Dull Pain In Left Arm

dull pain in left arm Where you feel pain may in addition offer valuable information.

Discomfort that has probably been on your own right side chest always was less gonna be being that a heart attack than pain beneath our own breastbone, on the left side of our own chest or radiating into the arms, shoulders, neck or jaw.

You need to see a heart attack may occasionally cause right sided chest pain. This pain type arises from mental or emotional stress and is always a perceived sensation that has always been not detectable by a nerve conduction study. It typically occurs in persons with a type A personality, concerned about a heart attack, or in cases of anxiety, where a stressful incident may trigger pain. Please note that any information or feedback on this website isn’t intended to replace a consultation with a health care professional and shan’t constitute a medicinal diagnosis.

dull pain in left arm I am a 48 year was sorted out on Health Hype replies back at following link. Hello. My father probably was having pain in his left hand but he isn’t telling anyone about his pain but they will see his pain all along he moves his left han up and down and lifts his hand up. And now here is a question. Is this might be muscular, bone or joint related where movement worsens pain.

He could’ve been about heart issues. Now look. Left arm pain is always elementary in specific cardiac conditions like angina or even a heart attack. There is no way of saying for sure until a doctor sees to it. Hopefully it’s nothing self-assured but And so it’s sensible that he seeks medicinal attention. We can’t conclusively say whether you condition was incorrectly diagnosed or not without realising all your own facts case. Essentially, any condition affecting the rotator cuff muscles could cause upper arm pain. It’s a good idea to seek a second opinion, can not tell you what this cause pain usually was with any certainty.

You could be speaking to your doctor about this. It not necessarily means that a cancerous lesion ain’t present, even if you can not feel any lump. Usually, lots of us are aware that there is no reason to worry about cancer merely yet. Let me tell you something. There are probably big amount of various different causes and it may not even be bound to breast. Solely way to see for sure was probably to carry out required investigations as the doctor will demonstrate. Hi Debbie. You have a host of symptoms which can be about more than one condition. Seriously. Start with isolating the skin problem. As you said you have had a biopsy and once dermatologist gets back to you with the rest you will have some direction as to doable cause. You may need to see a neurologist as a lot of symptoms with the arm and headaches might be as long as a nerve problem. Ensure you leave a comment about it in comment form. This could vary from a pinched nerve to neurodegenerative conditions and Undoubtedly it’s sophisticated to say with any certainty what could have been causing all these symptoms.

dull pain in left arm A neurologist will possibly be could have been associated with fractures and surgery. You do not mention surgery type you had but if it was ‘open heart’ surgery after that, this may occur. So, our doctor would have provided you with a chest brace if needed and hopefully you used this as prescribed. And so it’s worth having our own arm pain checked up That’s a fact, it’s due to another condition that will then require separate treatment. Speak to our own doctor. Online. Since than they have had severe pain in my arm, Hi, I am a 45 year To be honest I was tested for blood clots which came back negative. By the way I have tried heat and ice which entirely makes it hurt worse. Simply think for a moment. Pain under no circumstances goes away.please help!!!! Online. Hello I’m 40 years pretty old and have for the last few weeks been getting a sharp pain from my elbow up to my armpit.

dull pain in left arm Can this be caused by constantly holding up a PDA computer large amount of my eight hr work shift as it mostly seems to happen when I’m doing this?

Plus lately I’ve been getting headaches.

One now for the last 3 weeks behind my right eye. Needless to say, Can these be connected in some way? Any might be related. These kinds of symptoms types have probably been elementary these months with electronic constant use devices and repetitive actions in workplace. Anyways, It is probably a good idea that you see a neurologist in the event that most of us are aware that there is some another underlying condition. Neurologist will show you on the most appropriate course of treatment for the case. As a result, Hi Jonny. Given you age and gender alone, these symptoms need to be investigated immediately. I’m sure you heard about this. It could’ve been a sign of coronary artery disease.

dull pain in left arm Heart issues should be first focus for now, while look, there’re possibly various different causes.

Simply once it is excluded after that, manageable conditions going to be considered and investigated.

Please visit the doctor ASAP and you may need to see a cardiologist. That said, Hi Sally. One month with this symptom type is pretty long and it would’ve been rational that you have it checked by a doctor. However, It might be a shoulder problem or a nerve problem starting from neck vertebrae. You see, There always were a lot of possibilities that need to be considered here. So, Pain on its own always was ugh to diagnose. Seriously. Our doctor would probably have to run more tests to reach a diagnosis. Yes, that’s right! Hi Diisa. Cardiac issues in our age group was always rare but not entirely impossible. Nonetheless, so it is more gonna be a soft tissue problem instead of a heart condition. The fact that the arm pain intensifies when you apply pressure points wards injury, stran or muscles inflammation, tendons, ligaments, joints or skin.

It is complex to say for sure but you’d better nevertheless consult with a doctor simply to be on safe side.

