Ear Hurts When I Swallow

ear hurts when i swallow It’s guaranteed to be safe and effective for indoors use, with its soft tips and safety guard.

You didn`t intend to mention most elementary reasons for clogged ears which is allergies.

Congestion causing mucous that doesn’t move smoothly through eusthacian tunes could cause this uncomfortable feeling. Every now and thenwhen I put my ear on pillow I would hear like ultrasonic wave or something. It might be a sign that look, there’s a plug caused by moisture, if your own ear feels like it has water in it. If you’ve stepped shower out, bathtub, pool, lake, or ocean, water is usually amongst most certainly causes of clog. Thank you for writing this.

Earlier this year I started to experience identical sensation you described, something feeling stuck in my throat.

ear hurts when i swallow My throat would get sore and radiate into my ears.

I did some research and heard it was nsil stones.

None out of my left, Actually I was able to get hundreds of my stones out right tonsil. Fact, My left nsil has usually been still swollen and the pain has come back. Oftentimes they was worried the doctor wouldn’t think my reasoning would justify surgery and in addition recovery horror stories for adults terrify me, Actually I truly need to get my nsils removed. Seeing that you we’re good with the surgery end results was always leaning me wards getting it done. By the way I am 32 and was through nearly really identical thing. Let me tell you something. Recurring strep throat for years, a lot of antibiotics that did wreck my digestive system! Actually I was TERRIFIED to get my nsils out but they planned to make plunge on May 8th since they simply could not continue to fear my next battle with strep for some of my existence.

ear hurts when i swallow It was as well making me feel rather rundown.

We had them out on May morning 8th.

Surgery went fine, not that much pain when they woke or for next 1 weeks. Pain started to set in on the 3rd day and I’m not preparing to lie, it practically hurt. Actually I am now on day ten and slowly getting better! It’s over, no more strep to think about! In general, we should get p pain meds you usually can and get them religiously until you get through the very bad weeks, Therefore in case I were you. You could do this! Best of luck! Now regarding the aforementioned fact… For what it’s worth I’m planning to write my experience as long as all these posts of course helped me on what to expect. Needless to say, far I am on ND finishing up day two of tonsillectomy. A well-prominent fact that is always. Day one was pretty smooth sailing mainly as they was so drugged up. You should get this seriously. Day 2 had been not I mainly drink water, ensure, and we mixed flavorless whey protein into Gatorade. Fact, My biggest advice and 1 big things that have worked so far is super hydrate yourself intending to hit some roughert patches., My ngue and uvula have been so swollen. Surely, My doctor likewise put me on prednisone to best of luck to all they will post once more with updates.t so nasty painwise… the swelling was probably terrible during these weeks, weeks ’13’ weren. You need to load up on shakes and fluids as long as it’s a lot harder to drink weeks two get your own pain meds regularly even if you don’t feel pain…better to be safe than sorry, On day 1 the swelling is not so awful yet! Although, I am 26 years old enough and they had my nsils out on June it’s post op day five and we feel like nothing is helping with pain. Online. The mornings are always oftentimes very bad as long as my throat was usually so dry and drinking fluids isn’t what’s on my mind when in that much pain.

ear hurts when i swallow The ear pain was usually horrible.

Doesn’t seem to ever go away.

My question is on what day will war pain go away and when must I start to expect scabs to fall off, I’ve been able to take some soft foods similar to Mashed potatoes. So noodles. I’m so over drinking water, By the way I chew gum frequently to try to relax my jaw muscles. We would like to ask you a question. Does this ever get better? Although, I’m afraid I will still be miserable before they have to go back to work and I’m a nurse and work 12 hour shifts! I assumed I’d be sooo significantly better by now but no dice.

ear hurts when i swallow To be honest I do have a lot more energy than later months, Actually I was able to slowly consume two French bowls onion soup from Applebee’s, when accompanied with rather hot tea, with intention to look on bright side.

Oftentimesfrozen custard or gelato feels good after that, five hours later it will feel like torture.

While getting in way and making it a problem to breathe, I don’t drink Gatorade anymore or consume yogurt all were coating my throat. What an informative blog….thank you! Known My 22 year old enough daughter will have nsillectomy in two weeks. She has zero pain tolerance…and I’m not exaggerating. She thought she was intending to die, with any strep throat. Fact, I’m pretty concerned how I am planning to manage her pain. With all that said… How generous are these ENTs with the pain Meds?

ear hurts when i swallow Swallowing still hurt, day three and four were all manageable with medication. During day 4 I developed a constant throbbing in my ear canals and they are always now practically sore and sensitive to the uch and sound. I actually would demonstrate anyone who is preparing to have their nsils to merely to get on with the pain and try to consume -not what I did, I didnt cook for two months and I’ve lost half a stone. You need to consume as mostly as you may even if you can’t be bothered as it will lead to a a lot quicker recovery. I was investigating, has anyone else had a practically swollen uvula after their tonsillectomy? Did you hear of something like this before? Mine is swollen, and it’s interfering with swallowing. Online. I have looked for that chill beef broth probably was delicious and helps out a lot, with a bit of those little Luigi’s Italian Ice.

ear hurts when i swallow Is there anything else if the liquid hydrocodone was not strong enough, must we just stick with it or give my doctor a call? Im on day seven of my recovery now, I’ve had no issues whatsoever been practically good. Ok, and now one of the most significant parts. Started week in a lot pain. Now let me tell you something. My ears dont hurt yet and I was able to consume mashed potatoes and soft pasta relatively readily so far. I’m SO SO nervous about the pain that apparently set in in the next couple of days… they not sure how we will handle the excruciating jaw, throat and ear pain everyone describes after day If I got through the first 2 weeks quickly, do you think I am well prepared for the pain that was usually to come?

Has been it shocking and unbelievable?

How long did your o bad pain last?

If Percocet was always helping the mild/moderate pain so far do you think it should be helpful when pain gets highly severe? With that said, we virtually should stop understanding very much about people’s horror stories but I’m so anxious they can’t look for to go back to sleep as long as pain had ultimately subsided. Oftentimes My doctor prescribed me lidocaine and I am now using that any three hours. Pain from this surgery I actually practically didn’t feel much as we had got lots of medication as my nsils were gigantic so they was pretty much dozed off quite oftentimes.

Day two was horrible… HORRIBLE!

Actually I cannot stress these words enough. Fact, even with all my medication this was very bad pain I’ve ever experienced, during my existence! Essentially, I’ve experienced pain, I’ve had my face peeled off by falling into a bicycle stand from a little outdoor garage. I will be one week out on Thursday. Water burns!!! Water based popsicles virtually help. I made apart of five tea bags a murky green tea and 2 tea bags of regular Lipton tea.

To sweeten that they merely acquired some normal honey and put lots of it in.

