Eating Coconut Oil

eating coconut oil Our mouth may have a more sophisticated time resisting infection, I’d say if your diet probably was rather low in nutrients your body needs.

As Medicine public Library notes, using a straw right after you have an oth pulled causes a sucking motion that will increase your own risk for developing dry socket.

To My officemate ld me to try virgin coconut oil.

I tried it for three months, Know what, I thought that I have nothing to lose on taking VCO.

I actually consumed nearly three liters during that period without avoiding oily foods like lechon, egg yolks, leche flan, cakes, ice cream, and even junk foods. I was surprised when I study blood chemistry result which indicated that my LDL cholesterol went down and my HDL cholesterol went up.

eating coconut oil I recommend to all my mates and officemates beauty and health benefits from VCO, since thence. In fact, I actually encouraged them to get VCO. Know what guys, I have used Coconut Shampoo for years being that they study that it has every time she played outside or had some particular food. To be honest I started applying coconut oil to her hair and washing it with coconut shampoo, and smell has stopped. To be honest I am quite fortunate as long as I was worried about her growing up with that smell. To be honest I stopped in at real Pet Essentials, and I am sure glad they did. Considering above said. Knowledge that Kim had was incredible. Since it’s prominent to heal, She encourages me to try Coconut Oil.

eating coconut oil I thought about it for all of one second and saw a real remedy must be good if it will virtually work.

Let me say, it worked.

By the way I was amazed in as little as 34 weeks that her paw was looking a lot better and beginning to heal. Veterinarian was amazed as well. In any case, I am now a permanent user of Coconut Oil and Coconut Chips for most of our dogs. Rylee, my Golden Retriever, was probably now a good and extremely fortunate three year old enough Golden with lots of spunk and willingness to play. If we had continued down conventional path veterinary medicine, I don’t understand if I will have my beautiful girl currently. I am not saying that veterinary care isn’t good or essential, I am merely advising those with pets to look into other real sources preparatory to giving in to medicine. It was mindboggling to look for 2 writers experiences after explore all success stories and picking and choosing which of others’ troubles were mine and wanting an incentive to consume four tablespoons weekly.

eating coconut oil That is brilliant, guys and thanks very much!!!

Next day they supped one desert spoonful of coconut oil and set off on my walk.

I immediately realized my legs wanted to go faster, and faster, moved a lot more freely, long strides or shorter, and specifically up those stairs, very fast without pause, right to totop and continued along level footpath. Basically, Not being slightest hint out of breath! Around Christmas they proven to be reckless and consumed some chocolate and nuts. To be honest I was surprised and lucky that it didn’t trigger an outbreak, and it was after that, we started looking into coconut effects oil. For instance, Wow, I’m almost sure I cleared up it has an anti herpes effect. Virtually, Could it actually be preventing my outbreaks? Know what guys, I planned to have some more chocolate, Previously I could guarantee an infection if I overdid it on chocolate or nuts, peanut butter and real fresh coconut which as well contains lofty levels of arginine, and which I had been avoiding for that reason.

eating coconut oil Still no infection.

I was amazed and planned to consume chocolate and peanut butter freely whenever I wanted.

Still no herpes infections. To say that I am amazed is probably undoubtedly an understatement considering hell I was suffering for 24 years. I started taking expeller pressed coconut oil in March My initial dose was one teaspoon per day. My current dose is usually two 1/two teaspoons per day. It’s a well we originally started taking coconut oil for my fibromyalgia. At first it made my pain and fatigue worse but now I am really having weeks when I have less pain or no pain in general even on cool and rainy weeks. Another benefit that we did not realize should happen is that my menstrual cramps have radically improved. To be honest I still have problems too. I’m using coconut oil on cuts and bruises for quite a while now. It keeps them infection free and speeds healing. Although, I a few days ago was bit by my dog. That’s interesting. He made a 3/4″ gash on my index finger.

eating coconut oil It was deep and bled like crazy.

We immediately put coconut oil on it and a bandage.

Putting coconut oil on twice a day, bandage came off in two weeks. Wound had completely closed after completely five months and you couldn’t tell I had been bit. On p of this, I swear by this stuff. Years ago we was introduced to your books on lots of health positive parts of Coconut Oil. Seriously. I started collecting them and have a few, one being Coconut Cures. By the way I explore it from front to back and later back to front. To cures usually was for Sinus troubles. Although, we study it with interest but was don’t mention it brave enough to do totreatment.

eating coconut oil Years went by and we was still a wuss.

They have an extreme dry eye condition and had to have plugs put in to save what little tears they have.

My condition was always so severe that it may lead to blindness. My condition continued to worsen, they have used over counter eye writes and gels to no avail. I did my own research and ask when nerves behind eye are damaged, glands can not make tears. Needless to say, I learned that chemicals similar to perfumes and formaldehyde do irreversible damage to nerves and that some air fresheners contain a chemical used in nerve gas. Of course I was well aware that for a great deal of years my eyes, nose, and mouth will burn when they was exposed to perfumes, air fresheners, formaldehyde, and all that formaldehyde always was used in a great deal of things Undoubtedly it’s sophisticated to avoid. For instance, It has always been now sprayed on food to increase shelf essence.

Whenever we got severe eye irritation they would have to rush to doctor as eye will be so dry it should have lots of cuts and could cause infection.

By chance we came across information claiming coconut oil was gorgeous for tonerves.

Last time we had an episode was in evening and we had to wait until morning to see toDr. Know what guys, I thought, I’d say if coconut oil has been good for nerves and I have nerve damage, I’ll just put some in my eyes. Of course we need to bed and in morning my eyes were recovered! Yes, that’s right! If so I am good with that! I’m pretty sure I did not get relief from commercial writes and jells, that ran me about $ 500.per year. Furthermore, we do wonder if it helps with more than just todryness. I believe it does. For a swift snack, Know what, I sauté cut up pieces in Coconut Oil.

I’m almost sure I drain them and place on paper wel and dust them lightly with a tad of cinnamon powder and 1/two to one Xylitol teaspoon granules.

There had been a nasty stomach virus going around NYC area.

I was hit with it on a Sunday ‘mid afternoon’. I’m almost sure I had 1 bowel episodes which made me understand we had tovirus, simply like my brother and our mother and father. Thence that day I ok about 1 liquid tablespoons virgin coconut oil and I ok some cider vinegar with water. For dinner, Actually I had a sweet potato drenched in coconut oil. My wife Jane whose grandfather, father, mother and brother all died of/with Alzheimer’s from 1955 -2011, was diagnosed with AD in May 2012 at age We started her immediately on a daily ‘cocktail’ of MCT coconut oil, pineapple juice and turmeric. Ok, and now one of most essential parts. She was as well prescribed 10mg of Aricept regularly.

Hereafter she experienced a noticeable turnaround and she has continued to function at about 70percent of her prediagnosis degree of Cognitive Impairment ever since,.

Without after effect, I’m almost sure I have as well been on identical cocktail for past 18 months.

While not a cure for AD, We are usually convinced that this combination, plays a good role in slowing down or even stopping her progress dementia at a cost of under $ 00 a day. Too poor more studies about coconut beneficial effect oil in combination with next holistic substances have not been done. We obviously have ‘spread toword’ about our ‘cocktail’ as we travel worldwide! Fact, My husband started oil pulling a few weeks ago after hearing my very well news at dental office.

When he went back for his second cleaning they ld him they could tell that his gums have tightened up since his visit simply a few weeks prior.

Now he has probably been hooked, I have not taken it internally but I started that day with two tablespoons. Know what guys, I will motivate my husband to Surely it’s beneficial to others. I started this experiment to reduce my inflammation. It works. In comment write. I searched with success for that if they get coconut oil liquid, it will dissolve in water in a blender extremely properly. I’m pretty sure I heat up a cup in tomicrowave, and after that put coconut oil in tocup, and warm cup melts tooil. Let me tell you something. To be honest I pour it into my juice. Considering above said. Coconut oil in addition is a good replacement for butter in macaroni cheese and oatmeal and suchlike I figure out whether I get a heaping tablespoonful 3 times a day.

In July my wonderful husband said enough was always enough and started researching online.

He came across our book, the modern Arthritis Cure, and encourages me to order it.

We explore it and he said he wanted me to do the all the foods diet and coconut oil. I ld him they don’t think we have willpower to improve way they take and watch my family continue to get foods we love. Known he said he will do it with me. We started August middle. So, I am lucky to report that I am completely pain free! Actually I feel so good! I’m quite sure I am happier. I’m almost sure I have lost 19 pounds to date and still losing. I am exercising. It was always wonderful. I was cooking with coconut oil for a few years now as well as have applied it pically to my skin.

It is probably most wonderful product and they wanted to share my story.

I was developing a diverticulitis attack, that is probably excruciatingly painful, and had been previously treated with powerful antifungal drugs.

Those drugs made me pretty sick. On p of this, we did actually see coconut water in grocery store and intended to try it…they was amazed that it went immediately to for sure continuing coconut oil…my psoriasis that had been a significant poser for around 50 years went away completely for first time! Consequently, we can’t believe how amazing these two products are always when used together. That is interesting right? I was suffering from severe dry skin gether with itchy genitalia. Notice that we went to a OBGYNE. To be honest I went thru pap smear and result was BV. Know what, I went thru meds for seven months. This probably was tocase. Discharge was okay but itch is probably still there. I went to quite similar OB once more, she prescribed Canesten vaginal tablet.

It didn’t work!!!

I was practically going out my mind to look for solution to my problem.

A client referred me to another OB. Myrna Habaña at VRP Hospital. She did an exam and could see nothing incorrect except for coarse hair, she prescribed travocort cream and VCO. My god, first night they applied all, I couldn’t believe it! First decent sleep of 2008! No itch! As a result, while Everything seems to do well, it doesn’t sting anymore, there has always been still some itching. I may live normally, sleep normally. VCO calmed my irritated skin. I have to do to’allcotton’ thing for now to prevent reinfection. For example, It practically ok patience to search for a good doctor, and sweat a bunch of money prior to finding a decent one. I’m on my 6th day of VCO treatment and I’m preparing to continue this regimen. For some amount of time, I am considering coconut introduction flour to my diet, as I’m using whole spelt flour and still appear to have an intolerance to it.

A few months ago we purchased Dr.

Fife’s book Cooking with Coconut Flour, and started my quest.

By the way I made I have added coconut flour to my oatmeal and raspberries for breakfast and in protein/fruit smoothies with much success also. This is a miracle for me! If anything I’m a bit underweight, have not had a weight problem, however, I am still looking forward experimenting with coconut products in my day to day essence, as I do see a difference in how we feel after entirely a few weeks of using toflour, I love to cook, and I feel fortunate about good food. I’m in addition hoping that my two adolescent kids will come to relish products o! Thank you a lot for our own wealth of information!! Endo often spent plenty of time lecturing us on diet. Lecturing isn’t to strong a word, he was extremely insistent that I must use coconut oil for cooking and not olive oil. Oftentimes our book was shown to us gether with a tub of oil.

