Earliest Symptoms Of Pregnancy

earliest symptoms of pregnancy With all this insanity a distant memory, Now as a mum of 2, To be honest I may say that palaver was absolutely worth each moment for the joy that every one of my beautiful babies has got me. About a week ago I had sex with a guy I prominent for years, By the way I am a single mother of a two year old enough.and they feel we apparently b pregnant, as my menstrual cycle has not been regular since we had my child they thought I was safe since they had it about two weeks prior.am we over reacting or could this be real.

We had sex with my boyfriend on November 11th 2015 and we ok a test about 3 weeks later right in advance of thanksgiving and it came out negative.

I’m pretty sure I was suppose to start my period on November 14th 2015 but I am as well not regulated. To be honest I donno when my actual ovulation point has always been. Thus, We have had sex November 26th 2015 and December 2nd I am having pregnancy symptoms and we don’t look for to get another test since I am scared that it will come out negative like the first one but my boobs been sore and itchy and my nipples was sore and rough.

earliest symptoms of pregnancy Actually I have thrown up a few times but not in the morning.

I was having cravings and I’ve been a bit emotional.

I was at work they had spoiled on an order and my manager got upset with me and said that they needed to get it gether and we wanted to start off crying after that, on my break they call my boyfriend and I tell him what happened and he robust supposes that I am pregnant but I started crying on phone and we ld him that we truly shouldn’t be crying since there was nothing to cry about but I merely need to see what to do and when they must make next test.

This morning they ok a pregnancy test it came out negative but I did the bleach and pee test about and HR or 1 ago and we was suppose to get my period day and they didn’t and I compared the test to my buddies pee test and my foamed immediately and hers didn’t do anything? Of course Any thoughts on if I’m having any symptom of pregnancy.left is my test and right is hers?

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