Hi Theresa.

Pain alone without any other localized symptoms may be due to plenty of feasible causes as you could see from article above. Injury to the hand, joint diseases, neuromuscular conditions and so on may all cause these symptoms and occasionally it should be as plain simple as overuse and straining the arm. Considering above said. You don’t mention weakness, tremors or a loss of sensation in this location and gether with our additional symptoms mostly there’s a possibility that root cause does not can be found in arm. The age does raise cardiovascular concern conditions, quite conditions where look, there’s poor blood supply to heart and brain. Chest lack pain not necessarily means that you do not have conditions like coronary artery disease. Occasionallyleft arm pain, dizziness and malaise are one symptoms. It could’ve been prelude to a heart attack. Silent heart attacks always were not uncommon among women in our age group and in these instances look, there’re no symptoms.

Strokes always were oftentimes preceded by weeks or months of TIAs.

It has always been recommended that you get these symptoms seriously.

Speak to your family doctor and possibly get a referral to a cardiologist for further investigations like a stress ECG. I’m quite sure I am a 48 year old enough female. Thence, About six months ago we started having a terrible pain in my lower right rib cage. Then once again, It decisively let up and after all they started having identical horrible pain in my left shoulder blade and keeps moving from spot to spot and is working its way around underneath my armpit. Definitely, I am having tingling in my left elbow and fingers on my left hand. I am taking 800mg ibuprofen for pain and it helps for a shorter time and pain comes back within four taking hours it. Notice, Hi Barbie. I’m sure you heard about this. You gonna be consulting with a neurologist for now if you were always not usually doing son. That’s a fact, it’s probably that a single underlying condition might be contributing to it, while pain and tingling in the special areas can be unrelated to ourselves. It may not often be as ‘simple’ as a pinched nerve.

There are usually some autoimmune conditions that affect the nerves which usually can start with symptoms like you mention.

The other concern given you age probably was a TIA which have been rather short episodes where blood is always break to the brain.

It usually can precede a stroke. For the most part there’re various different symptoms like dizziness and one sided tingling or numbness but Undoubtedly it’s nevertheless a possibility. This has always been the case. Another concern for your age group and gender has always been gallstones possibility. Generally, As you will see So there’re a few possibilities and So it’s ugh to say for sure simply by pain and no accompanying symptoms. Your doctor may be able to show our further. I, m a 65 year quite old male.

Walk on treadmill everyday for a mile,. One day while on mill as they move to 3/four mile, no doubt both armpits and inner arms started to burn and hurt very much we had to quit. Each day was a 1/four mile less till not walking on it in general. Pain at times unbearable and will last for a long time. Now we hurt across neck back and across shoulders also.seemed to have no strength.HELP!!!!!!!!!!!! Hi Don. Nevertheless, the biggest concern at moment would’ve been whether this pain probably was since a heart condition.

You may not need to be most certainly emanating from the spine.

Surely it’s oftentimes rational to be cautious in your age group and see a cardiologist for further tests like a stress ECG.

If all has always been clear so mostly consider various different options like nerve root compression. The doctor should be able to demonstrate our own further. OK so they don’t like doctors nor spending money on something that may go away but I have a cyst in my armpit of my right arm and they have sever pain in my right shoulder witch in return makes my right arm go numb including my peck has been this caused by the cyst or must I get it checked out once again don’t like spending money and we do have a big pain tolerance. Hi Justin.

In addition to numbness, the ‘cyst’ in armpit may or may not be about this arm and shoulder pain.

It’s doable that they have probably been connected.

It usually was sophisticated to say for sure. Nevertheless, ‘cyst’ could have been something like folliculitis. Pain could’ve been as long as a pinched nerve, most certainly at neck level vertebrae. You don’t like doctors or money involved in medicinal treatment attempting to self diagnose will be immensely dangerous, as you stressed. From time to timeself-assured conditions should be missed in the late stages and by the time you get to a doctor So there’re complications or condition proven to be ugh to treat. We can not diagnose you as per our comment policy and your own symptoms has huge amount of feasible causes as you could see from the article above. This is the case. It is probably rough to say for sure what cause may be. Anyways, reality is that you should better see a doctor.

Whenever tingling pins and needles, burning and tearing sensations in all of my fingers for the past six or seven months and my doctor ld me it was the bulging disc in my neck, Help please?I am a 47 yr old enough female that has had severe pain.

We had akin feelings in fingers till my surgery but without the burning and tearing sensation and NEVER THIS BAD.