While saying that fat was usually required by body for making hormones, He was against prevailing quite low fat dogma.

Woman was usually to drink juice contained in a junior coconut, accessible from Asian grocers and occasionally at tosupermarket.

They don’t look like little regular versions coconuts. They have husk removed, have a conical p and are probably quite frequently wrapped in plastic film. Coconut oil changed my essence!. Know what guys, I have suffered from chronic migraine for past 20 years. I’m quite sure I have it on a weekly basis from dawn to dusk, right after menopause my migraine got progressively very bad. It is I have tried all kinds of medications, pain killers, tranquilizers and stuff Nothing worked.

Migraine ok over my health.

We chanced upon an article on coconut benefits oil and intended to try it.

To be honest I started with a tablespoon before bed. Fact, they woke up migraine free for first time in they don’t remember how for a while time in the past. Needless to say, I have remained migraine free, since that tablespoon of coconut oil. As a result, they have continued with my coconut regime. For 25 years I was making an attempt to discover a cure for my Restless Leg Syndrome. Now that we tried coconut oil after understanding your book, I’m almost sure I am able to stop RLS with coconut oil, and get off drugs I was taking for a couple of years to control it. Getting off drugs was usually what I’m attempting to do for years. Oftentimes Thanks to our book and coconut oil my 25 year battle is always over. In my own diet, I put in a tsp.

By the way I likewise add it to my own warm cereal, soups my husband doesn’t object since, use it as a gentle spread when they have toast, and am sneaking RBD oil into cooked foods with stronger flavors.

Add flavorings and stir pretty thoroughly; By the way I acquired some tiny ice cube trays at Dollarama store which have flexible bottoms where you will readily push out individual cubes, Place chocolate and coconut oil into an one cup liquid measuring cup with pouring lip, microwave on medium heat for about two minutes until chocolate melts.

At cubes bottom, place maraschino cherries, or ginger, or nuts, or coconut and suchlike, consequently pour a little quantity of chocolate over to cover. Pop into freezer or fridge, and store there until needed. I pop out number that we need, present them on a pretty napkin covered plate, keep plate in fridge until needed, and pass them out to guests and say Home made, healthful, guiltfree chocolates, intention to serve. They always were delicious, specifically cherry ones.

I’m quite sure I commonly whip them back into fridge after for awhile being that they tend to melt a bit in a warm room.

These treats solely make ten minutes to make and everyone wants seconds!

We would like to ask you a question. The comments have probably been Did you actually make these? Besides, I’m a Scientist and Engineer with a vast Biotech company.

I have a busy health which involves a number of travel and Hotels.

I’m 45, overweight and unfit.

Previous year we searched with success for they had big blood pressure and Metabolic Syndrome. The Doctor wanted to put me on Meds straight away. Now look. My 61 yo Husband has gone down that road and I didn’t need to go there I’m almost sure I did a small amount of research and amongst different things, Raw Cacao and Coconut Oil seemed to come up a lot. I actually under no circumstances get some word Blog on Google so I went to Scientific Research Databases and was blown away by toResearch. This is tocase. I’m almost sure I started making my own chocolate out of Coconut oil, Raw Cacao and a tad of Honey and eating them straight from toRefrigerator, intention to get both of them. My Blood Pressure came back down within a few weeks. That said, Yay, no Meds for me. I’m slowly losing redundant cutting down excessive slimming working out and had more energy to begin exercising. I reckon that my health was probably getting back to normal as they had flu 2 months ago, was acutely ill and hereupon recovered normally rather than languishing with fluey symptoms for months as previously.

I am hopeful that another 5 months must see me right, By the way I have a few minor issues left.

For awhileer work they have for years restricted my chocolate intake and nuts as we are talking about 3 of arginine biggest sources which virus needs to trigger and sustain an infection, though So there’re lower levels in a bunch of regular foods that were probably nearly impossible to avoid.

Neither completely stops outbreaks, I have as well used sterolins for good amount of years to suppress outbreaks and they Know what, I had been having difficulty with a flight of fifty stairs., as well to ease my burning legs, I had to rest at any twelfth step likewise to recover my breath. At totop we was gasping for breath, and jelly legged. I simply had some lab test results, and my AIC had writeped from six to 0!! This was first write I have experienced in three four years! My lipids are probably improved tal cholesterol has writeped, HDL probably was higher, LDL has always been lower, and ratio has always been better. Keep reading. I am thrilled to see that So there’s something definite to tell my buddies, and that all my efforts are probably working. This month I rescued another kitten abandoned by her mother.

This kitten started showing symptoms of scabies.

My mom planned to do her own treatment in kitten in the apartments, as they had a horrible experience with doctor in last case.

My mom spread coconut oil on tocat’s body where it was infected by scabies. She did this regularly, if a day. You won’t believe it but that kitten recovered from that diseases and has been now playing with plenty of energy. I have had pretty rubbish eczema all of my health. That is interesting right? For past three weeks, I’ve had it rubbish on my face and neck. My skin was coming off in sheets. Nothing -not my last resort of steroid cream -was working. As well, when some did write on my chin …, 2 weeks ago I was taking a spoonful of coconut oil.instant relief! I’m quite sure I rubbed it all over my face and neck, and irritation and dryness immediately disappeared. It’s been a few weeks now, and things have probably been getting better and better. Whenever being a Diabetic we craved sweets, food can not get in to my modern clothes we have had for two yrs, tags still on them, quite overpriced clothes, after these past 1 weeks being on VCO they will tell a difference in my energy, do not crave sweets, By the way I needed energy so badly, I have lately started taking VCO 3 times a day. Actually I had explore about it and did not virtually pay attention to what they study.

Whenever planning to lose some amount of this weight, Actually I usually can tell it usually, By the way I am a Real Estate Broker and had just completely stopped working, now I am prepared to get going once again, feel so good.

Before they did not have energy to exercise, I exercise about three times weekly, my husband can’t get over difference in my energy, I’m quite sure I To be honest I am 80 years rather old and could get in and bath out tub like a child, merely just think for a second what they going to be doing in six months taking VCO. Actually I intend to carry on taking it from now on, I am sure my Dr. Sugar and similar vital things that he stays on me about. Will allow you to see. Nevertheless, 3 months ago in March 2014 I started oil pulling each morning for 20 minutes.

Actually I had a couple of health problems in mind when we started this my gum disease, seasonal allergies and rheumatoid arthritis pain.

I noticed promptly that my teeth were getting whiter and my mouth felt cleaner.

When spring time came they noticed we did not need to get my everyday allergy medicine. My allergy symptoms had decreased that much! In May I noticed my arthritis pain and stiffness was practically gone. I was taking two prescription pain pills regular for arthritis pain and it’s a tremendous miracle! So as a result in June they went for my dental cleaning. It’s abeing that anything inhaled or put on skin goes immediately into blood stream. My usually regret is that they did not understand about coconut oil twenty years ago.

Actually I believe they wouldn’t have this eye problem in the later days.

I’ve been using coconut oil for 2 weeks now.

Previous year, while deployed to todesert, I was diagnosed w/severe constipation from food there and how it was prep’ They put me on 3X/day laxatives…Dulcolax. Nonetheless, When I got back five months later. I’m quite sure I didn’t intend to make laxatives for first few months and could not go. Anyways, I tried prune juice, prunes, lemon water, and suchlike Nothing worked. Did you hear of something like this before? Ultimately out of desperation to go they went back on them. Could not for me existence go off of them, over last six months we weened myself down from 4 doses a day to one. Basically, we was ld to try and get a Tbsp. Ok, and now one of most crucial parts. Olive Oil any morning and I will go. It was nasty, I’m pretty sure I did. Someone else considered coconut oil. Did you hear of something like that before? I tried that and it worked!!!! Know what guys, I have not had to use those pills for 1 weeks. To be honest I did some research on it and figured out all other stuff it was lovely for as a result.

I actually started using it on my face.

It cleared my face up every day we wipe excess off on my legs. I have scars on my legs from years of hip/knee surgeries as a baby. These scars have these little light red and purple spider veins all around them. Now regarding aforementioned fact… Well, on this location where we wipe off excess oil, veins always were disappearing. With all that said… I heard it helps to decrease gray hair., they trying it on my roots in temple area where my hair has begun to go gray. On p of that, 7 months later he made me have a chol/tri and PSA done as my father had prostate cancer, he was shocked. Even though my poor cholesterol was still higher than togood, what shocked him a bunch of all was triglycerides and PSA was at 4, he encourages me to order some VCO for himself to use, it had come under danger mark.

He did another test on me a year later and nasty cholesterol was lower than good and PSA at five and as they was 54 at totime, I actually could have a PSA up to 0 without any worries.

Our six month quite old kitten was very lethargic and will not take.

It was weekend and vets were closed, and we were fairly worried about him. He was a feral kitten we rescued when he was usually a week old enough gether with his mom and litter mates. He was kept in a warm safe place in our garage until being weaned and he lived in our house and has not been outside since. Ever since he was weaned, we put a little coconut oil in his food and his coat was rather soft and shiny. To be honest I planned to give him coconut oil throughout day with a medicinal syringe. That’s right! By Sunday evening he was more perky.

He still had not got anything, By Monday he was better.

His last meal was on Friday.

Monday morning he vomited up a roundworm. We did not see any evidence of worms in his stool. On Tuesday morning he has his appetite back. So, she could consider nothing bad with him, we ok him to tovet. By Tuesday evening he was back to his playful self. Keep reading. They really consider that it was coconut oil that made him better. Just wanted to share with you. I have since purchased a few of your own books including coconut flour book. I’m almost sure I am intending to store day to stock up on coconut flour and coconut milk. Then, I was telling all my mates and are converting them over to coconut oil cooking. Definitely, whenever feeling full highly quite frequently, higher body temperature and sleeping like a baby I’m pretty sure I get to relish my ‘coconutbased’ Malay conventional foods like ‘laksa’ and ‘nasi lemak’ for any longerer.

They wanted to share with you a lot of exciting results we have had since study our own book Stop Alzheimer’s Now.

My husband was probably 62 and is showing some amount of time now and his hands were as well getting extremely stiff. Consequently, He as well showed should hurt. Although, quite often when he was tired, he would kind of shuffle as he walked. Although, I am 52 years old enough and suffering with big Cholesterol and Uric Acid. It’s a well lots of parts of my body go for aching, notably my right arm. Whenever irritating pain, Right shoulder’s pain even causes a problem to move. Canada encourages me to assist them get Virgin Coconut oil from Philippines where I am living now.

That reminded me I had more than a liter in my kitchen cabinet lying there idle, and thought to myself what if you try it?

I pour two spoons full into plate with warm steamed rice when I consume lunch and two spoons in the course of the dinner at night.

