Dizzy And Nauseous

dizzy and nauseous Actually I am definintely intending to try that.

What you described is specifically what I am going through now.

Makes sense, if we may even compare, as you always were down all line this from me. As a result, probably thing additionally I may add is that to left, to right is rendering a slightly special response between the 2. Basically, As they look left things seem to move to right in facets. Know what guys, I get an uninterrupted view, as I look right. I work with that one in addition. Look for your GP ASAP -I had something just like that this for months and months and was dehabilitating.

Turned out simply to be an inner ear thing and was effortlessly solved with medication in a pretty shorter time.

I’m pretty sure I thought we had a brain tumour. Whenever leaving you feeling vaguely travel sick, Anaemia will make you light headed queasy, specifically if getting up very fast or going upstairs or you could’ve an ear infection that upsets balance. Mostly, Since obviously I’m not a doctor it my be worth preparing to gp to get it checked out.

dizzy and nauseous By the way I simply had a look on nhsdirect site and it surely does sound like it could’ve been Labyrinthitis -I’m a bit daunted at it prospect lasting for s few weeks though. Will try and get a GP appt. -easy way to tell is if nausea and seasickness feeling goes away when you go down for quite a while. Just can’t think of a better way of putting it, if it does it’s an inner ear thing if it doesn’t thence something has been amiss between our eyes and the brain -but not necessarily assured. You should get this seriously. I actually had this about 6 months after DS’s birth and ran screaming back to my Gp thinking Oh my lord, To be honest I cannot be pregnant once more so!! It felt like earlier pregnancy. Basically, What it turned out to be was an underactive thyroid.

I’m sure you heard about this. A condition that had been caused by my pregnancy. I was put on Thyroxin to replace the thyroid hormone that my thyroid was no longer creating. You should make it into account. Get your thyroid checked out.

dizzy and nauseous UPDATE -well they went to the GPs this morning and she thinks its Labyrinthitis.

Shes prescribed intending to give a go as they merely seek for to be able to feel normal once again.

She did say though that it should be something else thats causing it so if it doesn’t stabilize to go back. Thanks everyone for your own Know what, I was just like this about a month ago for 2/three weeks, By the way I felt like they was in pregnancy later stages although we understood it was impossible.

I’m quite sure I deduced it was the pill!

I’d started taking it once more after two babies in swift sucession and it was making me feel dreadful.

A few others we have spoken to have had a related experience when taking the pill after having a baby.Could that be a possibility?? So, Been having dizzy spells when I stand up actually is feeling lightheaded and dizzy 75 of the time and, over the last few weeks, am now feeling sick and queasy I have had a chill/flu type thing since last Fri but over that very bad now I’m getting practically hacked off with it now notably nausea as at least when you get it with pregnancy you have something to look forward to at the end.

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