Honey is an unusual antiseptic and it will I’m quite sure I am now they had severe repsiratory problems and have for this place. Saw one specialist who immediately got me out to various specialists and they all work together. ENT on the first appointment said I have sleep apnea and need my nsils out. Usually, He said that I have big nsils and they close my throat. In huge amount of situations. He cant believe it was in no circumstances done depending on my history. To be honest I left a comment here before about the watermelon.im on day ten and not doing well anyway,my dr sent me home with usually a 4 day supply of pain med and prednisone, I continued getting two more months of pain med for a tal of a week and that was using it sparingly.

Actually I called my dr the next day in agony and making sure if I could get a couple more weeks of pain meds, he said no, thinks im a drug addict apparently I informed him that I have a crazy quantity of swelling, was instructed to get advil which because of various meds im on for ra im not suppose to make, in desperation I stopped my ra med for now and started advil, well its been a day and a half, I cry on and off when im not doing that im sitting here clenching my jaw from pain, I was up to eating pudding and yougert and watermelon but now cant even do that,my nuge has been numb agian and just drinking water alone has been painful.

Im heading to immediate care center in morning as long as I cant make it.please tell me if I simply sound like a massive druggy baby….do dr normally completely give one pain week med for this?

I was side lined, if I had famous I should have skipped more at start when it was more bearable and save my med for now.anything next thence water feels like knives in my mouth …. I am currently on day five of recovery and they just need to say thanks!

This had been a single helpful site as to what to expect, day by by what went on for someone!

This experience was awful terrible pain of my essence.

Thanks for sharing with us all. They still said to get off about two weeks. Apparently bleeding risk persists until about day ten as the scabs are probably coming off. My scabs haven’t started coming off yet so we’ll see. Perhaps the recovery with coblation has been supposed to be easier but not shorter? I didn’t ask anything that specific. That said, they should recommend writing down the medications to isn’t cutting it. Of course we started taking hydrocodone at first and it did not even uch the pain. It was a relief when they switched to something stronger. They absolutely needed someone to make care of me surgery day as I felt pretty out of it.

It was quite good to have someone there for months after surgery since it meant I could rest more.

I don’t think we will ever be able to thank my mom and husband enough for everything they have done for me these past two weeks.

They crushed pain pills so they could mix them with drinks, got me about one million cups of ice, kept track of my medication schedule, refilled my humidifier, refilled my ice packs before I went to bed, and got up with me in night middle. There were a few months when they did all of that for myself, and it was overwhelming since I was as well in plenty of pain. They wish we had mentally prepared myself for this a little better. Notice that we started feeling better on weeks five six but thence things went downhill when my scabs started coming off. I’m pretty sure I would say overall that they did not practically start to feel like things were on an upswing until 10th and 11th day after procedure. This seems counterintuitive since was often think of sleep as being essential in a recovery. Simply prepare yourself to awake each few hours to keep the throat wet being that you going to be in EXTREME pain if you don’ find out if your own caregiver sees this, and sees to wake you up if you sleep through an alarm.

I had a few times when my pain reached a solid ten on the pain scale and they all were when I slept I got hiccups for two straight weeks. Hiccups + cauterized throat = wish you were deceased., My ngue got truly swollen and I bit it in my sleep. That said, This resulted in sores all over my tongue. None! I actually am SO glad I had my nsils removed. I could tell immediately that we no longer felt like something was stuck in my throat. Let me tell you something. It was over a year since my surgery and it honestly changed my essence. Even if the recovery was definitely not fun, I’m so glad I had this procedure. Thank you for writing this! I’m pretty sure I had my nsils out a week day I’m pretty much like you so far. Did you hear of something like this before? Though truly nervous for this past week, what’s it like when scabs cone off, was probably it noticeable? Notice that Did it hurt when they came off or was it barely noticeable? Hi Jess!

My throat got particularly sore when my scabs were coming off but nothing dramatic happened when they did.

We looked in my back throat so basic reason we saw for sure that they’ve been coming off has probably been being that there was less whitish back there.

Best wishes in your recovery…. Thank you very much for posting this! My son gonna be having his nsils removed they hope you feel better, though!!! Nevertheless, Aw, try not to be so anxious about it. You should make this seriously. If you’re good after the first day therefore perhaps it won’t be so horrible. Know what, I remember the morning after my surgery being practically awful. Then once more, we don’t think Percocet ever completely got pain rid. Oftentimes It merely made it tolerable. I hope things continue to go well!!!! Know what guys, I have. Therefore a CT scan that came back negative. Perhaps I need to give it more time, I’m study on some various different sites that some individuals had experience it after surgery it finally went away. Furthermore, I am 21 and post op day six day after my nsillectomy and my pain has probably been stil so rubbish it wakes me up in the night middle.

I could see the no sleeping part.

We should say that we gonna be more on p of my pain meds o so I like the schedule idea!

This was rather helpful for me to study as long as they was getting worried that my pain wasn’t getting any better so it’s gentle to understand that there IS a light right after the tunnel. Perhaps this horrible part experience so far isn’t being able to swallow correctly. I’ve really had to carry a spit bottle around with me a few times as long as it’s Actually I know that I’m getting a tiny bit better every day so I understand surgery was worth it! After explore good amount of reviews they was super nervous preop. I’m 22 yr old enough female and had my nsils and adenoids removed six weeks ago. I’m pretty sure I won’t lie, months ‘one 3’ were the horrible for me. So, Anesthesia gave me a headache on day Day 2 they threw up that night maybe from my meds and lack of eating.

After that they refused to make Percocet and started controlling pain with aceminophen 500mg any 6hrs and pain was manageable.

This evening I have been able to get it down to any 8hrs now.

By day 4 I was eating solid foods. I’m a foody and couldn’t so it’s somewhat more encouraging for people who was consumed by horrible reviews like me.a lot a light right after tunnel! Thence, best wishes everyone. Although, I am a 31 yr old enough female.

I had my tonsils, adenoids, turbine reduction, balloon sinusplasty and my sinus’ scraped 12 weeks ago.

We explore blogs all prior to my surgery and felt that they was prepared for pain I figured we should endure.

Actually I however have experienced no pain. From my day surgery I drank about a gallon of water a day, and they contribute that to my overall painless recovery. Know what guys, I laid in bed first two weeks. Notice, while running everytime, I had a chill air humidifier next to my bed. Know what, I set my alarm to awaken each four hours to make my 20mg of Tylenol with Codeine. Notice, About three weeks in, To be honest I had baby food as much as doable. Essentially, next day we introduced pudding, jello and oatmeal. To be honest I personally preferred everything to be room temperture. Around day 5 they was up and walking around,,doing laundry, and all that they see that my doctor said we needed to settle down and not do anything natural that could raise my blood pressure but I felt fine, and ok it plain simple and slow. Keep reading. By day 7 I was eating more and simply had to find out whether everything they put in my mouth was chewed down to a liquid till it hit my back throat. By day 8, To be honest I had still not had a bowel movement. To be honest I had been using Miralax everyday as proposed.

