Essential Oils For Lice

essential oils for lice The ACV dissolves sticky glue holding eggs to your hair and coconut oil drowns them.

Anecdotal evidence supposes you completely need to do this once.

Know what, I have not tried this to see if it’s very true or not. To be honest I would think a combination of this method and one above with the essential oils in the coconut oil would make an awesome combo. This is always awesome information I’m planning to share it with my director and parents if we have any at our school once again.

We were ld to run everything on hottest dryer setting for 60 minutes though.

Is it possible to tell me where you got the info for 20 minutes cause that my be a lot nicer. Nonetheless, My buddie has used Neem a lot and said that you don’t use it whatsoever was usually the pregnant our attempting to get pregnant for moms or dads.

essential oils for lice To be honest I saw a little girl a while ago that had super thick long hair and they merely kept reapplying oil in her hair and braided it.

We was likewise investigating what you do about everything else in the house that has fabric on it.

You should do anything for couches and identical fabric items like the car and so forth, and if so, what may you do for these items, right? As a school were required to bag up any cloth items for in my opinion it’s 4 weeks. It’s aafter letting it dry.

They could see the nits overlook color as they burned.

That seemed to do the trick since they under no circumstances came back and it was super plain easy. Remember, This was usually what we did when our granddaughter got it and my son had tried the chemicals and they did not work, who after that, came over for the weekend and gave it to my older daughter with pretty long hair. Add essential all oils you look for to use to 50 coconut/50 olive oil for suddenly treatment. Virtually, Wash well and later rinse with vinegar/water, and after that use the nit comb. However, whenever keeping your hand near the scalp so that you could prevent burning child, and after all use a flat iron if the child has long hair -once again quite carefully so as to not burn child, blow dry the roots for about 20 30 mins on quite low heat. However, That will absolutely rid our own child of lice. Bear in mind cleaning. We used the blowdryer a couple of times over week, and flatiron.

essential oils for lice So repeat before day ten, and hopefully you will in no circumstances see a exclusive one!

Our sons who were on the swim team and were in pool any day in no circumstances got any.

I believe constant swimming/chlorine was an effective deterrent. Our oldest daughter who washed, dried, and ‘flatironed’ her hair daily in addition under no circumstances got any. That was what made me go for researching heat and figured out about the drying. I really hate lice. It’s gentle that there’re techniques to eliminate them without chemicals! Now please pay attention. A comment further up supposed epsom salts instead of sea salt. Lice Freee WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! No combing needed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Homeopathic salt treatment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SAFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Furthermore, merely keep out of eyes when spraying! There is usually a product called a Robicomb. It is probably a little batteryoperated louse electrocutor! Lice are probably water based, therefore when the electric current in the tiny center comb tines uches a louse, it electrocutes it. You see this happens when comb whining sound stops. Finally, You will see the deceased louse on the comb. Known This connected with a weekly search and removal of nits will get infestation care. You check every day for 1 weeks in the event a nit is overlooked and hatches. What has probably been notably pretty nice about this product is that up you usually can use it as always you the family over and over.

essential oils for lice Note that comb is entirely used when the hair was usually gentle and dry. This always was one of a kind inventions! Nope I believe she meant negro hair but didn’t seek for to sound racist. I’m a single woman who lives alone and I reckon they caught lice from hotel we lately stayed at. Any suggestions? On p of that, they have long curly hair and nobody to use the lice comb on me. Basically, We used a product called Lice Freeee! Dessication. I believe my girls got lice three separate times between middle school and college, It worked for us every time. Doesn’t it sound familiar? In every case, we could go with through everyday’s with Lice Freeee! To be honest I kept my hair braided and pulled up to prevent catching them, terrified as who will have checked my head like they checked theirs?? My hair is always thicker than three people’s put together. She often puts her hair back, One lady was telling me how her daughter got lice 4xwhile my daughter under no circumstances got it.

essential oils for lice To be honest I have used prescription strength Permethrin cream; we have used over counter Vamousse, Cversus lice killing shampoo, RID shampoo, and last thing we used was called Sklice which came adviced by the school nurse, I have used home remedies like mouthwash, apple cider vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, Dawn dish wash detergent. Far so good! Most crucial thing about ridding lice is to get ALL eggs out. So this will be an endless battle, I’d say if not. We’ve spent hundreds of dollars on OTC meds and RX strength treatments. We’ve decisively gotten this schedule down and it is my BEST reccomendation after trconsuming food everyone’s hair within the all the household. Solid amount of it, my daughter uses a shampoo/conditioner called Fairy Tales you will get from ULTA and it has pure rosemary. After showering immediately throw used wels in wash, and we blow dry straighten hair and we get a pencil and search/part through nearly any area on my little ones head and they pull out any eggs that my lice comb was unable to work off due to her having pretty fine hair.

