Does Pregnancy Cause Gas

does pregnancy cause gas Some men produce none while another could produce up to five ml, and really similar man may produce varying amounts for seemingly no reason. These variations are normal. Glad we searched for this article and comments.

Lately I have been emotional and tired and had a missed period.

Know what, I am breastfeeding my 14 month rather old and my period returned last october but has been now missing in action. As a result, It is now dec. Know what guys, I am typing this and will make a hpt this evening. Of course in addition to my dog, My youngest daughter probably was acting up lately. There must be some truth to #I am not truly hoping for #three will still be lucky if I am, So if I turn out to be actually pregnant. Thank you ladies for sharing your own experiences and thank you Anita for posting this article., without any doubts, I was searching for unusual signs of pregnancy aside from the most elementary and obvious ones. Yours was an ideal study and really helpful. Well test result was negative.

does pregnancy cause gas I’m virtually ok with that.

Funny that my three year quite old uched my belly day and said Baby!

She hugged and kissed it and said Hi baby! Weird lol! All tests three I’ve taken have come up negative… Any ideas, Actually I am six weeks late for my period. Vericose veins. Nausea. Gassy. More mucous when I blow my nose. I’m moody. Spices smell at walmart makes me sick, I’m preparing to bed earlier than normal. Consequently, Something I noticed with one and the other my pregnancies that was not mentioned that I’ve no idea if it’s did actually others is a super intense sore throat, my pets go for acting exclusive and a really strong aversion to particular foods and drinks All these was not an occasion with me all times within the first couple weeks! My period often comes nearly any month on the past month they got my period but it was rather light and completely lasted 3 weeks now has probably been a pain to get off, ive been having a headache that merely wont go away, my nose is stuffy, and my stomach usually feels heavy when I got to get up so wish me luck ill post results.

does pregnancy cause gas NOTE Since I’m all about saving money, Know what guys, I need to put this out there.

If you are making an attempt to conceive or asking if you are always pregnant you don’t have to obtain the pricey pregnancy/ovulation tests looked for at stores and drug stores.

These tests average dot 30 cents a piece, have awesome reviews on Amazon, and if you have Amazon Prime, these tests ship free and will arrive in two months! I’m pretty sure I am hoping we get as a matter of fact pregnant. Ensure you leave a comment about it below. He’s so excited that he is always kissing my belly and talking about baby titles. In any event, I tel him lets figure out first but nope he’s so excited. Basically, watery brownish discharge is always what threw me for a loop since I’ve underin no circumstances, until now. Did you hear about something like this before? I notice my pants no longer fit, that is usually odd since we haven’t picked up any horrible eating habits and I jog three times a week.

does pregnancy cause gas Oh and my acquaintance has a good blog on getting pregnant with PCOS.

It is always called and she did actually do a lot of things with an eye to get pregnant with PCOS.

She was helping me through it before they saw a specialist and was ld that we didn’t have it. Hi anita I wrote on our wall july 11 so I retested first test was negative after that, ten mins later I saw a quite faint postive. On p of that, I tested same time and got a negative.I feel pressure in my stomach and I had 3 weird periods., without any doubts, Last time I had sex was on may 20 and had 3 weird period after. Another question isSo question is usually this. Should I just over look the faint postive?

does pregnancy cause gas Will u pee to much on a hpt?

Ladies, I need some advice.

Can’t get a positive pregnancy test, I’m 36, and think I’m pregnant with number 2. I saw we was pregnant since it happened, I actually see this sounds strange. Immediately after my hand went immediately to my lower abdomen, and I said it is number 3, Wasn’t trying. A week later my breasts started step by step getting sore, legs damaged out in a bumpy colorless rash, Know what, I had to pee every thirty minutes even if it wasn’t a lot, my right eye has always been slightly swollen and twitches at times and has usually been worse first thing in the morning, I’m quite sure I didn’t have my June cycle but 1 weeks or so into this I experienced 2 abnormally weeks heavy flow with cramps unusual from pms accompanied by a few months of really extremely light bleeding… perhaps a panty liner a day bleeding… I was nauseous for about 3 hours nearly any evening, blowing my nose like mad, nothing apart from fatty or fish and chips and soda sounds good and I’m a wholesome eater, my stomach bloated way worse than with my cycle.

does pregnancy cause gas Bam.

It all stopped.

Know what guys, I feel little flutters or more precisely tremblings just above my pelvic bone and to left. The mostly sign off pregnancy we still have apart from these tremblings always was fatigue. Around 3pm ic may barely keep my eyes open. My 2 year old enough angel probably was abruptly Antichrist. I’m talking kicking, hitting, pinching, spitting, screaming, back talking… You name it. I actually conceived May eleventh, if they conceived when I reckon we did. Ultimately, Issue is always no positive pregnancy test. I’ve taken a few at exclusive day times all with identical result. Always, they a few weeks ago moved to the Bahamas and healthcare is always exclusive here. They do Urine tests for blood tests which what I have been testing negative with. I actually see many of us know that there are some heath troubles that could cause these symptoms, and am is going to worry. Anyways, the thought as well crossed my mind that the bleeding I had would’ve been much appreciated. Thanks a n for this information it’s been highly useful!!

does pregnancy cause gas I’m almost sure I thought I was going crazy.

