Dull Stomach Pain

dull stomach pain Stomach Inflammation Lining article. Know what guys, I have had digestion problems for a few years.

For virtually a month these problems had gotten drastically worse.

By the way I was pretty sick and had been practically living in the bathroom. Actually I was having sharp pains under my right breast, in my rib cage. Now pay attention please. While predicting I went to my doctor and they rushed me to emergency room. After a few tests, and a couple of weeks, now this was false. Surely, Nobody had any clue as to why I was sick. Doctors performed an upper and lower endoscopy. Here I learned that we had three peptic ulcers in my upper part abdomen.

dull stomach pain I was prescribed a medicine for these healing ulcers.

I am still feeling sharp pains in this area after two medication months.

To be honest I still have horrible weeks where I am sick but must work through this. Oftentimes I am hoping that these symptoms will quickly pass and they could resume my health. I am a female 20 years old enough. I’m quite sure I was ld we had a peptic ulcer. Now please pay attention. It’s a well-known fact that the pain made my work immensely tough, when we worked lifting. The pain started in back above my kidneys and radiated to front on my sides ribcage.

You would swear it was a heart attack coming on. That said, Oftentimesthey felt it in my chest around my heart. Accordingly the pain would subside and come back about 30 minutes later, when they had. Come back sooner, I’m pretty sure I acquired Zantac it would’ve been gone for 4 or 4 hours. I then switched to Zantac That worked way better. I heard after trial and error that taking it first thing in morning was better than taking it at lunch. Nevertheless, my work performance is back to normal. Basically, You were usually encouraged to report negative consequences of prescription drugs to the FDA. Visit the FDA MedWatch website or call ‘1800FDA1088’.

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Opinions expressed in comments section author are and author alone. Usually, MedicineNet does not endorse any specific product, service or treatment. Then once again, I have pains after consuming food fatty or spicy food. Nevertheless, pain has been made worse by lying on my left side. Pains usually were felt out through back and front of abdomen under the ribs. The pain sensation is piercing and burning with indigestion and heartburn. When they had peptic ulcer we was on treadmill for months and had no pain. Then, they noticed a constant feeling of slight tiredness. By the way I ignored it. One day they had no appetite and went to bed feeling fine. Quickly we began having constant diarrhea that was deep grey, and uncontrollable urination. Plenty of info could be searched for quickly online. It was everywhere and I was sweating profusely, after planning to bathroom twice they nearly passed out from losing very much blood.

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