Egg Fertilization

Dozens of Izzy talk. Grey’s stuff to connect storylines since they’ve moved so far away from how it had been originally.

Makes show feel more like a real world stuff where people and storylines did exist before, not they leave the show and they vanish off the universe face.

They could not remember actual last time that is, mer has mentioned her ‘two 3’ times when we recall.

Cris showed up at the funeral for Derek, albeit you completely see her back head and we’re usually meant to assume it has been her but regardless she’s mostly alive and well. God they hope they can not get Izzy back for this. Izzy/karev child come woodwork out!

One that needs an organ like Izzy’s baby did and that’s how Alex 1-st meets him/her. That sort of tale will be shakeup kind that we need! Dammit now they prefer that to happen!

Just keep reading. later this season we heard Jo usually was infertile and they have always been getting this up late on so they could use the eggs? You should take this seriously. Jo carrying Izzies babies. As a consequence, izzie will have to consent which could not sound realistic.

While having a Izzy difficulty as a potential roadblock probably will be the perfect obstacle for them to overcome unto their happily ever after, jo and Alex relationship was probably too good. Now please pay attention. This will as well give us closure on Izzy. Previously, somebody figuring out what we hope to see more of this season and they think we’re due for some closure. Anything is better compared to nothing, when Katherine Heigel could not return and we figure out she died or something. The embryos got implanted in others by mistake and it was definitely discovered when Alex is called upon to save childinfant from some rare condition that requires genetic matches from a donor. Arizona shall discover it 1st and stress over whether or not to tell Karev. Meredith will end up telling him since Jo is abruptly this anxious scaredycat. Richard will look concerned, bailey shall look disappointed. Oh yeah, callie must hit on mom. Besides, did I leave behind anything?

Shonda. It seemed so random when Jo searched with success for that paper and freaked out. Another question is. Didn’t Shonda say Alex will had a massive storyline in S12? Get ing back Izzie, merely for small amount of episodes should be the perfect technique to test Alex and Jo’s relationsip.

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