Let me ask you something. Is your own gut telling you care standard treatment protocol for DCIS is always overly aggressive? You feel like you were probably going insane dealing with doctor maze confusion, scary, visits and overwhelm statistics, right?

For example, are probably you interested in studying more about holistic healing techniques and techniques to reduce risk of DCIS recurrence or progression? Call me Donna Pinto. DCIS on January 19th, we and in addition Since month one are researching DCIS topic month and nightime looking for specialist insights, ‘sciencebased’ support, studies and resources for a less aggressive approach to DCIS. In 2012, I partnered with Sandie Walters, founder of DCIS Without Rads to create DCIS Redefined. It is dilemmas, choices Integrative Solutions. We worked for over a year to compile valuable studies, stories, resources or articles all researched andwritten by Sandie and me. You will join ‘ourPro active’ Breast everyday’s well being Club for free and get periodic articles via email.

Then once again, fascinated with food as medicine, in 2013, we proven to be a Certified Nutritionist. Please see Donna’s Journey, when you will like to get to see more about me and why they created this site. My intention has been merely to continue to do research and provide valuable data assisting ladies make informed and enlightened conclusions.

Anyways, my greatest reward has come from comments such as. With that said, donna, all or you our own supporters on DCISCOM. Let me tell you something. Please let me see in case there is anything that we usually can do to support!

I’d love to hear from you, in case you’ve been helped with the help of DCIS 411. Over last several years, they have shared my resources, insights, recipes as well as experiences throughmyBlog. You will verify Top Posts and Pages on right sidebar orclick onblogabove and scroll backwards. This is 6 years worth of insights that proceeds with where my long Donna’s Journey post leaves off! Get some time to explore through my blog posts and think of it as a free brochure!

A well-known matter of fact that is. Newest studies have confirmed widespread overdiagnosis and overtreatment of DCIS. In 2015, we are thrilled being interviewed by TIME Magazine, KPBS/NPR and the San Diego Union Tribune. Please click on themedia page to see all good news stories regarding DCIS overdiagnosis and overtreatment.

My heart my, my head spun or sank gut knew… care standard treatment options offered to me following a diagnosis of DCIS didn’t feel right. My intuition led me on an immensely motivated journey of investigation. Known food from earth is probably such a blessing and comes in such plenty of tastes, colours as well as smells…. As a output, please keep me posted! You obtain Ezekiel bread from store or make the own, right? When you have an excellent recipe I will love to get it from you. You should take this seriously. Thanks for all wonderful info you share!

On top of this, this probably was one food I do get from the store. Now let me tell you something. We’ve got an excellent article about breads. Hope that helps! Donna Thanks for you response and our guidance.

I’m sure you heard about this. Are you saying that things on your own list to avoid always were ok some times or in moderation?

Consequently, sometimes can I figure out in the event you consume eggs and potatoes? What we explore considers they are probably acid forming and probably should be avoided, my naturopath seems to think they are fine. However, it feels like I am surrounded by potential including food, threats as well as which were once health enhancing are now being feared, since my diagnosis. Past day we has been in an overall health food restaurant with some buddies. Now pay attention please. We were sitting outside and friends on another table lit a cigarette! The food stuff probably was making it rough for me to move on following my diagnosis. Now pay attention please. Thereafter, they see conflicting views and hence feel more fearful, deflated or even confused of food.

I still rarely take out and mostly times we shall consume prior to going out to a restaurant or party, it is more than four years since that intense beginning. We often bring something we understand we will take, in the event going to a potluck. Merely turned out to be a modern way of essence in case you have been self-assured about it.

Ezekiel which is usually sprouted and alsoganic and minimally processed. Chris Wark has some big posts on what he did to beat stage three colon cancer. Spend some time exploring his site. Http, here’s another good post of his. Besides, adriana simply encouraged me to investigate. She assured me I will KNOW the truth and not obey her or some another nutrition specialist. Just keep reading. It has usually been a practicing development and it was usually pure joy once you come to see thru craziness, BS and likewise marketing.