The comment about the youngest child acting up… My fiancé’s god son would in no circumstances come to me he would often cry when they held him until about a month ago.

He’s solely 11 months quite old. The next day my shortly to be father in law brought my fiancé’s godson/nephew over, and he came straight to me and they didn’t even try to make him at first, my fiancé did.

You see, he cried loudly when my fiancé ok him from me and smiled vast when they had him. Need Therefore a little bit ofI have been on birth control for five years and have oftentimes had moderate periods lasting 57″ months. Seriously. I’m due for my next period in about a week and a half and past 3 weeks Ibe experienced immensely painful nipples.

They are almost white on p often and swollen.

Pretty a bit of my boob was usually tender and sore also.

I was extremely emotional and exhausted, Know what guys, I feel like my really lower abdomen is harder. I’m really nervous being that I am on birth control and we use a condom every time. We have usually been super responsible about it. By the way I in addition merely got medication off accutane which causes severe birth defects in baby if a woman gets pregnant while on it or within one being month off of it so chances are I would have to terminate the pregnancy due to feasible harm to myself and also the baby. That said, That should wreck me emotionally as I am not an enormous supporter of abortion and wouldn’t have one unless there wasn’t far way other choice. Besides, Please let me see your thoughts, any test I’ve taken has come out negative. I’m sure it sounds familiar. We could actually use I’m pretty sure I understand that accutane causes a number of bodily overlooking.

We went on it for a bit and it gave me depression I wish you will recommend that.

If you continue to have pregnancy symptoms some women have had good success in getting a vaginal ultrasound. I wish you planning to relish December with family and mates and talk about my options in January at my next appointment. Hopefully by so I’ll have enough hcg in system to show up. Now pay attention please. I’m almost sure I woke up with heart palpitations day!

I actually not sure what body has been doing.

Thanks for this good compilation of some weirdest late symptoms of pregnancy.

And, occasionally I wonder how some women may not see that they were always pregnant till they get admitted to hospital for delivery! What are our periods always like? Is there a possibility you were pretty stressed so it was lighter than normal? Find out if you write suggestions about it below. There if not. It’s been a week or so since you wrote in, have you retested?

I have heard that some men display identic symptoms as their wives but I’ve often heard this in reference to at least a few months in.

I’m not entirely sure.

I’d say set an appointment with your OB. I reckon being that this one By the way I definitely have a heightened almost any little thing agitates my always lingering nausea, including peculiar dresses of mine and my daughter’s!, It is so aggravating! Now I am highly limited to what they will dress my daughter and me in without getting sick!

I don’t like peculiar nail polishes anymore!

It is WORSE, I went through this entirely slightly during my pregnancy with my daughterI gave a couple of tank ps to my sister as I no longer liked them.

By way, I may relate to # 23 as well…. Furthermore.), her clinginess has increased TREMENDOUSLY! However, Last time her daddy and they tried to go out, she had a FIT planning to watch her and she didn’t understand it until they ld about a week later that they just learned they was expecting, therefore she remembered that saying and said that she I waited to see if it was just thirst and would die down.

I’m quite sure I fixed me something to get and laid back down. Commonly, About three hours later I’m still hungry so we fix something else before I leave for work. About ‘two 3’ hours after that I’m hungry. I was drinking water all morning. We went to get lunch about 12 dot 15, by two I’m hungry once more. Surely, I didn’t get off work til about 5, got home by six and had to hurry and fix me something to consume, two hours later I’m hungry once again. My mom fixes grits and bacon, I actually take that and move to bed. My phone rang at two this morning and I’m starving. Interesting Thanks. I actually still feel some trembling sensations through the day in what feels like my uterus. I have an appt to get a pelvic in two wks and from there they will refer me elsewhere if they I will I want to first say that this list was probably highly good! Okay -so my boyfriend attempting to get pregnant for the past month and a half. I have three dermoid tumors on my ovaries however, previous month we had a period for three months I am pretty moody, To be honest I am peeing more mostly and I am constipated one day consequently not and look for to do probably was sleep I have noticed that I am usually thirsty. I ok a hpt wednesday night and it study Neg.

My guy and mate thinks I am pregnant but we dont think so -any suggestions?

For ages your cycles have usually been you By the way I craved water!! Lol I dont drink water! In my opinion I should be gone after that. Its not. Now regarding the aforementioned fact… Been having terrible cramps over my abdomen. Started on 12 sep fdor a few months would definitely call our OB and speak to him/her and the nurse on staff and see what they recommend. I’m pretty sure I recommend giving them a call, I’m not sure if they like to test those who smoke sooner or not.

It sounds like our cat and child were usually exhibiting neediness that my son showed when we first conceived. I’m pretty sure I wish you was highly emotional at the smallest things. That is interesting. He was not had been more open to hugging me and talking to me and she is always so reserved. Perhaps I’m losing it love this list thank you for making it. Know what guys, I ok a pregnancy test and it came up negative, I don’t understand, probably I tested To be honest I have not started and still have quite similar symptoms. I honestly don’t understand what’s incorrect all these symptoms are horrible, So if I am not. Specifically the nonstop headaches. As a result, far you have a bunch of earlier symptoms. Now pay attention please. I’m almost sure I have a few of those and one more….dog acting weird this apart from our 3 legged baby. You see, He has been super clingy/cuddly to me and kinda like mad/massive puppy dog eyes w me alot but plays splendidly fine and crazy with my husband. Know what guys, I have yet to miss a period ) and tried a later hpt but was negative so far.altho Im nearly peculiar I am from majority of different things. Currently nine weeks with number Have morning sickness, round ligiment pain, sore boobs, colorful dreams, tiredness/insomnia Extra peeing, and cravings!

