Can Meningitis Be Cured

can meningitis be curedcan meningitis be cured

Since my last ‘memoir’ post a big deal of weeks back about little Indy’s trip to hospital for a suspected ‘raw chicken bone obstruction’ further medicinal events have unfolded which ultimately has resulted in Indy being diagnosed with SteroidResponsive Meningitis. Meningitis is a rather confident life threatening condition in which symptoms can wax and wane for over weeks and every now and then even months before a solve diagnosis is made. Swift and earlier treatment the outcome is devastating, with anything unlike aggressive.

Furthermore, indy had simply been desexed and given his 1st booster vaccinations small amount of months prior. That’s right. Right after coming home from hospital he was his in general bouncy and fortunate self. Around 3 weeks later things abruptly changed. Now pay attention please. Whenever |,|; He turned out to be rather completely, trembling as well as lethargic uninterested in squinting eyes, playing and reluctant to lift his head and unwilling to go outside, when he did he should merely stand still in the one spot. He happened to be really completely. This unusual behaviour pretty fast escalated to yelping in pain whenever I will pat him or attempt to pick him up.

can meningitis be cured

Even though, indy’s behaviour in detail. He prescribed a rather safe drug to treat it; The vet thought Indy may have behaviourial challenges. Endep basically to discover it can have some rather nasty side effects. And now here is the question. Safe? Considering the above said. Not I reckon!

That said, ‘anti inflammatory’ injection to reduce his fever and antibiotic tablets to make home, after a thorough examination the newest vet considered an antibiotic injection ‘in case’ of a feasible infection. Notice that indy was reserved in once again the subsequent forenoon for a ‘recheck’ to see whether the fever had lowered. Indy was to consider changing in one way or another overnight I was to make him to Emergency. The next morn Indy still had a fever and was dehydrated. You should take it into account. IV Fluids and further tests were needed to get to his bottom Pyrexia and treatment in Emergency as 24/7 care was immensely proposed. Of course, indy was a pretty sick boy.

It’s a well the Emergency Vet went thru Indy’s whole medic past, as well as his latter trip around 8 weeks prior to Emergency as well for Pyrexia. Fever and lethargy to account his age his symptoms were classic for Meningitis, with this latter past of on and off once again taking. Remember, ‘bleeding to the spine’, ‘Paralysis’, ‘Brain Damage’ and ‘Seizures’; The test to check for Meningitis is called a Cerebrospinal Fluid collection, which looks at the fluid that surrounds the brain and spinal cord and it does not come with no plenty of potential risks.

The Cytology from the CSF indicated a positive output for Meningitis. There’re some types of Meningitis types, rather regular being Steroid Responsive and another Bacterial. All are treated with exclusive medications. One way or another, indy was treated for all regular forms until the results came back several weeks later. Now pay attention please. He had Prednisone for the steroid responsive Meningitis and Tribressen antibiotic to penetrate the blood brain barrier to treat Meningitis bacterial form. They ran tests to rule out Parasitic Meningitis, cause Indy had lately had his heartworm preventative. The parasites happen to be nomadic right after worming treatment and that is when symptoms can arise.

Indy is immensely hungry quite often and has put on some weight. Let me tell you something. Rather literally ripped from Amber’s mouth, dinner time is offered in separate rooms, thanks to Indy’s modern tendency to steal food. This is rather good way I understand for sure any is getting the everyday’s nutritional letance and to prevent food guarding and disputes. The 1-st few weeks Indy had no renewable energy at all and seemed practically reluctant to do anything. With that said, it was so sad to watch my always extremely cheeky and playful boy looking so sad and depressed. The last few weeks I have got seen good improvement and my cheeky boy is going to shine once more. He is slowly becoming like his old enough self.

Indy has 2 specialists and his main vet to carefully manage the condition. His medicinal plan ideally is to reduce the lofty dose steroid to none. He is currently on 5mg a week and the dosage will reduce every four weeks by ¼ a tablet. We move over to 1mg tablets, once more reducing by ¼ a tablet every four weeks, until hopefully he requires no medication whatsoever. It is really essential that this is done at a really slow and controlled rate which would make around 6 months. Notice, reducing the medication too rather fast or stopping altogether is really dangerous and comes with a pretty lofty Meningitis take risks returning rather fast and aggressively. Indy’s progress and to be provided direction prior to any dosage reduction.

Doesn’t it sound familiar? We had started the steroid 1st stage reduction and am relieved to say that Indy is doing well. Let me tell you something. The specialist advised usually 50 per cent of dogs with Steroid Responsive Meningitis respond extremely well to treatment and ultimately happen to be drug free, 25 percent are able to reduce to a rather low dose of Prednisone for life and the remaining 25 percent really sadly have a ‘roller coaster’ ride and battle with the disease for quite a bit of their lives. Some succumbing to the disease or a secondary one.

OftenMeningitis could be associated to a lot of additional conditions. Yes, that’s right! In 6 months time the specialist has advised further blood work to rule out another underlying condition, when ndy is drug free. Generally, he was pretty optimistic with Indy’s response to treatment so far, he shall make a full recovery.

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Indy’s progress on this blog and on the facebook page. Consequently, indy’s progress on this blog and on facebook page.

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