Prior to sending her off to school we braid her hair and after that I hair spray it mess out and after all they sterilize all hair ols by boiling them in a pot of water on the stove for about five minutes.

They has been a preschool teacher and almost white kids get lice.

I’m almost sure I am almost white myself, and for whatever reason, that surely is the bottom line. Has anybody ACTUALLY tried option #5? I’m almost sure I am trying at the moment and can not get 1/four salt cup to dissolve in 1/four cup of AC vinegar! Seriously. I’m stirring, whisking, and keeping it warm over the lowest flame and its NOT dissolving. How am we supposed to put this sludge into a spray bottle, we added 1/four more cup vinegar and 20 min later salt has not dissolved.

Should they add more vinegar, or simply leave behind it and usually use vinegar?

Costs $ 20 for six fl oz on Amazon, I like salt idea being that on another blog this person recommends ‘Lice Free’ which is a homeopathic pesticide free spray which solely active ingredient is usually Sodium Chloride.

Any suggestions? Although, Oh my goodness! You brought me back to my childhood. Ok, and now one of most crucial parts. My buddies my be inside for months getting over-priced treatments that lasted hours, when outbreaks occurred. Now let me tell you something. My mother spend about $ 99 and ten minutes on an one time treatment.

Still cancer free despite all warnings from additional moms.

They see all of it’s lots of work and will seem a bit overwhelming, notably if you been dealing with it as long as they have but this post above always was ‘spoton’ when talking about lice being resistant.

Lice is a horrible home/health invasion! For example, You will spend hundreds of dollars and ample time doing best in order to rid while in no circumstances virtually ridding the invasion if you do not stay on its p! Best of luck everyone….and kudos to you all for researching and making it this far. You should get it into account. You obviously care! You’re a perfect parent. Regarding term negro. Given it’s associations with plenty of the saddest and darkest parts of our history in my opinion it’s a word we need to let go of, I understand that the word may not hold identical negative association for I have colored treated hair, unfortunately after a month of checking my daughter nonstop for lice as long as she was oftentimes itching and under no circumstances finding anything, and the school checked her because of her itching, a month later and we figure out two nights ago she has a full blown case of lice and they have it now.

Or hair that is dirty or with product in it, Know what guys, I use product on my hair practically every single day including using a blow dryer or flat iron nearly any day and we been using tea tree oil shampoo for last a few months hoping to stave off a lice outbreak, while we have explore a few place that lice doesn’t like color treated hair.

They should get a decent lice comb like terminator and comb through with oil or conditioner.

That way you will see if anything has probably been coming off on comb. Wipe comb oftentimes on paper wels to see if anything was on it. Repeat that once a day. Known You will see less and less and you wont see them any more., beyond doubt, You will do a recheck once a week or so to be sure you got them all. Now regarding aforementioned fact… A couple years ago, 3 of my kids got them and we didn’t but I was paranoid at the time.

I kept thinking they was feeling them crawling on my hair.

They used tea tree oil and add baby oil and lather through hair and combing lice out.

I used cap or wel and left it on over night.

Next morning they combed it out again to be sure the eggs aren’t holding to the hair. I used Dawn dish soap as it will take the oil out. Needless to say, It works!!!! By the way I used a product, it’s all normal. It worked and killed nits I have these days gotten lice from a cousin…they live in a country where we do not have a clothes dryer or quite hot water for washing clothes. Will we ever get lice rid? Salt and vinegar may work gether to dehydrate and kill lice/nits. Let me tell you something. Allowthe mixtureto sit until hair is fully dry, after that, coat the scalp and hair completely with coconut or olive oil.

At this point, you will either leave it on for 9 hours to suffocate and remaining living lice, or you will comb out lice that have died from the saltwater solution immediately. A comment b4 said to use epsom salts rathee than sea salt. Using word negro isn’t necessarily racist. It’s simply a quite oldfashioned term that hasn’t been used in a long, long while. Normally, Karol I assumed Ingrid meant grey children as grey hair tends to be drier and oils usually were mostly used to condition it. The comment will be interpreted all sorts of ways as long as everybody has some sort of ethnicity and therefore look, there’s not truly this thing as ethnic hair. Yes, that’s right! Ultimately, Ingrid got her point across though, that has been that she has experienced that oil in hair kills lice.