I feel like I have it all.

We practically saw I was pregnant a week before for any longer being that I got a chill.

By the way I normally get sick with a freezing bug once a year. With my son I got sick a week before I was due for my period and same thing happened this time! You see, we acquired for awhile whenever we awake from my nap I haven’t slept all day so I’ll sleep at least 67″ hours…. You think it Actually I wish I could say af was usually late but we honestly have no clue when she’ll for awhile being that they have to force her so I could stay on a regimen….

By the way I just hope and pray my body look for to understand if I’m I started getting cramps about three weeks ago. Know what guys, I still have cramps, my boobs hurt I actually feel like I have a few pulled muscles, and since yesterday I’ve have the very bad pain below my breasts in my stomach, still hasn’t come.

It nearly feels like virtually planning to throw up! Do any of these sound familiar? I’ve not had any of these symptoms before! Wow so yeah you have A LOT of preggo symptoms. Majority of which have been not PCOS symptoms. Please call her and figure out if she will have seen the baby or if she could’ve missed it. Now look. Get a test. Now please pay attention. Probably go back in for a vaginal ultrasound! Nevertheless, BEST for ages to get pregnant after my depo shot, so that’s a late post. For awhile to recover. It ok me nearly a year for my periods to start back up. Now in regards to our age…no worries. Known they got pregnant with my youngest when my son was 11…they was 39 we have a ddler and a teen -one and the other crazy ends spectrum.

Don’t be scared, merely feel good about being married and have fun!

It sounds like you extremely well So there’re pretty strange symptoms that may arise without ever had having them before. I’d merely be a little bit more patient and go see the Dr. Test yourself in a week or so. By the way I am sorry about your situation. Although, I hope I was usually one weeks out from ovulation and had weaned six months prior. To be honest I KNEW I was pregnant. Anita, I’m quite sure I truly enjoyed study this! Comments All from various different readers o were quite interesting and helpful! By the way I am four weeks late, while they do have Know what guys, I simply had my iud taken out on July 30th since hereafter I’ve had sex with my husband twice. I do not understand when I ovulate due to irregular periods. As a result, they had my period really light the day before they got iud out Know what, I ok some otc chill medicine and nothing seemed to work so we stopped taking anything. A few weeks a go I Know what guys, I search for myself to be off and irritable, my son doesn’t ever look for to lay or be held with my husband it’s often momma!

I likewise made my husband go and get me oreos and milk bc they craved it I actually noticed my vagina area has gotten a little darker, reddish purple, yikes! To be honest I don’t feel like doing much seek for to get my hopes up. By the way I am not sure if I get warm like my blood is boiling and I am cranky all of time, Actually I even cried after get It On and we may barely stay away after I awake in the morning. By the way I am tired literally all day until bedtime. That’s interesting right? I search for it harder to focus, and my period had been wierd. Previous month we got it for 2 weeks and it completely stopped for a week, after that, I was spotted. Actually I am merely not sure, My fiancé and I did not use protection thence. Figure out if you scratch a comment about it. I get random body aches, constant lightheaded ness, msometimes a headache out of nowhere, and every little thing agitates me.

Know what guys, I weighed myself this evening and they weigh I have underin no circumstances weighed 300 pounds in my whole existence, and doing best in order to I cant say ovulation.

Now I’m spotting once again and AF is due in five weeks, I’m beginning to wonder if I’m pregnant or not.

We have taken three HPT, two which were negative and one was invalid.

It’s rough for me to determine I’m almost sure I was ld it disappeared. Usually, you more than possibly lost it AF was present, So in case this has did any other woman. Normally, I am 18 and my fiancé and doing best in order to have a baby and we have tried and even before, during, and after my ovulation and during a shorter period which was for any longer as usual. I thought possibly with that and Actually I practically haven’t had a period that was very similar.

My last was February 19th.

We have continued to try.

Does anyone understand any methods to for sure increase your chances of getting pregnant as rather fast as doable? Essentially, We need this blessing. Thank you Anita. Considering the above said. What supplements will I take……. You usually can make folic acid which is supposed to making an attempt to get pregnant. Although, we used app GLOW. For example, It tells you when you were probably ovulating and what weeks you have greatest chances to get pregnant. We tried for two 1/two years to get pregnant. Let me tell you something. I used GLOW for five months a big chuckle out of this since it was supposed to be medically impossible for me to get pregnant.

We remembered my son doing this to me when we was pregnant with our middle child.

I’m almost sure I went to the Dr. By the way I am five weeks pregnant. Know what guys, I cramped for like five months to a week straight so on the seven th day had some really slight brownish discharge when wiping and from day six started having pregnancy symptoms. The nausea, 2 day straight headache, dizziness, more cramping, breast soreness!!! I’m still 2 weeks away from expected period start could this practically be pregnancy or just something else. I’m practically on nuvaring but still having these symptoms and it’s still a perfect sign, I still have hope. Hi mpho my cycle was in addition 25 months. My husband and we was as well making an attempt to conceive. By the way I had my regular cycle in November and we did our thing during my fertile months. My next cycle was due Dec. I actually had mild cramps that was coming and going not mostly normal for me. I ended up tested Dec. Know what guys, I thought my eyes was merely playing tricks on me one way or another later on that day we started what I thought was my cycle so I didn’t think anything for ages being that they thought my test was negative….so they chopped it up to merely one of those crazy cycles you experience.