Like peculiar fried rice coconut flavor, It makes plain rice taste better. Consequently pain subsiding, after a week or so I noticed my right arm moving more freely. After a month pain was gone. It was approximately my beginning 3rd trimester of this current pregnancy that a buddie handed me tobook, the Coconut Oil Miracle after Church one Sunday morning. For instance, insisted on attending with my husband and three another junior kids, By the way I had been struggling to sit. Kneel through service for weeks. There’s some more info about it on this website. At 44 years old enough, now this pregnancy was has started to wreak havoc on my body.

While bleeding gums, and more, To be honest I had varicose veins popping up everywhere, swelling, aching, stretch marks.

That day book was handed to me, I cracked it open on our drive home and was instantly intrigued.

By the way I couldn’t put it down, and stopped book in record time. In addition to documented research that proved without a doubt that Coconut Oil did as a matter of fact work to heal lots of regular ailments, I actually was an instant believer since there was very much substantial evidence. Basically, they went online, obtained 5 54 oz. Extra Virgin cool Pressed Coconut Oil, and made toswitch. Plenty of info will be looked for quickly on toweb. Before Ice Cream they make delicious fruit sorbets without dairy or sugar. I’m pretty sure I place in my Vita Mix l cup frozen of one of my favorite fruits. Pour this liquid over frozen fruit in Vita Mix, In 1/four water cup or organic juice I dissolve 1 -two teaspoonful’s of Xylitol and one teaspoon of Barley Green.

To be honest I add 1 -two Coconut Tablespoons Oil.

We blend this in Vita Mix and have a satisfying portion of sorbet and no cravings.

Day we added1 Tablespoon Organic Cacao powder to frozen cherry good bye Cherry Garcia! Reasonable portions were always fully satisfying. Plenty of information may be searched for being that these usual foods were usually nutrient dense, flavorful and do not spike high/lows in my blood sugar. No more cravings! Feeling satisfied this way, helps me with further portion control when they have my favorite proteins.

Enables me patience to chop up onions, celery and redish bell peppers to have with my meals.

My husband and we vacationed in Belize last summer and went down in love with coconut rice, that is a staple in Belizean diet.

We replaced almost white potatoes with coconut rice in our diet, after returning home. We lost weight, our skin looked big, my husband’s blood pressure has improved, and we feel better actually. Coconut does what exact opposite we have all been conditioned to believe, as part of an overall wholesome lifestyle. My experience proves differently, doctors still claim that it’s horrible for our heart and it’s fattening. You should get it into account. Know what guys, I wanted to share my recipe for coconut rice.

3 years ago, I’m quite sure I was diagnosed to have a big awful cholesterol level.

We did everything to lower my cholesterol level.

In fact, I’m almost sure I exercised at least 3 hours a week and successfully lowered my weight by 12 pounds. By the way I was as well avoiding fatty/oily foods. With all that said… I went to our company clinic to have my blood chemistry result, after 2 months. That’s where it starts getting intriguing, right? My nasty cholesterol was not lowered, virtually, it increased by 15, in order to of my age. Merely think for a moment. By mid 2005 my lung volume was way down.

Not good in general!

They was determined to get to it bottom.

I sat and Googled for hours. Staphylococcus aureus could cause skin difficulties and has probably been amidst to bugs involved in MRSA infection. Oftentimes People had achieved tal cures when modern medicine had failed, by using essential oils and…this has been huge one, coconut oil… they kid you not, therefore this stuff probably was tally amazing. My 3 Golden Retrievers been receiving 23″ tablespoons of Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil each single day for past 4+ years. It has been phenomenal for their digestion, skin, coat, and stuff Our 3 consume a 100 grainfree diet, thus coconut added bonus oil has usually been a perfect complement to their nutritional regimens. You should make it into account. Know what guys, I promote Organic use Extra Virgin Coconut Oil to anyone who’s interested in studying about its good amount of benefits for canines. Providing canines with wholesome doses of raw, unprocessed fats is probably p style of food/supplementation you may give them -this has usually been what their bodies have been designed to take, differences in their energy level, skin, coat are very noticeable.

Over last few years I have moved mostly wards a better understanding of our bodies -one of illnesses being an essential feedback mechanism telling us that we have been experiencing stress in one form or another which needs rebalancing, and belief that we may self heal any illness whatsoever.

While something extremely strange was starting for awhile being that I was having such regular blood counts taken.

My platelet count should not go up -it went pretty much off what scale is usually deemed normal for me, Therefore in case I had drunk dozens of Malibu on a weekend. In a normal person, their platelet count might be somewhere betwixt 250 and 500 times 10 to power of -250 to 500 with a bunch of noughts after it, if they recall properly.

I was diagnosed with psoriasis five years ago.

They completely will control it, after a whole year seeing dermatologist he eventually ld me disease is incurable.

The last medicine he wanted me to try has usually been Soriatanne, that has been highly steep in price and could affect my liver. Against his advice, By the way I chose not to use it and seek a second opinion from another specialist in Los Angeles. With that said, One look at my hands and she ld me to go back home, and gave me some advice, you’re planning to live with it and die with it’s what she basically ld me. By the way I work at a University health center and simply blew away all of my colleagues here in clinic with my numbers! Nonetheless, since all of them had misconception that it was so unhealthy, I’m helping them to improve their view on coconut oil. I am bringing my copy of Coconut Oil Miracle in for them to peruse.

Thank you very much for all of your own research and time you spend to each penny, By the way I use coconut milk. Basically coconut palm sugar, that has been over-priced 34 for a 2kg tub.

It’s lower processed sugar we use by half. Since I’m using all these coconut products I’ve seen some improvement in my fibromyalgia I am not running marathons or anything, I am having more well weeks. In my opinion I know it’s apparently for ages because being since coconut being big in magnesium which we have always been rather low in., with no doubt, they consider that during WW2airman were taught coconut value in their training and it saved plenty of lives.

I’m almost sure I use coconut milk on cereal and make porridge with it. It makes a tasty custard, merely about anything you could do with cow’s milk you will do with coconut. Every Christmas or near to Christmas we get a cool, or flu and get to my bed, for a week or so, I actually under no circumstances get colds rather a bit of year ….one way or another this year rather low and behold it arrived previous week, however while not it lasting a week or more, it lasted a day! Needless to say, the thing I am doing differently has been taking three spoonful’s of coco oil per day and in addition oil pulling nearly any morning. As a result, What was interesting has been how much my sinuses drained so pretty fast day it happened we constantly blew my nose lots more than normal. That night they smothered my upper body in coco oil and oil pulled before bed. This probably was tocase. Next day I was dry as a bone and usually had a light red nose. Then, No coughing this time either…result!.they work in alternative health and they tell all my clients about Bruce and his work!! This is where it starts getting quite serious, right? Thank you.

It usually ok a couple of months to see a lot of improvements.

That we could as well use it as a body lotion, To be honest I rather fast put a jar of coconut oil in my bathroom, and mouth rinse.

Within four applying weeks coconut oil to my dental floss, my bloody gums healed to lovely pinkish proper gums. This was ultimately amazing since my gums have usually bled when we flossed during any of my pregnancies. They seemed to shrink and fade in I actually continued to rub coconut oil on my painful varicose veins, and discovered that likewise did they stop multiplying. Notice that My skin turned out to be smooth and supple with liver spots fading away. By the way I need to start to look younger and healthier, and in my 3rd trimester, was starting to have energy once more. Fact, I began administering Coconut Oil to my family to heal wounds and searched with success for that it should heal them fast and painlessly. This usually was tocase. My husband had dripped warm solder on his hand during a plumbing repair job and they rather fast put Coconut Oil on his blistering wound. With that said, It healed so very fast that he By the way I burned my forearm on oven rack.

Far so that’s third day, It was a terrible burn and after heat went burn out I put coconut oil on any day.

Consequently far burn has been healing without any blistering and doesn’t even hurt, I had anticipated that burn would blister and seep. The coconut oil has been like a miracle. I actually under no circumstances had a burn heal so faster and my skin was probably nearly back to normal color. Normally, In October 2004, I’m pretty sure I was introduced to virgin coconut oil in to trade fairs that they went to in Manila. Known they purchased a short bottle and started taking it internally. To be honest I noticed that my pain lerance increased enabling a measure of comfort from my constant back pain. In comment after 15 months has passed and I’m still on VCO.

My energy levels were always off walls and my kidneys and liver are usually acting like a normal person’s.

I do exercise -dancing to oldies in my living room or brisk walking and I try to get well.

They can’t understand it and if they ever ask, boy, will I tell them. I’m pretty sure I apparently add here that I’m 66” tall and weigh 116 lbs. As a result, My uncle ok HIV drugs and they did not in general. In my opinion HIV drugs he ok helped him die faster. Know what guys, I was not preparing to intending to a HIV doctor that was preparing to tell me that So there’s no hope for me. Virtually, we seek for to share my success for a reason of oil pulling therapy. Needless to say, Prior to oil pulling therapy they had a constant post nasal drip and runny nose because of what they thought were mild allergies. I’m quite sure I had a write of tissue in almost any room of my house and at my office. I had to clear my throat really oftentimes and it was becoming a real problem for me since I sing in my church choir.

After mostly a few weeks of oil pulling I noticed that post all nasal drip and sinus difficulties were gone.

They sleep very much for ages being that we usually can breatoat night.

Know what guys, I don’t actually need to clear my throat really and they could sing a lot better. Thank you very much for the books and our research on coconut oil. Needless to say, My husband and we likewise consume coconut oil, cook with it, and apply it to our skin. Although, Coconut oil cured my acne and keeps me healthful. I was having poor headaches each day. Let me tell you something. These headaches were so nasty Motrin did nothing when we ok prescription strength.

Anyhow, one day I got a drink at gas station and decided blue out to get coconut juice.

We had an awful headache when they started drinking it, and I’m not kidding, 10 minutes later my headache was gone!

To be honest I thought probably it was a coincidence so next week we drank coconut water on a regular basis. Well ever since, my chronic headaches were probably gone. Another thing that they noticed By the way I notice more things changing, since I’m drinking coconut water. I get a burst of energy after drinking coconut water. I actually as well been taking at least a tablespoon of coconut oil every week. For example, I’m a real believer in coconut juice and oil, Know what, I haven’t noticed oil affects as much as tojuice. Know what guys, I didn’t have a clue of stuff healing affects until we just stumbled upon it one day, that lead me to research it. Essentially, Thank you guys for your personal information. Fact, Coconut products will get hope to robust amount of people with all sorts of health issues we believe.

In December 2011, my Golden Retriever was outside playing and cut her bottom paw.

I was not aware of this until she began licking to heal what had usually proven to be infected.

I’m quite sure I ok her to veterinarian and they began her on a 28 day course of antibiotics. Actually I cared for paw by soaking it in Epsom salts 23 times a day and applying antibiotic cream and a clean dressing. When antibiotic course was complete, we still had an infected paw. Doesn’t it sound familiar? She was once more put on a 14 day course of medication. At that point, To be honest I was not seeing any response from antibiotic so they consulted our veterinarian. With that said, They intended to get a area culture. It came back as MRSA. I’m sure you heard about this. Know what guys, I was panicked. My option was one, to put her on the main reputed dose of antibiotic that will treat toinfection. I was warned that this may be deadly. Know what guys, I refused totreatment. About a week after we moved in to our newest home, our ‘7 year’ old enough dog, Davis got deathly ill.