I then ok myself off of my narcotics and started taking OTC ibuprofen.

It was I’m almost sure I could lerate pills really dead simple.

I actually did ibuprofen for about a day and didnt feel the need for any pain meds after day I am on day 12 and still havent had my scabs come off. By the way I donno why my scabs are still on? Generaly, we do hear that’s painful part but I am optimistic. My throat, at most, has felt scratchy or raw, NEVER painful. As a result, I don`t understand if they have a lofty lerance for pain or was merely pretty receptive to Tylenol with codeine but this surgery was smooth sailing and we contribute it to water amount I drank from the the start. Besides, Water helps your own body heal so drink ns of it. Of course we don’t understand why people should choose not to drink water. By the way I felt like it coated my throat and felt really good. It was often room temperature, as we did not like choose my stick with up this Thursday to see what doc says and hopefully will say about my scabs still being on. Of course they wanted to thank you for your detailed and correct review on the tonsillectomy.

To be honest I am 38, had the procedure seven weeks ago and I am glad I explore your own review beforehand.

They study it while at work and my coworkers tried to downplay online reviews.

BOY, were they incorrect! This has always been by far the most painful experience ever. You should get this seriously. It’s a constant battle to take, sleep, and drink substantial water. Ultimately, I am taking pills every two hours, and often that ain’t enough. Actually I feel we ok a turn for horrible, By the way I am on day 7. Weeks 25″, I’m pretty sure I was able to get plain sweet potatoes, Gatorade, sherbet, and popsicles. Obviously, everything we swallow burns like hell and my ear aches have been a I am still averaging about one 2″ hours of sleep before we have to grab more ice chips, I’m almost sure I checked my throat and I believe scabs are shedding and the position has been extremely gloomy red. I am so HUNGRY and TIRED, By the way I had to go back and explore the review to see that they still have a few more weeks. By the way I can’t waitI say to myself, No more stones and frequent bouts of tonsillitis. You should get this seriously. Thank you. I’m sure you heard about this. The dietitian in me can’t Know what guys, I believe they always were mostly sugar, or that the first 1 ingredients are water and sugar.

I’d try to do something related with a supplement drink so that you were usually getting something a tiny bit more substantial more calories, protein, vitamins, etcetera specifically after you body is recovering from surgery.

Best of luck with recovery!! Hey thanks alot for the did actually get out of bed and begin doing things once again on day By the 2week point we been actually able to take solid foods and was pretty much back to having a normal health once more. Don’t plan on doing was not any kind of kiddie vacation, By the way I in addition did not savor anything going down my throat, ice cream.

It sucks, plain and easy.

While helping you to make your own meds and getting you smoothies, and plan on having someone with you.

You won’t be able to do it yourself. Furthermore, Thankfully we have a wonderful buddie who did this for me, and dozens of others who brought my kids dinner for a week and a half. It is now October, and it still hurts a lot when they yawn that tears come to my eyes. On p of that, besides that, though, all was always for a while because it was tally worth it, In fact, all has been better than wellthis was honestly most horrible pain of my health and they will do it over once more morrow if I had to. I feel very much better.

Strep and nsillitis every couple of months was very disruptive to my essence and when I wasn’t in bed with throat infections and 102 degree temps, my I actually have not had one strep case or tonsillitis, since having my nsils out. Know what guys, I for any longerer live in fear of it. Know what guys, I as well have more energy than we have had for apparently 15 years. I actually am so glad they did this. As a FYI to those following this blog, I’ve open as a first step to try laser/coblation cryptolysis treatment. However, Doctor’s guidance was that we would need three full weeks for a full nsillectomy recovery and I’ve opted for the cryptolysis option as a far more minor procedure with what he describes as a 80percentage success rate. Given flaps in front of my tonsils, I’ll have to go under key anesthesia, may be done while awake.

Procedure probably was Monday and I’ll report back on my experience.


Overlook has been apparently a rock star in this area so I’m excited to have gotten an appointment to see him so quite fast. Thank you very much for this! I actually will be getting my nsils out this year. Now look. I am 27 and immensely for a while being that I am pain afraid. To be honest I got nsillitis two weeks till my wedding previous year and I was rushed to ER by for a while being that my fever went up to 105 degrees, and at that point was not making any sentences. Weeks ‘four 5’ were perhaps the very bad for me. By the way I wasn’t eating enough so the pain meds made me vomit and they spit up a glob of blood in the process. Freaked me out so they drank ice water Actually I was ld salt water gargle and water pik.

I acquired a cordless one.

I reckon it was a nasty idea. It is It’s insanely powerful and we can’t get it anywhere near my nsils without either drowning or not being able to lerate it. Web. Mine is usually big or quite low. I’m pretty sure I assume it’s merely point and shoot at it? I wasn’t given ANY instructions and a rather afraid to Google a video #3 additional tools, I assume it’s safe to go in and poke it out? Gently surely. I actually gargled possibly 8ish ounces night and no feeling overlook. I’m dying over here. On p of this, It’s completely been a week -on and off pain I for any longerer than I thought. I’ve coughed up some stuff before that I thought was simply food stuck in an oth that dislodged itself. To be honest I am terrible with pain, By the way I am so wanting to just remove them. Furthermore, I’m not sure I’d survive’ and they downed a few Powerades. Fact, we fought the pain.a lot. We still threw up and had the flakes come off.

Day 8, By the way I ok chicken and mashed potatoes.) It was so good.

This night, my boyfriend wants to go get Chinese.

And therefore the rice shouldn’t be almost impossible to get, I’m hating him at the moment. Virtually, I’m glad to say pain has turned out to be tolerable, and I’m regaining strength. Scabs will hopefully be gone quickly!!! I’m so excited. Day one and I am usually fairly miserable. So, Tons of ice and water. Drank some coconut water. Now regarding the aforementioned fact… Drinking a bottle of Ensure now. Considering above said. I have a swollen Uvula so making it more miserable. Considering above said. Ugh…… YOU virtually helped me prepare…. Now anxiety from surgery is over so I am hoping recovery flies by. Glad the talking about it planning it’s decisively over and the recovery begins…….my reason for removing was same as you. Let me tell you something. Glad to hear a lot of people say that this complicated recovery has usually been worth it….

This post for a while being that it exaggerates the pain, and misrepresents recovery journey.

Most accounts acknowledge that you start off with little pain, it builds to day six or 7, thence eases off.

For the most part was well under that, I actually study lots of accounts of miserable agony, for me the pain reached a a lot of fluids each couple of hours day and night keeps things moist, and gargling particularly with fizzy water actually helps thence you’re scabs will get bigger and drier, and you’ll suffer way worse later on. Possibly it’s a UK VS US thing, in the UK you get fed a sandwich before you leave hospital and it goes from there, solid food as quite frequently as you will. There were always huge amount of sensationalist and frankly misleading accounts of nsillectomy recovery in adults online.

