Egg Yolk For Hair

egg yolk for hair Looking at the protein quality and amino acid availability, eggs remain the gold standard to which foodbased protein sources were probably compared, fear of foodborne illness ultimately knocked out that practice. So that’s a big hair treatment to use once in a while, if you’re still using shampoo.

It will replenish the hair with unusual proteins and make the hair actually silky.

2 yolks if you’ve got thicker or longer hair. I don’t recommend using egg white to wash with. Sounds familiar? It could cook in the warm water leaving you with rubbery white bits in your hair, while it won’t hurt your hair.

egg yolk for hair Egg yolks don’t do that. By the way I just save my egg whites in freezer, for use later in cakes and meringues. Full of protein and all kinds of good things for our hair, they contain lecithin, a normal cleanser. Washing with egg yolks conditions the hair as it cleans it. It was revolutionary in my journey to ditch shampoo. My hair is probably silky, soft, and even fluffy.

My hair has been fluffy and light, By the way I not sure that fluffy usually was a word normally used for hair. Another question isSo the question is always this. Among the most elementary questions I’m asked always was Doesn’t it feel gross?


Shampoo and conditioner is always pretty darned slimy themselves, I’m not much of one for slimy things.

Egg yolk feels a lot like thin conditioner in my hands. You usually use egg yolk? No morr baking soda/apple cider routine? Would you suppose this for someone beginning on no poo? So, am afraid the baking soda ans vinegar routine will dry and damage my hair…I alreay usually shampoo once a week, and wonder if egg yolk mostly has usually been for me…any tips, I want to cut out shampoo. Thanks for this! Anyways, it feels clean, I’m pretty sure I simply tried this and my hair is always still wet so we do not see the results yet. My hair was a little tangly but not To be honest I needed a switch being that I’ve been doing no poo with baking soda for about three year now and my hair was feeling rough and my scalp felt dry and itchy.

The hair looks so good and clean!

They stopped using shampoo four months ago and had this massive build up.

Actually I started washing it with an egg after six weeks and it feels so quite nice and fluffy. I actually study somewhere that its not good so very often cos of every one or 2 weeks. How frequently do you wash it with water in between? As a result, I have been washing weekly with egg yolk and I’ve not had anything like what they describe protein damage as being, Here’s ‘thing I’ explore that same warning. On p of that, My hair has stayed fluffy and clean. Unless something actually did make me really sweaty or dirty, I am up to ten weeks between washes now.

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