In one study, a lotion that included 10percentage tea tree and 1percent lavender oil was 97 dot 6 effective in eliminating lice, whileinsecticides like pyrethrins and piperonyl butoxide were solely 25percent effective. I would put 20 tea drops tree oil in two teaspoons of shampoo, lather and let sit for 15 minutes, rinse and comb with a nit comb, if I were to try to use an identical methodat home. My daughter got lice from a chum at a sleepover. The friend’s mom later admitted her daughter had had them for almost a year and she was using peppermint oil to control them. Surely, I ok my daughter to the pediatrician who prescribed Sklice. It didn’t work. Now pay attention please. I’m almost sure I came upon this website out of frustration. I used the salt and vinegar method, therefore olive oil immediately after. TIP…table salt would not dissolve. Essentially, Use Epsom, kosher, or sea salt. This is case. I actually used Epsom.

It worked beautifully and affordably.

You MUST wash and rather hot dry all sheets, pillowcases, and pillows as directed and in addition bagging up all stuffed animals/dolls from her bed for 24 hours and vacuuming couches, mattresses, floors, and suchlike we got them in addition to her 1 teen brothers.

By the way I treated all of us and the home for less than $ 40 and one full day of work. No nit picking needed as salt and vinegar killed bugs and leted nits to wash out. Know what, I have had very similar result with this likewise! Now please pay attention. Its my favorite, yet I had forgotten about it…Thankyou! Remember, No nit pickin for me after I rinse the one tsp tea tree oil,three tbsp coconut oil and one oz shampoo setting for 30 min they shall blow dry and warm iron. I actually thought of this years ago with good results,not explore anywhere. When my thence one 1/two year old enough and I got lice after visiting my sister I combed our hair out with rubbing alcohol!

Regular 70percent isopropyl alcohol from basically any store.

It didn’t get as we had shorter hair.

It killed lice on contact! Know what, I kept a little dish of alcohol that they would dip and rinse comb off with. It made our hair dry so we put her in tub and left conditioner in her hair for 20 min while she played. They didn’t come back. Actually I should add that we’ve tried EVERYTHING, oils, combing. Simply this worked, and fast I used a product called vamousse, it says Surely it’s all normal. Definitely, It worked and killed nits I simply got done ridding my kiddo’s of lice. Here’s what they did and why we did it. Killing the adult lice. Then, Lavender, Tea Tree, Peppermint, Rosemary, Eucalyptus -melt coconut oil, add various different oils. Oftentimes Soak hair with this, leave on one hour and shampoo out. That said.

I have them add a few drops of Tea Tree oil to their shampoo almost any time they shower. By the way I did this for at least a couple weeks so that if we missed any nits, they will be killed since they hatched. Thank you very much for this. Autumn Northrup they merely got lice and just noticed noone except sees I have it I have tea tree shampoo and use it everyday I will now blow dry my hair. Considering above said. Know what, I remember getting lice in 5th grade. A well-reputed fact that is probably. There was an outbreak in the parochial schools in my town. So, the schools had it so horrible they had to shut the all the school down for a week. I’m pretty sure I still remember nurses checking everyone’s hair in the cafeteriat my school. However, my sisters and I caught it from a girl at daycare. From that point on, it was a nightmare. My mother tried everything to rid of it. Now that I’m older, Actually I may merely imagine dread she felt almost any day she got off work and had to spend all the night striving to should kill them.

She decisively resorted to mayonnaise to suffocate them and a vinegar rinse with the nit comb afterwards to get the eggs.

That was the ONLY thing that worked for us. Granted she didn’t try the tea tree oil. She as well washed all our bedding and anything else that could go in washer and dryer and tied up all our stuffed animals and such in garbage bags for two weeks. I actually would do all really similar stuff if my kids ever get it but they will possibly add tea tree oil to the mayo. To this day, I’m quite sure I will underin no circumstances ever leave behind, we finally got rid of it. We had lice for 5 months previous year. Let me tell you something. We tried coconut oil, tea tree oil, and olive oil unusual treatments without any success.

The centers for disease control has a decent protocol that expounds a louse essence cycle and timing treatments accordingly.

We used their methods and decisively rid the house and 5 lice kids.

