Daflon 500

And now here is the question. Has anybody heard of or tried using Diosmin for lymphedema? It has been a dietary supplement that is usually supposed to increase vascular tension.

Thanks for any info. The public Lymphedema Network’s Position Paper on Treatment, updated 2 months ago, mentions diosman use in combination with another drug in equatorial countries. Here’s specific quote.

Daflon 500 is used widely in the world equatorial regions to treat LE. The help appears to outcome from microvascular reduction permeability and increased thoracic duct pumping. Those mechanisms have mostly been verified in animal models to date. It is generally here in the event you would like to explore it and verify references to research. Probably such treatment is probably easier to provide, in a lot of that kind of areas the cost and scarcity of therapy and compression garments makes standard lymphedema treatment all unheard of. Actually Most scary pictures on gigantic internet lymphedema limbs always were an outcome of untreated filariasis.

Thanks for that link, binney. Oftentimes thanks for asking about my rabbit! She does have a bunch of extra fur, she’s not one of the super soft longhaired ones. We go through a ton of lint brushes.

I’m sure you heard about this. It was interesting, this was usually from the manufacturer. That’s right! Kira per cent percentparagraph percent percent


We looked at the references? Studies have shown that this reply back to question is usually yes. In general, thanks to its capacity in stabilizing lymphatic drainage, DAFLON 500 mg was used in patients with upper lymphedema limb post mastectomy. 2 significant studies conducted in patients with postmastectomy arm lymphedema have demonstrated its usefulness in the following cases. The results showed a substantially reduction in lymphedema right after a ‘6month’ treatment at two dose tablets weekly.

Pecking AP, rambert Evaluation by lymphoscintigraphy of a micronized flavonoid fraction in upper treatment limb lymphedema. In reality, int Angiol. Plenty of identic products have been, US.

Hi Kira -we think you one and the other see a lot! Nevertheless, it sounds pretty promising to me. Notice, that’s good to see, one of your own links references a 6 fortnight trial, what we had been explore said it has been thought to become safe to use for almost three months.

Needless to say, a great deal of guys on lymphedemaforum have been so helpful, and we see anybody appreciates it. You see, it actually feels like there is oftentimes a place to go for help -thanks to all of you. Then once more, rabbit, we searched with success for that a couple of products that use imported diosmin.

just doodah odd, was always that on Emerson Ecologics, circupower dose has been one a month. We shall understand how it works out. I really cannot understand why you can not stay on it, in case you can’t had an allergy to it.

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