We practically thought he may have damaged his back on tostairs.

He could not walk and had to be carried everywhere.

On second day, he started having blisters on his feet and on his back body, vet was specific that he had hurt his back also. Essentially, when he stood up on his feet they intended to call it an immune disease, they will merely bleed. In any case, he was on death’s bed, still not sure pretty todiagnosis. Always, vet still was unsure of prognosis and considered to put him out of his misery, after $ 1500 in tests and medications. Now pay attention please. Now unable to open one eye and had big ‘half dollar’ size lesions all over his back and hind legs, davis was still unable to walk. I am a typeI diabetic.

Know what guys, I control my glucose levels thru diet supplements alone without allopathic meds.

It’s ugh for me to say what does for any longer because I get lots of exclusive things.

Know what, I drink a may of coconut milk any night as my final of four meals a day. By drinking coconut milk late at night, I’m quite sure I believe it helps regulate my fasting blood sugar measurement. Known night sweats chills we have experienced for a bunch of past 40 50 years are nearly completely gone, as a little fringe benefit. Simply keep reading. Previous week they just started taking coconut flakes weekly with salad or chocolate. I actually have lost five lbs in a week and they haven’t tried to diet. Essentially, merely each time they feel hungry, specifically at night they get some coconut flakes. Thence, I have improved digestion without a doubt. Last couple years they have tried some unusual remedies but nothing seemed helping. My psoriasis started with a tiny spot on one of my fingers therefore spread to the hand, thence next hand, and after that many of my feet.

By chance one of my cousins supposed we try coconut oil.

Opposite to what I’m ld all these yearsfat has usually been terrible for you, Intrigued, Idid some research on it and was amazed by what they cleared up.

Well, after one week using VCO internally and externally, all my feet are always cleared of psoriasis, one hand is all about 95 and next hand 85percent cleared. Aside from that, my energy level is way up. Although, By toway, I should mention that I am 61 year quite old now, coconut oil has always been perfect for intimate use. My wife is extremely good, we do it nearly weekly, no kidding. By the way I went to health shop and obtained a 500 ml bottle of organic shampoo to which we added 30 writes every of essential oils of thyme, lavender, rosemary and tea tree. Know what guys, I as well purchased a huge jar of organic coconut oil. So.we shampooed her practically well, she smelt gorgeous! Towel dried her thoroughly. Now regarding aforementioned fact… I then applied coconut oil working it well into toskin.

I built up to a maintenance degree of 12″ tablespoons in my coffee each morning and started feeling better after about one month.

8 months later they had my yearly colonoscopy checkup and my doctor was shocked!

Therewith has disease reversed itself, biopsies none revealed any indication of colitis and we essentially have a normal person’s colon!! I ld him about coconut oil and, definitely, my doctor thought that medication was cause for improvement but said to definitely do whatever I’m doing. As well, he could’ve seen his kids grow up, if usually my father had this knowledge/product when my father was green. Consequently, I am diagnosed with AIDS.

To be honest I for a while that I was sick but was in denial.

My evidence sickness happened when I was getting boils on a regular basis.

When body will fight one infection another should appear. I’m quite sure I had trouble maintaining my weight. I struggled through tojob, got home that night and my Husband said, You look terrible. You should get it into account. Yep, I’m pretty sure I replied, won’t be able to go boating this evening, I’ll be crook for next 3 months. I went to Refrigerator and saw my bag of coconut chocolates and thought, what if we give it a go. To be honest I had them all, nearly any last one of them and went to bed. Lots of info usually can be looked for on toweb. Next morning we woke up feeling good. I still felt something was not for ageser had toaches, pains, headache or fever and we happily went out in boat and had a good weekend.

After explore an article about coconut oil in a dog journal.

I planned to start off giving my Rottweiler coconut oil.

On his head we put many oil on it two times a day and it simply tumbled off after a couple weeks, when he developed what my vet described as warts. Mostly, He got a special one on his head months later in a tally exclusive spot and we used oil once again, it went down off. I have to share my latest experience with my daughter’s shunt. She’s 18 and has had six surgeries this year. Seriously. Prior to that, surgeries were at six weeks quite old, seven years, and 15 years old enough. Things haven’t been smooth for five years or more. Whenever sleeping mostly, running a slight temp, downward pressure on eyes and protruding slightly, awful balance and dizziness, enlarged pupils and pale complexion, A few Fridays ago I came to the premises from work to look for that she had slept all day, was having nasty head pain, was nauseous and dry heaving. She was really obviously experiencing a blockage/malfunction. Now pay attention please. I started to pack a bag to drive her to primary children’s hospital in Salt Lake, where all her surgeries are done since she was seven In tomeantime, on a whim, I gave her about three organic tablespoons virgin coconut oil to get.

I am using coconut oil a lot personally for my own health, and it was just a spontaneous thought, why not, couldn’t hurt.

I believe coconut oil is key here, To be honest I virtually had her make a capsule of turmeric and capsule of cayenne pepper also.

She dropped asleep for about a 1/2 half an hour and when she woke up she said her head wasn’t hurting as rubbish, and her eyes possibly looked a little better. Within another an hour she was definitely feeling better and it was showing all over her slight fever damaged and all various different symptoms slowly faded and improved. She has not complained of pressure pain ONCE in last three 4″ weeks, also did it pass that night. Ultimately, Prior to this it was at least a few times a week that she’d have pressure pain. I’m sure you heard about this. She’s had a noticeable lazy eye, after her last surgery in January. Essentially, That in my opinion coconut oil somehow got in there and ungunked toblockage, and appears to be continuing to maintain smooth performance. How could this be and not be famous about? By the way I don`t understand. That’s interesting right? Coconut for any longer and mostly in latter years probably were we hearing of its practically limitless benefits.

What do you think about this? Thanks for explore and we look forward to discussing if anyone has been interested. By the way I did have one mother respond that since starting her child on a lofty coconut oil diet, her child might be able to help lots of people with hydrocephalus! When my daughter came facing a thyroid problem she started to investigate real cures. I have studied herbs and normal cures for years but it was she who ld me about coconut oil. Oftentimes She has improved some since starting tooil. On p of that, She requires it internally and slathers it all over her body. That’s where it starts getting serious, right? My story has probably been a little special. As a result, I had a melanoma on my leg. After 5 weeks and turning exclusive colors it’s gone. Yes it’s very true, sounds weird. By the way I heard that castor oil complements coconut oil. To be honest I make six coconut teaspoons oil and1 teaspoon of castor oil twice a day. Castor oil seems to boost coconut oil’s ability to fight viruses. That’s right! If it wasn’t for this website and Internet they would’ve been deceased, Know what, I thank God for toInternet.

Doctors don’t practice medicine, they practice drugs.

I need to add light red palm oil to my regimen to see if my health will stabilize at a greater rate.

I suspect that coconut oil, castor oil, and perhaps palm oil will complement ourselves. You see, My theory is that coconut oil destroys viruses floating in blood stream. Nonetheless, Castor oil stops viruses from copying in infected cells. Palm oil has carotene and similar ‘antifree’ radical chemicals. That has usually been why I consider that these 4 oils will accelerate sick healing process people. To no avail, I actually have had rashes/eczema/contact dermatitis whatever So it’s called for past 1 years. It turned out to be inflamed and weepy, I’ve tried all kinds of cream. Out of desperation we tried applying virgin coconut oil and immediately they felt soothing and cooling effect. Since so flaky and dry skin was probably on mend and skin has turned out to be soft and itch has stopped. I am tally converted and relied upon miracle healing properties of VCO. In addition, Coconut oil has changed my health!

I’m pretty sure I had redish, oily, sensitive acne prone skin with massive for ages.

After two using months coconut oil on my skin we can’t believe tochange.

By the way I feel like we have modern skin! My skin has undergone this kind of a transformation that Surely it’s almost impossible to believe. Seriously. No more makeup to cover redness and acne, no more costly skin products, just good coconut oil! You should make it into account. I used to have swollen, achy legs night and this has as well disappeared! However, My hair is always silky and beautiful, whereas before It was coarse and frizzy. Ugh to think that merely three tablespoons a day and massaging my skin with this oil could make this particular difference. Nonetheless, Thank you. Known We likewise give coconut oil to 3 of our dogs. There is more info about it on this website. One has colitis and it actually helps to control her episodes, and various different has very poor gas difficulties.

Not to extent she had it in advance of giving her coconut oil, she usually was still has gas. I’m thinking now that we must up her dosage and see what happens. Transplant doctors could not believe how well they was doing with condition my lungs were in. Now appreciate me I was not running races and such, as a matter of fact making bed was complex -had to stop and rest four times to get it completed. Of course, I been actually able to continue to move around. Simply keep reading. On clinic weeks, they should bring in students and similar doctors to say You can’t tell by looking how horrible of shape she has been actually in. I am a health professional and thence not surprisingly, I’m quite sure I was abashed when they will see books about coconut oil. Now please pay attention. Until my own health troubles began. Not virtually big enough to be treated by most allopathic doctors, my thyroid levels were swinging around. I felt awful. My hair was falling out, my skin was so dry it itched and cracked, my cholesterol was up and so was my weight, ever so slowly with every passing month. My coworkers were amazed at how could we function when I am constantly sick and on antibiotics.

Know what guys, I was a mess at a fairly youthful age.

I was using coconut oil for about a month now.

I have Type one diabetes., without a doubt, we notice a considerable difference in my blood glucose readings after meals if they haven’t included coconut oil. Notice, they just consume it straight jar out, I’d say if they haven’t cooked with it. So, It has as well helped my 84 year quite old mother’s mood and energy! Thanks, Coconut Oil!!! My name always was Annette and I merely starting using Virgin Coconut oil merely about three weeks ago. I had been suffering with arthritis and back difficulties. Now regarding aforementioned fact… I use to have a significant issue just getting up out of my seat and since I was using coconut oil I simply get right up with not difficulties.

I thought I had to get a really new for awhile being that my back was hurting so horrible but now we have not difficulties. To be honest I merely look for to say that I am sold on this coconut oil and have adviced it to family and mates and they have and they have been telling me good results from it. I had been using cortisone cream for any day, To be honest I for a whileer have eczema. My eyebrows have turned from greyish to grey and so have my arms and leg hairs. Besides, they had a caustic burn on my arm a tennis size ball that had no hair on it for 20 years and although skin still looks slightly white it’s now completely covered with hair. To be honest I started using coconut oil about three months ago. I have arthritis in my right knee and my left hip to extent we could not walk without pain.

This has gone on for years.

My daughter heard about coconut oil through her home school organization.

