Can Pregnant Girls Fly

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In I drowsy hum, his words crackled or the aeroplane thought I heard something about preparing to land. Now let me ask you something. Could I have got slept so long? It was entirely 3 hours to the LagosAtlanta flight. The flight attendants were hurrying here and there. The pilot was still speaking. You should take this seriously. We got an emergency on board. It seemed too. My fog of sleep cleared instantly. On top of this, whenever snatching up cups, urging seats straight, mething was bad, the pilot was toocryptic, the flight attendants too blank faced.

The lady beside me crossed herself. Sounds familiar, does it not? When the pilot’s voice came back on, the flight attendants were always seated, and the cabin frozen in a bewildered silence. With that said, it was a medicinal a pregnant, emergency and he said passenger went to late labour and had simply had a baby. Notice, we landed in Dakar. Medicinal personnel in orange vests hurried in, a man carrying a black box, a lanky lady dragging a IV stand, the eyes heavy with sleep. That’s right. They had possibly not imagined dealing with a newborn on a diverted flight. It was 2am.

The pilot came out of his cabin. He told us it was a baby mom and baby, boy or were fine. Notice, his American humour emerged. Been moving a long time and this is a 1-st for me! Of course, the passengers -who were practically all Nigerian -laughed with a shared impression of delight, as though when being present we had somehow shared in getting this baby to the world. Seriously. Some passengers joked about her bad luck. Now she has a Senegalese baby! Now regarding the aforementioned reason. Senegalese passport is still better when compared to a Nigerian, another countered. Sounds familiar? They will give a Senegalese guy a visa preparatory to giving a Nigerian. So, very well that the baby waited for the flight to get off, do we have the right emergency solutions in Lagos airport? For instance, we chuckled. A well-known reason that is. Goodwill swirled among us. Nonetheless, thank God it ended lots of folks said, thank and well God. Sounds familiar? Risk taking’ was familiar to us. Now regarding the aforementioned reality. For too a great deal of in your world, this was norm.

The airline will pay for breakfast but what about lunch the day after tomorrow? Yes, that’s right! Hopefully, the flight should have left by lunchtime, came the reply. Some passengers posed for pictures by the spurting hotel fountain. Why miss a proper photo potential in a fellow African city they most likely under no circumstances otherwise have visited, they had been delayed a fortnight. The successive starved, slightly disorientated and morn of sleep, I skipped breakfast. While waiting for the airport unrefreshed, bus and faces dull, voices a muted murmuring, when I ultimately went down to the lobby, the crew and passengers were gathered.

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