Do Lymph Nodes Hurt

do lymph nodes hurt They cause bumps, redness and awful of all they hurt like hell. Hi my son is 13 months and he has had this bumps in base on he’s head since birth.

He’s doctor said it was normal but I’m still considered.

He was six weeks later and usually 4bl 4oz. Hi…My Son was four half years quite old. There is some more info about it here. We ok him to doctor. Known He was given antibiotics. That said, After a week later a saw a lump on his neck worried went to his doctor given antibiotics once more waited for two weeks to check that lymp node to reduce. Doctor ok a second strep for blood test fnac test a TB test, it wasn’t. With all that said… Still lump did not lowered, all the reports were normal. I am a little scared doctor, my son has been active he isn’t suffering from fever. Freezing cough.

do lymph nodes hurt Please show me. My daughter is usually 12months quite old she has 1 enlarged lymph nodes around the neck, me and her mother we have been all hiv+ but she was born well wholesome and the first test results @9months were negative….please show am having sleepless nights. Hi… how is ur son doing!!! Hope he has been well… I m going through exact same situation, my eight yr pretty old son has 3 large nodes sized three cm and nine cm on all neck sides for whether to do open biopsy. My three year old enough daughter has a rough little lump above her collar bone and I had it checked by 2 Doctors for ages being that which they had explore may be a sign of something concerning. It was usually however pea sized so not 1cm or bigger. In fact, As yet it has not notably got any bigger. You should make it into account. It is there for at least 1 weeks when they first noticed it.

do lymph nodes hurt All DRs have dismissed it as nothing to worry about it but one and the other said to keep an eye on it.

It is probably ugh and fixed.

She has an awful cough but that is a similar chilly as others in the family had lately had very similar. Now let me ask you something. Do I simply wait and see if it goes or gets any bigger for awhile being that? That’s where it starts getting actually serious. Hey my baby usually was having swollen lymph nodes at same location as you mentioned and I noticed it on 2nd August. Notice that Tell me how’s our own baby now. It’s aworking out. For example, He likewise suffers with hundreds of stomach pain.

The nodes to me seem to either be identical size or they may be slightly smaller. To be honest I was ld that they gonna be normal after about a month.

do lymph nodes hurt Please help. Where to from here? By the way I had doubt that I used matchine for hair removal that hurt me. Actually I saw bleeding in armpit. Few weeks later we used hair removing cream to take care of left hairs. I’m sure you heard about this. When I visited dr once more we used hair removing cream. My armpit was burning, painful. It remained swollen for 15 months, To be honest I thought puss will come out I should be relieved. Anyways, they went to gyn for regular check up she said I should leave this problem at times infections in pregnancy don’t go completely after delivery. Now let me tell you something. If it still there we will send you to the surgeon for biopsy. Know what guys, I was so worried. Besides, on occasion hurts, lymphnodes were soft spongy type. For example, they can’t even shave.

do lymph nodes hurt I went to gp for secound opinion.

He couldn’t feel for any longer being that lymph ain’t rough.

I may see swelling, he said there in no nodes to worry about it. Notice that He said it must be some hurt hair follical. They are active, my two children have Lymph nodes on the neck. To be honest I am taking my son to a homeopathy hospital for treatment for future precaution. Doesn’t it sound familiar? I am following with doctor prescribed pills for child, Actually I have not searched for any problem with my children. My daughter was usually four yrs old….a few months back my daughter complained about a swollen lymphnode merely above collar bone……we showed doc n did blood test n usg n medicine was given….it came down but its still there…we r pretty worried about it.

Was asking if you had heard any more.

I am concerned for awhile being that, my three year old enough daughter has a rough noticeable lymph node simply above her collar bone on one side and two DRs have dismissed it as nothing to worry about.

It is slightly larger than a pea. Hi my daughter is to hospital for her lymph nodes on her right side of her neck she has two great swollen nodes measuring three cm. One way or another, for a while being that they were probably on her neck sight what happens if she starts bleeding to people normally get surgery around there necks? Help scared mum. Nonetheless, I’ve underin no circumstances been worried well he’s been poorly so ok him to Dr’s they said it’s hos lymph nodes and he’s refered him to the hospital! Considering the above said. Should I worry? My nine year old enough really active, baseball playing, often outside son a week ago day discovered a lump on his neck. Now please pay attention. He had a nasty ear infection in his left ear and a short swollen lymph node behind his ear 3 weeks ago and was on an antibiotic when we first noticed the lump.