By the way I started using it and now we will pick up my leg and walk without pain in my hip or leg. Nonetheless, quite a few more good things have happened. In comment section. I have three of our books, simply completed explore one and been enlightened on solid amount of things about coconut oil. I am a naturalist for a great deal of years. I’m quite sure I am 86 years old enough. By the way I am looking forward to lowering my blood pressure. It is Thanks. I am so glad I have our own medicinal and scientific research that now seems to give credence to my really own significant subjective research that has at times been ‘laughed at’ as being coincidental or something else after real results. Normally, I am not scratching for first time in a month.

What a relief.

I first noticed it as persistent itchiness at my p thigh.

So a short rash appeared, after a week or so. It rather fast spread across my hip. Accordingly the rash appeared on hip. I was itchy on my back knees, inside of my elbows, and my back hands, and in addition across all for ages. Now pay attention please. By the way I went to a conventional doctor who couldn’t diagnose source but prescribed antihistamines and a prednisone burst. Doesn’t it sound familiar? Rash was as itchy as ever, and my skin was more obscure red and swollen, after a week on prednisone. I tried nearly any pical remedy I could think of with little relief. Whenever trying an antifungal first, and intending to an antibacterial if antifungal didn’t work, Know what, I saw a naturopathic doctor who was in addition unable to diagnose my problem but considered treating it through a process of elimination.

Actually the rash was now spreading to my back, my belly, and my forearms it flashed through my back mind that they had once study that coconut oil had ‘antifungal’, antibacterial, and anti virus properties, after a couple of weeks on antifungal without relief -in fact.

Feeling fairly desperate -and with nothing to lose we pulled my bottle of virgin coconut oil kitchen out cupboard and applied it pically to all my itchy places.

The results were miraculous. Remember, nearly instantly, itching stopped. Within hours, my skin need to start to smooth, and redness faded. On p of this, This absence of itching is this wonderful feeling that I’m actually grateful. Furthermore, I am now a coconut oil convert. Then once more, we seek for to thank you for supposing caprylic acid with coconut oil.

It has made a HUGE difference and cleared up my face in three weeks.

We purchased dietary supplement, Actually I had suspected yeast/fungi problems.

It WORKED for me. I was extremely reasonable of eating less sugar and carbohydrates. However, they now have a bunch of energy and feel a lot better. Obviously, I was walking and golfing as my exercise program, on weekends 18 holes and nearly any day after work nine holes at least. My heels started to ache constantly, I actually had to leave golf course frequently, and could barely walk from my truck to my house when we got home. Whenever starting study about its ability to reduce inflammation, and thought I’m desperate enough to do it, as they was about almost ready to give up golf, I’m pretty sure I heard about virgin coconut oil. Sounds familiardoesn’t it? Hello, Know what, I have interstitial lung disease.

You will see it by name pulmonary fibrosis.

Diagnosis is confirmed by a biopsy and PFT and CAT scans.

It has probably been a restrictive lung disease which has no cause, no TREATMENT, and no cure. The best description has been my lungs are always turning to cement. 1 weeks ago, I accidently came across the book and since I’ve been suffering with severe back pain caused by severe degenerative disc disease and we have had IBS for years and because of my illness I am really fatigued, I was willing to try anything to feel even a little better. I just wanted to do my dishes and put away my laundry but thankfully all I could do was explore. I can’t believe miracles I am experiencing in my body. The back pain was always improved, stomach is improved and my energy level has increased. You usually can find more information about it on this site. Most amazing thing which we did not expect is I am breathing better. Known I am often checking my O2 sats. For example, 2 weeks ago without oxygen my O2 sat were betwixt 90 and 93percentage but this morning they’ve been 97percent. Know what guys, I was able to search for bathroom first thing this morning without oxygen which I have not been able to do for months. Known they understand it’s entirely 1 weeks but since we have not study anything in the book about restrictive lung diseases I thought you all of your research.

They ld my dentist that they was not good to make antibiotics as they reckoned that coconut oil was taking effect.

He had in no circumstances ever heard anything really about coconut oil and was so surprised when he did a thorough for awhile being that he said that he could see that although gum was swollen and angry looking, he could tell that it was virtually has begun to subside. Basically, He as well looked at my gums, as I had previously been referred by him to a specialist in Clifton Bristol UK for troubles with gingivitis. He searched with success for all my gum depth scores mainly at zero and a couple at one!! Mostly, He said OK he didn’t need to medicate me and should observe how things went and within one more day all swelling had completely disappeared and gum was pink and wholesome once more!!!! He always was so amazed that he said he was probably intending to look at coconut research online. I wanted to share my story about coconut wonders oil.

I’m almost sure I was diagnosed with Type I diabetes about one months ago plus I had been battling with lower thyroid levels for a few years.

They was explore internet information about diabetes and ran across a website that discussed partially poisons hydrogenated oils in our food supply and direct correlation of their consumption to rising epidemic of Type I diabetes insulin resistance.

I looked with success for that so that’s associated to consumption of partially hydrogenated oils in todiet. Know what guys, I explore of consuming benefits coconut oil. To be honest I then eliminated all partially hydrogenated oils and products containing them from my diet and began using 3 organic tablespoons virgin coconut oil spread on whole wheat ast in morning plus 3 tablespoons of flax oil in my oatmeal. My energy levels have soared, my blood sugar went down from 300 range to normal range of 114, my craving for starches, sweets and carbohydrates completely disappeared, I feel fuller, that helps me stick to my diet, my body temperature increased and my blood pressure increased slightly, though not dangerously big -another side after three weeks. Besides, All we usually can say has been that they wish every Diabetic with type I diabetes would explore this information and begin using coconut oil and flax seed oil.

They would see amazing results.

My doctor has usually been rather impressed that we brought my blood sugar under control so pretty fast WITHOUT drugs and thought it was diet and exercise usually.

Actually I enlightened that sticking to diet and exercise has probably been made very much easier from these incorporation delicious oils in my diet. Lots of in medicinal community have not heard of coconut wonders oil. Undoubtedly, probably they don’t need for awhile being that by virtually curing type two diabetes with this information, quite a few doctors and specialists should quickly be out of business As one website author said, word cure and diabetes ain’t on most medic doctor’s vocabulary -and reason probably was pecuniary. Now look. After making toappt.

Friday, to put him to sleep on Monday, Know what guys, I planned to try one last thing over toweekend.

We study on net about coconut oil being very well for dog’s immunity.

Desperately they tried it, and miraculously about 5 hours after his first dose, he got up and walked. Within a day, his feet stopped bleeding and he was again walking over to food bowl! I’m almost sure I am convinced and amazed! Generally, Funny how after $ 1500 of tests and meds from tovet, a $ 15 coconut jar oil healed him!!! For instance, It has now been 2 weeks and he probably was back to normal. I ultimately intended to tell and show my hematologists of these results which he was most shocked to practice for awhile being that they was still well under they even said to watch what my count does after this next weekend on Malibu – sure as eggs is probably eggs -my count shot up, after some amount of time.

He was tally flabbergasted with this finding, however, he said from a medic perspective he couldn’t go around prescribing Malibu and coke to any further patients he has with ITP. I was weaned off all drugs and have had perfect health since. For 24 years we have battled herpes simplex type I both genitally and in my mouth, and on my nose. On p of this, My infection ain’t typical type where you get should come down with it once again. Whether I had genital or facial blisters, terrible part has always been that prior to outbreak I should suffer extreme fatigue and rather nasty headaches that feel like a chainsaw is ripping into my brain. It affected my ability to think and my memory and we worried that virus was eating away at my brain. I’m almost sure I used Acyclovir preventively for three years to fairly good effect, until it stopped working altogether. Herpes is an incredibly destructive force during my existence, I make three tablespoons full of organic raw apple cider vinegar a day before any meal.

Before every meal, To be honest I get a tablespoon of organic raw DME coconut oil three times a day too.

Throughout day we brew Yerba Mate tea and I can’t recommend it enough. It usually was a tasty tea, a normal diuretic and helps to boost tometabolism. By the way I have abolished sweeteners and have turned to Stevia to sweeten tea just a little. Fact, Last but not least, I incorporate warm peppers and cayenne pepper into my diet. A well-prominent fact that has been. This tactic raised my body’s basil temperature and kick starts my metabolism. Simply think for a moment. I’ve noticed for a whileer struggle with ‘acid reflux’ or constipation. I actually have lost that bloated, distended feeling…it’s really wonderful. Essentially, I understand I’ve gone on and on but they can’t say enough about DME wonders Coconut Oil. It’s benefits have usually been worth more than we may shed some light, for those of you on a budget, So it’s a little on costly side.

By the way I honestly should live without all of my worldly possession to obtain this stuff.

Please do yourself toworld’s largest favor and go GET SOME, I’d say if you haven’t usually.

Don’t waste another minute feeling depressed, unhealthy and discouraged with diet pills or programs. I’m quite sure I am a diabetic I use virgin coconut oil with lavender for my day/night moisturizer and it does remove my wrinkles. If they skip using it on my face, wrinkles come back. Keep reading. We once poured boiling candles on my finger. In comment write. It got so redish and had a blister. It hurt all day.

Actually I put cream thickly on its p and put socks over my hand that cream stays on blister while I am asleep, when we was about to search for sleep.

The next morning, it was not there anymore.

No trace at burn all. My wife got bright idea to search for a nearest grocery store and ask about usual remedies for rashes. Advice she got back was to try coconut oil. Now let me tell you something. She did and his rash immediately started to disappear within 18 hours. It stuck around in his abdomen and should regularly make him down. A well-famous fact that is probably. Know what guys, I then supposed we try coconut milk. Anyhow, This combination of coconut oil and milk going to be adopted by anyone afflicted with HSP. It’s a terrible autoimmune problem and had my wife not taken no for a choice, we may well have endured surgery. Know what guys, I have had fibromyalgia for about 4 years and arthritis in my back for 3. I actually was progressively getting worse. Now let me tell you something. Arthritis in my back was constant, endless pain and my fibro came and went, To be honest I did not need to make medication.

We don’t look for to mask one problem and cause a series of additional issues.

To be honest I lived with topain, slowly gaining weight and feeling miserable. I am a 76 yr. By the way I started taking coconut oil in Dec. Far, I am elated at results! In Feb. This has been tocase. AIC was 0 It had slowly but coherently crept up from four in previous years. In 2012, AIC crept up to 2, consequently jumped to 6, and in Dec. To be honest I had lost five lbs. The steady increase in blood sugar was disturbing. You will find more info about it here. We began taking coconut oil about one month ago. I’m sure you heard about this. By the way I get three tbsp. To be honest I love it. I have more energy, less of an appetite and my skin and hair has a healthier look and feel. On p of consume it, By the way I in addition use it on my skin externally.

It works wonders on my feet and face/neck area.

They started taking VCO 2 times a day.

Usually by about half, my heels feet felt better promptly. I was fortunate with that. Actually I under no circumstances stopped golfing. My feet continued to get a little better any day, and after a month and a half, I actually was completely healed. Know what, I saw this when they walked 18 holes five months in a row. Thence at night my feet felt normal without pain, nor was there any pain next morning. In general, In 1987 I was diagnosed with what was after that, called Post Viral Syndrome, now ME/CFS/CFIDS. Nonetheless my health had been slowly deteriorating since ‘midI’ had a severe relapse in 1993 following a flu vaccination, I’d had a confident bout of flu in 1986 from which I did not recover correctly. From this point I was mostly house and also bed bound. Basically, My husband and I was everywhere and tried everything.

