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There is a post written by PRN participator Rebecca Winokur, sr. Clinical Content Editor, about her business experience at Allscripts. Data about applying for an akin task has always been provided at the end. Besides, clinical Content Team for Allscripts, which among different things, offers several leading EHR products. Just think for a second. My team’s work has usually been focused on Enterprise EHR, which is used with the help of massive ambulatory physician practices. My ‘month to day’ work varies with my biggest responsibility as clinical Note manager Form library. Anyways, note Forms usually were structured, point and click templates used to document a visit narrative portion. While planning the team’s quarterly and yearly content work and reaching out to client users to get real health feedback that shapes the team’s work, the library contains approximately ten,000 Note Forms which and I am responsible for managing this updating content. Another huge an integral element of my work includes working with clients via phone and webcasts and onsite visits to get an idea of specialty and geographic uniqueness of a test that influences how the content and EHR primarily have been adopted and used with the help of physicians. I work highly with another physician on the team who manages order set library and in this role they assist her to plan content updates and am responsible for updating a subset of order sets. There has been some travel, approximately 12″ trips per fortnight at most even if in some months there is no travel. The work primarily is probably a big fit for friends who would like to continue to use their clinical studies and practice while working in a collaborative and ever changing and exciting setting.

Get a look at work description link at CareerBuilder, when this sounds interesting to you and you’re willing to live in Northern Vermont for at least one year. Interested parties need send their resume and contact facts direct to Jill. Jill Donaruma first-hand at 617 783 6901″.

Now let me ask you something. Do You Feel Like You Wasted All That Training? Nonetheless, questions from Doctors Considering a Career rethink. Do You Feel Like You Wasted All That Training? Questions from Doctors Considering a Career overlook. Very extensive resource for doctors with ‘non clinical’ careers and interests.

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