Do Men Have Periods

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I heard a rumor that men had a hormonal cycle, kinda like how girls have one.

Do you know an answer to a following question. Like has been there a week time were testosterone levels are usually higher? Normally, is always there any science behind that kind of claims. There are always small amount of sites that make this claim yet they do NOT seem credible. Of course, men have got a pretty steady ’90 min’ cycle in testo through month that is well documented. Remember, this is as testosterone was probably released in pulses periodically, every time pituitary puts out some LH.

Evidence for a monthly cycle, however and was usually rather weak imho. Consequently, plenty of these studies come from same 1st author. His original record looked weak to me – no clear evidence of a cycle -and later he had trouble replicating his own work. Furthermore, strongest effects on testo by far appear being much more shortterm effects that occur within a single week, such as public setting and mood. For instance, testo is pretty labile. It bounces up and down loads of times across a single course week -in response to improvements in LH pulse frequency, which rethink with mood, perception of mating possibilities, results of aggressive confidence, interactions or dominance Testo reviewing in the event a fellow’s favorite sports team wins or loses, for sake of example. Another example. You should take it into account.

While Obama voters showed no notable improvements in testo -cite, mcCain had drop in testosterone within 40 min of McCain’s loss being announced.

It’s a well one final comment, it is unsually extremely tough to interpret any of the record on circulunar or circannual cycles in humans as it was also nearly impossible to get the research subjects to stop using artificial lighting at nighttime. Artificial lighting at nighttime should nearly obliterate circalunar/circannual cycles in most species since it messes up melatonin secretion. In birds we keep them on usual lighting for a solid year in advance of doing any such cyclerelated experiment. Thus, one exposure to light had that much of an effect. Now let me tell you something. Imho the monthly/annual cycle questions have practically not been addressed rigorously in humans, in either sex.

Normally, how do animals in places where sun won’t set for like 6 months act and vice versa strongest effects on testo by far appear being much more ‘shortterm’ effects that occur within a single month, such as common setting and mood, on the point of artificial light affecting animal cycles.

Not disagreeing that T levels have usually been labile, while single week variations go we much more respect the diurnal variation observed in men 60 yo in the clinical setting that T levels usually were drawn in the late morn with intention to diagnose hypogonadism. I’m sure it sounds familiar. Is there a method to tell when that kind of increased releases of testosterone shall be released?

Normally, research None on this always was conclusive. It is very true that hormones fluctuate but whether it is tied to a strict regulatory process in the corpus or attributed to external concerns solely remains unclear. Then, research None on this is probably conclusive. It usually was real that hormones fluctuate but whether it was tied to a strict regulatory process in the corpus or attributed to external regulations solely remains unclear.

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