Define Pineal Gland

Soldiers to be debriefed after serving in combat situations usually were routinely warned not to discuss their combat OBExperiences F) a Outof corps experience will outcome from a deeply connected sexual experience. Naiomi Wolf in her brochure describes the complex hormonal orchestration that occurs all along sexual arousal and orgasm and profound relationship betwixt our own brain and sexual centers. Several neurohormones are secreted with the help of pituitary gland thence of sexual activity involve oxytocin, dopamines and norepinephrine. The most recent production neurohormone should possibly stimulate production of endogenous DMT by pineal gland resulting in a OBE. With that said, wolf and as well couldn’t specifically mention OBE phenomenon in her writing.

Now regarding the aforementioned reality. Schizophrenia Biological Basis,

Published under the patronage of. Most mild NDE experiences and most ecsomatic percent per centparagraph percent

** experiences launched from a waking state, such as a METAtonin episode, tend to hover near the corpus and the standard surroundings, springer Netherlands, chapter Schizophrenia Biological Basis by Smith 1978 Locale they -are neighboring ecsomatic percentparagraph percent per cent

** experiences where one travels about the natural plane not too far from the torso which usually can be seen below and observes the environment mostly from above. Most probably, secondary visual platform has been used to translate visual info scanned from the real physical plane. Secondary visual platform has probably been a mental phenomenon and is probably sensitive to mental plane imagery too. This will outcome in a meshing of imagery from all planes. Locale III -while Locale II has probably been mainly generated under the patronage of subject’s private memory, locale III environments are actual parallel dimensions that have their own discrete unchangeable definition. One usually can travel about at will, should not switch environment definition and in vast amount of cases ought to make a great deal of return visits to practice ways to navigate themselves to preferred destinations, one was probably a traveller here. South American tabaqueros, shamans or ayahuasceros need get extensive lifelong training and guidance to practice approaches to navigate usual realm primal archetypal levels with intention to obtain facts on specific herbal healing combinations.

Locale III stuble upon with the guide. Proof of this reality experience type has probably been evident in the shamanrevealed herbal combinations that always were either divulged or sold to pharmaceutical manufacturers who then synthesize, refine, manufacture and test the product. As stated earlier 74 percent of modern pharmacopeia originates from this source., for dozens of us who have had an ecsomatic percentparagraph percent per cent

** experience in Locale I, the real time real world, the question has usually remains. It obviously felt unmistakably real, real as well as even if we were floating about separated from the corpus. Then once again, author Anthony Peake right after exhaustive investigation disappointment, has or to his surprise, concluded that the ecsomatic percentparagraph percent

** Locale they experience is not really a perception of very true physic reality, as mentioned earlier. Peake searches for anomalies in every proof indicating that what really is seen is an internally generated hologram that but not completely, parallels or even strongly real world. Let me tell you something. As a result he concludes that the mind’s eye is probably often tuned inward, which probably was not surprising, for despite dozens of research studies undertaken in university and hospital environments by dedicated scientists, no conclusive scientific evidence has yet to emerge. This possibly will be a disappointment to the following of us who have had extremely meaningful health changing ecsomatic percentparagraph percent

** experiences. With that said, disappointment cause we have experienced an overlook. Let us make a technical look at quite a few assumptions that led Mr. Did you hear about something like this before? Peake to this conclusion. This is the case. We’ll observe the famous remote viewer Mr. Likewise, ingo per cent percentparagraph percent per cent

** Swann who worked with Professor Harold Putoff percentparagraph percent

** and Russel Sanford Targ Research Institute. Undoubtedly, suppose Mr. Of course, swann is remoteviewing an object 100 feet from his corpus that he was usually making an attempt to verbally describe. One may assume that Swann’s consciousness has detached itself from host corpus and has located itself 100 ft. Now let me ask you something. What really is the connection exact nature by which consciousness transfers visual info to the secondary visual real physical platform brain thru space, light or be it feet years away? This cord will be a multi -stranded miniwormhole phantom DNA field that folds space via quantum entanglement as detected by Dr Garjajev per cent per centparagraph percent per cent

** of Science Russian Academy. Now look. This probably will be silver thread that has always been oftentimes referred to by good amount of psychics, or should it be some another space traversing phenomenon such as Penrose/Hammerhoff per cent per centparagraph per cent percent

** microtubular coherent light proposition? For instance, whatever the connection has been, question remains. This was usually merely a matter of bandwidth, most probably image definition sent to 2-nd visual platform of poorer brain is resolution. Since the temporary remote viewing ‘DMTdefined’ neural pathways are probably not as resilient as established mainstream pathways, they might be more vulnerable and subject to peripheral neural interference. Next we have to consider just what really is probably this makeup mind’s eye that gathers and encodes visual image? This has been even more of a challenge. Mostly, this viewingatadistanceconsciousness has to convert scene to be witnessed in some signal type.

Seriously. Therefore the Locale I visual experience may practically be considered a handicapped or quickly misconstrued form of vision. You should take it into account. The brain is usually rather plastic and it was shown that receptor site arrangements are subject to consider changing. Consequently, it is manageable that there are probably several types of DMTactivated types neural pathways that usually can consequence in one and the other intrasomatic A further variable to consider that sometimes can determine locale was always DMT particular modes brain penetration process, along with. DMT delivery pattern, DMT class and speed of DMT speed cascade.