By the way I was in constant pain from infections.

My skin was losing color.

I actually was becoming pale. I had severe acne. HIV virus practically stopped my body from healing. You should make it into account. Know what guys, I would bleed readily. I was tired now and then. I had to drink lots of coffee and get vitamins to feel normal. Basically, my body ld me that my end was near. Have you heard about something like this before? My family has heard me praise coconut oil a lot that now whenever one of them has a burn, or suffering from stomach troubles, or a skin condition like rosacea, psoriasis, eczema, age spots, I’ll start to recommend coconut oil but before we will get it out of my mouth, my sister will chime in, uh oh, here she goes with how big coconut oil is.

I actually merely laugh but in my heart they understand that it’s simply a case of pharmacology ‘brainwashing’.

Why was always it so rough for people to acknowledge that Mother Earth has provided a lot of proper, unusual alternatives to RX medicines?

I’m so good that now, thanks to our own website, videos and books, By the way I have an avenue to educate others about coconut wonders. After having 25+ years of severe acid reflux using strongest medication barely helped. After one using day virgin coconut oil I noticed an improvement. By week end it was completely gone and has stopped years of suffering. I’ve noticed more energy and junk loss food cravings. My skin has improved and could go out in sun once again not a mole hiding in shade or behind sunscreen. Your book has been right so that’s nothing shorter of a miracle praise toLord. I was using Coconut Oil since June.

I started using coconut oil in my coffee.

I immediately noticed it works big as an appetite suppressant and gives me more energy.

Actually I have started doing oil pulling. My joints do not hurt like they did prior to using coconut oil. Anyways, My husband uses gel tablets when he has heartburn and it stops immediately. We as well use coconut milk, that virtually helps me when my feet cramp up, specifically for ages day on cement floor. Where in past it will stay redish and get forever to heal, if I get a scratch I put some oil on it and it heals quick. Know what, I cut my finger when we was at fair past week and put coconut oil we keep with me at any time on it immediately and put a band aide on it and you can’t tell there was a cut. My husband notices that a rash he has had on his chest since he was a kid is going to go away. He as well does oil pulling.

He has chronic ear troubles and oil has helped with ringing in his ears and dizziness, and all that stuff My skin is softer than it has ever been.

The beautician figuring out if I had colored my hair, gray is virtually completely gone and we have not colored my hair in months.

My e nails were oftentimes thick and tough, I’m quite sure, that’s going away and my feet are far way softer now., no doubt, Adding Coconut Oil into our essence has helped tremendously! By the way I wouldn’t be without it and carry it with me everytime. Actually I had explore it’s been used on animals so I started giving it to my gloomy yellow tabby cat, now she cries for it. Ok, and now one of most crucial parts. She has problems with crystals in her urine and has next bathroom problems. Usually, it must have for awhile being that now she requires it every chance she gets, at first when I gave her oil she didn’t get to it. I can’t recommend taking coconut oil enough, it’s simple and big! Are experimenting with freshly grated coconut, stevia and 95percentage chocolate to make yummy chocolate bars.

Taste has probably been fantastic but I am having a little trouble assembling. Any suggestions on how to make coconut stick gether when not using real sugar? My mum had been taking coconut oil on an everyday basis and in addition using it while not moisturizing cream. I saw her for first time in six months and I am extremely surprised to say that lines and wrinkles on her face have softened a lot. There has been a remarkable difference. Much so, I immediately went out to purchase myself a bottle of oil so I may ward off early aging.

Nonetheless, In 1999 while working with my father, Neville on a way to extract fresh meat from coconut in Australia, I actually explore Bruce Fife’s book on coconut health benefits oil. Basically, I had been got up in Northern Rhodesia and was lead to think that coconut oil and butter was terrible for you and our experimenting on coconut extraction meat was entirely for awhile being that nobody had invented a way of meat coconut extraction and we admired challenge as we came from farming stock. However, they have had rough skin on my elbows since childhood.

While nothing worked, I have tried everything, intense scrubbing, all exclusive kinds of lotions types.

They had was starting to crack and bleed so I was about to schedule an appointment with a dermatologist when I ran across coconut oil as a medic treatment.

IT WORKED!!! My elbows are beautiful now, not a bit dry! Another chum of my sister, who has awful dry skin for a while being that she needs for her heart, diabetes, allergies, etcetera has used commercial moisturizers without success. She used my cream and it helped her skin recover for a whileer itches. Normally, we was diagnosed with prostatitis practically a year ago.

This infection was caused by a hospital stay in which they was diagnosed with a chronic leukemia.

My prostatitis beyond doubt is flaring out of control, my leukemia has usually been under control.

Several courses of antibiotics later, To be honest I still had toprostatitis. Not much fun, with that said, this condition. By the way I noted that coconut oil may kill special kinds of bacteria types and Candida. Now regarding aforementioned fact… After five weeks on four VCO Tablespoons a day, my prostatitis symptoms are practically gone. Normally, Pain cut from a ten to a My flow has usually been way better than even normal. I’m pretty sure I likewise note that when I awaken in tomorning, my teeth are always not fuzzy, they feel clean and smooth. That’s interesting. We have lost seven pounds and my skin is clearing up. I have far greater energy than we have ever had before. Habitual sweet oth they suffer from seems to have vanished. I am in shock from this good benefit food. It’s a well where apparently they be in a month, if all this usually can happen in mostly a few weeks.

Calluses on my fingers left hand were thick and flakey from playing toguitar, as a side bonus.

We was having to file them down to be able to play, and my fingertips were tender.

That all went away. They have usually been pliable now, By the way I don’t actually need to file them, and my finger tips have been not tender any more, I actually still have calluses. I actually usually can for a while as I seek for to now. Now pay attention please. Know what, I am highly grateful to you for writing your book. I will safely say that it has changed our lives. We are members of Weston A Price Foundation, and I have reeducated myself on nutrition.

Coconut oil with a careful diet has restored health for both of us, and we savor cooking gether as a hobby.

Creams and facial mask to avoid and to remove my pimples, since I was 16 years quite old we usually purchased special kinds of over-priced cosmetics.

These products caused me solely more blemishes and my face turned dry. Actually I noticed if my skin gets dried from exclusive kinds of cosmetics and creams and facial mask they mostly get more blemishes. I had back pain previous month since I am working in office nine hours a day. My cousin massaged my back with virgin coconut oil and next day they noticed that my pimples on my back went dry and it feels so smooth. Know what guys, I started applying it on my face regular and all over tobody. Now we have a pretty smooth face and it has its moisture once again. Essentially, My skin redness, pimples, large pores were always all gone. You see, It helps a lot and they may virtually recommend virgin coconut oil. Of course It was solely next day following this same conversation with someone who’s friend’s son suffers with identical illness, and me recommending Malibu to her, that they intended to research any reputed health pros of coconuts -and was reassured that among benefits listed, was symptoms of things like, bruising, menstrual problems and similar which all seem to tie in with my results.

I’m quite sure I could now have all 4 dogs in house and there’s virtually no odorand -toear infection has cleared up.

Their coats are always beautiful.

Therefore this year the process was far way faster -they look so shiny and good, normally it will take for awhile to rid of all deceased winter coat. Cleared up doggy breath. I’m quite sure I have 4 female Labradors -commonly when they are shedding at this time of year they will have a strong doggy odor. Actually I got shingles past week on Thursday. Nevertheless, My sister ‘inlaw’ gave me some virgin coconut oil and by Saturday pain was gone. Oftentimes It was probably now Thursday and rash is nearly gone without pain. Sure beats getting steroids!! In addition, I am impressed and could be using this product daily! Nevertheless, As a scientist they can’t yet attribute one incident to coconut oil.

Probably they merely got lucky.

I figured we will no doubt get sick once more from a flight so we’ll see if identical thing happens.

Probably problem probably was, To be honest I go but I haven’t been sick once more. Possibly sneaking a chocolate any time you look for Refrigerator may be pretty important thing if it’s a coconut oil chocolate. Remember, they robust show my patients to consume more VCO when sick and advocate to all ages from newborns to quite old and sick, including those with diabetic, hypertensive, heart, and skin ailments and those stricken with cancer. Plenty of info could be searched with success for quickly on toweb. Over last 1 years I’ve seen patients get better. Know what, I started using virgin coconut oil to ‘de frizz’ my hair.

Over toholidays, for a while shiny hair, and we ld her my secret.

We cleared up she has probably been an avid VCO user Know what guys, I had tried everything on my athlete’s foot, and nothing ever worked. I gave it a shot, and it worked!!!!the nail fungi was usually completely gone!! It probably was now the main product I use on my skin head to toe, it got rid of my acne!! I actually wish I had famous how dramatic review my be, I would have taken before and after photos. In comment being that they feel yucky. Then, Kind of breaks tomagic. Virtually, Not so with coconut oil. You get to cuddle up and relish intimacy and stroke his chest or skin with good soft hands. So, I don’t need any scientific research to tell me coconut oil is always ‘antifungal’. I haven’t had Candida since we switched to coconut oil. By the way I get to feel lucky about my husband everyday now and not merely in between bouts of Candida. Coconut oil is always way cheaper than Canasten Medication and it’s sooo gentle not having all grief and discomfort.

Actually, my complexion looked and felt awful.

It was dim red, rather warm and inflamed.

In past they was diagnosed with various dermatitis. I have had them all. Seborrhea surfaced with my face feeling like it was sunburn. Know what guys, I was desperate and reread the book the Coconut Oil Miracle, notably, pages 76 and 77 -Healing Fungal and yeast Infections with Coconut Oil. I am really pleased with coconut good benefits oil. For example, My horse had these ugly warts on her nose that should not go away. Know what guys, I intended to put some coconut oil on them and everyone thought that they was going nutty. Now regarding aforementioned fact… Within six weeks they had all cleared up and I am so lucky about it. She loves smell and oil taste one of the things to cleanse and heal.

I will in no circumstances stop using VCO. It’s amid to planet’s gifts to mankind. Since we had a commitment to visit a client they decided merely to bear with it, I woke up at that time feeling weak. Normally, they was always highly sick feverish, joints pain, back pain, and quite tired flu usual symptoms that I’m extremely familiar, when I came to the apartments in evening from tofactory. Since I’ve heard about VCO antiviral effects, and Know what guys, I intended to try it and acquired a bottle from a nearby drugstore. You should get it into account. I struggled to drink four tablespoons. Consequently without any information that VCO probably was antipyretic, To be honest I ok 500 paracetamol mg, gether with two glasses of water, since I had39 dot five C fever usually. I went to bed at nine PM. Essentially, they was not able to sleep immediately, I felt my body was energized, and fatigue feeling did not worsen.

Woke up at three AM immensely surprised that my flu was completely gone, I’m almost sure I slept.