Could it be something else? I do have a ganglion cyst in one and the other wrist but not huge. You should make this seriously. Hi Melissa. Surgery to improve a bulging disc shall not oftentimes relieve all the symptoms. Consequently, Some may get months to ease while others could still persist indefinitely. While burning and on if the cyst has been pressing on a nearby nerve, while ganglion cysts are always typically painless, it could cause pain. With that said, Surgery will be needed if these symptoms are adversely affecting our existence. It has been a good idea to return to surgeon who did your surgery to ensure that no complications have arisen since procedure. Hi I am a 43 yr a lot pain all along. Ultimately, It hurts to do anything short or massive. Know what, I feel weak exhausted every now and once more. My doctor has tested me for autoimmune disease particularly I literally feel that I am deteriorating will mostly present with such symptoms. It has to be assessed by a doctor. On p of that, It could be severe muscle neck spasm that is causing vertebrae to press on the nerve. Relieving the spasm and stabilizing posture will going to be more self-assured where amidst the discs in between the vertebrae were probably compressed or worn out. This will need more intensive treatment, and possibly even surgery. Less commonly, your own symptoms can be due to shoulder troubles or circulatory difficulties in hand. Possibilities range implies that it needs to be assessed by a doctor unto its gets worse, as you usually can see. I’m almost sure I am a 21 year old enough male and in general pretty active.

3 months ago after working out I woke up next morning with a sharp pain in my tricep/armpit area.

There was no bruising but it ok about 1 weeks for that to mostly heal.

Once it did I was left with tightness in my armpit and a constant ache in my left arm down into my hand. It has not gotten better with rest and orthopedics we went to have always been not sure what it might be. Essentially, There’s no pain when they use it ache simply intensifies. My arm and hand is somewhat unsteady when they try to do refined movements, its not really obvious but it just doesn’t feel as steady as my right arm. Can this be nerve damage caused by pressure in my armpit? Thanks. Basically, you must exclude muscle related conditions preparatory to suspecting any neurological conditions. Muscle strain usually can be responsible for a number of the symptoms. Strain of a single muscle/muscle group may causes these symptoms. Speak to your doctor and possibly see a physic therapist., beyond doubt, when it usually can be conclusively ruled out that Undoubtedly it’s not muscular in origin, must a neurological cause be considered.

Tingling, numbness might be an indicate of nerve irritation.

I am a 34 male with latest pain on my right wrist.

It is like a sensitivity when I uch the skin near my medial side wrist it hurts. I’ve had no trauma to forearm/wrist. Over past week or so it has spread up my forearm about four inches. Now pay attention please. There usually was no erythema or edema. The solely different difficulties I’ve had lately involve episcleritis and HSV labialis outbreak on the lip. Investigating what this will be? Any wrist pain often raises concern about carpal tunnel syndrome. Given our history, kinds of vasculitis types.

It nevertheless has been something to consider as it may account for must be aware that an online platform can not adequately the solution the question. Known Diagnostic investigation is essential and this question decision platform has probably been intended to guide readers but not provide a conclusive diagnosis. You should see the doctor and possibly consult with a rheumatologist. Pinched nerves in cervical and lumbar spine would’ve been feasible. Carpal tunnel syndrome, from wrist overuse, might be an extra problem. I’m sure it sounds familiar. It was usually a neurologist that could give you a diagnosis. I’m 28 and have had left breast pain for three years now. On p of this, they had an ultrasound done two 1/two years ago and all looked ok. Always, In latter six months pain has moved into my whole left side. Primarily, My hip and knee occassionally throb and most a few days ago my left earlobe and neck shoot pain into my collarbone.

, no doubt both my mom and Grandmother have had breast cancer.

We feel like my Dr.

Please help! This gonna be about some breast pathology with referred pain to the various sites but could as well be due to some neurological disorder like a pinched nerve. It’s a good idea to consider a second opinion, To be honest I would recommend that you consult with a gynecologist and see a neurologist if essential. The fact that you have a family history of breast cancer does increase the risk but our doctor should not have ignored this. Online. A mammogram will be done annually. I am 34 yrs old enough female. That said, Married with four kids. Lately I’m having terrible hand pain. Nonetheless, the pain was always like some wound in my muscle.

I have frequent neck pain and neck sprain and all.

There were always a great deal of causes of arm pain and since you have noticed that it about muscles, it could have been due to bad posture or due to muscle strain.

Try to rest arm, avoid carrying heavy weight and see a natural therapist for the appropriate treatment and That’s a fact, it’s usually recommendable to investigate it further, particularly if you notice different symptoms like numbness, chest pain, dizziness and a fever starting up. It’s being that a muscular cause. Furthermore, Speak to your own doctor if you were always uncertain. Hi, I had weird kind of pain in my left arms, the dr gave me neurobine forte and fastum gel to be applied. There are huge amount of doable causes and you don’t mention much about yourself -your age, gender, past medicinal history and so on.

Muscle strain could be excluded.

You can be straining one arm more than next due to some real physical activity which might be causing this and this will rethink sides as you compensate for the pain.

Another condition that could be investigated was probably neurological causes due to some pathology in the spinal column. You don’t get should not go into it here. As a result, pretty speak to our own doctor and preferably see a neurologist. Lastly, I have had pain in my right upper arm for over three months.

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