Dry Scratchy Throat

dry scratchy throat I’m almost sure I had not heard of epiglottitis until a few weeks ago.

They had started getting a sore throat and within one day I was concerned enough to make an appointment.

While sending me home, They tested for strep which came back negative and they concluded it to be a virus. By day 2 we was so sore I couldn’t consume or swallow anything and was a drooling mess. After some insisting my family ok me to the hospital and they once more time sent me home saying it to be a virus. As a result that same night it happened to be ugh to breathe and the pain was unbearable. Know what, I was rushed to hospital and they immediately ok a CT scan of my neck diagnosing it as epiglottitis. You see, I was hospitalized for a few weeks and so far pain has decreased but swelling has always been still of course visible after 1 weeks.

dry scratchy throat With my tonsils, By the way I experienced stinging feelings in my back throat. Probably.

Over a period of nearly 4 months, my throat had been swelling as was pretty apparent inside and out.

On third day, I actually experienced a sudden blockage of my windpipe resulting in a severe inability to breathe normally. It’s a well they so called 911 and got attention within minutes and an ambulance transported me to our nearest hospital. With all that said… Know what guys, I received an emergency tracheotomy in that facility helping me to thence breathe. Thus, I was in our hospital for eight weeks recovering, and am still weak and experience quite little appetite and they have lost about 15percent of my body weight.

dry scratchy throat I’ve researched my situation and the illness herein described points to respiratory diphtheria being as well rather rare, epiglottitis is eventually diagnosis. However, something all of a sudden had blocked my throat as stated above, since they had not looked into my throat as it continued to swell, I’m almost sure I could not see if a gray coating existed at throat back thereby indicating said diphtheria possibility. I’m almost sure I had knee surgery and all was well. Within a matter of hours we ld the nurses my throat and jaw were actually sore. Next week I woke up was ten weeks later in ICU where we died for a few minutes as they couldn’t get the tube down to I was intubated and if that didn’t work they have been preparing to do an emergency tracheotomy.

If I get a sore throat now they start to panic.

You usually were encouraged to report negative aftereffects of prescription drugs to the FDA.

Visit FDA MedWatch website or call ‘one 800 FDA 1088’. My onset of Epiglottitis, started with a sore feeling throat, that lead to difficulty swallowing, and a few hours later difficulty breathing and speaking. Just think for a moment. By time my husband drove me to ER, I started drooling and choking. Considering the above said. The ER Physician ok a xray of neck soft tissues and film revealed epiglottitis. Know what guys, I am most Thankful for My husband prompt attention of taking me to ER and the physician for perfectly diagnosing and treating my symptoms.

The smallest things could lead to a confident or fatal incident. Seeking medic attention for little things like a sore throat seems tremendous to me now, whereas before I will try and treat myself with OTC medication.Not Anymore!!! Viewer Comments have been not a substitute for professional medicinal advice, diagnosis, or treatment. In no circumstances delay or disregard seeking professional medic advice from the physician and similar qualified health provider because of something you have explore on eMedicineHealth. It is the opinions expressed in the comments section author are and author alone. Finally, MedicineHealth does not endorse any specific product, service or treatment. Actually I am a 25 year old enough female.

To be honest I had epiglottitis this year in My symptoms of epiglottitis felt like a sore throat at first.

Day the symptoms it honestly felt like a sore throat so I paid no attention to the symptoms.

Whenever gargling with salt water, and using cough drops, Day two went by and we was doing everything you were supposed to do when you have a sore throat, drinking rather warm tea with honey. This simply made my throat worse. I felt like it was burning and hurting even more to swallow, after drinking the quite warm tea.

It felt like a marble was stuck in my throat on my left side when swallowing every time. Around ten dot 00 pm they drove to a Urgent Care and they ld me strep throat was negative and my nsils were okay. Now look. They sent me home with hydrocodone for the pain that I clarified to them in my throat that felt like a volcano. Day 3 we went to work still feeling identical symptoms simply getting worse and worse so we made a doctor’s appointment with my primary care physician. During the doctor’s appointment I felt like a baby drooling everywhere and couldn’t keep it in.

He ordered a CT scan.

They rushed to a CT specialist and he hereafter ran out and ld me that they have epiglottitis and to rush to the emergency room outright.

I rushed to the ER and they put me on IV and antibiotics and kept me for two nights in ICU to monitor me. This experience was pretty frightening and I warn everyone, not to back down even if the professionals that we all look up to sends you home, often push for more test like how they did. When I was in the hospital I felt super weak and completely could get ice cream since the chill helped my swelling throat and burning sensation, and apple juice since cranberry, orange and pineapple juice burnt down my throat being that acid that was in it. On p of that, they possibly wouldn’t be here to tell you my experience and symptoms of epiglottitis, if they didn’t search for my PCP that day. I am I had epiglottitis a year ago without any prior symptoms.

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