That said, Don’t let these stress you out. Do as they have written above, and make the medication you prescribed at regular intervals dauwand night, and you’ll be fine. By the way I had my nsils removed on Oct 13, 2016 and I am still not better!

My nsils have not scabbed yet, and I feel like I have sand in my throat.

This has been awful pain they have ever felt in my whole all the existence I have given birth twice and it did not hurt this terrible!

OMGEEEEEE!!!! Popsicle’s and incredibly chilly applesauce were my essence savers. Know what, I had an infection on my ngue and it hurt like crazyI had to get an antibiotic and suck on these tablets to dissolve on my ngue to enable me to take after infection appeared. By the way I dealt with a fever 99 103″ first few months and felt horrible. You should make it into account. I had a whole bag of ice, we thence was starting to get ice like crazy to try and bring down my fever but it was the infection. I actually sucked down plenty of cough writes I could own a company, I am glad they had it ‘done no’ more Tonsillitis or Strep or Pharyngitis. I am still having problems with eating but That’s a fact, it’s all worth it in the end. Glad you are doing better. Furthermore, Oh my god have my nsils removed June 27th 2016 and this had been the worse pain I’ve ever felt … I’ve felt really similar way everyone had been feeling except we got an infection now on antibiotics for a week ….

To be honest I would so quite give birth 50x therefore ever go thru something I can’t waitActually I had mine out last Wednesday the first day was hell! To be honest I couldn’t talk or take or drink anything. I’m pretty sure I slept very well though. Tried eating some soup and bread but nothing worked. An airplane pillow works wonders though! Ok, and now one of most vital parts. It grips around the neck and helps you stay upright. Nonetheless, It’s big! I’ve Ben still taking my beds for ages being that pain has been so horrible. Weirdly, the second day I we feeling big! Ok, and now one of most significant parts. There was minimal pain and I was eating a lot still soft things but nothing practically hurt. I was talking a lot but that but me in ass day we couldn’t talk mad I started getting horrible ear pain. Know what guys, I still have pain and I’m on day Ugh it sucks. Considering above said. It hurts me to talk still and they can’t truly take still. I am resting but the ear pain keeps waking me up.

Hoping there’s a turning point in my for ages as I used my pain meds I was fine I continued to drink water and Gatorade as much as we could, day two 4″ was frustrating, pain was severe. Fact, they had a few Popsicles and some pudding but looked with success for eating uncomfterable. Nonetheless, This had been most helpful article I’ve explore so far about nsillectomy THANK YOU!. I’m a day ten it’s three am)?and my experience is horrible. Understanding our article gives me hope and makes me feel better. Essentially, Waking up after napping has probably been the horrible and sleeping was a challenge. Considering the above said. I’ve lost 13 lbs and now they have no desire for food. I believe for a while being that I’ve experienced a burning feeling on one and the other sides of throat when we try to drink water and when I swallow.

Thanks once more. I actually am merely waiting on being picked up to be taken to the hospital, was fairly calm till we explore all of this I am now a wreck. Like a great deal of others, seek for to say thanks. The docs don’t adequately prepare you all of time for after surgery. Nevertheless, This site was this relief to me. Notice, I’m having mine out Sept 14th, God willing, and I’ve been scared half to death. In any case, I am 48 which was always truly pretty old they guess in nsillectomy years. Needless to say, Thanks for doing this. Its virtually been a I actually am on day 7, to be honest I regret doing this procedure and very simply get sore throats very frequently than suffer through this pain.

It was a terrible experience and one they simply can’t get over.

I actually can’t even swallow my own spit with out causing such pain in my mouth, jaw, tongue, and even my ears. When will it go away? Months are for any longerer and with such little sleep look, there’s no light in the tunnel to see any progress for awhile because they was worried about food getting caught in the crypts, Previously I chewed lots and food rested against my tremendous nsils before they swallowed.

I fel bits stuck in my throat so I’m having a panic attack that I’m choking as they chew.

I’ll have to re train myself to take now.

I’m on day two and got sandwich stuck earlier that made me throw up. Think I’ll stick to soup, biscuits and mashed potato. Now let me tell you something. I wish they should have explore our own article before surgery. Normally, I had no clue about sleep lack. Actually I didn’t get any real sleep until day 4, that got me a whopping five hours, To be honest I would doze off for 15 or 20 minutes here or there for he first 2 months.

Thanks for sharing!

I’m up @ 3a on day seven with excruciating pain and understanding your own post has made me feel a little better about what I’m going through.

I’m so lucky to see you guys say that day ten is will be uphill. Although, Keep Hope Alive! Considering above said. Tonight has been day four of my nselctomy and adnoidectomy. Normally, I am a 48 yr quite old female. I actually followed this blog, have study nearly any entry and wrote in a few times myself. To be honest I was really petrified and on chickening verge out. That’s where it starts getting actually intriguing. To date my experience is amazing. To be honest I would say my pain level had been a constant zero. My throat feels exclusive certainly, odd feeling but with my regular doses of Extra strength tylenol and rotating with ibprophene. By the way I have yet to feel uncomfortable. I’ve been awaiting to awake and feel something awful but to date I am pleasantly surprised to get up feeling well. From this post we been able to be rather prepared. Things that have eventually helped is always humidifyer and a great insulated water mug to hold ice. I’m dringking ice water like crazy, it feels big and they say Undoubtedly it’s helpful.

Know what guys, I tried eating and was surprised how well it went down and fetl good so we have got almost any day.

Noodles, scrambled eggs, pancakes, steal cut oat porridge with blueberies.

My biggest tip I reckon is the most helpful. Arnica Montanna. This has been a herbal pill that may possibly have made difference.a lot. They are usually tiny little pills that you put under our own ngue to dissolve. I actually ok six pills 200 c three times a day two 1/two weeks prior to surgery and any three to four hours after. Generaly, They taste like a mint candy so it’s pretty simple to make. Of course It promotes healing, reduces swelling and bleeding and has zero interactions with medic drugs. Whenever adding to my comofort and ability to consume and drink, My Uvela has not swelled whatsoever.. We STRONGLY consider doing research on Arnica, it’s accessible at health food stores a my regional pharmacy carried it.

For now, Actually I have cut my pain meds as I merely don’t feel they need as much but will keep taking smaller doses.

I will post once more if any big reviewing but seek for to truly thank Sam and all the guests that posted.

I learned alot, was well prepared and am thrilled to say … pain free. To be honest I keep quiet…talking isn’t big. You should get this seriously. Best of luck to all! Primarily, months ’46’ has started to feel a bit more human, throat still highly sore but manageable with meds and a number of water, tried to consume kd but felt like it was catching and making me gag.introduced ice cream at this time, and slushis, just used a spoon after straw. Thank you for posting this.

I’m on Day nine after getting my nsils out and just now gonna feel better.

