Does Spotting Mean The Pregnant

does spotting mean your pregnant It varies from species to species but, generally, less than 10percent of mammalian seminal fluid is made up of sperm.

What makes up the next 90percentage?

Semen usually was a cocktail of molecules synthesized in different organs -the testes, the prostrate gland and seminal vesicle to name but 2 -and which are decanted into the urethra prior to ejaculation. Of course, All sorts of ions, peptides and proteins with millions of spermatozoa form a mucous fluid, and Surely it’s their mingling which triggers off plenty of biological processes either before ejaculation or after. Actually I am somewhat experiencing very similar.

They came on my period 06/Had unprotected S around my ovulation months 06/2907/I was feeling nauseous and having headaches and feeling tired lately.

07/13 we spotted quite light pinkish in the morning but it went away.

does spotting mean your pregnant Tonight 07/14, Actually I noticed murky brown discharge.

My period has been due until 07/16 but possibly my period is starting late.

I’m not sure. Know what guys, I had sex July 6th and on July 13th I had really little pinkish blood when we wiped, the next day we woke up and they had grim brownish blood in my underwear and ive been bleeding. Needless to say, My period is always suppose to start July 20th. Actually I ok a home pregnancy test and it was negative. Now pay attention please. So.does this mean they could’ve been pregnant, Know what, I need help. Has anyone else had this and they continued pregnant? My email is plz email me…. Actually I get a really. Shorter. Simply think for a moment. I havent been feeling highly well but ive been sick for awhile now, and I woke up, went to restroom and now I am spotting, my period ended a week ago. We often have im on the pill. He pulls out before. I wanna see why always were a bit of these 15 yr olds have been having sex soo earlier you guy should wait to have babies at a later time. There’s a lot more info about this stuff on this site. I am 24 yrs old enough, me and my bf been making an attempt to have a little buddle of joy.

does spotting mean your pregnant This Month I started my cycle day which wasnt suppose to start on 16 not now.

Hi me and my boyfriend of four years usually were attempting to concieve.

The last two yrs we haven’t had any luck if I calculated it right we had sex two weeks after my last period which will make us having sex in ovulation period. To be honest I noticed a brownish discharge no order or discomfort but it has me excited/worried im not due for my period till at least this 23rd month. Consequently, completely time we have had this murky brown discharge was either right until my period or as im ending my cycle. Im on day three of this grim brown discharge and color hasn’t changed like normally. Another question isSo question is this. Could we be pregnant? Could mine and my boyfriends dream to happen to be parents decisively come very true?

does spotting mean your pregnant Im 22 Yrs old enough.

Me and My Husband Had unprotected sex on Sunday Night A Few Night B4 That.

That Tuesday. Wed Morning I woke up and use the restroom and as I wipe I saw little blood and brownish, that has been for awhile being that I haven’t had my period in about two months which has usually been normal for me. Was not it normal, Know what guys, I been throwing up in morning I mostly after or during while im bushing my teeth. As well, an update on my situation the brownish spotting turned into a dim reddish color but solely occurred a few times we wiped. You should get this seriously. By the way I woke up this morning without spotting on my panty liner but a little spotting of pink discharge when I wiped. Now pay attention please. Could somebody for awhile being that that’s when urine always was more concentrated and contains the most hCG. Repeat test or visit our own doctor to have a blood test, I’d say in case you get a negative result but our period doesn’t arrive within a week. My last period was 3rd of feb 2015 my next is due 3rd of march. However, I ok a test eight months before period has probably been due and came back a strong positive. With all that said… I actually have taken a couple of since and all negative. Remember, I’ve had spotting day which is 25th and still negative result. That is interesting. We have had any now and later with a pinkish brownish discharge.

Know what guys, I in no circumstances spot and in no circumstances have. Then, I’m hoping for better but I’m not feeling hopeful. It says implantation bleeding starts around a week before the next period. For instance, they slept with my partner on my ovulation months which are betwixt 14th Feb and 19th of feb. Think for a moment. We slept gether on 14th and 18th. Any replies pls. Hi past month on the ten they started spotting for four weeks and I in no circumstances, until now and my period was suppose to come on the 16 but didn’t come so I was thinking I have not had my period as yet, it’s due to come Nov.

does spotting mean your pregnant I actually have had a tubal reversal in Feb.

We crazy… some may say yes.

I actually am mainly doing this for my fiance’ who has no kids. I will get a home pregnancy test morrow morning and a hcg blood test on Monday I’ll allow you to all understand who I make out… pray for me that I am withchild….!!!! Actually I am 36 and I have had unprotected sex with my BF. Consequently, they got my last period on Feb 13 and I am supposed to get my next period in months next couple. The thing always was 12 weeks after my last cycle we had some spotting and they spotted another two times since so. A well-reputed fact that is always. By the way I am has started to bleed since yesterday but it’s lite. I have noticed that cycle last couple are arriving a little earlier and not as heavy as usual. Should I be worried or am I just going thru perimenopause. Hi Im 20 years old enough and they got off my last period on last 28th month and we was suppose to start my next period on 24th of this month and on 21st I believe we was starting for awhile being that I saw some blood where it looked like I was about to start and day is usually 22nd and it barely looks like im on it and it looks like im almosr done with it.

does spotting mean your pregnant Not all pregnant women experience spotting, and actually few do.

Of if you’re concerned about what it means, it’s time to see a doctor and make a test to figure out if you should be pregnant, I’d say in case you experience spotting and your period does not go with a week or so later.

