Dry Flakey Skin On Face

dry flakey skin on face When they do get itchy they can’t stop but except this they have had no different reactions as such to them, For previous month and a half. Under my breast and in another intimate areas, I was asking if there was anything that could cause this as they are usually not itchy normally. Please help. Im 16 years pretty old and I have dry flaky skin all over my armpits and chest and down to my belly button and on my shoulders and was always itching ive had this problem for about five months and has usually been getting worse. On p of this, we get warm showers and it doesn’t need whatever so it’s anymore its actually virtually embarrassing.(.

That’s right! Hi, now im 16 years old enough.

dry flakey skin on face I have trouble with my skin.

It shall be dry every time my period is all about to come.

It not merely happend in my skin face and all around the body. Nevertheless, I try not to get chicken and sea food as I have allergic with that, however it still make skin dry, itchy, light red. I actually have dry, flaky skin in patches on my face. That is interesting right? Try to keep yourself hydrated, I’m quite sure I started drinking more water and its cleared up a lot, To be honest I have used work. Yes, that’s right! I’m a 16 year old enough female and I have truly dry and flaky skin on my stomach and on my back.

Let me ask you something. I went to doctor and she said it was from not letting air in and my sweat it building up?

They don’t think that, I believe it’s something else.

Has somebody else had identical problem as me? While wearing a bathing suit and having to hide our stomach from the flakyness, s embarrassing. I have had this skin lesion on my back neck near my spine that has not healed up virtually a year! In fact, it returns next day, Undoubtedly it’s scaly and white skin could be scraped off.

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