tube now. Sounds familiar, does it not? Viewer Comments are not a substitute for professional medic references, diagnosis or treatment. Under no circumstances delay or disregard seeking professional medicinal feedback from your physician or qualified general wellbeing provider thanks to something you got explore on eMedicinesoundness. You should take this seriously. The opinions expressed in the comments section author are and the author alone. Obviously, medicineeveryday’s wellbeing does not endorse any specific treatment, service and product.

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