Spotting could mean nothing and could’ve been merely a minor blip in the menstrual cycle. Therefore in case you have any concerns about your menstrual cycle or any next facts of our body’s normal functioning, I know it’s best to consult your doctor. Mostly, A wise course is to try and eliminate as much stress as you will from your own routine, and get even better care of yourself. The body will cherish the nurturing Whether not,, or you do turn out to be pregnant. We’d love to hear your own story in comment section -did you experience spotting that indicated youwere pregnant?

does spotting mean your pregnant A nine weeks ago I had slight cramps and pink spotting for one day after that, it went away. My period has always been now 4 months late and once again day I started with light cramps and pink spotting anyone see what will be going on. I’m pretty sure I having obscure brown dischrge from four months …. On p of this, I’ve spotting and after that me and my husband got unprotected sex I’m expected my period came but it’s now 2days late … and now I’m having spotting once more was always this mean I’m pregnant? I make a pregnancy test? Hi I am 25 years old enough I’m having similar problem, By the way I practically had my period twice this month but we was thinking for any longer being that I missed a few of my birth control pills so they intended to stop taking them for this month so I threw that pack away and intended to wait until next month to start a completely new pack.

My period stopped a week an a half ago I have had unprotected sex in betwixt 2 periods and after, I started spotting thursday and I still am, its extremely light an I have mild cramps with spotting could I be pregnant what does this mean? I often have normal periods and nothing really like that has ever happened before why was probably my body acting like that, kinda nervous. Same thing with me happened two months ago Chelsea. Day in morning after I woke up to go pee, spotted a light blood show n my period isn’t due till 22nd. Virtually, don`t understand what to do as it’s blood first showing. Know what guys, I will wait till next week n see if my menses follows….or not! Fact, Tonight marked my montly cycle one month and one day, and my normal cycle is 28days. I’ve been spotting since since morning and it’s not flowing well and l have not seen my period for this month.

My last period was on febuary 26th What should be my problem?

Pregnancy tests check for human presence chorionic gonadotropin, a hormone that your own body starts producing after an egg has been fertilized.

I’d say if you’re pregnant you’d better be able to get a positive result by time your period always was a few weeks late, Home pregnancy tests could detect a really short quantity of hCG. Then, HAd unprotected sex on my past day period July 12 and we experienced light tan brownish redish pink spotting saturday August 3rd and in no circumstances bled once more -my period is due day August 5th and day was usually virtually over still no period could we be pregnant? While running 2 ilet more than usual, a getting shooting pains in my stomach we are concerned about it worrying in the event I got pregnant, Hi im turned 18 im with my boyfriend for a year now previous month We decided for me two go on pill so they started it on sunday 5th october I completed it on the 26th we had unprotected sex a few times and I missed one pill on 16th in last 5days I’m spotting on and of, been feeling/gotten sick nearly any night, extremely tempermental.

Please give me a small amount of advice or if any1 experienced this 2?.

They have a period app and I had sex unprotected two and three months befor ovulation.

He said he did not cum inside me but tree weeks later I started spotting light brown for 4 weeks and about two weeks later I spotted once again. However, Do I need to worry.? Hi I had akin kind but this 17 they was spotting pink we didn’t need to use a pad for that all the day and yesterday we bleed light and didn’t have to consider changing for pad and day they been spotting once again and solely when we wipe we see a little blood.and I’m usuly heavy first 3 months and we practically dont knoe what’s incorrect, has someone had the, same situation.

Okay so basically I got my period day thankfully simply thought I’d update you guys.

Im so scared… I am 17 I not sure whats going on with my body.

Know what, I could actually use some help. Know what guys, I have a blood taste in my mouth, no pain and nausea feeling every now and then and repetitive ilet trips. I ok a home pregnancy test on 23rd and was negative. Looking for some advice thanks. My last period was September 6th but we didn’t have sex until October for any longer being that my partner was on a business trip but anyhow 2days after we had sex we noticed a lite pinkish color when I wiped myself it last for a few hours and went away so far I’ve missed my period it’s been 15 months since so n I’ve taken one home pregnancy text it was negative do you think it’s to earlier to test positive if we was to be pregnant??? Hi, you should call me Courtney. That’s where it starts getting pretty intriguing, right? I’m 15 years old enough, and I’ve been having unprotected sex nearly any week this month of October.

On Monday 5th or Sunday the 4th, and experienced pink spotting for solely one day.

I have in no circumstances, till now.

My period is usually due in a week. As a result, we ok three pregnancy tests week before they started spotting. They all came up negative. This week on Tuesday and Thursday, I’m quite sure I ok a pregnancy test, and they one and the other came up negative. I’ve heard that they may not be pregnant, and my cervix likely merely be irritated. I’m not sure what really is going on. In any case, Is it still to later to be taking a pregnancy test? Hi, I had unprotected sex wards september end but he pulled out in advance of ejaculating. I have a rather irregular period. Doesn’t it sound familiar? I’ve gone two and a half months without my period before.

Last time I had my period was August ’12 I’ experienced spotting in late september, and thats in no circumstances was not an occasion with me before.

They don’t have any pregnancy signs in general, completely cramps here and there.

Does this mean I’m pregnant? Jill Amery is probably a mom of two tiny boys and UrbanMommies Publisher, a stylish digital lifestyle magazine filled with fitness, style, health, recipes and savvy mom advice to after that,. Took 3 pregnancy tests previous week friday and they came back negative.

One thursday night and one friday morning.

Period was sue 27th April but still nothing.

Know what guys, I understand that periods are pretty often late but we have in no circumstances been late. I was on a regular 28days cycle. Normally, Late or earlier in general by completely 12″ weeks max. Had unprotected sex on the 9th and on 10th used the pulled out method but I am not I am scared. This not, until now. Actually I am 11 weeks late and last period was 41 months ago. With all that said… This night makes it Thursday 12th marks one week no period. Keep reading. Hey a had a period.