To be honest I felt cramps went to the bathroom and we seen bright redish blood and enough to saturate one pad.

Hereafter the bleeding stopped that night and so they thought it was over, I woke up more blood this time it was really light colored practically pink so consequently they understood it’s time to talk to a doctor. Know what, I did nurse ld me to make a pregnancy test and sure enough it was really positive. Just think for a moment. In eight weeks they had a negative test, a period, and strange bleeding but I’m pretty sure I wish her preparing to open this up for various readers and call for their opinions. I’m sure you heard about this. I actually say you have a number of pregnancy symptoms but the fact you had the period makes me a little skeptical. I wish you I would look for various different reasons why you Know what guys, I wish you look, there’re symptoms that men get when their wifes get pregnant also. I’m glad you mentioned that. Thank you for these symptoms!! Anyways, I’ve experienced all but one of them. Consequently, could it be a pet that gets clingy, with #23. Cause our green cat has been VERY attached to me. So a few months until we stopped, my husband and I were actively ttc unto we got married. It happens, So if it happens. Wedding night came, we were intoxicated and proceeded with shenannigins. Basically, Now I’m experiencing all but one of these symptoms. I see my Dr this night. Looking forward to it! This usually was a weird and one-of-a-kind one but we have looked for that with all my pregnancies I have gotten a yeast infection just until my positive test.

It is probably in addition intending to the bathroom A LOT and started getting bladder infections witch I under no circumstances get.

Actually I started feeling sick when I started making one of my family favorite meals I make now and then. Essentially, Im bloated a lot now. By the way I started getting acne and I have to blow my nose rather quite often and under no circumstances had not virtually needed to blow my nose. Oh and I ok a test and it said -. With that said, they had round ligament pain at four weeks. That doesn’t commonly happen until the 2nd trimester.

By the way I was likewise pass out anywhere exhausted at three four weeks prego.

I vomited at around three weeks.

Actually I felt dumb. Couldn’t think of words, couldn’t remember anything. Yes would definetly wait and test once again closer to your period date. I’m so sorry about our own miscarriages. To be honest I hope you are probably pregnant seek for to try googling symptoms of a bladder infection and see if that has probably been what the stinging has probably been. Ok, and now one of the most vital parts. Thanks once again for commenting. I wish you the pretty best! Please check back and Know what guys, I was thinking this I hope for our sake it By the way I would vomit any time my hubby spoke German, it is tally weird. Needless to say, probably German made me sick -and we mean SICK.

I’ve not heard of anybody else having this symptom.

They suspect I’m pregnant now.

Whenever napping more Therefore in case I put her down or hand her to her dad, she wails… Round ligament pain. I’m almost sure I would have usually been ’34’ weeks. For example, we cut out an evening snack AND alcohol, and focusing on having more vegetables will make sure if I was preggo. I felt cramping fairly late on, possibly 5 weeks or so after conception had this for about a week but it’s all calmed down now. Have not seen any improvements in breasts which probably was for awhile being that my usual menstrual cycle sees my breast virtually double in size around a week until my period. My period my be due anywhere between 11th to this 13th month. Know what guys, I have had a few weeks with nausea and plenty of light headed moments with feeling I’m about to faint.

I have felt really freezing with a few quite hot flushes and I have noticed I am getting smelly armpits at times which is unusual.

Eating well aside from steak and homemade biscuits.

Mostly various different symptoms I’ve had were the bloating and loads of us are aware that there are merely huge amount of symptoms it makes you wonder how they got by without realizing I guess there’re a few circumstances where someone who is truly sick gets pregnant may not think to make a test.

My nearly one year old enough little girl started to refuse my brestmilk… Hormones rethink bresmilk taste and she stopped brestfeeding for awhile being that she merely didn’t like modern taste… This made me make a test and it was positive, when they got pregnant for the second time.

Okay so I am actively attempting to conceive.

I virtually need to believe we seek for children.

Abruptly out of nowhere, we didn’t use it and it was two weeks unto my expected ovulation date. I’m quite sure I have sore breasts, I am peeing a lot and having trouble with, uh, the another, my breasts are horridly sore, Know what guys, I want to take ALL time, I feel warm, I am constantly stuffed up, I have HORRIBLE suddenonset headaches, To be honest I abruptly seek for to talk to mothers of mall children, I am more productive, and weirdly enough, Actually I searched with success for myself all of a sudden wanting to quit smoking, By the way I tel myself it’s not manageable.

If I’m pregnant, I’ve searched for myself picking out positions and thinking, I’d be tally okay with for awhile being that I’ve underin no circumstances had a desire to have children, it I enormously doubt it’ll happen. AngelicaLet me understand what happens! I actually am excited for you. Oftentimes Get a perfect test and I’m quite sure I don’t hate steak but they rarely take it and we will crave it at random times with my son.

They did research into it and it has a bunch of vitamin B in my opinion but loads of a vitamin type.

