Cramping At The Time Of Pregnancy

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Hi I am due for AF either tonight or within weeks next couple relying upon in the event I have got a 30 or 32 week cycle. For some weeks now I am having cramping every now and after that which feels like mild period type cramping. In case you have had cramping before you got a BFP what did it feel like and how earlier did it start.

I started cramping JUST like AF is about to arrive small amount of months till we are due so we thought for sure she is coming. As a result, even if I had been still cramping, ended up being about a day late so we took a test. Now let me tell you something. Got four positives. Now I think I’m around 7 weeks and I still have the cramping from week to week. It feels JUST like AF cramps, we should not tell the difference!

Gem they had pressure, backache as well as cramps all PMS symptoms several months b/f I was suppose to get my period. We saw something has been strange, when it didn’t come and several weeks went past and we was still cramping. I’m sure it sounds familiar. AF comes. Now pay attention please. It’ll trick ya. Hi thanks for our own responses. AF hasn’t arrived yet but every time we get a cramp I panick and think it is AF starting. When AF has probably been still not here the day after tomorrow forenoon I shall do another HPT as it must either be 1 week late or 1 week before AF was usually due according to my cycle.

Hi ladies well AF hasn’t arrived so I am expecting it either currently or today as I done another HPT this morn and got a BFN which they will not think is incorrect by now. AF arrived now bang on time. Oh well need to try.

Have you heard of something like this before? My brest have been really sore and were sore for sence unto they started cramping. My period should’nt start until friday. Normally, as much as they prefer to had a baby I am a good one who prefers it. Nearly 20 but I still live with my dad and mamma and am virtually thru with my 1st year of college. My boyfriend was usually a senior in lofty university we are togeher for nearly five years. He things most of the signs or good becaues he thinks I am going to start quickly they virtually dont need to tell him any unusual.

It completely lasted for an afternoon. They has been tired for the following few months. My cycle had been somewhat irregular. In case I press down on left hand side on my belly its sensitive, hi. My period was always usually due on 2nd feb and since the 21st jan I have had cramps like symptoms in my lower belly.

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