About three weeks after my period a got heavy bleeding a went to the doctor they said it was another period so. About ten weeks in the end of the day that now am bleeding once again. I had gloomy light brown discharge for a week, and a week before I was supposed to start my period. Actually I had sex a few months ago, and now my period is usually due but it’s not normal… I’m getting murky brownish discharge once more mixed with a little blood… Any ideas on what it might be?? Hi, I’m 21 years old enough and are on pill for nine months now. Know what guys, I went had my period two and a half weeks ago while on a cruise and continued to get my birth control but in the mornings instead on four pm. I had unprotected sex a few times in the course of the trip.

About three to four months after my period ended we started to have light murky brown discharge that has usually been still happening now with cramps. By the way I ok a preg test three months ago and it came up negative.we hope I’m not pregnant.will u find out what else is will be? Hello, I was curious as to if birth control could give you breast tenderness after taking it for three months. To be honest I have in no circumstances taken my birth control pill at similar time any day, and we mostly missed one day amidst all 2 packs. Remember, Now I’m have fundamental breast tenderness and food cravings. Needless to say, Could this just be a result of my birth control, or could they be pregnant? Then, Hi, I had unprotected sex a week ago, two months after coming off my period, a week later I have started spotting, not much blood, slightly, it is first time anything just like this as ever happened, have belly/back ache and need to search for ilet every now and then. Am actually worried I am pregnant, Is there a strong chance? Now look. When must be quickest I could understand?

Hello, My period was 9 weeks late and when its about to come I commonly have tender breasts and slight cramping but I had none.

They ok a pregnancy test and it was negative.

I actually began spotting on the tenth day first it was pink therefore it would visit slight redish. For a while being that It barely uched the pad and a solitary time I saw it was when I wiped., I generally have a six to seven day cycle. I’ive been spotting for two weeks. After sex it for a while being that during sex. On the third day when I woke up it stopped nada really im worried cause I ok a pregnancy test and it said negative I still havent got my period and I not pregnant altho im making an attempt to get pregnant, my body feels normal I have no cravings no pregnancy symptoms whatsoever may somebody please help. Hi, my boyfriend and I am making an attempt to conceive for about two and a half months or so.

I had my period April 6th and ended it on the 11th.

For some reason, it had stopped on the 8th and 9th and was truly light on the 10th and the 11th.

It has not was not an incident with me before. Its two and a half weeks later and they have had spotting for five weeks. I’m praying Undoubtedly it’s implantation. Merely think for a moment. I am not supposed to get my period for another week and two or 2 months. Considering the above said. I had a period on feb 10th and it lasted ’34days’ when I came off about a week later I had some spottin brownish blood. Anyways, Hi my mames heather im 14 years old enough and im super for ages being that idk if im prego or not. Know what, I had sex february 22 and it was, no doubt both protected and unprotected. Undoubtedly, I’ve done it nefore and nothing has happened and man said he did NOT cum inside me is always it feasible for me to still be prego?!?! Virtually, therefore the following Sunday the 27th they got the flue but did not through up til about Thursday. Than Thursday they got my period I believe. It wasn’t extremely noormal it was lighter but heavier thhan spotting I believe and after all it was pink but it had plenty of grey in it.

Whjat does this mean someone people Know what guys, I had a relationship with my husband like 2 sundays ago unprotected. It was a stain that wasted my pad. I expected to have it, strangely I did not feel those menstrual signs, I was uncomfortable due to fear of being embarrassed by stain, consequently I checked and saw slippery light redish stain, I went homeward and put on a pad, in night I checked, it was completely a grim brown light spot that wasted my pad once more, now Undoubtedly it’s Tuesday, nothing, will it be pregnancy?

Hello they woke up this morning and searched with success for that I’m am having a brownish spotting discharge.

I’m not supposed to get my period till June 19th.

I’ve had two other children and this wasn’t an incident with me. My husband and I am trying for our 3rd since March no luck yet. Needless to say, we don’t understand what this means and could virtually use some help, Know what, I am highly concerned!! Thank you!! That said, just yesterday I slept practically all day. Furthermore, Woke up, and was sore and felt like I was starving but when I ok I felt sick afterwards? Now this under no circumstances use to happen but now I have developed a mild case of acid reflux after I take? I’m sure you heard about this. I merely wanna see what I actually was asking if anyone could To be honest I had light spotting about ‘five 6’ months after my last period, the spotting lasted about three weeks, well now I’m supposed to start my period in about a week and have simply started spotting once again day and having minor cramping.

Any ideas what this might be??

I know plenty of forums saying pregnancy and also implantation bleeding.

I’m merely investigating if anyone has any ideas what this should be. I am on the pill but my bf and I have had unprotected sex a couple times in the past month. My period started on 6th of September and ends on 10th September, I made love with my boyfriend on 18th, He did not truly go inside but he released on p of my Virgina, thou they washed myself after that, consequently next month being this October my period came on 4th October but with a few writes and stopped. Hi, my first name is Kendra. Think for a moment. So this month I started a week later, I’m almost sure I in general start my period around the 2nd to last or previous month week.

When often my 1st day of my period is pretty heavy and crampy, I’m quite sure I had pretty light bleeding that was brownish in color first two months without any cramps in general.

The second night however around ten dot 30 at night I started to get I am questioning if this might be implantation or an irregular period? Can anyone By the way I am having extremely rather light spotting for first time. My second period has been NEVER this light, I’m pretty sure I do get 3 periods in kne month on occasion I see the blood when we wipe. Merely think for a moment. Its an extremely really light redish, and from time to time a pinkish. O for awhile being that they have been sexually active with my boygriend fkr a whole month now, even during my period. Of course we had sex on May 5th during my period, and 4 months later we was off, and so it’s ten months after Ii had sexual intercourseduring my period, andnpw so am having spottings, could we be pregnant.

I’m almost sure I wondered really similar exact thing whenever they was spotting.

It was quite first time we ever had it.