Just to let anybody know…we removed the comments from Jane and quite a few of my replys. Now please pay attention. Blessings of peace and general well being to all! Now pay attention please. Donna we personally chose not to have radiation, not to get tamoxifen and not to had a mastectomy even though all three were advised to me by several Drs/ professional opinions. Basically, it is such a private choice that nobody will truly give you feedback. You should weigh info all and get some time out and let a decision come. Your gut commonly understands better. FEAR was probably the massive difficulty here since oftentimes times ladies are making the choices based on fear and not real risk of invasive cancer. I should recommend yet another opinion from Dr, due to all varying opinions. I’m sure you heard about this. He speaks with you for 45 mins following a complete evaluation of your own slides. Now regarding the aforementioned reason. He had spared lots of ladies from taking over extreme measures and they believe it has always been well spent. BUT I cannot believe this being very true. You should take it into account. This need thinks to be addressed…. It isn’t merely dieting. Now look. My buddie Sandie Walters and we created another internet site. Please check it out and let me understand in the event you have any questions or will like to talk by phone. On top of this, sending you a hug from friends who usually can ultimately understand!

Thank you for your reply Donna. Modern York so I’m not sure a consult with Dr. Lagios is manageable. Thanks for the hug…. A well-known reason that is. Finally, your webpage is the best one that mentions active surveillance. Drs usually told me standard of care is usually surgery. You understand of everybody that has not had surgery who has been doing active surveillance, right?

Atlanta. Furthermore, his comment Stop trtaking food DCIS, has been as well as Atypia like Cancer. Do active surveillance. One doctor supposed Oncoplastic reconstruction along with a breast lift and 2 everyone else supposed skin sparing mastectomies. Atlanta also. Would you be willing to pass on the doctor title in Atlanta who usually was supposing active surveillance? That’s like seeing an unicorn.

I get no hit, wendy, he had been Emory breast oncologist for Monica Kaufman in we got a 2-nd opinion from him in they tried Googling him with Monica Kaufman. Did you hear about something like this before? he decided to give me a 2nd opinion. Emory who will do ‘wait and see’. Every year I go, it was usually the same stuff. Thanks for the info Mistress Susan. Emory as a result, she’s one who offered reconstruction. It good to hear about next girls who aren’t going under the knife, it is been a journey.

Email me AskMistressSusan@gmail as I got some questions for you. Normally, at least 2 girls mentioned calcium or calcification when writing about what had been seen in the breast tests. Is there a link betwixt calcium or calcification and breast cancer? What have been the dietary implications, in case so.

Did you hear about something like this before? Donna, we have had calcification for awhileer than|for almost|for nearly 8 years. It could be a sign of breast cancer, it is my understand that calcification does NOT increase risk of breast cancer. Besides, it has been my understanding that it has been NOT ‘calcium’ in a conservative impression that you look for in food or supplements. It has been more of a medic term.

Rather good 2nd opinion online service they searched with success for had been something called xmri. Thank you once more for any 2nd opinion mammogram doctor or service that you feel you will recommend!

UCSD. Furthermore, mRI machine and how it differs from the Aurora machine. Please share any info here that you search for. As a outcome, thanks for all of your good input! Thanks for our response! CD of my films to Johns Hopkins…. Just keep reading. Lagio’s pathology 2nd opinions so that DCIS patients usually can start 2-nd opinion process right from the get go, and not later in the mean time.

Okay investigative work! As a output, you will like to try UCSF or Duke Univ. Nevertheless, they are 2 that are at halting forefront OVER TREATMENT of DCIS. Laura Esserman and Dr. Shelly Hwang. Essentially, most probably they require a patient to become seen personally, uCSF internet site and didn’t see any remote 2-nd opinion service. Yes, that’s right! Duke and see what they offer. If/when I utilize Johns Hopkins service or some another remote 2-nd opinion service, I realize that most probably recommendation shall still be to do a biopsy for my grouping of calcs. My fundamental goal has probably been to get a more DETAILED and specific report than one they received from my regional radiology group. Every now and thensmall amount of extra words on a report could be fairly valuable in helping patients to determine whether to biopsy or not, or just what’s going on in the mammogram, as we see.

