Enterovirus Meningitis Symptoms

enterovirus meningitis symptoms My heart goes out to anyone who’s dealt with this disease or who was probably currently experiencing consequences due to Meningitis.

This disease affects the whole family and those of us that are lucky enough to survive were usually at times left with essence changing aftereffect.

To see that look, there’s an injection out there that could’ve saved a lot of lives in past and CAN SAVE plenty of lives going forward has probably been heart breaking, lives have always been being lost every now and then and our government have power to stop that, with an intention to those that have lost family to this disease I am personally highly sorry for your own loss and pray that government starts to listen and give funding needed to roll out vaccine.

enterovirus meningitis symptoms By earlier afternoon time I saw this was something more than an average flu, To be honest I was dripping in sweat one minute next shivering with chill that no quantity of blankets or rather hot Ribena would stay away from. My mother kept saying she’ll bring me to the doctor but they thought sure I’ll be grand in the morning or at least feeling better…. Viral Meningitis strain that I’ve battled with has left me with consequences which were always lessing as years go by. Originally the aftershock headaches/migraines that I’d get every now and once more should leave me crippled and unable to do anything, first year was pretty tough, it was a problem to even get out of bed, I’d been left with increased sensitivity to sunlight or lights mostly, anyone who suffer from any chronic pain will see that pain steals pretty existence source from you and you’ll ANYTHING to get pain rid, that is always mostly pretty strong pain killers who steal remaining essence force from you, it’s a highly vicious cycle.

enterovirus meningitis symptoms By later evening we just couldn’t get pain anymore and volunteered to search for doctor.

At this time in evening it had to be WestDoc but they didn’t care I just wanted doctor to take care of my head from my body pain was so awful….

WestDoc with doctorthere advising that I get to AE ASAP as they believed I had Meningitis as light was bothering me at that time. Therefore in case it were not for Revive Active Health Food supplement gether with their Krill Oil I honestly not sure what kind of shape I’d be in now, To be honest I now make Healthfoods supplements every day and tally consider that they have 100 contributed to how good my health now has usually been, it’s not perfect it’s 80percent back to where they been, it keeps colds and flu’s at bay so my overall health doesn’t get as weak as it once used to which stops headaches/migraines from taking a hold of me.

My mother and I had a pretty indepth conversation after doctors left and she was just as annoyed as me if not more so.

I couldn’t believe I’d been sent home with a potentially fatal disease ESPICALLY after I had specifically explains doctors if it was Meningitis.

Being irony left under Meningitis awareness poster was lost on me to say least they was LIVID, all of those doctors could’ve potentially been responsible for my death. DEATH…… they mean if that doesn’t make you look at essence differently consequently I not sure what will…. The realisation that they could’ve died is probably something that lives with me often and they do cherish health and thank God almost any day for all the blessings they have in my whole health.

While sending me out door not understanding I could’ve been DEAD in hours, existence that could’ve been taken away from me and my family by INCOMPETENCE, By the way I not sure a nicer word for what they did to me. I want to ask you something. I said to the doctor what do you mean we have Meningitis??? I’m quite sure I was ld we have a viral infection…. To which he replied who ld you that you had a viral infection?? Known It’s definitely Meningitis and we’ve confirmed that with Lumbar Puncture results that we ran to which they pointed to his registrar or house doctor and said him, he’s the one who ld me we had a virus doctor put his head down and didn’t look at me. I was in shock I’d just been ld I could’ve died over the weekend and noone seemed to care. He said that treatment I’d been given has/was working and that we most possibly will go back home in a few weeks.

Which they did simply to get a second bout of Viral Meningitis a month later…… with 3 more rounds with it 12 months later.

It all started like a typical hangover….

Except I hadn’t been drinking!!! To be honest I woke up with awful flu I’ve ever had, my head feeling like it has been attacked by a kango hammer on all sides with 1 warm pokers in any eye.

By the way I couldn’t keep water down and was retching all along, didn’t any word about runny eggs etcetera another round with the toilet. Notice that they was finally put on a trolley and rolled up beside a poster that had the signs and symptoms of Meningitis on it and a solitary two symptoms I didn’t have was rash and on p of that they was coherent they did see what week day it was and who president was!!!

I shows a doctors couple who came to me have been you sure we don’t have Meningitis, I have nearly all symptoms I was ld no it’s definitely not that, just a rubbish dose and you’re actually dehydrated now consequently we’ll keep you in for a few hours and get two drip bags into you and we’ll see how you always were.

We finally dropped asleep that night and when they woke in the morning we saw something was incorrect I called to my mom and ld her they needed to go back to hospital.

Back we went and was ld identical thing it’s possibly simply a terrible virus but we’ll admit you to Merlin Park Hospital and keep an eye on you, now this was now Saturday morning and they was sent to Merlin Park where I was ld I was treated for a poor viral infection, it wasn’t until Head Doctor came around to do his rounds following Monday that he flipped open his chart and said so nonchalantly so it’s Meningitis you have but it’s under control now my mother was there with me and said she’d in no circumstances seen colour drain from someone’s face like it did from mine.

I was under Neurology care Dept in NUIG and DR Hennessy did manage to get me on a schedule of medication that did virtually lead to more relief for me. It’s been a few years now since my last battle with Meningitis and the aftereffect are much less frequent but still do floor me when I get a nasty one, it commonly creeps in when we have a cool or basically run down and will have me out of action for at least a week oftentimes more. Off we went to AE Dept in NUIG Hospital Galway, did usual check in and sat down on the seat, so it is when they started to get worried from myself they understood I was in trouble.

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