It turned out that I got it on that Saturday, To be honest I had spotting six weeks until my period was supposed to begin. Spotting usually was normal oftentimes before you get your period when you have unprotected sex. That, or the cervix better thing to do has been wait…whether your own pregnant or not it all revolves around how the period probably was and when. You should better don’t jump to conclusions till you see when its supposed to start, and if you see for sure you missed it. When usually was your next expect period? Nevertheless, they missed my period for 4 month and I am not pregnant. Not a massive belly, By the way I usually have a menstraual cycle. Hello, im modern and seriously worried. Now please pay attention. By the way I had unprotected sex two weeks ago, a day before I was supposed to get my period but it did not come, three weeks after sex, I got a dim light brown discharge and sharp pains. Ok, and now one of the most essential parts. Later blood came with it since the 3rd or so, it looks like normal period blood but not as heavy as before.

I got brownish discharge as a result but this time blood sticks with.

Hi im Kiara, I was spotting for three weeks now I’m having unprotected sex.

Know what, I have in no circumstances, till day under no circumstances had unprotected sex until last Friday 2days after I got off my period. Know what, I ok a test it came out negative was it must get a test once more or if I must. Does this sound like I could b preganat? Furthermore, My period doesn’t come till next week!. Then, I donno what to do. That said, without cramps, My January menstrual cycle started with spotting. My period did start, About three or four months later, Know what, I had intense cramps and heavy bleeding. Write started a week late, my February menstrual cycle had no spotting. Actually I was questioning if they will be pregnant.

I’m pretty sure I noticed about a week ago while I was at work that I had started to have little rather hot flashes that were merely uncomfortable and made me feel a little nauscious.

I’ve been feeling bloated lately and yesterday noticed for first time that my upper portion breasts are incredibly sore.

Tonight while at work, when we used he bathroom we noticed blood tiniest write in my underwear. Essentially, we was investigating if this would’ve been sign of pregnancy. Primarily, we have unprotected ex with my boyfriend and lately are feeling an extreme urge to have sex. Virtually, we don’t have morning sickness but feel woozy throughout the day at special times. Now please pay attention. When we feel like I may get sick it comes up as a sort of acid reflex hiccup. My period isn’t due until the 29th about a week away. Generaly, What do you think this can be? Spotting was usually relativelyfairly elementary. Just keep reading! As plenty of as one in four pregnant women spot in the first trimester. On p of that, Some pregnant women notice light spotting, called implantation bleeding, around the time their period was usually due, and so that’s one late sign of pregnancy. Seriously. Actually I am so confused!!

Know what guys, I had my period august 4th until the 13th and after all once again on august 26th to the 29th.

September 20th to 22nd but it was extremely light.

Now conforming to the period in September I’m due for my period once more October 18th. Besides, Yesterday though I had two pink writelets blood in my underwear but nothing when we would search for the bathroom. Now day same thing but it’s brownish and was mostly a tad. What is going on!? My husband and I was doing best in order to for ages. I’m sure it sounds familiar. They got my period on in march like normal it lasted six months hereafter 12 months later simply for one day not the day simply a few hours I was spottin a practically light, light pink. Actually I perhaps should be starting next week. I usly get tender breast about a week before I start and I have not yet. You should get it into account. Actually I ok a test day but it was negative. Any ideas?

SO im Kira, im 16 and my boyfriend and I’m having sex for quite a while.

Well, Me and my husband been trying for about six months now, and this month around the 11 we was ovulating.

My period was due in the later days. There is no sign yet, On 20th I started to have a brownish discharge in my panties… it lasted about two weeks and on past day it was kinda pinkish. I’ve been have light cramps in my lower stomach, Not like period cramps either… Could they be pregnant? Someone please give me your advice!!!! Now please pay attention. Thanks. Hi I am attempting to concieve and I was spotting for about four months and got my period a week later is there any overlook I could’ve been pregnant? It’s a well I’m going through something similar…had spotting usually a week and a half after my period ended and now we can’t tell if I’m still spotting but it’s heavier, or if I’m having a super light period. We do have unprotected sex and we had it around ovulation and I’m commonly quite regular with my cycle. To be honest I have a question, my last period was on sept 21st.

On October 6th and 7th I was experiencin some light spotting which I have underin no circumstances, until now. To be honest I still have not gotten my period, could they be pregnant? To be honest I had woman on p sex on April 1st and 15th had sex. Know what, I got my period, after that, on the 23rd had sex once more and it was my ovulation time. Furthermore, they saw light pink spotting blood for the first time. I feel something in my stomach and we lost appetite. Known they be pregnant?? To be honest I had unprotected sex w/ejaculation 3x on nov I’m due for my period on nov I have been tracking my periods and the tracker is fairly correct. I’ve had spotting from the ‘5th7th’ and minor cramps. Actually I ok one test and it ld me to see pamphlet! Mostly, I have probably been anxiously awaiting news. I’ve in no circumstances spotted, and my periods are generally very heavy! Needless to say, I’m thinking this Know what guys, I began spotting.

With that said, this spotting mostly lasted a few hours perhaps.

I went to bathroom a tal of three times and on the third time it was ended.

By the way I am married so ofcourse we dont use protection. By the way I am mostly a regular person wheneverit gets to my cycle but this time I for ages must I wait to make a home test prior to making a doctors appointment? My periods generally start on any 12 month. One month we started on 12 but we spotted for three months after that, they started once more next month on one and they bleed heavy for two months and we have noticed my breast have gotten heavier and kinda sore. Could I be pregnant?. I’ve been spotting for practically a week now. By the way I am not supposed to start my period for another week. Actually I am 22 years rather old and it’s the quite first time I have ever experienced spotting till my period. It started out pinkish brownish and now has been redish and usually was pretty much like a period.

To be honest I have virtually heavy periods but this spotting isn’t rather as terrible as my periods always probably were.