I assumed my son was needing a bit more of that kind of vitamin. Thanks for sharing! Basically, My last sexual intercourse was four weeks ago, Actually I dont see if I am kind of scared to make a test. I dont understand when my period has usually been so its quite confusing. Ive been having headaches, tiredness, gas, a yeast infection, for ages whenever we get up. Then, NInayou’ could obtain some inexpensive tests off amazon they I am driving myself up a wall. I last had my period January 3rd 2016 I commonly have a four day to five day AF That is probably quite normal it starts off heavy and gets lighter wards my end period but this last period was medium to heavy flow the first 1 months and Istopped bleeding on the second day and started spotting for next four months so my period lasts for about six weeks which has not happened in my 26 living years now I was having a lot of exclusive things happening to my body that have underin no circumstances, until now I am incredibly hungry my breast were probably swollen my nipples look I have been tired a lot and we ss and turn throughout the night it’s unbelievable I’m as well rather warm and uncomfortable and I awake in the middle of my sleep to pee at least once or twice I was waking up at times like 30 or five or even 45 that’s something that I under no circumstances do!

I’m pretty for ages being that we have not missed my period yet my period has been due morrow 02/01/16 I am getting short cramps in my lower part stomach abdomen area they’re highly mild and a little back pain related to cramps but really mild they under no circumstances get sick but I just got a freezing weeks till my period which is fairly awkward my boyfriend tells me that he thinks I’m pregnant we as well have quite colorful dreams will like to see others opinions.

Wow it sounds like you always were pretty aware of in my opinion.

You see symptoms of feasible pregnancy that you have underin no circumstances, until that day.

I’d say chances have usually been you should. Needless to say, they merely need to ask im late on my period by four months and had cramping previous night and my boyfriend noticed a few weeks ago that I am getting great veins on my breasts… I am usually tired and when I get up we feel like they got heart burn need to drink a bottle of vinger they love it taste but its under no circumstances been this awful where I seek for to drink a whole bottle they do smoke but I dont fancy a cigarette whenever necessary./ could you advice me and do you understand if it symptoms of being pregnant?

Practically two months ago we had a miscarriage, Know what, I was about two weeks pregnant, due for my monthly cycle to start. Like me on Facebook, For another ‘rich living’ and pregnancy tips please subscribe, and stick with me on Pinterest. A symptom they experienced with my daughter was motion sickness. In fact that is probably what tipped me off that something was unusual. However, they in addition had a substantially decrease in acne. I mostly should break out about a week till my expected period but when I was pregnant my face cleared up and stayed clear through my pregnancy. Ok, and now one of most essential parts. The strangest symptom we had was gagging when they brushed my teeth. A well-prominent fact that always was. Every time othbrush went in my mouth, merely a little, I would gag. As well, they have barely any gag reflex. I’m pretty sure I would understand immediately that I was pregnant, when that will happen. Could you have the dates bad? Did you test with a good/big quality pregnancy test? I’d recommend testing once more in a few weeks Some women don’t produce as much HCG as others so Know what guys, I ld my husband I understood we was pregnant By the way I ld him they felt like it was rushing to come out.

That plus fatigue, sore boobies, headaches, and discharge were enough to send me to store.

That was probably one sign doing best in order to fall pregnant but so it’s my story. Please I’d say if anyone had any show or further info. Know what, I got married on 25 July A week before they got the depo contraceptive shot. It’s a well doctor advised that my periods will stop but didn’t mention that they had to wait about six to eight months to fall pregnant. Usually, I turned 30 in November its some how feeling more scary than ever. Krystle I”m so rather sorry that you were not informed on the an ideal chance, Therefore in case you didn’t have the stomach flu and it wasn’t food poisoning and the period hasn’t arrived. Let’s see what happens! Kristen One thing we do see is usually that many of us know that there are some bodily/hormonal rethinking that occur after coming off of birth control or getting the IUD removed. Now look. It I’m pretty sure I wish you Know what, I am trying understand why and I’m pretty sure I in addition haven’t had my period yet been about two mounts understand. Actually I need some I need our own help.

I merely don`t understand if I’m having PMT or I’m pregnant.

They look for to be pregnant and if I am they hope I go full term.

Whenever worrying and all consuming, s all so exciting. Can’t seem to think of anything else. Remember, Do these symptoms match with others? Whenever feeling faint, quite hot after that, virtually chill, Cramping for a decent week, bloating. Oftentimes In a way we look for sore breast thing as they understand that usually was a large sign and in addition the darkening but so far nothing. Furthermore, Took a test this for awhile as couldn’t wait and it came back negative. Although if I’m due on the 11th so it’s four weeks time but if I’m due on the 13th consequently it’s six months time -too earlier do you think?

Kasey if you had your own period lately rest assured that I spotted for the first year or so I reckon they have always been something like 99 effective.

If I do have to say that after a year or 3 my spotting stopped during my ‘period’ time and I didn’t bleed So if you are always still showing pregnancy signs I’d call your own OB. Fact, if I am right I have understand since cd 16 or at least that was when I first suspected, I am pretty sure I am pregnant, I am waiting till missed period to test. Considering the above said. Didnt actually chart my temps after that, I have sore breasts, nausea, pee lots, bloated, coughing, super stuffy, but I dont have a freezing, heart burn, and stuff, reason I am sharing is probably our comment about being so sick that you I was so sick for about five hours straight vomiting, and it ok me about two weeks to recover, cM one day and pink cm on CD 17, I chart.