Being so familiar with toflu, By the way I could hardly think that it could virtually disappear that.

By the way I felt so well that they planned to proceed with my late morning flight at five AM that day to Philippines southern city, Davao City. My doctor noticed a rearrangement in my physic appearance, energy level, and health and started to ask questions. Of course in addition to use it topically, By the way I ld her that I have switched all my cooking oils to coconut oil as well as drink it. She frowned and quite fast cautioned me that I am pregnant and need to be careful with how much saturated fat I have in my diet. My parents and loads of my chums o started to caution me with all rhetoric that medicinal industry has spread throughout our society. Actually I decided it would’ve been better to keep quiet and continue to stick with my regular Coconut Oil regiment not even considering what medicinal professionals are saying.

I have seen toresults, and look forward to seeing how this will affect my health 4th baby. I actually have a feeling that my child going to be them healthiest baby all. I simply had to share with you amazing results so far. On p of that, This past week all of his hand tremors have stopped! His stiffness in his hands has been gone! Remember, He has lost 20 pounds! Anyways, All his body aches have usually been gone! He is happier and has more energy! He seems more alert. My husband usually was in addition quite healthful on this diet. A well-prominent fact that has been. He has lost 35 pounds. Eighteen months ago after turning forty he ok up squash once more. Most people give up squash at 40, not make it up once more, as one of his chums commented. To be honest I was hospitalized Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar with lungs not able to rid itself of carbon dioxide -down to 10. Docs have probably been still amazed at how well my body has usually been doing. In comment write. Then, It caught my attention when it claimed that coconut oil will slim down and it was really healthy…. You see, Huh? That was not what they was made to believe! As a result, As coconut is probably or has been our every day staple in this world part, Actually I was interested to practice more. By the way I happened to be motivated to try it out, after study articles and success stories. For example, Following has been my timeline Organic VCO experiences with ‘3tablespoons’ on a regular basis. After my ‘benders’ count should shoot up to anywhere between 600 and My hematologist at infirmary was tally unaware of this drinking of mine.

He will adjust and reduce tosteroids, and similar for any longer being that to him ‘todrugs’ appeared to be working.

So after a few more of these episodes I was able to link Malibu heavy drinking as being source of my strange peaks in my platelet counts.

No next drink seemed to have this kind of effect. I maintained my own charts and been able to correlate weekend binges on Malibu with these sharp rises in count, as I say. Merely think for a moment. I confided my findings with my brother and my pals and did actually get them to endorse toresults. Most of Malibu equals incredible platelet counts equals my doctor being flummoxed as to why. Nonetheless, weekends without Malibu equals whatever fluctuating norm was. I’m pretty sure I was diagnosed at one time to have shingles which made my hip’s skin feel like it literally is ironed.

My doctor said only one way to deal with Undoubtedly it’s to make some sort of horribly costly antibiotic!

I did not acquire toprescription, since it was still bearable.

I put coconut oil on it thereafter, and what do you see. Thing went away in minutes!!!! My sister came to me with really similar complaint coming from her doctor. By the way I ld her to apply coconut oil, and it as well worked for her. You should make this seriously. Truth has been revealed and allopathic medicine has to admit all this while they are bad and So it’s still not I actually still get criticisms from plenty of but I turst in due time critics could be silenced. Ok, and now one of most essential parts. As consumption of coconut flour gets ongoing promotion, in my opinion everyone overall health and world going to be better.

I tried it.

I have taken coconut oil since August of 2009 and in November month for a whileer have everyday infections and my skin has cleared up considerably.

My skin color has probably been returning back to normal. For instance, we don’t need to make 3 hour naps anymore., beyond doubt, Coconut oil is a gift from god!!! My husband was diagnosed with severe ulcerative colitis in January of It proven to be under control with western medicine practices but in fall he had a severe flare up. In general, He was in and out of hospital for two months and was given big doses of IV steroids that were not helping. Doctors at final hospital stay wanted him to try a IV infusion therapy, Remicade as his last resort. My husband and they have done extensive research on Remicade use and have looked with success for that it has aftereffect that he was not willing to try.

His doctors had ld him that it was his usually option or surgery.

We were devastated by this information and were felt hopeless.

Family chum of ours ld us about coconut oil and how it had helped him for a tumor he had behind his eye that had shrunk. He ld us that we should try it to see if it will help with his colitis flare. It was worth shot to try. Some info could be looked for online. The horrible thing that will happen has usually been that it should not work. We picked up a jar of extra virgin coconut oil at our neighboring health food store and rest is always history!!! Coconut oil has changed my husband’s essence for tobetter. This stuff is probably a miracle worker!!! Obviously, His health has changed drastically has probably been a matter of a few weeks, literally a few months of taking it has helped him very much!! He ld me other day that he wasted three his essence months being sick, that he wished he searched with success for coconut oil earlier. I actually will scream it from roof ps that coconut oil has changed my husband’s essence and mine!!! Consequently, Everyone may be taking it. It benefits nearly any part of one’s health and health. Our child after being ill.

My 55 year old enough wife is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, she has displayed symptoms for was taking a four tbsp weekly dose review is probably amazing, even to her Primary care physician and her Neurologists. They all examined and tested her within two therapy weeks and after my reporting telephonically to them practically immediate results. They are always amazed. Coconut Oil has changed my health! To be honest I am particular to a special brand which has been Nutiva pure for ages being that taste was probably amazing. That’s right! I am 56 years old enough and have used coconut oil for my hair and skin for over a year now. My coarse gray hair was always very much softer and coconut oil keeps it good and strong and it grows a lot faster. Know what, I in addition use a tiny oil bit as a hair gel and to add shine. I actually love coating my hair in coconut oil and leaving it on in one day. Now let me tell you something. My skin has been far way softer and eczema tiny patch on my palm has cleared up. For example, It is usually in addition good to use as a special lubricant.

By the way I merely turned out to be flicking through Bruce’s Coconut Oil Miracle book where he talks about curing flu symptoms with extra VCO.

On Tuesday, I added an extra two tbsp.

I all of a sudden realized that I didn’t feel so awful anymore! Nevertheless, next day we added in more VCO than usual and day I basically feel completely well. On p of this, we merely came across our wonderful web site another day after a Google search on to‘Health positive parts of coconuts.’ Way back in 1984 when they had left school, Know what guys, I developed a rare blood disorder called ITP which is Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura. As a result, This blood disorder is where a person’s autoimmune system goes into chaos and platelets get taken up by rogue antibodies. Nevertheless, result is that person begins bleeding internally. I as well applied coconut oil bandage to a quarter sized blackish lesion on my breast and it’s practically completely gone after merely a few weeks. Now please pay attention. I could go on and tell you more but we intended to write about things that I did not did actually see in your own books. To be honest I explore an article about a Filipino teenager or junior man that had AIDS and could not afford HIV drugs.

Filipino doctor ld him to make coconut oil. The junior man’s health improved over time and his viral load has always been writeping. Changing to dim green tea, mate and Teeccino, I experimented with a tiny cup of rather warm tea and a dollop of VCO to watch what happens and you will have thought we was contemplating prepare for first time, not doing coffee anymore due to not wanting osteoporosis. Merely saw ‘oil’ beads in toliquid. As a result, OK, no real problem there. I swallowed it. Considering above said. WOW!!! Mostly, What a newly satisfying way to drink my dearly adored grim green tea and mate and Teeccino. On p of that, and trying to recall it aromatherapy, with that said, this solves that pricey problem right there, after obtaining a could of overpriced greenish tea at arnes and Noble’s coffee bar that was infused with coconut oil.

I intend to not go anywhere without a short jar of VCO in my bag for tea easily, or nutrition, for sake of example.

Thanks for toresearch, tobook, and recipes!

Possibly my various different kids wouldn’t have to suffer from all food allergies, including dairy, artificial sweeteners, and preservatives, I’d say in case we would have prominent with my various pregnancies what we see now with this one. I’m quite sure I will be lucky to report back to you after this baby has usually been born and make it quite easy for you to see toresults. My due date is December 4th. I suffered with rturous itching for 1 years and saw 3 dermatologists. Basically, A competent dermatologist ultimately diagnosed it properly as nummular eczema. Just think for a moment. I remembered it said coconut oil probably work on I’m pretty sure I used it a couple of times a day for a couple of weeks and itching stopped.

I am rubbing it on my leg once a day for three years now.

We rarely leave behind for a while being that if we struggle to use it, it will be open to itch once again.

Know what guys, I want to thank Bruce Fife for this idea. My right thumb has eczema that comes and goes determined by my overall health performance. It is My dermatologist prescribed an extremely overpriced steroid cream to treat it when it’s active. 3 weeks ago, eczema was making my thumb weep, itchy, and light red. I applied VCO and covered it with gauze, while not putting on steroid cream.

Following morning redness was gone and skin happened to be dry. I continued to apply VCO 3x a day and after a few weeks thick flaky bung skin was gone and my thumb is smooth once more. To be honest I am 25 years quite old female and I’m taking coconut oil for now 2 months. Why? Because I was desperate with my weight. I tried EVERYTHING! That said, All fat burners that exist, name it we tried it! With a couple of them consequences were extremely strong. Know what guys, I do exercise three times a week. Now pay attention please. Nothing was helping me. To be honest I intended to meet a nutritionist and he made me make coconut oil.

By the way I get five tea spoons per day gether with five little meals.

They have to say that I am pretty impressed.

Know what guys, I lost 15 pounds! Of course decisively something that truly works! I don’t even need to think on how much money they spent on fat burners! Ok, and now one of most essential parts. I could have acquired coconut oil for fairly a bit of my essence! On p of this, Give it a try! My daughter sent me some virgin coconut oil from Thailand, where she lives, in addition book by Bruce Fife on Coconut Miracle oil. I am chronically ill and disabled with a neuro muscular disease. Actually I started rubbing it into skin about six months ago, that has greatly softened my dry skin as well as diminished horrible brownish marks on my hands and arms. It has as well helped my cracked corners mouth. Whenever being unable to walk for plenty of years, and after taking a short VCO amount almost any day for last three four months, am now delighted to say that we have lost I actually was very overweight very much better for it, I may hardly believe it.

I am absolutely hooked on virgin coconut oil!

I likewise have it with a jacket potato and a little seasalt and it’s absolutely delicious, and a variety of different techniques of including it in my diet.

By the way I have proposed it to a great deal of mates. That said, I am writing to update you on our seven month progress with coconut oil. I’m almost sure I am so enthralled with this oil and all wonderful things That’s a fact, it’s doing for us. My husband had severe prostatitis for virtually a year. Nothing helped him. Then once more, He went through a couple of cycles of antibiotics, prostate massage, and all that, to no avail. He was desperate and sure that this condition would plague him for most of his existence. After study peoples’ stories here, I’m pretty sure I had been taking coconut oil for two months and, urged him to initiate taking it. Consequently, decided, he was skeptical. After one religiously month taking six tablespoons a day, his symptoms vanished. Actually I thank God for this miracle. With that said, so it’s not all. Notice, Here have usually been plenty of to benefits we have noticed. She said get me coconut water, she didn’t feel like eating or drinking, I’m pretty sure I ld her she will have to search for hospital is she didn’t drink, that I did, she started drinking it, and kept drinking, later on she had a little meal, and need to start to feel a little better, my wife has colon cancer. She came to the premises rather weak and tired. So in morning she was pretty sick, I was worried about dehydration and was pushing her to drink.