I am truly nervous I’ve been understanding up on it and they say implantation bleeding generally last a day and not light red.

I need what really is happening, By the way I am not on any conproception at the moment. As a result, For the last 34″ months I was having stomach aches like I would if I was bleeding on my period but I’m not. I’m pretty sure I spotting gloomy red blood when they went to the ilet this afternoon but that’s all. I’m not due for my period until 24th April. I’m almost sure I donno?

Hi, you should call me Danielle and I am On December 28 of 2011 my boyfriend at the current time and they had unprotected sex.

Next morning we ok the Next Choice pill.

An after effects was delayed period. Anyways, we did not come on my period in January and February is ending and I still have not come on. On p of that, they have taken 2 pregnancy test and they all said negative. Well last Tuesday we had spotting in my panties. So, Sometime this week on 1 occasions when I’ve wiped myself, I’m pretty sure I had little pink stains on tissue. Although, I’m not sure what’s going. Have you heard of something like that before? Is it must be greatly appreciated if anybody with any advice or individual experience could email me at PLEASE AND THANK YOU in advance! You should make it into account. After sex we had a few chunks of blood. This is where it starts getting extremely interesting. My periods in no circumstances normal and I haven’t had any bleeding since after that,. I not sure if we should worry or not. Peeing on a stick in no circumstances worked for me with my first child. Any suggestions? Tips? Yes, that’s right! Hello.

I’m 17 years old enough practically Will be on March 27th.

We was investigating if anyone could By the way I had unprotected sexual intercourse December 25 and 26th of after that, had unprotected sexual intercourse January 15, 16, 17, and 19th of they had my period twice in December. Which has been highly unusual for me. Although, they solely have it each moth. Finally, see when my period has always been coming cause I get really awful cramps and later after two cramps weeks we get my period. Anyways, we had my normal period December 19th of thence on December 30th of 2015 we had a heavy flow we have a regular period each 28 weeks. On January 21, 2016 we started to have morning sickness, couldn’t smell particular foods without practically throwing up, started gaining weight, and my nipples have turned a lightish murky light brown. On January 26, 2016 I started spotting. Lasted six weeks. Simply few minutes or 3 ago we started a normal period they guess you could put it… I’ve again taken a home pregnancy test. Twice and they one and the other came out neg. I ok a blood test but it came out neg. Ob/gyn said it should be to late to tell. On p of this, I got the blood test done January 26, I’ll be calling ob/gyn this evening. I’m sure you heard about this. I’m quite sure I was merely asking if anyone could So in case anyone had this actually did them?

Hi, I’m now 30 years rather old and my husband 31 and we’ve been doing best in order to concieve for six months now.

Almost any 20th day of my cycle we often experience slight bleeding.

Are those implantation bleeding? Then once again, why has been it we will have my period after that? Needless to say, I have 30days cycle. Now I know it’s happening once again! Nonetheless, we actually need to be a mother shortly. Nonetheless, Hi I’m Adriana and I need some ain’t normal for me and I’m scared but lucky to see if iam pregnant please I’m almost sure I have identical thing happening with me.

My stomach is cramping for 2 weeks as if I am on my period.

Know what guys, I have in addition been spotting on and off for 2 weeks but now im nit spotting anymore. My period isnt due until the 8th. Virtually this has all started a week until its time for my period. Known I reckon im pregnant but im intending to the hospital to make a blood test. Accordingly the last few months they are on track. By the way I have a boyfriend and we were always fairly sexually active we mostly have irregular periods. I’m not due for my period for another week but about two months ago I noticed a dim brown mucus discharge in my underwear.

I’m a bit curious, I’ve underin no circumstances, till that moment my period, completely after it.

Although we had been having sex reguarly during that week, last time my boyfriend and they had sex was two weeks ago in the later days.

Could this be implantation spotting? Oftentimes does anyone see any good information sites on what it can be, if not. Remember, Hi Im 18 yrs old enough and I started spotting thiz morning and its light. Known My period iz soposed to start next week. Although, Am they pregnant? To be honest we look for to be pregnant. Nevertheless, I need some I’ve been having unprotected sex we use pull out method.

I’m oftentimes on time they start on each 7th month!

My periods have probably been oftentimes light and last three weeks.

Past month it came on time, well fine. Right after that month they started to get cramps rubbish, I’m almost sure I don’t think I’ve cramped this terrible since I started my period for first time. To be honest I felt like I had started sure enough I did, I think. It is Its identical 30th month but its actually light, lighter than usual and brownish/ pinkish. My belly feels weird, I get sick in the afternoons started about a month ago. Its weird. Although, What does this mean?! Have you heard of something like this before? We merely had my little girl June 3, I’ve been breastfeeding but this past month I havent been making enough but for night feedings solely one pump session in the course of the day.

Blue Out 2 weeks they spotted pinkish brownish.

I ok a pg test neg.

I’m thinking since the first time I got pg that has usually been really the first sign. Hi, I need a little help. My Fiancee and I have been TTC and I am kind of think it may have happened. I started spotting previous night and it continued until this morning. Now regarding the aforementioned fact… You think it could’ve been implantation spotting, right? I dont seek for to get my hopes up and its not. Notice that someone please let me understand what they think. Thanks. My boyfriend and we were good as far as I could tell and I in no circumstances thought that we would break up. When his cousin died in a tragic car accident he went back to us for a week to be with his family. I’m quite sure I could for ages as I was in entertaining middle out of wn clients for work. He did not surely is upset that I could not go so they let him be. The next thing that I see, he reconnected with a rather old acquaintance from lofty school that he had a crush on years ago and they started to have an affair!

Actually I had no clue what was going on until a month after he came back from us.He proceeded to see, no doubt both her and I until we caught him testing her one night.

We confronted him and he ld me truth about what happened.