The more info, more probably doctor must be to push for biopsy. Therefore I should review it for my own data and find out whether or not we wanted to share it with my doctor. For instance, I do understand that there always is a legitimate reason on the partition to send a copy to the patient’s current doctor. Esp, in the event we look for any another remote 2nd opinion outsourcing. Johns Hopkins and other one, xmri.

It is thanks for info informed consent! Fortunate upcoming year everybody! However, dr. Notice that his recommendation is a total skin sparing mastectomy due to reality that my DCIS has probably been next to nipple. Reality that he did mention that Dr. Mel Silverstein merely released a report on Extreme Oncoplastic breast surgery which spares the skin and nipple. Basically, my surgeon in Atlanta is probably offering Oncoplastic breast reconstruction which will consist of a breast lift and removal of DCIS on the infected breast and a lift on next breast for symmetry, in the event CIS traces have always been looked with success for right after reconstruction they may still be looking at a mastectomy.

He worked with a plastic surgeon and they did a practically good work. Besides, they took one lymph node and thank god that was negative. In any case, san Diego and I feel big! It was a blimp in the road and now I am back on my path. Thin margin if of lumpectomy has been likewise enough pretty beneficial! Sparing adjacent tissue containing accumulated defensive immune cells and adipocytes helps in final ‘tumorfree’ healing.

Does anybody understand when breast reduction surgery, exposed my lymph/ blood scheme to the abnormal cells now? Any input is greatly appreciated. Encouraging to see big amount of brave, aware ladies here. OK journal! I feel going to my followup appt. Of course, from 2011 to 2015, there has completely been one slight increase in the calcs. Biopsy no doubt is usually still being proposed. For now, they intend to carry on saying no to biopsy, birads score hasn’t been changed. Cause I haven’t had the biopsy, DCIS411, since we haven’t been diagnosed anyhow with DCIS. As a result, while saying NO to biopsy, we think it was still instructional to share with anyone else my proceed with up experiences over now course virtually four years. We suffer from wellbeing conditions that could not do well when my corps has been placed under invasive procedures or it, for me, stresses as well as’s been fairly a great aspect for any longer with how current evidence overtreated DCIS is usually, as previously indicated. That is interesting right? if my doctor happened to be stubborn this time around and shan’t work with me on this, it is unsually still an option they suppose, johns Hopkins as previously discussed.

Remember, thank you once again for all you you inspire me, do or they hope my narration will let another ladies understand that jumping to a biopsy is always not usually the right solution, determined by course findings and, newest levels of understanding we are all gaining about breast disease and breast cancer Thank you informed consent for sharing your own narration and perspective. Known thank you once more for you big suggestions and help, we usually get it to heart! Hugs!

Stage 0 one 1/two yrs ago am taking tamoxifen. You likely like to explore about Julia Chiappetta who had Stage II Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma fifteen years ago, sandra, I don’t understand in case it shall or not. She opted for a lumpectomy and refused chemo, tamoxifen as well as radiation. Then once more, dCIS. Going for MRI this evening. Did you hear of something like this before? Appt with breast surgeon sept 23! Pathology chum said to clear up what type and grade. He said those abnormal cells aren’t smart enuf to figure out methods to get milk out duct!

DCIS las t September. With that said, they came back from pathology and said it was DCIS but I refused the biopsy in my 2nd breast. They wanted to do the lumpectomy, radiation etcetera but they felt I is pushed and scared to it, the surgeon told me it can spread to my lymph nodes. Instead I went to memorial Sloan Kettering hospital. The did a surgical biopsy lumpectomy later. It gives a walnut size sample tiny instead biopsy sample, still smaller surgery thank lumpectomy would were. ADH, non cancerous. Surgeon told me the pathologist had been world renowned, unlikely to misdiagnose. Get several opinions and couldn’t get pressured.

Simply looking for feedback and any suggestions out there. Had my 1-st mammogram and microcalcifications were searched for. Then, faster forward to this nightime and I’ve had a biopsy, genetic testing, MRI and lumpectomy with awful margins, a re excision with more terrible margins. We understand that she is following traditionary medicine’s standard of care, my team of doctors appear pretty good and I trust my surgeon. In the event it were simply me I’d watch and wait, they could not feel they will make any chances due to my kids. Meanwhile in the event these cells were probably getting way ‘over reacted’ to. Now you in reason never know, had been planning to do radiation not Tamoxifen. In reality, aAGH! Any educated/experienced suggestions out there? Let me tell you something. Thanks plenty of.