For any longerer one huge lump but had damaged into 2 separate ones.

Lump behind his ear has been gone, ear infection has usually been better.

He ran a 102fever during the ear first months infection. Now a week after finding the lump he now has five of them they start a little below his hairline and go down to near his collar bone. Now please pay attention. They don’t hurt him and he has no different symptoms. Then once more, Doctor says to watch them and he may need a stronger antibiotic but I’m worried. As a result, In the last 3 years thete are a vast handful of kids in our area diagnosed with exclusive kinds of cancers types, lymphoma and leukemia. By the way I merely don’t get my child’s health lightly and I’m really concerned. I was noticing swollen nodes by my one and the other side neck for up to two months now and lately noticed a node that usually was bigger than the ones on my neck under jaw…but this nodes haven’t been painful so far but am scared…please what’s this? My name was always Elizabeth and they have a four year quite old daughter.

I am desperately looking for some a choice and I am hoping you usually can guide me in right direction.

It all started three weeks ago we went camping and during a hike we got little lost and by time we went back to campground our daughter had fever.

She started shivering and we came home. At home we gave her ibuprofen and she was fine the next day. Think for a moment. 2 weeks later she damaged fever once more no more than 101 and I ok her to the pediatrician. By that time they notice a strange mark on her left arm. Is like gloomy pigmentation in a vertical line on her inside left arm. However, the pigmentation probably was starve usually was murky she is rather light complexion, my husband says that has always been due to her transitional bed that she turns and hits herself on her arm. By way we probably were Hispanic don’t understand if mkes a difference. Her pediatrician order blood work CBC with differential and results were normal doctor said nothing to worry about that was 1 weeks ago. Yesterday she woke up with a rash on her left cheek that now went to the right cheek. We ok her to children’s hospital and doctor prescribe pical antibiotic and said it was most probably viral and that it will go away in a couple of weeks.

To be honest I practically hope I am over thinking it.

They would love to hear our opinion.

She has good appetite, most of energy, good spirits. Thank you for taking time to explore this. That’s where it starts getting pretty entertaining. Dear Dr. Basically, My 3yr pretty old grandson has had this lump on his back head for about a month. Now let me tell you something. It was a dime size now about a quarter. With it it merely getting larger, We ok him to his pediatrician and he had been on antibiotics for 2weeks. He complains about headache oftentimes His dr said he is preparing to send him for blood work and biopsy. Seriously. How is test performed on a little child. Normally. Let me tell you something. Around two weeks Ago I notice a lump on My ten month daughter on Her back head.

Actually I was search for Doctor they Said nothing to worry. Still now I am so worried about IT.I need more information that IT has always been We understand that the lump ain’t confident? To be honest I am 35 years rather old 32 weeks pregnant. Know what guys, I have same problem. Known they saw a swelling in my armpits, one and the other sides when they was 28 weeks pregnant. We can’t do any thing at the moment for awhile being that you are probably pregnant, I actually went to my ob she said its lymphnodes. For instance, My son was four years old enough and we noticed a lump at his collarbone and three tiny lump on his neck. I’m quite sure I asked our GP last August and he stated it’s ok as my son was wholesome and no additional symptoms.

Now it’s been five months.

He still has it and now he says it’s painful occasionally

Please, do for nearly a couple of weeks we recommend a more ‘in depth’ evaluation. With its specific recommendations, You possibly look for to print this article, for our own doctor. Anyways, if manageable, probably better bet is a direct second opinion consultation with a paediatrician. Yes, that’s right! All better! His additional symptoms remained cough and trouble swallowing, after finishing antibiotics course he improved mostly by the fact his temperature wasn’t big any more. By this point my son was coughing a lot and so violently he was as well vomiting with it, and going immensely grim red in the face. Consequently, My grandson is practically one years old enough he had lumps under his armpit.

They develop to his head and back of his neck.

Doctor said it’s swollen lymph nodes and prescribe him antibiotics and Advavtan cream.

How is it possible to please Undoubtedly it’s from teething. Now it has grown and is usually visible and I’m quite worried that it should we be worried/ make her back to get her check?

Hi Dr.

My 17 yo son has complained of a headache for the past week.

