Coy Fish Tattoo

He wanted koi fish in tattoo cause it was definitely a Japanese symbol of strength, luck and love, and I guess it is unsually kind of willing all of the things on the son. I think it is amazing, when they look at the tattoo. It is definitely incredibly well done down to the last detail.

Whenever being a mom, my proudest accomplishment has been having my children. Just keep reading! Carrying their positions on my to me, is probably and shoulders just another technique of showing my love for them. Tattoos make me feel like they were always with me usually, when they have been far away. My Tristan, oldest or usually was currently serving his 2-nd tour in Iraq.

reality that it makes me feel proud to have such beautiful children and how God has blessed me with them. Anyways, these stories always were so heartwarming. Thanks, for or mamas sharing our pretty tattoos and the stories behind them.

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