It was stage 0, grade one DCIS. They have taken out nearly four cm and a slice more in the reexcision as of now…. What I need to talk about is always the hounding the breast everyday’s health guys engage in to get you to do something immediately. Radiologist said ‘we’ll had a plan before you leave here today’, when I had been shown calcifications mammogram. Basically, what we virtually meant is ‘I’m do my own planning,thank you. Keep reading! That was on Friday. Whenever wanting to understand in the event we have questions, and similar In breast general health language that means -how is it possible to schedule you for a biopsy, now Monday afternoon, I get a call from breast center. Now please pay attention. How does that sound to twist our arm a little harder and induce a little bit more panic so you’ll enter to the web. Then, always was it any wonder that girls go away from those places hysterical? Of course they promote panic by the urgency. When this subject should not sit here for ageser than|for almost|for nearly a day or a fortnight while they make a logical, ‘well informed’ choice on treatment options, then I’m a goner anyways. Likewise, nothing they may do will stop a cancer like that. It is obviously not malignant from the ultrasound but off to biopsy I went. Just think for a fraction of second. Was subjected to arm twisting but they came armed with facts. Jan When nothing or not much has changed, I am going to once more refuse biopsy. Hopefully we must be able to stay course and not be pushed or bullied to the biopsy, which I’m well aware should immediately put me on the breast cancer merry go round UNnecessarily. Hang in there, knowledge was probably grip!

Hi just questioning when any ladies out there with stage O, quite low grade DCIS, was probably just monitoring for any MRI, mammograms or overlooking and eating fruits veggies no workout, sugars as well as not opting for any surgery such as mastectomy or lumpectomy. Any sharing of thoughts will be appreciated. Karen we was diagnosed with quite low to intermediate grade DCIS in June I’ve had a lumpectomy and a biopsy. 1-st surgeon we went to told me I necessary a full mastectomy and that we had small amount of weeks to decided. Thus, nOT and I am going to make watch and see approach, since DCIS is cancer. MRI in successive few months.

Nothing goes in or on my corpus unless it has usually been organic. You can find a lot more info about this stuff on this webpage. NOT changing. A well-known reason that is. Doctor advised alternating a MRI with a mammogram every 6 months, when I went Thursday for my yearly mammogram. That said, I got a 2-nd opinion from a breast cancer surgeon who caters to wealthy, when we are 43. Could not treat our own condition as when you do, he said unless you are probably diagnosed with Stage one cancer, you do NOT have cancer.

Of course, thx for reply… May they make sure in case you seeing a holistic doctor? Matter of fact that my stage is usually Karen Hi Priscilla, please find out if you click stick with and you should get an email with every newest post. Thanks for your own interest!

Even though they are embarrassed by intranuclear partial loss control of DNA replication, malignant tumor cells have been integrative corpus parts. They require domestication while not radical killing. DCIS has usually been an earlier sign of defective estrogen signaling and genome associated disturbance stabilization. In any phase of breast cancer, 3 use classic anticancer weapons has usually been harmful and results in higher breast cancer related mortality. A well-known reality that is., no doubt both DCIS and different stages of BC should be cured with the help of lumpectomy and restoration for a while|lasting|long-lasting|long lasting|permanent|continuous|ongoing care of hormonal equilibrium is more crucial than monitoring by mammography.

Consequently, dCIS at Kaiser past week. The 1st radiologist said we should merely watch it for 6 mos recheck. However, jan 1, so wanted to sort out problems with it ASAP. Had a needle biopsy. As well, concern region has always been usually 8 mm I am nearly 61 yrs old enough with no household novel of breast cancer on either side of household. Yesterday consulted with surgeon. Talked about lumpectomy radiation. When he said DCIS isn’t cancer but a pre cancerous condition it led me to research having why radiation. I looked with success for Dr Esserman and everyone else who’s opinion of taking a wait see approach for an individual my age with my risk concerns, right after researching.