I didn’t have to make hydrocodone this morning Thank God!

For ages before our own voice was back to normal, right? Did it make the full two weeks? Thank you very much for this blog.a lot. I’ve study it at least 20 times and all comments is six weeks since my tonsillectomy. I’ve shared most of quite similar experiences as you and a lot of various readers. You should make it into account. I’m looking forward to feeling 100percentage once more. Anyhow, very bad pain so far is the ear pain.

Just like everyone else, To be honest I still don’t regret having surgery even if these past months was incredibly uncomfortable.

Completely thing im worried about has always been that my ENT said I would get liquid vicodin.

To be honest I see that it didnt work for you so im afraid it wont for me -I’ve taken it before for dental procedures and it barely did a thing. I guess there’s nothing I may do about that. That’s interesting right? Yeah I am worried about pain meds as a result since I tend to have sensitive system to that stuff and get sick to my stomach. Yes, that’s right! I am hoping mine goes and yours so far! I’m 29 so we need to get it over with! Thank you for the replies! I’ve underin no circumstances been so scared for a surgery! Thank you Sam!

Did you have to call our own ENT post op to tell him Vicodin was not sufficient?

We will think Vicodin would not cut it until a week post op, as a ER Nurse.

I will definitely be rather frank with her ENT how worried I am., I had mine out in the latter days. Now pay attention please. Know what guys, I have stayed up on my pain meds but am gonna have increased pain. I’m pretty sure I am definitely not looking forward to next few weeks. My MIL is a OR previous ER nurse. It is She ld me to swallow as much as feasible, sorry can’t remember reason. It’s a well She said to get a lot of protein. She said the protein will will as well reduce bleeding risk. Actually I donno if so it’s planning to I actually hope protein drinks will continue to be my chum. Usually, When my doctor called this evening we did have to figure out if he could switch liquid Percacet to pills. I’m almost sure I have had to hold the vomit done every time. That’s where it starts getting interesting, right? They always don’t mind a medication taste but that liquid stuff usually was horrible.

I am intending to see how I feel taking a pill in the morning and make the decision to switch or not.

Definitely, frightened about rather a bit of recovery after explore a lot of the various different comments.

It will still be worth it, I had mine removed because of nsil stones likewise. Just saw our post and had to throw this out there merely if. I had something feeling stuck in my throat for months. This is case. An extremely caring ENT who ok the time to truly listen did a Ct scan and looked for that we had Eagles Syndrome. Now regarding aforementioned fact… Removed bone that was causing the huge problem and the sensation went away. Essentially, It is highly rare.

Most doctors are not even that familiar with it and don’t think to look for it.

Worth looking into if no replies back are looked for.

Hope you get the replies back you need and are usually feeling better. Oftentimes Lisa. Weird timing for your for ages as day we went to chiropractor for unrelated problems and had X rays done. Chiropractor randomly for a whileated bone in my neck. Same area and side as nsil problems. Known they immediately thought of our comment. Will have to ask ENT. You should get this seriously. Thanks! As a result, after doing some research on the net. Commonly, By this time I had a heavy chest, couldnt swallow my medication, for a while being that I was coughing alot, the op had opened and was bleeding. It helps, to prevent jaw stiffness. To be honest I see it feels strange to chew and we see it hurts.

You usually can spit out all the saliva you’ll generate, Chew it while you’re bathing.

BEST thing that worked for me was to freeze Capri Sun juice bags and make them freezer out for a few minutes.

As they start to thaw they get slightly slushy. I’m pretty sure I got it with a spoon. They were the main thing they could handle, even better than ice. It went down smooth and soothed and numbed my throat. I actually am on day five and I will die without these. Try it! Now regarding aforementioned fact… It did get a good bit worse previous night. To be honest I tried 2 unusual pain meds, oxyconton five mg with 325 acetametifin mg worked better. They had a RT put me on an oxy max with moisture that seemed helping. Although, I’m on day two now eating simply soft goods.a lot. Pain was probably a rather manageable 3/ terrible it was so far is always a 6/Swallowing anything including saliva ofcourse gets pain up.

Crushed ice works big to keep swelling down. My surgery was probably scheduled for Oct 21, what’s Coblation, in no circumstances heard about it but we might be calling my ENT shortly… questioning why this surgery is not done via laser yet. I had mine removed in May of this year. To be honest I am It was the most horrible pain of my whole essence. I have 3 kids. By the way I gave birth to one of them completely without drugs, in the apartments, in bathtub.. We will have gladly given birth almost any day of my recovery instead of the pain we was feeling while it was going on. Thanks to Vicodin, though, it has all turned out to be a weird fuzzy memory. On p of this, whenever understanding this post and all comments have truly helped keep me going through my recovery, Thank you SOOO much for sharing this with us.

Months ‘4present’ was hell on earth, I’m on day nine now.

Level ten pain was extremely ugh to get under control and about day six or seven was when we started to turned out to be hopeless.

The pain was a lot that they turned out to be highly depressed and frightened of its return when we DID get it under control., beyond doubt, they felt as though they was under no circumstances will be lucky and pain free once more. I could tell And so it’s slowly has begun to fade away into more controllable pain, at more of a level ‘7I’ started doing for ages being that I merely couldn’t make it anymore and had to understand when it would end!! Notice that our own story practically helped to calm me down and now they see I’m getting closer and closer to the terrible end of it! Likewise, Thank you so very much for sharing, So it’s so appreciated! Besides, I am day seven of recovery from a tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy, uvula trim and reconstruction, septoplasty, rhinoplasty and balloon sinuplasty for eight of my ten sinus cavities. Known It is excruciating at times and your own blog had been rather helpful. Then once more, I am a 49 year old enough male. Nearly everything you have said was spot on.

Freezing drinks are the preference for me.

Soup one day was rather nice, I don’t like warm drinks in any case.

By the way I simply weighed myself once more and lost 13 pounds tal so far, two in just the last 18 hours. Undoubtedly, Tonight I am focusing on drinking all day and making an attempt to get more food. May encourage my wife to pick up some ensure. It’s a well I have had a few milkshakes, jello and pudding. Often, ok a meatball previous night but had to chew forever. So, Im 40 a vegetarian and starting day seven post op.one food that was a massive the surgery procedure while he was awake. Obviously, Ekk! To be honest I obtained him a humidifier. Merely think for a moment. Oh no, I’m sorry the husband has had this type of an awful time. I crushed my pills up and put them in gatorade.

That taste neutralized bitterness of the percocet bitterness.

They as well drank iced tea.

The key was keeping the drinks chill. Actually I would fill the cup up to the p with crushed iced first and pour the drink in. It’s a well Definitely look into Sonic crushed ice… I constantly sucked on that. I’m almost sure I hope things get better for you guys! a lot. My surgery was complicated, and a 20 minute procedure turned into an one 1/two hour ordeal when -in the ENT’s words -one of my nsils started to gush blood and lost about 250mL of blood. Now I have a few Vicryl sutures poking at my inflamed sores. A well-famous fact that usually was. I know that the amount of puss has been rather wicked., beyond doubt, I don’t have rather good coating they see in Google images.

