Can Pre-Ejaculate Cause Pregnancy

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Dr, once a fortnight. Joe DeOrio, an urologist in Chicago, replies your questions on male sexual soundness of body. With that said,, in order to ask him your own question. Pre ejaculate arises usually from the periurethral glands and the bulbourethral glands. This fluid prepares the urethra for ejaculation, to some extent and may provide some lubrication at the time of sexual intercourse. Despite the reason that these glands don’t produce or secrete sperm, the preejaculate fluid may still contain sperm.

So here’s the question. How does that happen? Though it is not well clear, the main consensus is that some sperm remain in the penile urethra right after a previous ejaculation. Now please pay attention. The pre ejaculate fluid picks up quite a few of that kind of sperm as it traverses the urethra and escapes from the penile meatus. This theory is supported with the help of the reality that preejaculate from men who have these days urinated or who have not ejaculated for a time span very frequently does not contain sperm. Essentially, the withdrawal method or coitus interruptus, as my big academy Latin pedagogue referred to it is a form of birth control in which the man withdraws his penis from the vagina prior to ejaculation. Based on the data above, it is not surprising that this technique is the least effective forms of birth control. The annual failure rate is 4 percent, when very well practiced. Notice that few individuals are perfect! In comparison, ‘perfectuse’ failure rates for the pill, the as well as condoms are 3 per cent, 6 per cent.

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