Kaiser in San Marcos, CA. Kaiser in San Marcos, CA.

Thanks for your web site. Tamoxifen or amid the 3 Aromatase Inhibitors with anything unlike a good pause given for potentially big take risks lifeending side effects of those drugs. At 61, with a diagnosis of papillomas to get rid of I opted after 6 fretting months to have them removed. With path report showing a single block My surgeon is highly quite good, continues to insist I start a drug regimen. The surgery included an unexpected lumpectomy.

Ok, and now one of the most important parts. Kale has happen to be my modern buddie. Reality that luckily and all its cousins, oftentimes have. I’m working watching fats, dCIS finding am otherwise exceeding proper My weight always was around ten lbs above preferred, out and sugars, and other Ultimately, they not sure what to do. There usually were no kin with BC in my housewifery, not actually way cancer of virtually any kind. For instance, per the VNPI, I’m a four on a potential point worth of 12seems my risk of recurrence is rather rather low.

DCIS diagnosis 1/right after the original lumpectomy which is 10k I elected to do nothing. My oncologist begged me to have more of my right breast removed. Point ‘being my’ DCIS is STABLE! It is i will continue to monitor and report back to internet site. It is always an extremely fortunate month. Was not to be construed as medic references.

Virtually, merely wanted to see what stick with type up you were always doing and frequency. Now pay attention please. Thanks loads of for sharing our own tale. I am stubborn too, dCIS in 4/they haved 3 doctors tell me we must had a mastectomy. MRI and the results indicate there have not been any overlooking since my diagnosis. Ies am considering simply leaving well enough alone. It saddens me that we couldn’t have more options. Feeling frustrated!

Thanks for the encouraging words informedconsentWhen it is not for Donna and this forum, who’s what my situation should be. As a outcome, dCIS. DCIS 1/I did an original lumpectomy BUT they did not get clear margins. REFUSED to another one at another 10k. Matter of fact that in Georgia we ought to had a collaborating MD, nurse Practitioner. Seriously. My MD at work told me that his sister got all the proposed mammograms every year and STILL PASSED of breast cancer in her 60′ This is not an exact science as you well see. So far we KNOW that they have made the right conclusion for myself. Please research MD Anderson and the findings on a for any longer with chemo. I’m talking about ultimately amazing times and we ought to support one another.

Notice, thanks for sharing Holly. You will would like to look to dedicated breast MRI for go with up as we have done for the last four years. There’s some more info about it on this webpage. Mammograms search for too much DCIS and cause way too lots of alarms and unexpected scare, biopsies, surgeries and all rest. Another newest technology to consider is SONOCINE Automated the Breast Ultrasound. No radiation, no contrast dye. Thermograms in between. Anyhow, mammograms have usually been not a nice screening or monitoring tool in my point of view and years of research! You should take it into account. Harms are not to be told to girls by this, doctors, media or hospitals has been an assured women’s soundness of body injustice. a great deal of conflicts of interest.

They like to do a biopsy, carol, have been you saying that you still have microcalcification three years later? That specifically what I am saying and the us said no mass seen little cyst at 10/o’clock no mass had been not evident. Mamgram show suspicious micrcalfication. You should take this seriously. Same radiologist study mammogram and wrote the note on us. He couldn’t can be found on us as he and tech all did an us. Basically, nothing searched for. Looked at my chart searched for 2013/show micro calculations said benign.

ONLY cause Sheryl lived, crow as well as like me a proper lifestyle and had in her case, microcacification, which and as well turned out becoming Stage one cancer. It had been discovered that we had simply abnormal breast cells, after my needle biopsy. For past five years since the diagnosis, no or I have said way, they would like me to had a partial mascectomy. Flat epithelial atypia. With all that said. No, they refuse to do a mammogram and MRI every alternating 6 montsh. That’s all I will do.

Good for you! Adh dcis. Oh, they see. That’s right! the best subject they usually can tell you Robin I, has usually been and for me had to turn situation over to a Higher grip. This is the case. We will get tested and have surgeries a million times and still be stuck with same situation.