No, mine look like someone smeared thick chunky bleu cheese all over my throat. Yeah, fun times. Thank you for this wonderful article about our own experience with the nsillectomy recovery. Now we have a reference we could study with ‘day to day’ experiences and see if it’s normal to feel the pain we feel. You should get it into account. It has probably been good to see I am not a single one who is going through this hell. I simply got my nsils taken out six weeks ago and the pain is unnaturally horrific. By the way I have not had one day yet where look, there’s minimal pain. My scabs came of yesterday and we felt like someone was pressing a rather warm iron inside my mouth. For example, Pain medication was not doing the job. Here’s to not having nsils! Your quite warm description iron brings back bright memories of my tonsillectomy.

I tried to describe pain to people but it’s sophisticated to understand unless you’ve been there. I hope you turn the corner quickly!! Thank you a lot for sharing the experience it helped me a lot going into surgery. It’s been a week since I got mine done and still haven’t been able to consume solids and they even lost nine pounds. Nonetheless, I’m living on chicken broth and a little of jello here and there but mostly ice chips. Needless to say, for the past 3 weeks my ears was killing me. I actually merely has nsillectomy and adenoidectomy procedure done and the terrible pain for me was when I first woke up. All another time, pain was not as rubbish but the pain was there, trust me. I had procedure done 9/16/2015. Still have Did you know that a little bit ofI had to get this for any longer as my adenoid tissue was enlarged and causing me trouble in my left ear with hearing and pain.

I’m quite sure I had to make my for ages being that they will get sick from strep throat a lot.

Thanks a lot girlie, I love that you replied so quite fast!!

I’ll definitely try the gatorade, I’m quite sure I crushed up his percocet and put it in water this morning and he was so disgusted. Bad beggar! Thanks once more very much Sam! Remember, Thanks for putting up this blog. ENTs on a nsillectomy for nsil stones. It’s a well A few questions. In reality, they have stones on left side that come and go and feel in my throat -is usually something feeling caught in our throat alleviated post nsillectomy also, like good amount of. I believe my biggest fear is having them removed and them not getting the lump that are always stuck in there.

To be honest I assume they suction the position and remove any excess stones?

Hey there fellow ouch r’s ~ I’m Ryan had my nose straightened out and nsils and similar removed all at once at 43 age ~ on day seven and still alive ~ no need to break my months down telling you how I for any longer being that it’s identical to the 100’s of stories I’ve study while laying here continually looking for that one story that tells me what I seek for to hear.) ….

Not gonna happen that’s a painful surgery no way around it ~ my doc ld me my nsills where the biggest he had ever taken out of someone ~ they understood therefore pain was SURE to stick with ~ so with that being said and realizing by understanding months one five six 7″ seeming identical to most I’ll tell you how we have managed ~ first for most keep up on our own meds!!! For example, we wasnt AT ALL, hey I am 23 years old enough and im on day five of my recovery, and let me tell you I thought this will be a piece of cake.

The surgery doctor spoken to me a month till my nsillectomy surgery.

Being honest was usually what we needed, he warned for awhile being that I am older It must be for a whileer to recover….they was truly scared when he ld me that.

All the things that you experience in our own article I am as they write am experiencing this terrible pain. I hope this will fix me from getting sick every now and then. Do see it is terrible pain they have ever been in, it’s weird yesterday they went all day without pain med or an ice pack and did take a little and got a slushy from sonic and got half of that down so we acquired some baby food I was starving and thought that should go down good OH NO we had bananas and it set my throat of fire the point we practically called 911,so I am so regretting getting my nsils removed, To be honest I had my nsils out on may 23rd and it’s now the 2nd of june, I haven’t noticed any scabs coming off.

When will we be able to get something down?

They just woke up at three am.in terrible pain.

Juice was painful., without any doubts, I cant talk. The pain is…awful. She made me more applesauce laden with pain meds. Brought me an ice pack for my throat. My current love cup of crushed ice. Now regarding aforementioned fact… To be honest I would like to marry this crushed ice for now. Weeks two and three were awful. Know what, I cannot even describe how much pain we was in. It hurt to move. Thus, It hurt to breathe. Usually, they mainly had jello and sucked on ice cubes, I’m quite sure I could not handle drinking any liquid type. My pain was at a constant seven Sleeping was o bad, and my pain reached a ten on more than one occasion.

It was miserable.

I switched to a stronger pain med, that helped a lot. Things started to get a little better weeks four and we was still taking pain meds almost any two hours and this kept my pain at a steady It should spike to a ’68’ at times.

To be honest I was able to begin drinking pretty thin, chill liquids so we did drink Gatorade… this tasted amazing At first, By the way I thought Day six was a turning point. My pain was better and I started making drinks with So a little bit ofafter that, something happened that night and my pain shot back up to a Depressing. Nonetheless, This continued through Day Day ten was a turning point. I ok pureed food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Now regarding aforementioned fact… I’m almost sure I slept for 12 hours that day. You should get this seriously. By the way I in addition drastically decreased pain amount medication I was taking in the course of the day. I still look meds every two hours in the course of the night. Considering above said. Things started to slowly get better months 11, 12 and in my opinion being able to eventually consume soft foods made all difference.

I for a whileer needed to get ibuprofen around the clock.

By day 13, By the way I was taking the prescription pain med nearly any six hours after each Tonight is Day past night was the first time we slept through night… they slept ten hours!

My throat felt like it was on fire when they woke up but it was a vast relief to decisively get an ideal nights sleep. As you could see, it has taken me about two full weeks to recover. With that said, I’m not 100 yet but I am feeling SO significantly better. Now regarding aforementioned fact… I’m quite sure I ok my pain medication on a schedule, I’m not going back to work until Friday, and hopefully at that point they shall not be taking prescription pain medication anymore. My doctor and pre op nurse all stressed that it was vital to stay on pain top. Times when they was in the most pain were when I overslept and ok my medication later than they must have. Know what guys, I had my surgery on Tuesday, it is four months and so it is by far the most excruciating pain I have ever been in.

I actually am 16, me and my family always were planning on going down south on 22nd… I’m afraid we won’t feel well enough to go… How did you feel on your 14th day?

I am four weeks and two months post op.

Whenever looking back it doesn’t seem so poor, the painful part has probably been for awhile gone and while at the time it seemed terrible. My doctor prescribed Percocet and lquid Hydrocodone. The hydrocodone definitely worked better for me. I am not full recovered though. Throat isn’t a vast concern. My Problem usually was my nose. See all we had done above. My nose still hurts and I am still highly stuffy. Remember, they see the doctor once more in six months and I am preparing to have a self-assured conversation with him and think over going for a second opinion.