Kept on drinking coconut water, next morning she was feeling a whole lot better.

Now all she drinks apart from occasional fruit juice, is usually coconut water, and is getting better any day.

Has flown through them without difficulties, her oncologist is amazed he says her tumors have cut in size by at least 50percent and he has always been optimistic about her condition,. My wife says she will go on with drinking coconut water for some of her existence. All in all, we don’t think so, Know what guys, I feel coconut water was probably reason she was usually getting better, that said, this should be coincidence. I’m sure you heard about this. He saw somewhere in his understanding about Stop Alzheimer’s Now book and I pretty fast ordered it on Amazon. I explore book and after all went to grocery to start our newest way of eating. Primarily, We went on a quite low carb diet, entirely eating meat, dairy, vegetables, and some fruit and for sure, added coconut oil.

So if our meal did not use it in cooking, We really ok it with warm murky green tea. We have stayed on plan now for five weeks. I ld my dad who had been suffering with extreme psoriasis on his legs for 4 years. Treatments All he has undergone are terribly painful and ineffective. On p of that, Coconut oil has soothed his skin and is all better By the way I first explore Coconut Cures and started using coconut oil 3 years ago. Basically, I had a rash on my legs that started a few years earlier as a short patch and grew so that it was mostly on my legs below toknees. To be honest I went to physicians, dermatologists, allergists, acupuncturists, tried plenty of creams to no avail. Coconut oil was one product that made rash go away. I use it on my skin, including my face, and hair.

My elbows are always as soft as a baby’s behind.

I ok two it jars on a trip to Fiji and turned a few people on to it.

Despite on first for a whileer than we should have been and they got a burn, I’m quite sure I used it as a sunscreen. Know what guys, I made sure we used loads of oil and stayed sun out for a few weeks until burn turned brownish and after that they did go back in tosun. Now my acquaintances at office have been using it By the way I bake fry with ‘it use’ it on my skin.

Therewith did it I sleep like a baby, wake at five almost ready to go. One thing that noone else has ‘mentionedmy’ memory was probably big love to do research on computer to keep active. A 2 year old enough big grandson had such dry scaly skin they had one prescription after another that didn’t work. For example, I gave my granddaughter some VCO to ‘try it’ worked in one daytodoctor said decisively last RX workedshe smiled and ld him grandma gave her coconut oil to ‘tryhe’ wrote it down and ld her use it. Normally, This stuff has been ‘big my’ dogs get a tsp. I wanted to thank you for enlightening me to coconut benefits oil. Virtually, I am 29 years pretty old and was suffering with ulcerative colitis for 14 years. For example, My father had ulcerative colitis that went untreated and led to cancer and his death at 46 age, consequently they have oftentimes been seriousness aware.

I under no circumstances experienced coconut oil until my wife searched with success for the cookbooks!

They visited toCRC’s website and ordered your Coconut Cures book and was blown away page after page.

Colitis, To be honest I have a couple of other medicinal troubles that were treated with coconut oil so how will we not give it a try. Lately, for past two weeks that they missed to get my coconut oil, To be honest I felt weaker particularly every time I sleep late. Just think for a moment. I catch chill yesterday, and I am reminded to make my coconut oil religiously. I am sure coconut oil boosted my health and we believe it heals me from my colds, sinusitis and protects my body from getting sick.

Hi, By the way I tried coconut oil as an under arm deodorant.

It works!

To be honest I talked to an acquaintance about coconut oil and after 3 using months it he stopped taking his cholesterol pills. After seeing his doctor he searched for that his HDL to LDL was 7! He thanked me for telling him about it and says it’s top-notch for ages. Know what, I under no circumstances had another episode. Now regarding aforementioned fact… My buddies and family had been for any longer virus stayed with them -some for 8 months or more. Mine completely lasted for an afternoon. That evening I was back to normal. Lager, Guinness, Pernod Black, and others, like most experimenting youths they got myself drunk on about nearly any drink type there ‘wasBitter’.

Therefore if they recall carefully, there was a really new product on market over here in UK called Malibu, that was a coconut based Bacardi.

Now this stuff was so plain easy to drink in a mixer of Malibu Cola or Malibu Lemonade.

It was not uncommon for me to down 20+ shots of this stuff throughout nights out with tolads. It was lovely. I have even started VCO production using DME method to produce this relatively pricey oil for my patients and customers and make this remarkable healing oil more affordable to them. Considering above said. I am getting excellent guidance from Agriculture Ministry. To be honest I am extremely grateful to have a Prime Minister that advocates VCO industry and hope to see his vision come very true for my countrymen. On p of that, they did a specific amount my own research and kept coming up with coconut oil.

To be honest I looked for this website and turned out to be more convinced as we accessed journals presented.

They felt like what was they to lose?

Here is probably what happened after taking coconut oil for a few months. It ok a big for ages before we noticed these revisal. At first they gained weight and was extremely depressed by it all. I stuck with it. The health overlooking are remarkable. Remarkable., beyond doubt, Coconut oil has changed my essence. When we mention this to my colleagues or chums, mostly sad part has been. Finally, I still get ‘glazed over’ looks of disinterest and disbelief, or outright gasps of horror with a refusal to listen to any more of it. I wanted to share with you my brother’s amazing success regarding coconut oil. My brother usually was schizophrenic and was on heavy medication for a lot of years. The medication has had awful consequences for him turning him into a zombie -tired pretty mostly, lower energy and consequently weight gain. My brother saw an item on TV regarding coconut oil and planned to try it. Let me tell you something. This was less than six months ago but in that time his regular tablespoon of coconut oil has provided him with a lot energy he is amazed.

He could solely do up to few minutes of real physical work in advance of resting but now he could work solidly for a decent few hours.

He has managed a whole day volunteering in a community project without exhaustion -this is always something he virtually could not do before.

He should get more if he could afford it but even short amount he requires always was transforming his quiet essence. Usually, He has merely started digging out foundations for a house extension! Did you hear of something like that before? A project on hold before because of his illness. As well, they hope more research could be done in this particular area as a lot of people who make anti psychotic medication probably were suffering. Just keep reading. He usually wishes he had reputed about coconut oil years ago. Here in Philippines we Catholics were probably celebrating nine dawn masses almost any day at 30 in morning and during these nine consecutive weeks, I believed my health was running so well for a while being that oil that we religiously consume everyday.During these months, I felt warmer although temperature was getting colder here in toPhilippines.

To be honest I did not catch any freezing during these months unlike previous years when we was not taking it yet.

3 mine relatives, all avid golfers, have quite itchy thick hives on their backs.

They was to good dermatologists and were given prescription creams that cost in one day thick rough hives have softened, and after a few months hives disappeared without any trace. Nothing worked how they said it should, my father has had psoriasis for years past couple and has undergone lots of unusual treatments. My mother searched desperately on internet for means to cure it, and came upon a site about coconut oil. There is a lot more information about this stuff on this site. Figuring there was nothing to lose, she acquired a jar of it and my father began rubbing it on all of his psoriasis spots.

Know what guys, I am fortunate to say that his psoriasis always was clearing up after mostly about a month of using coconut oil!

The other day they was struck down with a terrible throat infection that traveled to my sinuses and ears.

I’m pretty sure I was miserable and after going onto Antibiotics throat infection was gone. BUT sinus trouble was no better. Thus, I was drowning in mucus which dripped down my throat causing me to cough till they was exhausted. Basically, Out of sheer desperation they plucked up courage to do your own magic treatment with coconut oil -laying across bed with my head over toside. I stayed there for 15 minutes to make doubly sure that it was into the location carefully. That’s right! They blew out an enormous quantity of rubbish and my ears gurgled a bit, as you said in tobook. Often, we laid down for some time and sinuses cleared. By late that same day they was so amazed at how clear my head was. In any case, they do not remember ever being so clear. This was yesterday and this morning when I woke up and it’s first time I may remember waking without being so stuffed up in my nose. Then once more, I am so in cure awe we wanted to tell you how grateful I am.

To be honest I will tell toworld.

They began using Virgin Coconut Oil manufactured by Namio Nanpei of Pohnpei and his Filipino doctor 2 weeks ago.

I actually am 64 years quite old, diabetic, and intermittently have lofty blood pressure. Nevertheless, After 4 use weeks, Know what guys, I notice these progress. Basically, My flaky, achy, dry skin is always gone! My stinky scalp psoriasis has been in addition gone! I’m sure you heard about this. My four inch diameter patch of itchy, scaly skin on my back is probably gone! My wrinkled, ‘square shaped’ fingers were always now rounded and smooth looking and also to totouch. While breaking off, and dying are now regenerating, My dry e nails which were cracking. By the way I have a whole modern skin that looks healthful and alive! Seeing that you’re fairly expert and open minded in coconut healing properties oil, I am not really sure if you will consider with me please, my experience with my hydrocephalic child and use of coconut oil in midst of a brain shunt malfunction/failure, and seeming practically immediate cure for her failing shunt.

Blocked/failing shunt means brain surgery, period, There is no cure at this time in medic history.

Which is why I’m so excited about this experience we had, and continue to have.

Could info on this blog and how it affects elderly brain, could it clarify somehow this recovery from a malfunctioning/failing shunt? It must for awhile being that they watched my daughter recover right in front of me lately. Prior to this experience she was having poor headaches on a regular basis, and pressure pain in her head, likewise that. That’s where it starts getting really entertaining. She doesn’t have pressure pain or headaches anyway now. Not whatsoever! Then, once again I’m awed by this fact, and grateful, as I write this. So, This always was virtually big. They aren’t able to see dramatic difference I’ve seen, I’ve talked to her doctor and neurologist, who are usually all modern to her unfortunately, like night and day, and certainly, they have been both skeptical and say it’s most undoubtedly mostly a coincidence, or maybe it was a migraine!? Please see this post I shared in a hydrocephalus group shortly after this happened August 1st of this year. Notice that we had a good experience of coconut medicinal magic oil.

Previous month we was rearing a kitten which was suffering from a skin disease called scabies.

We ok it to vet and he gave me medicine named RID.

No result came and kitten died from todisease, Actually I was washing that kitten with that medicine mixed in water. Therewith does coconut water work for me but my mastiff is having water retention issues so they started giving it to her and saw nearly immediate improvement in her. My dogs love coconut meat as much as they do and wait in turn while they scoop one out for them. Whenever you need an oil to cook with, use coconut oil after butter, olive oil, vegetable oil, margarine, or any another oil type called for in recipes. Therefore in case you must fry, by all means use coconut oil it’s our own smartest choice, despite the fact that we don’t fully recommend frying foods.

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