He has been taking adderall for add completely on school months so we thought it was medication. He had a fever past night but consequently mentioned a lump in his back neck. For instance, It usually was a marble size and somewhat pliable. Actually I ok him to Urgent Care and strep test and flu test came back normal. Doctor said it was a swollen node. He isn’t lethargic so they opted not to do mono test and I’ve had it and have been familiar with the symptoms.

As teenager do, previous night he mentioned that that lump is there for some time but doesn’t for a while.

Definitely before Christmas but after October when he was at a checkup.

He is probably tall 6’two and skinny 145/150 and his appetite isn’t tremendous when on medication in the course of the week. Know what guys, I am waiting for his FP office to open but must they be concerned? That’s where it starts getting virtually serious. We have a gut feeling it is not a virus normal result. Let me tell you something. Medicinal history is usually chronic strep, adhd, asthma and at eight and nine he had chronic hives for eight week without any explanation. He has in addition had a history of rashes that appear and disappear without any definitive diagnosis after biopsy although he hasn’t had any strange rashes in two years and is relativelyfairly wholesome., with no doubt, Can we find out what doctor said?

My son usually was a lot younger but has swelling in multiple nodes in the neck and groin and scrotum, one measuring I have a swollen lymph nodes on my groin that doesn’t go down. Now let me tell you something. Actually the nodes remains swollen and making me uncomfortable, before they have herpes but after infection. For example, we noticed nodes on my neck. Was diagnosed with h pylori and bile reflux during endoscopy.

Worried on what to do.

Consult p Paedritician and identical I have consulted, prior to worrying with all this.

Doctor said not to worry until / unless lymph nodes enlarge I feel it is incorrect and doctor said to have good nutrition food for childthat I am taking care. Oftentimes it seems like its ugh for him to breath. To be honest I don’t for any longer being that I’ve not, until now, his pediatrician said I know it’s normal. So, Could that be the litte cause ball? My two year old enough daughter has a lump on her side neck about a cm in size., It’s soft and movable under the skin. She has had a cool the other day so we thought it was a lymph node? On p of this, I did notice it a few weeks unto she got ill. Ive taken her to see a nurse and a doctor who have all said its her lymph nodes and that they will go down, bur it’s still there.

It hasn’t gotten any bigger and she’s well.

Should they be concerned?

Thanks. To be honest I had an akin issue -a rather massive, swollen lymph under my arm late in pregnancy. You could see it definitely, lump was a centimeter in diameter. My OB did not understand what it was and referred me to a breast cancer specialist. No cancer, the specialist ok a biopsy, that came back clean. I am sure that the lump went down little by little, after we had the baby and did breast feed. Therefore a year after, it’s barely noticeable and not sore.

In retrospect, tally ‘non medical’ opinion, I believe lymph swelling was caused by massive rearrangement in tissue as the breast prepared for milk production.

Strange that neither my OB or the specialist been actually able to tell what it was.

That was incredibly worrisome, and worry has probably been LAST thing you need simply prior to birthing a child. Hope you have always been doing well, and hope this story most likely I know it’s a issue that I have with all three of my kids, I’m pretty sure I have identical problem. My middle child who was two at time got sick around March previous year and his one lymphnode swelled up and looked like a peanut mm sitting right on his left side neck. It’s been well over a year and it flares up and goes down when he’s sick but even when it’s not flared its still rather noticeable. Now I have this weird node complex I’m constantly feeling my children’s necks checking their lymphnode and all three of them have really similar problem area. On p of this, My oldest usually was five and my youngest has been six months and for some reason the neck left side was always the real problem area for these suckers.

When they was going through it stress with my middle baby( now we had to of taken him to the doctors at least 20x in a year to have him checked and they ld me identical thing every time that he was fine.

Still not convinced I ok him to see an ears, nose, and throat specialist for a 2nd opinion and he ld me flat out that my kids will apparently be better off if I was an awful mom lol.

When he turns his head it looks humungous, he did an ultrasound to get a better look at it and they said it was within safe limits, that it’s a tiny thing. They gave me option to get for ages being that it bothered me so poor for ages being that it posed a threat. I actually didn’t go through with it, Actually I was considering it until they ld me risks connected with anesthesia with kids so ypoung. It still bothers me rubbish with all the reassurance I’ve got from special doctors. Then the fear of what Surely it’s or what it ever will be scares me to my core. Specifically seeings how if you Google enlarged lymph nodes first thing that pops up is cancer. You should in no circumstances worry about offending a doctor by getting a second opinion.

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