Could U Get Pregnant At The Time Of Our Period

can u get pregnant during your period

It has been surprising how many ladies can not fully understand getting mechanics pregnant. For quite a few ladies, the menstrual cycles have usually been 28 weeks long. That said, menstrual bleeding has usually been usually the full beginning cycle. Our own length cycle usually was determined under the patronage of counting the number of weeks between the 1st week of bleeding until the week before you begin bleeding once again in the following week. Of course to get pregnant from unprotected sex, you must have sex across the time you are ovulating. For ladies with a 28 week cycle, ovulation generally happens around week 14 or 2 weeks before your own next period starts. You should take this seriously. Getting possibility pregnant is present when you have sex at the time of months 11 to fifteen of the cycle.

You should take this seriously. Having Sex throughout your own Period Can outcome In Pregnancy

You should take it into account. There possibly will be an increased chance of getting pregnant from having sex in the course of the period, in case our own cycle is shorter in length than 28 weeks. Then, another time when you should get pregnant from period sex has usually been when you have irregular cycles. Her cycle oftentimes varies from week to fortnight also, when a female is in late and late years of menstruation. Any one of those reasons, associated with unprotected sex, makes it doable for a lady to get pregnant throughout her period.

Sounds familiardoesn’t it? Recommending means this has been a discussion worth sharing. Remember, it gets shared to our followers’ Disqus feeds! Nonetheless, condom damaged and he pulled out straight away may I be pregnant or woyld I be cpvered?

My boyfriend and they had sex this last Thursday and my period still came. He ejaculated in me ‘three 4’ times. And now here is a question. Could we be pregnant and when so than why am they bleeding? I had brown diacharge after period and its 2-nd week again that im having one, has been it feasible? Basically, he rubbed his doodah on mine.

As shortly as I realized we stop. Now my period I pretty heavy. You should take it into account. Among the heaviest I’ve ever had. This happened on Saturday the 5th it has usually been now Monday 7th. Could we have got a chance of to be pregnant? My last period is last Sept 24 and past week was probably Sept 27 and some little bloods until 29th of September and I had non protective sex with my boyfriend on 29th September and not have sex until now. Consequently, until now it been 56 months and I haven’t had my period.

Furthermore, my period started this Oct 6th, me or my husband had unprotected sex on my 2nd week period. My menstrual cycle has probably been for longer than 26 months and my period lasts for almost 4 months! Now pay attention please. Is there a possibility that they probably get pregnant?

ShonayaShonayakhan123@gmail. Okay so here’s subject, we had sex on my 4th week going on my 5th week of my period. All in all, my cycle is irregular lately. Now it was generally October four th but I’m still on my period and I’m on fortnight 5, how is it feasible to still get pregnant when my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex throughout fortnight four going to 5?

Of course, i just stopped my period yesterday. One way or another, had sex with my boyfriend tonight with anything unlike condom. He came inside me four times. Is it doable that Ill be pregnant?

My period started on January 16 I then had sex on 17 25 with my bf. Now regarding the aforementioned reality. February fifteen they had sex with others and missed my period on February 16 on February 24 I figured out I had been pregnant is it doable my bf usually can be the old man?

Even though, had sex previous week 8/12/2015 than on 8/14/2015 through 8/19/2015 got my period we moved out of county haven’thad sex since than its September 22 now and still no period should iIbe pregnant please somebody help me out here iI wouldn’t mind to be pregnant cuz am married but oh BTWiItook pregnancy test and came out nnegative so Ijust like to see what iIhhaven’tgotten my period yet.

They didn’t have any more, sunday that we need have put it back in. In matter of fact, he did his entrepreneurship inside me. Plenty of info can be found easily on the web. That has been week 6 of my cycle? Now look. August 23 but my period came down August 24th now it solely last 3 weeks after 6 weeks, can they be pregnant.

Aug. Unless its a fortnight with 31 weeks. We had protected sex. He didnt ejaculate to me and condom didnt break or not too what I’m worried about has always been that I saw my period now and last time they saw it is this 12th fortnight it had been supposed to come on Wednesday however it was 3 weeks earlier they had sex with him 5 months unto my period was due and it came 3 weeks later and it came 2 weeks right after I had sex with him. You should take it into account. Please I am rather worried I’m not going being 20 until next year. How does that sound to get a reply currently pleaseeeee. For example, calculating from now my next period has been supposed to be September 20th. Please let me understand.

With all that said. Hi doctor I’m worried right about my ex boyfriend and I had sex for 1-st time I had been off the pill for almost a fortnight went back onfor about 7 weeks had unprotected sex. You should take this seriously. While that iI started bleeding then its stopped had sex for over 3 week and the we bleed constantly can we be pregnant?

can u get pregnant during your period

How is it possible to get pregnant?

Make sure you write some comments about itbelow hERE IT IS August IS there a BIG chance OR short chance we can BE pregnant?

Essentially, it is a short chance in case you have normal 28 or 29 week cycles. The period must be due around now so get a pregnancy test to clear up. Notice, hi I had sex on May 18 and we went a got on brith control on May 24 had sex on May 29 my cycle came on May 30 should they have gotten pregnant on May 29?

That’s where it starts getting very interesting.a pregnancy test preferably need show a positive now, when you did get pregnant. Did you get one? a pregnancy test need show a positive now, in the event you did get pregnant. That is interesting. Did you get one? You should take this seriously. Having Sex all along our Period Can output In Pregnancy.

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