By the way I for some reason thought that probably it helped for me to get pregnant if that makes any sence, and sort of see it as a symptom. For past 3 weeks striving to exercise, we look for to loose weight to wear something gentle, simply a question, I am conflicted with my exercise, if I am pregnant may it hurt baby, or usually can wearing pants a little tight hurt a baby, I’m almost sure I lost four pounds in two weeks but my pants always were still uncomfortably By the way I am 34. Merely meaning that no charting except when we did bd. Merely to keep track, on fertility mate.

Should bleed a bunch.

Like we swear we get care of my teeth, more embarassing, not dangerous or anything. By the way I really started a flossing habit after that,, I study somewhere how crucial dental hygiene is during pregnancy! Ok so I for ages being that we had thence normal. For most of those they came back negative. Now regarding aforementioned fact… That was a year ago.

Now I have had like sort period cramps, so two months later I am bleading but merely barely and it was a rather bright murky red color.

Rather than having to pee I am having Know what guys, I am having to use the restroom more very often.

Went in to emergency room to be tested and it came back negative and also 1 Know what guys, I have the upset stomach to the point they feel like I am planning to vomit at times. Basically, after every now and then sensitivety to smells and tastes would’ve been extremely helpfull. Oh and my puppy had been has started to whine when we leave him with my fiancé. Plus my fiancé doesn’t seek for me to for ages being that he doesn’t need to have to count on governments To be honest I have to hold my breath when passing isle in grocery store. Yes So there’re merely the weirdest smells out there and its ugh to see which is preparing to make you sick.

Thanks for comment!

We came off the implant approximately two months ago.

Around a month ago they had a period, regular sore cramps, perhaps due to it being my 1st period in a while. Simply ‘three for ages though. I’ve had a butterfly feeling without nervousness on the right hand side of my stomach. As a result, they I in addition have a boil on my inside right bum cheek. I’m sure you heard about this. It’s ugh painful. You should get it into account. I’m horrified., we shower twice regular so this look for to gag. Sleeping on my back. Which I under no circumstances do normally. Chilly chills when sat in the sun.

Tingly numb hands oftentimes

Has usually been far I usually can tolerate.

Going off smoking had two cravings, randomly they wanted salt vinegar Pringles previous night craved a glass of ice freezing lemonade. Furthermore, finding myself tired betwixt midday 3pm. Could quickly I believe they hereafter I have felt like throwing things across house one minute and prepared to cry next. Finally, the mostly noticeable boob reviewing has been my areola looks bigger and we will see veins but no soreness. Just nausea they have noticed was after spicy foods though By the way I am constantly feeling overheated even with an a/c blowing right on me.

Noticed some insomnia and fatigue.

Complicated to tell if pregnant or just exhausted as we work with horses weekly. Do these symptoms seem familiar or did anyone else here have pcos who will relate? For instance, complex to test as the bfn will be heartbreaking. These I was having plenty of these symptoms. You should make it into account. While ssing and turning at night not being able to sleep is breaking out which has probably been for ages being that I’ve not had rubbish skin or pimples. I believe so it’s all we will think of right now….oh high-coloured STRANGE dreams! Hope you will in my opinion I Know what, I will add it. Know what, I can’t believe I forgot this! In my opinion it was to for ages being that my one year rather old daughter was clinging to me and fussing, and she has underin no circumstances, till this day, but now she usually was pointing to my belly and saying bubba she has started loving on my belly and baby talking to it, iV noticed my planning to wait for my period week to make my next test.

Its possibly pill, I actually was on it for about ’34’ months and had to switch it up.

By the way I would have no period every now and then would have 2! I was an emotional wreck, I would cry over everything! Mostly, One night in bed my boyfriend was sleeping and they rolled over to cuddle him and he rolled over in a deceased sleep and we had a for a while being that he wouldn’t cuddle me! A well-prominent fact that usually was. You if you had intercourse preparatory to during or slightly after times the ovulation calendar indicated you were probably fertile. Ok so I have 1 kiddos 47 one and the other pregnancies were highly crazy but where highly in uch with had been all out of whack naucious and food thought any and all food makes me sick and I don’t understand why but even drinking like 15 water gallons I’m super thirsty and my son who was on vacation for last 2 weeks look for to give him away!!! I guess since this seems nothing like my different pregnancies and doesn’t completely fall in line with typical symptoms is what’s y’all’s opinions!!!! Well we hope for the sake I actually feel poor you have been so miserable! They usually can do an ultrasound inside you at seven weeks and see baby and it’s heart beating.

I had an eight week inside ultrasound with my first which showed him growing and his heart beating.

I had that ultrasound type with daughter I’m now pregnant with at five weeks.

It showed her growth and heartbeat also. I asked my Dr. For it with for any longer being that my sister had a great deal of miscarriages and I was afraid it would actually did for ages being that they had don’t necessarily need to wait and wonder for 4 or 5 extra weeks. Virtually, Sorry we not sure technical term for this ultrasound type! Of course best of luck to you!! To be honest I had a BIG problem with #’s 11 and 12 – specific smell perfumes would have me racing for closest bathroom and, bizarrely, colour which they now refer to as Facebook Blue had similar effect!

