Did My Water Break

Modern to forum? Sign Up Here! And now here’s a question. Usually a partner? Please login below. Reason that my water trickled with 1-st for nearly a week. My water damaged gushed with the 2nd It has been loads of they had been not having contractions It was funny practically! This is the case. That babies nickname has been Noah!

The 1-st time they pushed out as we are doing our best to break them, 2-nd time they had to become artifically ruptured. Is any labour, that freaked me out -so as they say, every pregnancy is always special. Of course, best of luck!

The 1-st time my water broken they had gotten shower out. Went to bathroom cleaned up and as I stood up it happend once more. That water is a neverending leak. LOL my 2-nd pregnancy me water did same subject it started leaking while I had been in the hospital parking lot it was simply a slow leak. Neither at least non that we can feel, or somebody from them though did we get any contractions with them This is the case. When they stood up they felt a trickle and after that when we wiped there is some blood. The trickle definitely wasn’t a pee trickle. As a result when they has been in labor it merely kept breaking and breakingit did it nearly five times over 2 course hours, any time there is ALOT of fluid, it stopped. Nevertheless, my ctx’s were pushing him up, not down. Did you hear about something like that before? everytime he has been pushed up, more fluid should come out, then he’d settle back down and plug it up once more! Anyways, has been an emergency c section. Nevertheless, another 2 were scheduled C’s and no ‘waterbreaking’ happened. Generaly, lD. However, baby had been rather low, so I under no circumstances had any flooding action, thank God. That is w/ They had to break my water w/ one and Not everyone’s water breaks naturaly and most are always normal situations and not a vast gushing flood while shopping. On top of this, baby’s head prevents gushing while standing up.

they ran to bathroom and has been still leaking. Then they woke up like wait I am pregnant! At the second I thought that they pee’d myself a little. They got out of bed and stood up and GUSH water went all down my leg and the floor had a vast puddle. Later big gush no more came out. Later labor came really quick and baby had been out one 1/two hours later!

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