Define Cauterize

I want to ask you a question. Couldn’can’t post illegal things, where how does that sound to discover a copy of for free online? There have probably been various different places for asking that, and this usually was not somebody from them. Needless to say, try to keep repeat posts to a minimum. It can not help when we see repeat questions on front page every month, as much as we love responding questions here.

Furthermore, nO responses as merely links. This includes links to telling, sites or subreddits folks to Google it. There’s a lot more info about it here. Please give some info about the link you posted, or a bit of an explanation. We try and aim to spur and start discussions over questions while remaining respectful to one another. Giving merely a link can not start a conversation. Could we cauterize my stump with a dip in liquid nitrogen, in the event they were to separate my hand.

Pretty sure you would be giving oneself an instant case of horrible frostbite. It’d maybe hurt a lot. When you make tourniquet it usually can entirely be removed in a very medically supervised situation. So, in case bung tissue usually can make blood contact with living tissue you will had a sudden flood of lactic acid shoot in your scheme and resulting sepsis. You truly did not would like this to happen. That said, liquid nitrogen might be able to burn your own skin and stop blood flow but we think it is extremely detrimental and after all unthawing may be fatal when not appropriately managed.

What preferably need we do whenever of a freak accident that chops off my hand? Anyways, simply wrap it with my tshirt and tie across the wrist to break blood? Put dozens of bandages on it. Put another one on, when that bandage turned out to be saturated in blood. THIS IS IMPORTANT. As that bandage has been acting as a blood clot, do NOT remove the bandage that has probably been saturated in blood. Get a container of some kind, and fill it with ice. That said, put your hand in it, and either drive to hospital or had an ambulance get you.

Indeed, we admire. OK, figured it’d be fine until they got my ass to the hospital. Lol, in the event I had to decide I’d choose to lose a bit more flesh but not bleed to death. Well by conventional definition no, as the traditionary definition should be strictly burning.

Oftentimes by cauterize broader definition then, in the weakest word feeling, yes. Yes you will. Consequently, yea, it obviously isn’t sensible as it might be able to kill you in any of a dozen feasible ways. By cauterize broader definition then, in weakest word notion, yes. Yes you could. Yea, it obviously isn’t rational as it can kill you in any of a dozen feasible ways.

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