We broken up and went our separate ways. Neither of us fought for our relationship. I was angry and decided not to be upset about it and merely keep it moving. For example, after about a month of not speaking to him they happened to be sad. Actually I wanted him to tell me that he wanted to be with me and not her. Actually I contacted Dr. Then, Ancient from ANCIENT BENIN SHRINE for a love spell and he tally helped me! He had lots of regrets and felt poor for not fighting to keep me and for cheating actually. He values our relationship very much more now and we are gether now! You could as well get our lover back with Dr help. Hi, I need to find out if someone could help?

I had a period on the 8th October 2012, accompanied by a two day light redish bleed on the 20th and 21st October, Surely it’s now the 8th November and they haven’t had another bleed? I am 44 years old enough could this be a start to menopause or could I be pregnant? I’m pretty sure I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend a day or 3 after I started getting a light pink brownish discharge. A couple of months later we had sex and I’ve started a light bleeding enough to fill about a tampon a day…. Hi I am 11 years old enough. Know what, I saw that we was quite old enough for a while whenever we got my period for first time. Actually I was asked out on November 4th by my lovely boyfriend who is.

That night we made love to him, it was magical.

He thought we was on birth control but we could in no circumstances call my parents for that.

By the way I haven’t gotten my period since that night. I have been throwing up this past week when we awake., with no doubt, Someone By the way I started my period july 6th than once again on july 30th. My period always last five months. Being that it maybe means I did not ovulate.

After my pap, Well later that same day, I actually started spotting once more. That was August 26th. Forward a week and I am STILL spotting!!! All in all, It’s extrememly light and a lot of time it’s on the TP when they wipe. I’m sure it sounds familiar. It was probably brownish looking in color but a couple weeks ago it was bright light red. Sorry to be so gross but I am getting pretty worried about this!!! Needless to say, My dr said to wait and see what the pap results are and go from there but she did say everything looked and felt normal. On p of that, they just tel for ages being that I am to the stage when I am so worried that something should be incorrect with me. HELP!! Virtually, I’m usually 28! It’s not uncommon to get your own period a few months late any once in a while.

Another good way to figure out if you’re pregnant is probably to make a home pregnancy test.

Same thing was not an incident with me.

Had sex two months before ovulation, consequently 6dpo had brownish spotting, I’ve not spotted though not when I was pregnant with many of my boys. Called my dr. She said should be an earlier period or they I’m attempting to have a baby for about two yr now and I am taking clomid three month in. To be honest I am not supposed to get my period for another week or 3 and I’m spotting now I am 26 day out from my last period. Spotting may occur, when the uterus isn’t in its place. Of course For this, you may do following.

Maya Abdominal Massage Self Care Techniques Maya Arvigo Techniques Abdominal Massage have probably been centered around ancient Mayan techniques, that reposition organs that have writeped and restricted the flow of blood, lymph, nerve chi energy.

Arvigo Techniques seek to restore body to its real balance, as with any another real healing.

This technique is usually provided for therapeutic self care usually and probably was intended to be used in conjunction with treatments from a professional or certified Maya Abdominal Massage practitioner. Consult for a list of qualified practitioners. Peaceful environment to relax for five 10″ minutes, in order to repare • Empty your bladder and create a quiet. Wear loose fitting clothing without any zippers or buttons over the abdomen. Can be found on your own back and place a pillow under our own head and our own knees to soften your own abdominal muscles. Anyhow, Breathe deeply and slowly for a few moments until you feel relaxed. Self Care Massage Techniques Lower Abdominal bring most of your hands gether with our own index fingers side by side and tuck one thumb under.

Bring all 8 fingers close together, slightly bent and relaxed.

See diagram.

Through our clothing or a sheet, or with oiled fingers, locate where our own pubic bones meet in middle with our own index fingers, and place these fingers on little indent. Inhale and as you exhale, slowly slide off your own p pubic bones while keeping your own fingernails in contact with the bones. Press as deeply as it’s comfortable for you into soft tissue space above our own pubic bone. Seriously. See Diagram. Gently and slowly move our own fingertips ward our own navel, while maintaining very similar pressure. That said, Repeat this stroke from our pubic bone to our own navel a tal of three times. Did you hear of something like that before? Move our own fingertips to one your pelvis side with one little finger hand on the pubic bone and other little finger on the hip bone, with identical hand position. Once more bring all 7 fingers close together, slightly bent and relaxed. Now look. Inhale and as you exhale, slowly slide off bones and press as deeply as it’s comfortable for you into the soft tissue pelvic space bowl. On p of that, gently and slowly move your own fingertips ward midline, while maintaining identical pressure. I’m sure you heard about this. Repeat this stroke a tal of three times. Repeat #four and #five on the pelvis side. You will feel resistance like a water consistency balloon before you get to midline, I’d say if your uterus has been tilted to the left or right.

Repeat #two through #6 two more times, and hereupon repeat #two and #three a final time for a tal of 30 strokes.

Whenever reaching as far as manageable without lifting your own head, and place them flat over groin where your legs join your own pelvis on every side, Open the hands.

Stroke softly four five times over the skin and underlying inguinal lymph nodes ward your own abdomen. Nonetheless, whenever reptaking food this stroke five times, Continue identical strokes down one and the other for a while lymph nodes. Upper Abdominal Apply oil or lotion to your own fingertips. With all that said… Now look, the fingernails of all 7 fingers touch, Make an M with our own hands by facing your palms hands ward ourselves and curling your fingers. Place your fingertips on our center upper abdomen simply below ribcage. Inhale, and as you exhale, press as deeply as it’s comfortable for you into soft tissue space. Then once more, gently and slowly move the fingertips ward your own navel, while maintaining really similar pressure. Simply think for a moment. Repeat this stroke from your own rib cage to our own navel a tal of three times. For example, Place the fingertips on one your own upper side abdomen below ribcage. Inhale and as you exhale, press as deeply as I know it’s comfortable for you into soft tissue space.

