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Skin difficulties like dry skin, rashes and itching are simple at the time of cancer treatment. The good news is doctors mostly see which treatments cause skin troubles and ways to reduce symptoms, marshfield Clinic dermatologist Dr. Diane Meyer said.

Dry skin is quite simple skin issue for patients receiving cancer treatment, meyer said. She recommends following plain simple skin caresteps to fight dry skin before and throughout treatment.

Care for dry, itchy skin in the process of cancer treatment

Oral antihistamines like Benadryl or Zyrtec and creams with anti itch ingredients like camphor, menthol and pramoxine can help stop the itching. Ask your doctor about prescription anti itch treatments when overthecounter remedies do not work.

Some patients undergoing cancer treatment experience pain, tingling, blisters and redness on their hands and feet. Applying ice packs to the hands and feet before and at the time of chemotherapy will help ease hand discomfort foot syndrome, meyer said.

Talk to your doctor about what it is and ways to treat it, in case you see a modern rash. Doesn’t it sound familiar? It doesn’t have to be treated like acne, meyer said, some cancer treatments cause a rash on chest. Face and back that looks like acne.

Another chemotherapy type can cause bumps to appear on the skin that can be skin cancer. Skin cancer that results from chemotherapy probably should be treated right away, meyer said some bumps aren’t cancerous. On top of that, chemotherapy and radiation can make your skin more sensitive to the sun.

Tackle tingling and pain with ice

Avoid sunburn while staying in the shade or wearing wide brim long sleeves, pants and even hats. Use ‘broadspectrum’ sunscreen with SPF 30 or greater and reapply every 2 hours. Needless to say, cancer survivors shall carry on practicing sun safety, meyer said. Let me tell you something. a great deal of patients are sensitive to the sun after treatment.

It’s okay to cover them with makeup, meyer said, when visible skin troubles make you feel self reasonable. She assumes trying one modern product at a time to see when it causes skin sensitivity.

Talk to your doctor about rashes

The Look Good Feel Better internet site offers beauty and skin care tips for individuals undergoing cancer treatment. Your team wants to motivate you to and your respected ones reduce the risk and better cope in case faced with cancer diagnosis. Of course, we’ll provide you with screening guidance, trustworthy and researched treatment healthful lifestyle feedback, the latter as well as facts approaches to cancer diagnosis and support.

Considering the above said. Shine365 is your source for good living data from Marshfield Clinic. Every week you’ll look for helpful concepts and references on a wide types of soundness of body topics to assist you to and your housekeeping live well. Shine365 is your source for good living info from Marshfield Clinic. Every week you’ll look for helpful representations and feedback on a wide kinds of overall wellbeing topics to motivate you to and your housewifery live well. Care for dry, itchy skin in the course of cancer treatment. Tackle tingling and pain with ice. Talk to your doctor about rashes.

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