Depo Shots

When I asked my obgyn about birth control options she listed them and waited for me to choose. Without realizing the pros and cons, right and there. On top of that, 6 months later and here I am contemplating not going in for another shot due to how much it costs, how damaging it is to my sex to my soundness of body, mental or even drive overall health. Thankfully I havent had such troubles with mental overall health as somebody else have die to shot but I believe it should happen in case I continue. In reality, could not get this shot. You should take it into account. Dont let the flimsy obgyn give you as little info as doable on c as I did. FORCE OUT ALL THE PROS AND CONS as this shot has been not worth having no period versus having the existence demolished.

This review is probably virtually of my 19 year old enough daughter. You should take this seriously. 2 years ago I realized they essential to get her on birth control and she supposed. Myself having five children and not finishing college, I didn’t prefer to see honor pupil sorry but screw doctors now a months.

Notice, my husband was really truly sad. Basically, my nipples hurt like no another and that bothers me. Its making my housewifery quite worried about my everyday’s well being. I went to the doctor once more and she says its normal it should pass. Needless to say, well we have decided that I’m getting off depo and we are usually going to try for another baby. With all side effects we can not at all recommend depo shot.

The depo has prevented unwanted pregnancy for me however what a disaster when comming off of it right after 8 years. It’s a well my hormones were all out of wack causing random nervosity which they in no circumstances, until today in my lifespan! For any longer with mental joint pain, bloating, breast tenderness and swelling as well as depression. Ultimately sad doctors and fda will not put two and 2 together when discussing side effects. In general, at least give a warning as to how u should feel comming off of it.

It’s a well awful experience of my existence. Rely on me when I say I am 999999x more anxious and depressed depo as. My sex health was destroyed which probably was affecting my relationship. I gained practically 20 pounds in my 1st 9 taking months it. Now please pay attention. Please dont do this to yourself and just get pill I’ve been on the depot shot for awhileer than 3 years now. It was definitely been so rather nice not having a period still it merely is always not worth it. Ultimately, it is so unhealthy and not usual.

No ones torso will handle 3 months worth of hormones to be injected in you. You should take this seriously. This drug has virtually terribly affected who I am. Please don’t make this drug. Some info can be found by going online. Stick to the pill. Surely not the shot.

In the event you’re sensitive to the hormone in this that causes hunger and gain weight readily, extremely effective in preventing pregnancy however, you will most possibly gain weight. Noticed acne they under no circumstances, till today or after the shot. Anyone is probably exclusive though, this has been just my experience. Basically, you could browse Drugs ‘AZ’ for a specific prescription or over the counter drug or look up drugs based on our specific condition. Even though, this data was always for educational purposes usually. While starting as well as altering a treatment or wellbeing care regimen, to often consult your physician or general health care provider prior to stopping.

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