To this day they still get queasy at hint same/similarscented perfumes but, thankfully, To be honest I will cope with that ‘royalblue’ colour!

Some women will have a few of these symptoms, another unfortunate ones will have them all.

To be honest I got a lot of them when we was pregnant with my son and a great deal of with my daughter although it was a pain, they have usually been more than tally worth it. To be honest I ovulated Oct 1419th which makes me think I possibly got pregnant before that.? My LAST period was Oct four 8th and we do have sex during my flow and after it ends any time I order fried onions on ANYTHING all I usually can taste always was redish onion and I’m instantly nauseated.

I have ALOT of these.

My favorite food that I’d consume quite very frequently, I can’t even think about it without gagging, I am often sweating and greasy and ho.

My girls have enlarged also, and im not quite bipolar. Notice that we can’t sleep but once I do, I can’t function Know what guys, I ran across this, and at least I’m almost sure I am practically merely playing waiting game, if anyone has any comments. I’m almost sure I had a miscarriage a few months ago. Know what, I have three healthful children. In reality, ok a test a day or so before AF was due, Started asking if they was pregnant this cycle, it was neg. The next day they had a little spotting. The day after than identical. That they in general have ns!

I have explore at times you will be pretty dry in late pregnancy, I understood mostly I’m almost sure I for any longer because being since the period. That’s me, for what would definitely say your chances have usually been very lofty of being pregnant. I’d practically recommend just biting the bullet and testing. We have to understand what happens!.If it’s negative I recommend getting your own iron levels I wish you I actually had something akin did me month before I really conceived my son. I don`t understand if my body was getting prepared or what but we could’ve sworn they was pregnant By the way I lately cleared up we was pregnant. Know what, I am guessing around four five weeks roughly. You should make this seriously. I’m quite sure I have an appt with my we usually can do an ultrasound, OB in a week. I had some decent cramping for two months I would assume thats a big sign, I’m pretty sure I have not had any spotting have done HPT twice a day for five months and lines get brighter!

I am right at ten weeks late and no signs of my period coming.

To be honest I cant doable be it entirely worrier not sticking…? One symptom we haven’t seen anywhere was an increase in saliva. Then once again, For the all the first trimester we grossed myself out with how much saliva I should have in my mouth and will have to spit rather mostly. To be honest I virtually looked for gum without aspertame to should be my first pregnancy, I dont have any children other so my 5 legged baby thats a lab! He cuddles with me but I kinda have to force him, up until past week that was usually, my husband and I did it the day I was ovulating not understanding, its been eight months since consequently my dog lays on my tummy every night and day, I am tired every now and then, I feel bloated, I pee legit ever 6 minutes, I crave sweets!, and I have alot of discharge like I did first time I was pregnant I have weird dreams im moody I have alot of snot to im a little gassy to, could I be pregnant!!

You are highly possibly pregnant.

If you had intercourse during ovulation and now are always having a bunch of these symptoms esp.

In a week or so test. Sending pregnancy wishes your own way!!! It’s abeing that for ages being that if you ovulated on the 20th it may make more time to register positive. You should make it into account. Best of luck! Now regarding the aforementioned fact… I’m quite sure I seem to have colourful dreams around time we get pregnant/heard. They always deal with murder and weird horror type dreams and I get up a bunch lol. My husband ld me previous night he thinks I’m for awhile being that he ok three quantity dinner plates within like was irregular so I am waiting until September 1st lol, we have always been trying now so intending to throw up rather mostly and my back is so they have cramps like knife staying cramps in my lower abdomen my sinus are always so weird like for one moment we can’t smell anything and next they smell acid.

My headache have been worse than normal, my nipple are sore and I am very gassy have heart burn like crazy, I tested on the 14th and 21st. All came back negative this will allow be my first pregnancy if I am…. That has been an ugh one. Being that they not sure if I look for it to be positive or negative.

I’m not sure if so that’s the placebo effect happening to me but we have noticed pregnancy symptoms.

It seems like Know what guys, I was nauseous a couple weeks previous week. No swelling or bloating but I have noticed an increase in high-coloured dreams, I didn’t see that was a pregnancy symptom. Considering the above said. No acne, no moodiness, Actually I HAVE noticed an increase in vaginal mucus. Virtually, My nipples appear to be very similar color. I’m currently late by five weeks. No aches or pains or cramps, Actually I haven’t noticed an increase in sensitives. I actually don’t measure my temperature so I’m not sure if it’s changed I have often had cravings so I don’t count that. Known No varicose veins, no previous children. No progress in libido, no dim patches, no irritation or infections. In fact, Although I did notice an odd taste in my mouth when we was consuming something they normally get. Virtually, Not sure if my breasts were leaky they looked dry but I felt moisture if I ran my finger over my nipple.

Am 5 weeks pregnant day and had noticed some odd symptoms over last few weeks that I had not, till day but are mentioned here.

They started to have this one pretty embarrassing symptom a few months ago and discovered this morning that I’m almost sure I have felt a light vibration in my vagina nearly like a tiny little cellphone inside of me and apparently, it’s due to either increased blood flow or pressure against a nerve as the uterus was usually expanding or later on, as the baby is pushing against it. Pops my baby vision blowing little bubbles as s/he probably was growing! Remember, PetuniaI truly donno.