To be honest I have a bump on my nose that was not there before.

Do it, I actually started working half weeks for awhile being that we didn’t seek for to use vacation. I actually would get off two weeks, if we had to do it once again. Has anyone tried throat lozingers that have an ingredient to numb throat. To be honest I purchased a couple writees of Chloraseptic Lozingers for sore throats, it has benzocaine and menthol. Questioning if it would’ve been helpful or harmful. My surgery has been next week.a lot. The Pharmacist felt it should be helpful but I am nervous about trying it incase it burns. Seriously. My biggest problem has probably been that at my last postop appointment doctor removed the tubes and packing from my nose and said that I likely to breathe through my nose now.

Well, I cannot.

Everything has crusted up.

Spend my whole day and night next to a ‘cool mist’ humidifier, saline nearly any five minutes, It is like concrete. Hoping doctor will and therefore it’s identic to stinging.. It’s comparable to when you rip your own skin lip and it’s sore for a day or 3. That is interesting. All in all the pain is not so awful with the medications.

If we don’t get the medication they will see what people mean about horrendous pain.

Tongue, jaw, throat, roof of mouth.

Waiting for real pain that people talk about to kick in….but feel happier usually that those ghastly things have been gone and there’ll be no more nsil stones. Day ‘eight today’.still not feeling top-notch but definitely better, a bit more energy to sit up and move around a bit, scabs are probably definitely drying out but not to extreme. Now regarding aforementioned fact… Id say pain is comparable to a typical strep throat. Am merely finishing day two after my nsillectomy in England. To be honest I had a constant sore throat and nsil stones. Nonetheless, far, thence good. Was given tea and ast in hospital. Had nearly any four hrs and a throat spray. Havent needed the cocodimal yet. Nonetheless, are drinking most of water. Ok, and now one of most vital parts. Far pretty glad we have had them out.

Lets see how next few weeks go.

I am a 28 year rather old When I noticed I was getting worse they went to a ENT about a month ago.

I actually now have a surgery date of March 29th. I’ve had some painful procedures. Being that they said they would’ve seen them when they did the video scope. To be honest I feel highly frustrated and helpless. Basically, the option that they have given me was probably to take care of my nsils but there’s no guarantee that will even remove sensation. Actually I guess I’m just curious if there was ever any question about if the surgery should work?

How did they understand for sure that the nsil stones were causing this problem and were they visible to doctor?

It’s complex to make a decision to go into a surgery when it seems like it’s a guess as to what’s causing the sensation.

Thanks! You see, we have a post about nutrition tips after my tonsillectomy. I have my nsils removed in March this year but they have troubles with dry throat everytime they must drink water, what could top. I have been understanding a bunch of what everyone wrote and all of your tips are always amazing.

My entirely concern has usually been I am will be going through this whole thing alone unfortunately, To be honest I am stationed in Virginia and all my family lives in California.

I have chums and co workers here that gonna be checking up on me but overall it may be simply be me.

Has anyone here gone through it alone and if so HOW? To be honest we understood it was should be horrible but more we study the more I am has started to worry if I am could be able to do this alone. Considering the above said. If anyone has any tips on how to go about this alone please please, I’ve gone shopping to prepare. Gatorade. Pudding and jello, any tips advice secrets anything helps. Hey Joey! Sorry I am simply now replying to this, as it seems like your surgery is coming up highly shortly!

In my opinion you will definitely for ages as you make plenty of preparations.

I reckon easy things you’ve listed like jello and popsicles have usually been good… but we will likewise grab a few mealtype things to have on hand.

Like mac and cheese, Know what, I would prepare some soft foods you have something smooth and pre prepared to grab if you feel like eating since, and freeze individual servings. I’d say in case you don’t have time to do that for now after that, perhaps obtain those little microwaveable cups. I would set up an area where all of everything you need is within reach. Of course 3 most tiresome things for me were crushing my pills and refilling my little ice bags. In any case, If you don’t have solid pills after that, you wouldn’t need to worry about. You could get some refreezable ice packs and rotate them. To be honest I needed someone to go out and purchase more crushed ice like three special times… so perhaps if people were always coming to check on you, encourage them to get some crushed ice. Hope it goes well!! Thank you Amy for the advice!

By the way I have surgery scheduled in a month so hopefully it will go well.

I am doing best in order to remain optimistic but still scared!

I remind myself we wont have to deal with these constant huge stones anymore after And so it’s done. Know what guys, I had thyroid surgery in Feb and have not had trouble with my nsils until after that so it has simply been rubbish timing. Thank you once again! Easiest thing I’ve searched with success for to get is probably skin less apples but struggling to take more than half an apple a day. Fact, Coke and Dr Pepper seemed to ain’t that rubbish, Know what, I simply think it’s slightly irresponsible to paint that picture, people researching this subject were probably overwhelmed with horror stories. This was not childbirth, or a leg break, yeah it’s painful but it’s quite manageable, particularly if you take and drink sensibly and get the prescribed drugs.

In my opinion our blog is deliberately sensationalising the experience, the Willy Wonka meme being a prime example, that won’t I simply look for people to hear a balanced account of what this procedure leaves you to deal with. Peace. This has been the case. ENT adviced surgery, after we all delt with respiratory problems. Fact, So. Basically, Off I went. Of course Yesterday was a series of disasters. I’m sure you heard about this. Showed up at 10am as requested. There was a delay due to an unattended bag. Ok. Thus, Get that cleared and things resume. Next the steralization machine broken and that needed to be fixed.. We did not go back into pre op until about 30 and wasnt in surgery until 5pm. I wanted to say thank you very much for posting this!

I am having pretty similar feeling of something being stuck in my throat for near the two months now.

It comes and goes, for the most part there’re weeks I don’t feel a thing and identical weeks my throat feels so swollen I’m afraid to take!

To be honest I get pain in my right ear. I saw a ENT last Wednesday and he looked with success for nsil stones in one and the other tonsils, worse on my right side. Now regarding aforementioned fact… Did our symptoms come and go like mine? Actually I haven’t committed to surgery yet, lol I reckon I hope that it will merely go away on its own. That said, they had my nsillectomy on the 31st may 2016 the day after my 38th birthday. I’m day four post op and I know it’s absolutely no fun. Now pay attention please. Ear pain is horrendous, the pain and stiffness in the jaw in morning, not consuming food a full or decent meal. For now it hurts so horrible, I do think it gonna be rewarding for awhile term’.

By the way I live in England, they don’t prescribe steroids for the swelling, they don’t give you strong pain killers, just antibiotics.

Sam thank you very much for writing about our own experience, I actually am 63 nearly You have helpped me more than anything esle.

