Dizzy After Taking Food

dizzy after eating Different symptoms usually can comprise breasts that feel heavy, itchy, sore and, um, feel veiny.

Plus the nipples may feel more sensitive, more bumpy and they may even look darker.

, everyone probably was special, and some won’t feel any breast overlooking until later in pregnancy. To be honest I had an endoscopy a year ago to confirm my GERDS and nothing else was searched with success for apart from having a weak muscle at my p stomach.

They have a few days ago been backwards and forwards to my GP and have had blood and urine tests all of which have come back normal.

Am completely confused as to why I have all these symptoms, Know what, I am a normal weight. Have an ideal balanced diet and try to exercise at least 1 times a week.

dizzy after eating My doctors have no information what could have been bad with me so I was investigating if anyone could help? Has anyone had identical symptoms and got a diagnosis, I’m fed up of feeling really like this and would simply like To be honest I learnt that we was vitamin B low, yet this didn’t come up in any original tests, as my body was receiving a slew of B vitamins, I recommend fodmap above everything else. Anyways, into BSo we now get a B12 supplement every day as a result, with that said, this wont because of my rubbish digestion my body had stopped converting the b vitamins. Considering above said. A B vitamin won’t work though, you must get converted B12. Hi, you must get tested for Pylori infection in the stomach.

dizzy after eating My mom had rather identic symptoms, and that’s what she had.

Not all doctors test for it.

You need to be peculiar they checked for it, and if not only encourage to have breath test done. It’s super straightforward, and worth it. It could possibly as well be the cause for our acid reflux. While pounding heartbeat, I had what u described about foggy head. Hi, about a year ago I was diagnosed with GERDS. In past six months I have noticed that I am now feeling nauseous afterconsuming, normally about 30 minutes after a meal, am constantly tired, thirsty, feel dizzy when standing up and moving around, get out of breath extremely effortlessly and pretty often get a sinking feeling in my heart/chest.

I likewise, that I have had for longer than 7 months, suffer from my stomach bloating out like a balloon when I consume or drink anything however little the portion. By the way I do have a history of IBS in my family, however I do not experience symptoms like stomach pain or irregular bowels like others with IBS hence it had been seen as being unlikely that Undoubtedly it’s this. Biggest problem will be usually was the anxiety attack thinking there something else bad. Anxiety makes everything seems worse than That’s a fact, it’s. Times amount they go doctors for a check up but for happiness it helps. Whenever feeling sick and wind, My own Ibs has probably been foggy head. Hence, look for our trigger,keep a food diary record everything and see By the way I think it’s what made all my ibs trouble. I’m now doing best in order to treat it with a better diet and vsl3 probiotic. Remember, in my opinion it’s slowly working. HI we had all these problems so! On p of this, when we saw that was not the vast issue, It was hell, By the way I had every test under the sun at the doctor so she intended to blame it on anxiety and stress so wanted to put me on anti depressants. On p of this, I was complaining to a med student one day and they had me try the fodmap diet! It basically eliminates any food that is mildly next to impossible to digest. Through it they have learnt that little things like garlic make me bloated, To be honest I can’t take apples. You should get this seriously. I’m quite sure I understand if I get an apple in morning I might be bloated for the day, and have ongoing fatigue the next!

This diet has changed my existence they could not recommend it enough. I was acquiring modern clothes to hide fact that after lunch they miraculously looked pregnant, Actually I was constantly fatigued, I actually went from taking five gym classes a week to none, in advance of going on it they merely got so so so bloated after each meal. To be honest I had these same symptoms and was sent to Mayo Clinic where I was diagnosed with Orthostatic Intolerance, a POTS type.

Essentially, Look it up. You’ll be amazed at the similarities. Mine was caused, possibly, by a viral infection and leaves me with rather low blood volume which causes many symptoms. I actually have to get a highly big salt diet and get a few meds weekly but I’m a brand new person!!! There is a monash university fodmap app that you could get on your own phone, it tells you what you may and can’t consume and serving sizes, I believe it was $ ten, try this for a week!

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