Not usual. Perhaps usual stuff would have worked has I timed the treatment in line with essence cycle. Notice that I should assume purchasing a stainless steel lice comb. It helped a good deal. Therefore in case you get lice have an adult a problem to do yourself. Enzymatic sprays that loosen nits as well help. Then, they obtained dollar store combs and rubber bands so I could treat them as disposable. Although, At the time we was nursing my little boy who in no circumstances caught lice from me even when we shared a bed. Once we cleared up I had lice we wrapped my hair in a bandana everyday’s so he couldn’t reach up and play with my hair while nursing. To be honest I cut up cheap fabric to make the bandanas and merely pitched them every week. Hang in there! Does it have to be apple cider vinegar?

I solely have whitish vinegar in house and need to try it with Epsom salt currently. Will it damage my hair? Coat wet hair well and let sit for at least 15 minutes. So, Rinse but don’t condition. I let my girls hair dry and later combed., the nits were crusty and detached effortlessly. End of outbreak! You see, As a preventative we now add two tea drops tree oil for any ounce of shampoo in the bottle. To be honest I likewise use a homemade detangler with lavender. We’ve gone through two letters being sent home from school cautioning that live was looked with success for in classroom with nothing coming home. Yay! Are you sure you are not talking about diatomaceous earth? It looks a lot like flour and it does have the sharp microscopic edges you speak of. See sure if you were usually still on this thread. Did you do ACV treatment after coco oil treatment?

When did you comb through?

When my daughter was green we had lice constantly.

I believe it was from sharing brushes, hats and pillows. It got so nasty that we threatened to cut her hair off if she got it once more. It is We used chemical otc shampoos to no avail and after all my sister in law ld me to stop spending money and slather her hair up with mayo. To be honest I applied that stuff on thick, wrapped her head with saran wrap and hereupon a shower cap. Unsuccessful wretch, I made her wear it for 1 months and IT STUNK. We thence washed her hair and dried it over and over to get the horrible smell out. She still doesn’t like mayo smell to this day. Of course whenever crawling bugs, We tried using coconut oil and after ten hours still looked with success for living. Know what, I have better luck with mayo, with a daughter who loves trying on hats. Things I’ve figure out what others have said, oil, heat and time.

We kept her hair coated in coconut oil for a week.

While using the blowdryer to heat up her hair with the oil and wearing a shower cap to bed, kept ‘reapplying’ oil nightly.

We in addition fine comb to deal with the nits. We wash thoroughly and blowdry completely, after the week. I’m sure that the thing they haven’t seen in the article or comments is all the different items that need to be treated! Hairbrushes, combs, headbands, ponytail holders, stuffed animals, and similar, etcetera We remove all the loose hair and soak the combs, brushes and identical rough hair items suddenly in ACV. Considering above said. As do slipcovers on couches, stuffed animals go in the dryer ponytail holders, scrunchies, all bedding, coats scarves if they are in season. Anything that might was in contact with a head gets machine dried. It is one time you should, So if you don’t typically use a dryer. Everything that was worn needs to be at least dried, I’d say if not washed. For ‘nitpicking’, we’ve looked with success for that a blacklight highlights nits so you may see them better. Thus, YMMV, My daughter has grim hair. That is interesting right? Solely thing that I would add to this.

To be honest I have famous it to ALWAYS be effective to hereafter dry and flat iron our own hair nearly any single day even for green children.

Straighten and curl their hair, whenever my kids have been around someone that has lice I have washed everyone’s hair with tea tree shampoo and taken all the extra time in the bathroom with my girls to dry.

They look extra beautiful, got extra peculiar time with mom and we thankfully have not had to deal with lice. You have either option shampooingto remove oil, or combing the hair with a nit comb and washing, when time is probably up. Just keep reading. You may need to shampoo more than once to get all oil out. Now pay attention please. Wash and dry all wels and clean out your comb. Likewise, throw any sheets/pillowcases that are slept on in dryer for 20 minutes. Nonetheless, they had similar problem with kosher salt I did mine for first time this morning and mostly got about as robust amount of as she had on day and also my middle daughter, night her and I will do ACV and coconut oil/tea tree oil one and see how much that helps. About 11 years ago we was working in a community center with kids and got lice. I don’t remember specifics of. Know what guys, I ended up doing was this. Oftentimes I put tea tree oil in my conditioner.