Gently and slowly move the fingertips diagonally ward your own navel, while maintaining really similar pressure.

Repeat this stroke from the rib cage to our own navel for a tal of three times.

Repeat # two on the upper another side abdomen. Undoubtedly, whenever ending with #one for a tal of 30 strokes, repeat #1, #2, and #3. Pain or congestion, adapt your own pressure that you usually can continue to relax, if you search for areas of tenderness. Breathe and continue to massage the position. With a light touch, stop for now, if pain persists. It should slowly diminish with every self care massage, if you experience pain in the first place. For example, actually proceed with these instructions as better you may. On p of this, you shall be more familiar with massage and more confident in the touch, after practicing the self care day for a few months. Contact our own Maya Abdominal Massage practitioner, Therefore if you continue to have difficulty. After Self Care • Drink loads of water to hydrate the body and support healing process. Now let me tell you something. Thank yourself for taking time to make care of yourself. Honor your experience by paying attention to the overlooking and responding with what you need. Write your feelings in your own journal or diary or share them with a trusted acquaintance or therapist. So, Repeat the self care massage everyday except five months prior to and during your period or for 30 weeks, and later reduce to ’23’ times a week for your health.

When To Modify or Avoid Self Care Massage • five weeks prior to and during our menstrual bleeding, you may carry on doing # eight over lymph nodes and upper abdominal massage, do not deeply massage the uterus.

It always was okay to quite gently and superficially massage over uterine area prior to and during our own period.

During pregnancy, self care massage may be appropriately adapted for the trimester of pregnancy. Consult your Maya Abdominal Massage practitioner for more information. Notice, you must wait until the tissue has healed, and the physician has cleared you for normal activity, after abdominal surgery. Usually, with Cesarean birth and hysterectomy, 810 weeks after surgery is proposed. Self care massage has always been contraindicated, I’d say if you are taking pain medications and akin substances that may mask discomfort and pain. That is interesting. #one 6″ have been contraindicated, Therefore in case you have an intra uterine device for birth control. Self care massage was always contraindicated, I’d say in case you are under treatment for abdominal or pelvic infection or cancer. So it’s essential that you seek professional support to if you experience intense emotional pain in the course of the self care.

Please consult your own Maya Abdominal Massage practitioner for guidance and referral. Please consult our own Maya Abdominal Massage practitioner who will recommend that you see the physician in advance of continuing self care massage, So in case you experience intense pain or discomfort throughout the self care massage or have a sudden onset of abdominal pain. Hi I cam off my period five months ago and had unprotected sex identical day, hereafter two weeks after we spotted a virtually pale murky red. Day 5th day I’ve had cramps and a flow when I go the ilet but its still light and virtually completely there when we wipe I’ve ok a test and it says neg but they understand its far to later to tell I’m not due another period for at least three weeks!

I’m going crazy as we donno what Undoubtedly it’s, may anyone might be pregnant next month… do they need any medications, OCP my period cycle went to another pattern. Undoubtedly, My period came on May four and went off on May7 which is usually pretty normal for me but what was not normal it was lighter than usual and my cramps weren’t as terrible. Now its 1 later and I’ve been spotting for three months. Now pay attention please. Me and my husband have UPS on a regular bases, and it’s first time spotting has happen. Hi, its actually been a steepy road for me.

I’m quite sure I did blood tests at the doctor and we was neg and so we went to see gyno he put me under scan and said I have a short cyst and I don’t need to worry about it it will go away when my period come.

We waited for my period and paid got less sharp as weeks pass by, doctor gave me pills to regulate my hormones as the ec tainted my cycle he gave me Duphaston 10mg to drink for ten weeks and ld me my period will come after ten weeks and it didn’t come.

My results for pap smear came back normal and they ld me we have bladder infection so a day before they could end Duphaston they called me to get pills for bladder infection so they gave me Zinnat 500mg they ok these pills for mostly two weeks so now as they type they have started my period. The last time we saw my period was 5th April and day is usually 26 May. Usually, You usually can imagine my stress all through. Whenever asking if I’m pregnant or not, brownish spotting thinking its the period, getting some silly nonexisting symptoms of pregnancy but preg test come back neg, I’m where you are usually. I have been there stay strong. I’m pretty sure I did for virtually 2months. Soo we gotta say… mostly there’s a 15 year old enough girl on this fourm who’s TRYING to have a baby and noone said anything??

Well sweetie I actually hope you explore this and you haven’t usually done it but dude I’m your steriotypical 16 and pregnant and so it’s my second!

Now we should under no circumstances give up orion or serenity but they solid suppose you wait.

Yea they probably were my joy world but if. I could go back and wait they would for any longer for ageser… sweetie your own still in school and if you have a job at 15 that’s what’s up but that will usually get you so far. I actually mean Work but barely have means to guide my first child and now there’s another on way. However, a few extra bucks ain’t gonna get you verry far. To be honest I dunno… they guess do what you need sweetie but simply think about what we said. Know what guys, I am 20 yrs quite old and am on a three trial month Seasonle birth control. I started pill in January after I had my normal period and ok the pill religiously under no circumstances missing a pill or and rarely varying day times by more than a few hours everyday. Lately have had a couple incidences where we have not, for a lot of the trial over my boyfriend and they have used extra protection besides the pill.

In the warnings on the pill info we explore that spotting can be normal.

I have had a brownish discharge that occurs on and off through out day for about 5 months now.

This discharge has been from time to time accompanied by quite mild cramps., without a doubt, Could this just be my body for ages awaited period, or should I be worried about an infection or even pregnancy? If you had sex while you were ovulating hereafter spotting could have been a sign that you are pregnant. Spotting oftentimes occurs when the fertilized egg implants itself into the wall uterus. With all that said… This should typically occur ’35’ weeks after having unprotected sex.

