Enlarged Liver Symptoms

enlarged liver symptoms NonHodgkin’ lymphoma has usually been lymph cancer tissue. Although this exact cause cancer isn’t famous, it had been observed to develop in people with weakened immunity, including people with HIV. Hello everyone we have had 3 blood test for my liver and the test comes back higher every time.

My Dr and tells me not to worry but how will we not.

Last time my blood was drawn my Alt was 210 and my AST was they donno what to do. I went for my scan usual US scan yesterday and I was informed that I I am rather worried, usually can someone being that he wont have report yet. Oftentimes Hi 25 years ago I joined the army the parachute regiment!

enlarged liver symptoms My first posting was Kenya in 1992 we were given malaria meds lariam on a trial basis but didn’t see it!!! All was OK whilst in the GI however on leaving army right after 94 we started feeling unwell merely generaly feeling poorly!. My ex husband has merely died from Alcoholic Liver Disease. He happened to be pretty bloated round the abdomen and his urine output and bowel movements erratic. He was hardly able to move around in past week. So, we noticed when he came to meet my daughter and I that his eyes were really light yellow. I’m sure it sounds familiar. Hi there, My father is mostly about 65 years old enough.

enlarged liver symptoms He is diabetics got heart surgery about four year ago.

Now his liver was probably getting week and doctor consider to transplant liver.

I’m pretty sure I just need to understand significant regarding donor. Another question isSo the question is this. Is this decisive that the penitent blood group and donor must be same?. My Dad has to get Lactulose for rather a bit of his essence to keep his ammonia out body, he has liver disease. Considering the above said. He has sophisticatedy with a sick stomach right after he requires it and he doesn’t feel better until he goes to bathroom which occasionally requires a few hours. Not sure if anyone else will relate to this.

After having an ultrasound scan, By the way I am a Type two diabetic and I have To be honest I was treated for it. Hello all. My nerves have usually been shot at the moment. Consequently, we went to Dr with pain under my right rib cage so we was ordered a Ultrasound of my abdomen region. They figured out a mass on my liver that measured eight x two CM. I was referred to have a CT scan with dye done and that couldn’t get an ideal look at it. Whenever being advised to reduce, therefore give up alcohol for a prolonged period, that they did, and it recovered, Throughout my earlier and mid twenties they had an extremely self-assured drink problem that resulted in having a really lofty liver count. Hi newest here, I had a CT scan about four months ago a my scans came back looking perfectly well, matter of fact my scan said liver looks spectacular ??.

By the way I got ct scan bc of shooting pain under right and left ribs where my gallbladder and pancreas sits.

We have for the last 20 months or more been suffering from thick mucus in throat and nose and stuffiness that prevents me from having an existence.

Sinusitis kind of symptoms which no doctors have any clue what apparently cause the complaints! 6 months ago they started experiencing abdominal pain at a regular basis,. My ALT levels was raised for ‘two 3’ years gether with another liver tests.

Its now at 140, range 20My latter ultrasound showed enlarged liver, at least moderat fatty liver, increased echogenity and it wasnt sharp around edges. Consequently, Ive experienced intolerance to painkillers mainly paracetamol,. As a result, In April 2016, the next day after a heavy workout they developed pain under my right rib cage, that I felt was either acidity or medicine that he gets to live, keeps him feeling sick at his stomach all day, he is currently doing fine. That said, Any suggestions on how to get it?

My husband’s liver enzymes were probably Alt 171 and Ast 193 during a routine blood test two weeks ago.

He has probably been a public drinker limited to mainly summer on the weekends in regards to drinking.

He has since consequently quit foods, he has usually been working out, and no soda. Hi, brief story. Had a scan a year ago was ld I had ‘mild’ fatty liver galstones. Known Hi we was investigating if anyone else has needed more than one MRI scan for a liver lesion, I’ve had an ultra sound, one mri and a mri with contrast one and the other resulted in abnormalities but not stated what specifically as my gp said they weren’t sure and needed to do further investigation. That said, I´ve for the last 2 years been suffering with thick mucus dripping from my nose back my throat. That´s made a havoc during my existence!

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