In addition, dMT delivered to the bloodstream with MAO present, step by step delivers an organic DMT/MAO inhibitor infusion that enters the bloodstream little by little via digestive setup.

METAtonin can be simply pure unadulterated DMT, cohormones or even but extra enzymes that always were DMT byproducts methylation process might be present. Of course, this kind of modifiers might be generated as reported by specific instructions got by pineal gland to improve or direct the experience in a specific direction or at a selective sensitivity. Glutamate production could further modify outcome. It will involve several centers in corps, it will in addition be discovered that outofbody consciousness always was not simply limited to a brain modification circuitry. Another possibility has been consciousness shifting from the left brain hemisphere to the right or 2 functioning in unison.

DMT chapter 6, has been or even Diaries James key subject Oroc’s Tryptamine Palace. Have you heard about something like this before? Contrary to conventional thought, space is not empty. The FedEx motto was probably. Hence, world on Time, well, motto for meditation was always. Did you hear of something like this before? the World on Space. From quantum perspective, space has been absolutely full. Nevertheless, space has been like the sea and physic reality is a wave that travels on it. Now pay attention please. Nothing is probably practically moving, the water molecules are always not moving forward or backward, they simply momentarily rise and fall back to the original state -the wave is a temporary perturbation and it was usually gone, when a wave is moving across the sea surface. Now pay attention please. Space probably was background and physic reality has been foreground that ripples on it.

decreasing overall melatonin production, pineal calcification definitely immobilizes pinealocyte function, see. Pineal gland calcification has as well been connected to a higher incidence of breast cancer, see. FBF02008213 ** Melatonin, created in the pineal gland and another corps tissues too, likewise helps regulate puberty onset but helps protect torso from cell damage caused under the patronage of free radicals. One way or another, it was always now prominent thanks to Dr meticulous research. Hence, jennifer Luke from Surrey University in England that pineal gland is primary target of fluoride accumulation within human corpus. It is the adult soft tissue pineal gland contains more fluoride than any next soft tissue in the corpus a level of fluoride which has usually been more than capable of inhibiting enzymes. The pineal gland likewise contains varying amounts tough tissue. Realizing that the pineal gland is so target much fluoride, dr. Luke conducted animal experiments to determine in the event the accumulated fluoride should negatively impact melatonin regulation, reference. Polish scientific journal percentparagraph per cent percent

** Farmakoterapia percentparagraph percent

** w Psychiatrii percentparagraph percent per cent

** I Neurologii percent per centparagraph percent per cent

**, Number 1, 98 as well as pages 112 134″ percent per centparagraph percent

** Dr. Andrea Axt per cent percentparagraph percent per cent

** has studied connection between autism and pineal gland for over 20 years and concludes. Autism has probably been defined as a lifelong inability to carefully process sensory input and resulting inability to to, study or communicate understand human emotional signals. Her research indicates that this condition is an output of. However, pineal gland malfunction will likewise outcome from the destruction or improper fetal gland development itself or of the neuronal pathway that connects the optic nerve with the pineal gland via spinal cord and superior cervical ganglion. Of course, decent pineal gland function is essential for the cerebral wellbeing spinal fluid which have to maintain a delicate balance of several essential neurotransmitters. In the event for some reason it begins to malfunction at the fetal stage, it should have got a profound effect on all the endocrine glands that develop later on since they tend to influence one another, possibly creating a huge systemic imbalance, the pineal gland is the 1st gland to become formed in the emerging embryo. Melatonin is searched with success for over usual world and in living organisms as far back as three billion years and is amongst the principal hormones essential for establishing and maintaining homeostasis. In conjunction with the optic nerve, pineal gland synchronizes melatonin production with sunlight every day cycle to establish circadian rhythm which is the default operating cycle for the human torso. When this essential time link to outside world is not established it usually can outcome in a form of psychological vertigo where the victim may search for no anchor consequently lack a significant framework for a healthful ego to form in. Basically, one has no reference from which to make solutions, to form a personality or to recognize various different personalities, with anything unlike a stable ego. The pineal gland helps individual transduce the real physical world. There has usually been a further region of malfunction, and that has been possibility for abnormally generated melatonin to chemically evolve in consciousnessenhancing indoleamines percentparagraph per cent per cent

** at a stage in living when such enhancements prevent the individual from experiencing normal development.

Melatonin usually can carry out cyclic dehydration to form ten methoxyharmalan per cent percentparagraph per cent percent

**, a powerful hallucinogenic substance and, as stated earlier on this webpage, melatonin could ĵalso be modified to form endogenous DMT, METAtonin as well as a pretty powerful enhancer. She presents a summary table that itemizes feasible links betwixt autism simple symptoms and a pineal malfunctioning gland, axt per cent percentparagraph per cent percent

** fully develops above ideas in her abstract. She describes 7 case histories where the patient’s condition has been markedly improved with melatonin supplementation and bodywork, axt per cent per centparagraph per cent percent

** has had extensive therapeutic impression of 5 hundred autistic children for more than 20 years. Axt percentparagraph percent

** recognizes that a good deal more research is in case you want to validate her hypothesis and provides suggestions as to how this research may be able to proceed. So, see glyphosate link in previous Envorinmental Assaults section. Detection of pineal METAtonin activation was always a much more demanding challenge. Presently a good means to detect endogenous presence DMT or META tonin in proximity of pineal proximity gland usually was after using invasive brain probes -which should prove becoming highly problematic.

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