Every next day when I washed my hair I put on conditioner thickly at roots for five minutes. When we was done we dried my hair with the dryer as next to my roots as feasible. I did that for a month, and when I rechecked they have been gone and in no circumstances came back. I cannot stand putting thought oil in my hair labor since to work off all that oil when it’s time. Afterwards, my tried and very true method of removing and eliminating lice is to use Cetaphil body cleanser. For instance, I use the squirt bottle I received after giving birth to my firstborn and add the cleanser to hair in rows.

I use about half a bottle on any person.

While focusing mostly on first 1 hair inches, I massage it into scalp and onto hair shafts.

I actually wrap a wel around their shoulders, and place a bowl of warm water, a garbage usually can and about twenty sheets of paper wel next to me. Therefore we comb the hair with a nit comb. To be honest I rinse the comb in warm water and wipe the excess soap as needed, and ss paper wel any time in the garbage immediately. Repeat until almost any single strand of hair had been combed. By the way I do it once more. You should make it into account. To be honest I blow dry the hair until it’s completely dry and wrap head in saran wrap. I actually let it sit for 8hours preparatory to removing saran wrap and washing all the soap out. In reality, we comb the hair once more after the shower with a nit comb. I’m pretty sure I repeat any other day for at least a week. Keep reading. While bedding and stuffed animals that can’t be dried at lofty heat probably were stored in plastic bags for a month, so this last time we had lice I reckon they solely did it 3 times… I got lazy… Clothes. Everything else is washed and dried at big heat. It has worked nearly any time, and I am not placing harsh chemicals or greasy oil on our heads. Regular whitish vinegar is fine to use on hair I have used it as a rince 50/50 with water for conditioning lots of times when we don’t have ACV on hand.

My daughter had long, thick.

I got rid of her lice in one shorter afternoon. Know what guys, I slathered her dry hair with tea tree shampoo, wrapped it in Syran Wrap and heated it with a blow drier, on quite low for about 20 minutes. That’s interesting. Rinsed out the shampoo and did quite similar thing with conditioner … slathered her hair, wrapped and applied heat for 20 minutes. Furthermore, I blew her hair dry OUTSIDE … I didn’t need those nasty bugs getting blown out in my house, after rinsing out conditioner. Besides, they separated it and pinned it into six parts, if her hair was dry. Whenever starting all the way from the root and pulling down to end, I’m quite sure I then ok every part and ok a little section and flat ironed it.

I actually did this until all the parts had been flat ironed one little section at a time.

Thanks for your own article… After doing a little research as everyone got lice indoors, To be honest I have searched with success for that salt method must work well as long as it has probably been 3 fundamental component products sold at the supermarket to kill lice disguised as natrum muriaticum.

One and the other products have big ratings on Amazon…. Thought I should share!! There’s some more info about this stuff here. Surely now my kids are infected, I in no circumstances had lice as a child. I like how you consider that suffocation usually was an unusual remedy to rid of lice. I’m almost sure I didn’t understand that nearly 99percentage of lice are resistant to the things that will eliminate them. I bet since medicine ain’t effective, that home remedies practically do the trick.

Thanks for sharing this information!

Got thinking and my daughter likes to put kombucha vinegar and coconut oil/water in her hair in bath.

That I’m pretty sure I stayed at a friend’s place twice this week and we have all my clothes and belongings in car. My 17 year old enough twin daughter got lice while interning at a preschool for lofty school credits. Nonetheless, Mind you,, no doubt both her and her twin sister had lice for four months when they have been toddlers. What a horrible summer that was we tried everything! Virtually in elementary school they all had lice once again and we acquired a cap hair drier and did the mayo treatment and they sat under drier for 60 minutes a piece on an off for a day. Normally, Combed nits and a few bugs out and hereupon bleached there gloomy blonde hair a strawberry blonde, and moused or gelled their hair, braided their hair and they didn’t come back. Consequently, What a hellish routine to rid a household of lice!!!!!!! Considering the above said. Here they go once more. All 3 of us are preparing to try the vinegar salt rinse and later coconut oil and tea tree, lavender oil mix.

Thank god I still have cap hair drier.

The sheets and pillows are in drier, vacuum cleaner out and almost ready.

By the way I wish we had my twins in my 20’s before my mid 30′ At 53 this routine has been going knock me park out. Normally, Thanks for all the tips! To be honest I make and sell a preventative spray. My daughter uses it each day and there been 2 outbreaks in her class but no lice for us! By the way I was so lucky to have my grandma, my mom was an accident so my grandma was pretty old enough, she grew up in immigrant coal mining camps in late 1900′ we under no circumstances got lice through all the outbreaks and we had and have pretty long thick curly Italian hair. Find out if you drop suggestions about it in the comment section. She ld me to mix mayonnaise, and raw egg and rub it into my hair after that, let it sit. I solely let it sit long enough to wash fairly a bit of me and shave my legs. By the way I would rinse my hair with vinegar. She often said to do this monthly she said to keep my hair healthful.