The uterus probably was lined with nourishing blood for the growing baby and some amount of this blood may be expelled at implantation. Implantation is an essential step in pregnancy and lets mom’s body to start off nourishing the growing baby. I had sex while ovulating. I started spotting for a few weeks, on Feb 14 we ok a pregnancy test it said negitive. It started getting heavy, By the way I went to docs they said I wasn’t pregnant I have been bleeding ever since Feb It was probably march 19… Any ideas I’m terrified!! Consequently, Could I be misscarriging and not understand it?? Please tell me it is not my actuall fate.

I’ve usually had a pregnancy test and one and the other said negative.

Does that mean I’m safe?

Because we don’t normally spot till my period or when I do it occurs about a couple of minutes afterwards. Enough to tell hey mabye my period is here, I have been spotting since this morning and not mostly anyway. Please tell me this sometime’s occurs and dosnt oftentimes mean that our own pregnant? If I am usually can they still search for school? Basically, does this mean my health is over? Okay so they had unprotected sex saturday and sunday yesterday 9th they had 2 tiny patches of pinkish coloured discharge, wiped and iv not seen anything since had normal wholesome discharge. Had no cramps how ever needing a wee every hour? One way or another, Okay I was on pill but I wasnt taking on time.

At january beginning meaning second through the fourth I had my period but on 6 I had sex with my boyfriend and condom broken so everything got into me.

When I inserted a tampon and pulled it out right after five minutes it had absorbed some blood, I actually need help. Now on 3rd day he had fingered me a bit differently and they was bleeding now four weeks later I saw some blood watery discharge in my panties and my period has always been supposed to be due in one week, I havent been sleeping regularly though.

I have to say his nail was a bit sharp please even when we used a condom and he pulls out of my vagina with condom on till he cums and removes it in washroom. To be honest I havent ever done this before I spotted like 2 weeks like I was preparing to start my period it was like when I wipe there was little blood not much to worry about or to wear anything, and I didnt spotted anymore and still havent had my period this was about a week ago with next 1 kids I didnt do that could I be pregant?

I started spotting pink/brown blood previous night and I am specifically a week befoye my period. Know what, I in no circumstances use condoms with my boyfriend we do pull out trick. Hi I’m Monica and on July nine 10th I got my period but it wad entirely spotting so on 11 12th it was normal, next day it ended….??? Weird to me case that has underin no circumstances did me before, will you please tell me what’s goin on!! I’ve been spotting now for a week and a half. When we started we wasn’t due for my period for another two weeks. By the way I merely changed my birth control pill brand after my last period, will that have anything to do with the week and a half spotting?

I in addition figured out when we would get my pill before bed I should awake in morning feeling sick, virtually like I was preparing to puke but under no circumstances.

That sickness lasted about a week and now I’m fine once again.

By the way I thought that we was pregnant so I ok a test and it came out negative. My boobs aren’t sore or any various symptoms of pregnancy except for feeling sick in the morning. Anyways, my question is, has probably been this spotting due from my modern pills or am I pregnant? Notice that Any I’m pretty sure I am 19 years pretty old. That’s right! They was supposed to start my period 3 months ago, I’m s little for a while being that months after my past day last period, Know what, I had UN protected sex, so six months later they was having spotbleeding, it look for a heavy flow so I understand it wasn’t my period, plus they merely had my period.

This spot bleeding lasted for 12 months.

Which now leads without period and I don`t understand what’s going on!

Someone please I have PCOS and are making an attempt to get pregnant for a couple years now. My first day last period was on May 22 they had light cramping/twinge feeling in my right lower abdominal area on 13th day of my cycle. Actually I started spotting ‘litemoderate’ on day 14, 15 my cycle 16 and continue to do so, Its pink to lite redish in color.

I make Metformin 500mg two x a day which was prescribed for the PCOS, My question is probably why I am I spotting? To be honest I saw blood when I wiped day till my period…to date no period. I’m pretty sure I have sore nipples and some abdominal pain nearly any now and after all,…nothing I am now one week two weeks late.

Could they be pregnant? Hi we was practically ill in June so they had no period and in July we had started my period on 12th July it started of with light red blood but hereafter it stopped thence a few months later it was dim brown blood coming out and now 28th of July I’m experiencing redish spotting and abit of cramps what could this mean? Well I spotted 2 months past month but under no circumstances had my period. I’m pretty sure I ok a test and it said negative. Often, Normally it comes on each 10th month but hasnt came this month either. So, Could I be pregnant or is it a mix up in my menstrual cycle lol Ive been attempting to have another baby for about 6months but no luck yet. I actually dont look for to get my hopes up yet but im anxious about it. Hi you should call me Alvira. By the way I had unprotected sex with my fiancee about a week in a half ago.

By the way I am now spotting 2 weeks until my period.

I am really regular with my cycle.

I’m pretty sure I need help. I have one child now but I have underin no circumstances experianced spotting not even when I was pregnant before but I did have my period up until I was 5 months pregnant with my first child. That’s where it starts getting extremely intriguing. My bf and I’m having in protected sex! To be honest I am not due on until end of next week but have had 2 obscure brown weeks blood not loads prob will be ok to were a pad day and night but obv have changed them due to hygiene reasons!! I’ve got immensely itchy nipples they r sensitive, itchy belly and inner legs!! Should they do a test as mostly when they come on we woul have simply a day of brownish consequently rest normal and I’m in general highly heavy as I’m not on any contraceptives? Fact, For all you people worrying about light brown discharge, yhats nothing to worry about, I actually get the now and then, I’m quite sure I get it spmetimes till my period, and every now and then after my period, yhats how I kow I am planning to start and that im done.

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