Can Precum Cause Pregnancy

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Is the statistic for condoms ”98 percent in the event used correctly” considering that you stop INSIDE her or not. We in addition often use the condom carefully.

Now let me ask you something. Are they for in case you end inside of her or not? Now let me tell you something. Will I be worrying? Thanks. Primarily, come to think of it why shall I worry what folks think of me. Am beautiful, am intelligent or even am an excellent guy. That’s all that ma.

Of course clarify the ‘pre cum’. Clarify the words meaning. The OP got up peeing topic before sex. Now pay attention please. Originally Posted By. In reason, the OP. For example, an urination will clean out whatever is there, sperm can not last for a long time in the urethra. Whatever is there can get in the precum. It cannot get in the precum, when the rather old sperm is flushed out. I doubt that it matters, you can pee fifteen mins right after your last ejaculation, or 5 mins before your next intercourse. It can cause a pregnancy, in case it looks for its way in a fertile vagina female, in case the old enough sperm does get in the precum and it’s viable. It’s manageable, it’s not quite possibly. Above or even okay then, in case you disagree with what I said well.

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