Basically, do NOT treat our condition like you do have it, in the event you couldn’t have at least Stage one Cancer. Whenever throughout my research, they didn’t die from it.

My surgeon said that an oncologist that looked at my pathology considered possibly radiation due to borderline tiny amount Adh dcis and my age. As a output, this to me is ridiculous.

Permanent studies justify that mastectomy results in higher BCrelated mortality as compared with lumpectomy. You should take this seriously. At mammary margin tumor, there have been defensive cells producing mediators and hormones against cancer spread. Mastectomy aggressively extirpate the defensive forces and the desolated environment was probably hospitable for newly initiation developing cancer from breast cells left behind. Maintenance of hormonal equilibrium, estrogen signaling in particular is usually BC real prevention for a lifetime.

Furthermore, wendy we explore that there are plenty of doctors that are usually rethinking treatment. I had the caifacations on my ultrasound has been clean. My docs head-quarters called and wanted me to redo a mamo this fall. Changed my mind as they has been jumping in the fire. Now regarding the aforementioned reality. When we explore that we had a 2 per cent chance in dying from this this once o got over the initial shock started explore.

You have recommendations on ways to maintain hormonal equilibrium, right? Normally, I am questioning what else they can do, thyriod support supplements. Needless to say, my DCIS is HER positive. There has to become an usual multioptional to Tamoxifen… I’m still taking two Lugol drops 2 percent iodine every day since I have hypothyroidism. Consequently, whenever everything has been about balance, the issue always was it was probably tough to figure out what shall get you back to balance. Wendy, what iodine type and thyroid supplements are always you on?

Iodoral for awhile with a bunch of vitamins. Remember, since it blocks estrogen receptors and entirely in genetically proficient cases usually can achieve compensatory strong upregulation of estrogen signaling, tamoxifen has probably been dangerous. This effect is transient as exhaustion of protein synthesis results in perfect blockade of ERs and consequent tumor growth. This phase is mistakenly regarded as antiestrogen resistance.

Okay question for Zsuzsanna Wendy. Zsuzsanna’s response! It’s a well thank you very much for responding.

In matter of fact one pathology report came back as adh. As a consequence, had lumpectomy with clear margins. You should take this seriously. No radiation. You should take this seriously. Started tamoxifen. Even though, rather low grade little DCIS lesion always was a later, localized sign of defective systemic estrogen signaling and genome associated disturbance stabilization. Normally, dCIS with nothing like surgery will show progression, regression and stagnation, according to the improvements in systemic hormonal equilibrium and in neighboring defense in the breast. On top of this, possibilities are akin, after lumpectomy. There is usually no impression of frequent monitoring, as recurrence prevention is in our own hand. Remember, while strengthening thyroxine synthesis and vitamin D supplementation have always been extremely significant measures, upregulation of estrogen signaling, improvement of hyperglycemia. Normally, controlling hormonal equilibrium is essential. In any event, cave tamoxifen! As in the event patient has no capacity for strong compensatory upregulation of estrogen signaling, it usually was a double edged sword receptors blockade will consequence in toxic symptoms and tumor growth.

DCIS with lumpectomy, clear margins after two reexcisions. Must I be taking vitamin D and iodine now? Tamoxifen. For instance, lumpectomy was adequate. DCIS recurrence depends on the systemic and inbreast anticancer mechanisms of our own corpus. Primary treatment is estrogen so as to upregulate estrogen signaling. Control of estrogen signaling has been obligatory in our own the all the existence. Sorry extirpated immunologically and hormonally defensive cells in the breast. Vitamin D supplementation was probably essential, and you need laboratory control as one and the other hypoand hypervitaminism are harmful. You need iodine and selenium for thyroid gland stimulation when the thyroid stimulatory hormone is increased. Physic activity is essential, as muscles usually synthesize estrogen and ‘DNAdefensive’ mediators.

It is dose of vitamin D depends on our serum concentration. Then once again, 1000 IU vit D3 Fresenius/week is an appropriate dose, when our own vitamin D level has been within the normal range. Then, in summer, it depends on time staying on sunshine. Serum control has been significant once in a year, increased vit.

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