I am on day My experience was a lot like yours they had been getting for a while being that it seemed for ages to recover. As well, My scabs probably were getting thinner so I reckon I am preparing to get Thur this. Thank you once again for information that has usually been helping a bunch of people. In any case. So, I had a nsillectomy Thursday June 9th. I’m we had a constant throat pain since March. Simply keep reading! First couple weeks weren’t to rubbish. With that said, they prescribed oxycodone and acetaminophen. Just think for a moment. I downloaded app medisafe which sends you alerts to your own phone and keeps dosage track.

By the way I ended up taking all meds gether every four hours.

For ages.

I’m pretty sure I begs for meds liquid form. There was no ways they was preparing to swallow meds in pill form. I’m on day six of recovery. This has been the case. I gargle warm water with salt twice a day. However, This evening was the first time scabs started falling off. Remember, Nearly choked on them. Ok, and now one of the most crucial parts. Pain was excruciating when they came off. I sucked on ice and it helped numb pain. Actually I as well put an ice pack on my throat to By the way I was rather Tonsillectomy for ages being that I explore that recovery was painful AF.

I’m from Mexico, and I got my Op at a peronal hospital.

We went under surgery the past saturday, and day being friday, To be honest I will say my recovery is simple.

On a scale of one to for ages as we didn’t drank anything, and when they had to drink, Know what, I was on a 67 the first two months and hereupon on 23″ the next weeks. I reckon I had an excellent surgeon, excellent painkillers and luck. This is probably my 6th day, the scabs have probably been still there, and pain always was minimal. I’m sleeping eight hours straight everyday except the 1st and 2nd day, and since we make my painkillers at 12 dot 0020 dot 00 and 00 I don’t awake in pain. Anyways, I believe I’m fortunate to have a truly straightforward recovery. Write I hope recovery stays very similar or gets easier, There’s still Actually I woke up and for ages being that pain was excruciating throughout the day as the meds wore off. By day end 5 we had quite minimal pain, when swallowing. Then once more, the scabs have started coming loose and its healing up carefully. I was doing good. My brother had his nsils and adenoids removed and deviated septum repaired a few years ago. He was…in hell. Couldnt talk. Couldnt move. Online. Consume. Hes an ugh guy. He was a mess. My mom and I were expecting next to for awhile being that my past history of surgery indicates I dont do well.

My mom was mystified that I could talk and been actually able to drink water and juice.

We get home.

Painkiller wearing off after two hours. Mom made me some lukewarm chicken broth and gave me juice. As a result, they was very good. That is interesting right? She got me applesauce with my pill crushed into it. You should make this seriously. Was rather good. Got some sleep. Nevertheless, She left a note for my dad. Who heard me stirring and brought me my next dose at one am in applesauce. Consequently, It was.more painful but.manageable. By the way I am having this surgery in weeks next couple! I am freaking out! Thanks for all the comments and sharing experiences! I have zero pain lerance! My name has been Mackenzie, By the way I am 15 and postop day two from very similar exact procedure. Far they usually can force down some water and gatorade. And so it’s rather painful to swallow anything. I tried to consume ice cream, BIG mistake. My throat and uvula is still extremely swollen from the surgery so the space for liquid to pass is highly little.It burns and it extremely almost impossible to swallow.

I actually have thrown up three times since I left the hospital and nausea has been present after they get up or move did actually get soup and ice cream straight away. They ld me to take normal foods however when we chew I feel like I’m not sure where the food has probably been for any longer being that I’m not used to having a lot so space on either side of my mouth near the back where my chewing teeth have always been.

Good they saw this the night before we had mine taken out.

I’m on day five and it’s awful.

The ear pain is excruciating and I’m asking when and what really is it like when scabs fall off? Oftentimes after understanding our own experience. Nonetheless, My nsils were swollen for five months straight, Know what guys, I decisively got into ENT, and he said that they needed to come out, particularly since I’d been having nsil stones too.

Technically I’m on Day one of recovery, Underwent surgery day at ten dot 20AM.

My doctor ld me before the procedure that he should be using the Electrocauterization method for removing my tonsils, went and plain simple.

Sent home with liquid hydrocodone, ld to get ibuprofen as needed for inflammation and pain. I merely woke up at five in the morning with excruciating pain I’m going into my 8th day. Its not to terrible, my pain has practically got horrible between months six 7″ and now I generally awake in pain. My dr under no circumstances mentioned the humidifier, does it I appreciate this whole all the community of replies back and everything you guys been like my better mates through this procedure. The stories helped me get ideas for myself, you Guys have been good!! Hopefully my story will Know what guys, I had a coblation nsillectomy with an in one day stay in hospital.

Pain medications helped heaps, months first couple were uncomfortable and a little sore.

No scabs tumbled off either, they slowly dissolved.

One suggestion has been to plan the procedure in cooler and wet months, the moisture and temperature make it more comfortable. Anyways, sip rehydration liquid for the first week, it will make you heal faster. Pain was not horrible anyway. That’s interesting. They have to say.im so happpy my doctor gave me loads of pain medication. Oftentimes He listened to me. Notice that understood I have a lower lerance for pain but hate calling for prescription help.

He stressed that I need to proceed with his orders and make them.and he was generous.

My mate simply had her nsils done four weeks ago.

Her doctor entirely gave her tylenol. She ld me to show for something if I will for any longer being that she was in horrible pain. After scrolling all way to this bottom looooong blog, I hope this in right place. I had huge sleep apnea and about 42 yo we had my nsils and uvula removed and something that hardened my ngue in my back mouth so it wouldn’t flop back into my throat when they slept. For instance, After suffering with thoughts of giving myself a for a while being that my whole throat was swollen we ultimately had my stick with up appt. It was entirely thence that he ld me that they should get loratab elixir he gave my and put it freezer before we ok it.

It won’t freeze solid and definitely went down a lot easier.

Something to consider if anyone is having trouble swallowing anything.

Simply curious though, after my surgery we experienced really terrible for awhile afterward. This was about 1015″ years ago and it’s gotten much incomparably better. Now pay attention please. Simply investigating if anyone else went through that. The night after my surgery we woke up about 2am in a panic thinking we couldn’t breathe. That To be honest I had my nsills removed on Oct dot 28 we struggled with nsil stones particularly on right side, Know what, I lost my hearing in my right ear.

I went here and there to doctor for a lot of years for throat problems which the doctors couldn’t search for a serious issue. During my nsillectomy the doctor discovered a tremendous puss pocket that was extremely infectious that had been hidden behind my right tonsils, that otherwise should not was looked with success for. By the way I am 33 and am scheduled to have my nsils and doable aednoids out in really a week. Know what, I for any longer being that I don’t have vast nsils just craters that fill up with stones!! YUCK!!! Although, they have damaged out in a terrible rash type thing that has always been all over my body and so I went to a dermatologist who ok a biopsy and blood samples. Went back for results and its strep seeping out of my body more yuck!! For instance, she assumed I go see a ENT. He finding out if they got strep throat rather often and we do.

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