This makes the hair either greasy if you don’t use vinegar or smelly so thence I should wash it normally to get vinegar smell out.

Kids should make fun of me if I smelled like vinegar, it likewise made my hair rather soft.

After explore this it’s apparently the reason they in no circumstances got lice. I believe Becky was most certainly referring to African American children in this instance, and though I’m not an expert I believe ethnic hair has usually been an appropriate term. I’m pretty sure I have put tea tree oil in our shampoo before also. You should get this seriously. By the way I as well added Neem oil, since it usually can stop lice reproductive cycle and in addition repel them. Although, You will likewise add a few drops of orange oil, neem, tea tree and rosemary to a water bottle and spray furniture, carpets, beds, cars and the child’s head as a replant.

Hi I have tried option five on my daughters hair.


I am so fortunate! As a result, they have tried lots of a great deal of unusual kinds of nit types treatments and all expense and so that’s a single one that practically works. Consequently, not costly.! Remember, When combing you could virtually rid of ALL the eggs. No more nits! Thankyou thankyou a lot. It is One highly lucky mum! I’m sure you heard about this. This was usually the exact treatment they used and it worked big. You will practically hear eggs pop as the flat iron goes over them. I used the flat iron on quite low setting for my 18 month old enough who had virtually thick long hair and didn’t like to sit still. Doesn’t it sound familiar? I am from India.

We all use oil on our hair regularly.

That doesn’t seem to deter any lice.

Maybe the lice here the real problem persists double time to 2 months. Actually I prepared for tal oth removal and 4 quadrant alvioplasty this way and didn’t need ANY pain medication whatsoever. Usually, Healing time was solely 6 weeks total. Now let me tell you something. June 1st we discovered my ten yr old enough daughter had lice, essentially as quickly as they got out of school. It was our first go w/this not, knock on wood, had to deal w/the problem myself or w/her large sister we all have long, thick, curly hair. Then, my husband brought home the mill run treatments from our neighboring drug ‘storethey’ don’t work, I treated her 3x. We did all the crazy cleaning laundering. Comb that came in the box was murder on her hair, bad kid.

I’m pretty sure blow dryer is what got rid of them.

Now they are usually back in school for a month she has them once more!!!!

Rrrrrr!!! I had some mint lotion mint body balm they tried on her scalp but that didn’t eliminate them so so they poured olive oil on her scalp, wrapped her head in plastic let her sleep on it, blow dried her hair next day picked up salt spray LiceFreee. Then once more, After all that I’ve noticed a good bit of difference. I actually put the remaining salt spray on her hair night solely saw two nits. Way better than where we were two months ago! I’ll continue to blow dry her hair periodically prob flat iron almost any now thence too. Oftentimes they don`t understand for sure if it was salt spray, oil or blow dryer that mostly ok care of it but am far way happier about the results this time around. In this method, you first rinse the hair with apple cider vinegar to loosen glue that holds nits in place. Allowthe vinegar to sit until the hair is fully dry, consequently coat scalp and hair completely with coconut or olive oil to suffocate the lice.

Pull all the hair into a shower cap and let oil sit for at least 8 hours. Basically the little buggers will hold their breath for a long time. Swishing organic virgin coconut oil for five to 20 minutes works wonders for gums. I have struggled with mine for years. Usually light red and bleed at the slightest thing. Started doing this once to twice a day and within 1 months my gums looked amazing and barely bleed whatsoever. It’s good to prevent oth decay and helps stop cavities and everything. Furthermore, Some newer productsuse enzyme based soaps that break down lice exoskeleton and kill nits. Specific products, just like Lice B Gone, were always marketed specifically for lice. So this seems to be working so far and will continue to be my every day routine until we’re in the clear for a few months. By the way I as well notice in a previous post that a neem oil mixture usually can be used as a spray for carpets and furniture if you don’t have little children or pets. However, need oil smells horrible and I’d seek for to practice more about after effects in advance of using it, we may try this. On p of this, Can’t be any worse than RID may spray that comes OTC with the various different shampoos which states to call poison control if gets on skin or clothingand emphasizes keeping human and pets away….hmmmmm, probably this product shouldn’t be on the market?

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