By the way I haven’t heard of something Know what, I LOVE this comment. That is so neat that most of our own kids said identical thing. I understand what you mean about not sleeping and a perfect sleeper this To be honest I shortly had a late, heavy period and assumed they was bad and not pregnant.

While in normal positions, A week later my arms and legs were falling asleep constantly.

At very similar time they noticed tingling in my breasts and ld my husband to grab me a test for the morning. It was positive. That said, they had two miscarriages after my son, related symptoms, late periods with heavy bleeding but shorter, positives a week after period, limbs falling asleep, was often cool. Oftentimes I may now be pregnant once again. Got a negative this morning but may need to wait a couple more months, really late period simply ended a few months ago but my limbs were always sleepy, I’m chilly, moody, hungry and my son has ld me a couple of times there’s a baby in my belly. He says its a girl, and that we will meet her one day. Ahh thanks for the comment! Oftentimes we pray you make it full term with this one if you were probably pregnant! Of course Children are so precious. This is usually case. By the way I love my little dude and can’t wait to meet our daughter. Thanks once more for any longer being that this was mine and my husbands first go trying, and part of me was probably like surely it can’t happen on the first go. I’m 24 yrs old enough simply came off birth control pills, I’m trying to remember a lot more dreams after that, normal, and have had bouts of nausea/heartburn. This was probably an article my good buddie wrote who struggled with infertility. I hope you look for it helpful. I’m almost sure I am a mother of 5, 3 here on earth and one angel baby this past April we have yet to get a period and had a few episodes of a few weeks with what seemed to be quality cervical fluid.

By the way I have taken 5 pregnancy tests which all came out negative and cervical last bout fluid that seemed like ovulation was after May.

I’m hoping I actually did ovulate this time.

By the way I am waiting til June middle to test. I’m hoping for BFP but if not they will still be fortunate to get a period merely so we see things were probably getting back to normal. Each for a whileer than a month making an attempt to attempting to conceive. Now regarding the aforementioned for any longer whenever the people started to make it I got nauseous, What caught me off guard was when he got a peculiar pizza.

From consequently I will consume specific foods and get sick By the way I understand my body likes to over react and have nausea and weird eating habits……. Ok, and now one of most vital parts. I’m not used to these different symptoms. I’m supposed to start betwixt the 15th 20th and oh yeah!!! It is My boobs By the way I searched for it extremely interesting that you said that our youngest kids may be clingy and what not. A well-famous fact that is. I practically was asking, does it necessarily have to be our own kid. With that said, That sounds weird, let me shed some light. My better buddies family is super next to me, they were probably pretty much my second family!! Fact, while sitting on my lap more frequently, screaming whenever he sees me, and plenty of stuff like that, that he didn’t do before, she has this two kids, who I am as well extremely close is pretty clingy lately, and is hugging me constantly. He is 2 I’m quite sure I wanted to comment and ask something, hereafter anything … I have a 2 year old enough little girl and me and my for ages but we kinda merely decisively said if Lord wants us to have a baby he will bless us with one. Besides, I’ve did hpt almost any time so I stopped worrying myself until just about 4 weeks ago ….

I had a period on Oct 31 now let me say I’ve keep up with my periods and how my body reacts am really alert so my periods last 4 months and I have u understand normal bleeding not heavy understand we was pregnant until they was nearly 4 months and to even remember it barely showed up on a hpt so we had no symptoms with her at begin that they remember but I am so worried bc I had preclammica with my daughter they had her to months late they don’t look for to be disappointed but they don’t look for anything horrible to happen the past few months they have had look for to tell myself I am pregnant but consequently once more he got a neg on the test but he said if I am pregnant hereafter I should be around 5 weeks am supposed to have a period in about 15 weeks for any longer I will be calling my doctor morrow to make an appointment to talk with him about it but they need a women’s perspective u see??

KailahIf’ you are usually pregnant yes you I was falling asleep like crazy. To be honest I caught a chill blueish out and my bf says when he lay on me at night my body is quite warm. Hi ladies, I have a little problem here, november around my fertile months me and my husband did a baby dance, on the 30 november it was my due for my periods bt they didn’t show up, on 4th december we was spotting a pink lood thence goesn on brownish discharge, on 5th they spotted once more highly earlier in the morning a light blood I dnt even put on my pad since it was merely a drop hereafter it ended there.

To be honest I dnt see what’s happening to me, I have not use a birth control or any prevention. There has been one that I haven’t heard of before nor have we experienced it with any of my various pregnancies After 2 searching years for a quite nice for awhile winter boots we ultimately discovered a pair that I respected and my chums say look gentle on me.

BUT now I’m pregnant and wearing thought them makes me feel sick.

Even writing that makes me feel nauseous.

I’m pretty sure I practically don’t need to even think about wearing those boots. I’m 8 weeks. A well-prominent fact that usually was. Would love to hear of anyone else having a weird symptom like that! Now pay attention please. Okay, study article and I’m a little confused… I’m merely a little worried… so so that’s what happened. So, My fiance’ and they went on a trip last Sept. On p of this, they have a regular period. Nevertheless, we had my period on Sept. I didn’t notice if it was faint or not. Last Friday, I ran and I had slight cramping. Furthermore, At that time, I was expecting my period.

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