Everytime I Take I Feel Sick

everytime i eat i feel sick To be honest I have come the way where we don’t need to consume being that I don’t look for to deal with discomfort and I don’t look for to live on simethicone for some of my health.

They merely wish that someone could fix this.

I see I am not the main one that has to deal with this, and with people amount who are diagnosed with IBS, you will think that someone must be able to in my opinion probably was it terrible part all. We have no choice to silently suffer through this every day, as long as there’s no medicine or anything to fix this. For instance, I simply wish people understood what we are going through as long as it virtually sucks to feel like crap now and then when people think that it’s all in your head or that it’s not as terrible as you claim. There’s some more info about this stuff here. I am a 50 year rather old female with IBS with constipation all time.

everytime i eat i feel sick I don’t feel comfortable having to have a bowel movement in communal restrooms or at friends’ homes noise as long as from gas and smell.

I looked for bowel retraining program helped my chronic constipation problem -by having a set time any day to sit on ilet to have a bowel movement thence I don’t need to have one in a communal restroom or at a friend’s home.

If they stay suddenly at a friend’s home I get up later enough that they have my privacy and may make the time they need without feeling like I’m taking I carry a pocket size air freshener in my purse and spray it into the air while I’m on the toilet. At home we strike 1 or 3 matches and let them burn a couple of seconds every to fill the air with sulfur smell from the matches. Know what guys, I have had constipation issues since earlier childhood and it’s the main way I have gained control over it but It is usually an everyday time commitment for it to work. Of course I am a 63 year pretty old female who has had digestive issues and symptoms since childhood.

everytime i eat i feel sick Along with food sensitivities and frequent alternating bouts of constipation and diarrhea, I have had lots intestinal pain.

In 1980 we was diagnosed with a severe prolapsed colon and had surgery to fix it.

I had subsequent adhesions, endometriosis, multiple fibroids and ovarian cysts that resulted in a hysterectomy in I have done rather well over the years adjusting my diet to I have tried medications and insoluble fiber but they did not seem helping. As we have gotten older the symptoms have gotten worse. Not entirely, I have eliminated more foods that seem to trigger episodes which has helped. Alcohol, in rather short quantities, will bring on bouts of IBS as do beans, legumes, fats, gluten, sugary foods, and in my opinion symptom that bothers me most has been urgent diarrhea which will hamper one’s regular activities.

I will like to reach out with some encouragement for vast amount of people who have shared their stories.

I am a IBS sufferer for 38 years. Through my support physician and my stress management doctor who specializes in cognitive behavioral therapy we have wonderful resources that have helped me understand how to live with it and how to handle huge flare ups. Is big for me has been that IBS is decisively coming closet out and getting recognition for valid medic disorder that And so it’s. Until a few days ago IBS shame was incredibly overwhelming for me. Now that its recognized by common community that plenty of people have it, a good deal of stigma was removed. Anyways, we motivate everyone to be proactive with your physician and with finding psych support. They will be rather effective. Mostly, Give yourself a pat on the back for battling IBS and advocate for studies and increased treatment options. Now regarding the aforementioned fact… I’m working on accepting that we have IBS and deal with it to some quality stuff from my ability, and that everyone else will accept that To be honest I am a 61 year rather old male and have had to deal with IBSD for about 15 years. My first episode was at a football game and we didn’t make it to bathroom in time. Quite embarrassing and traumatic. The actual question is. I thought ‘What simply happened?’ Since therefore I have had different episodes while traveling that have either been disasters or close calls. Notice that Anxiety plays a large role in triggering episodes. I’m almost sure I worry about having an accident which causes more anxiety which causes more accident potential classic with syndrome!

everytime i eat i feel sick Know what, I have make a habit to avoid specific foods and beverages but do occasionally fall off wagon.

Antidiarrheals and antianxiety meds in little doses has helped.

By the way I scope out the nearest bathrooms and let chips fall where they may. I love golf and often use course restrooms whether we need them at the time or not only to be on safe side. Have you heard of something like this before? I am up front with my golfing buddies and they understand when I’ve been ‘that guy’ who gets up and rushes down the aisle. Simply keep reading. My biggest fear is always having an accident on a plane or bus while touring.

everytime i eat i feel sick It has restricted my travel plans but my wife has Job patience and usually was extremely helpful in getting me through ugh times.

It helps to write about it.

Thanks for listening. At this beginning year, 2009, I’m almost sure I was diagnosed with IBS. While looking back, been coming on for 3 years prior, the problem had. What a bummer -no pun intended. Usually, we must everyday consider. What, how much, the mix of, food and drink I put into my belly. Unfair, say I, a seventyfour year old enough male who has enjoyed any plate or drink placed before him. Fact, the other day we had to purchase a protector for bed as I have had ‘accidents’ in the past and do a fair percentage of traveling.

There is a site out there that will tell you where to search for social ilets on this Continent and others maybe good if you have always been near one such.

They have learned from speaking about IBS to acquaintances and relatives that we all is being exclusive as to what sets of our IBS.

‘kind’ of stool produced; mucous or no -a host of differences between us, What we ingest, time period betwixt onset and end. Nevertheless, I am slowly studying, I believe, what I could take and not get to better To be honest I kept a diary for I changed my drinking and eating habits.

By the way I make a goodhabit to fill my stomach but make smaller bits and pieces over a day course.

Drink a lot of water, they chew my food well.

I was prescribed antianxiety pills. Know what, I get a pill off and on if I reckon look, there’s something coming up which apparently stress me. Let me tell you something. I search for cooked almost white rice both filling and ‘non irritating’ to my gut. When we won’t look after myself and IBS symptoms come charging back, I search for the freezer and be free to microwave rice that is usually prepared. By the way I was diagnosed with IBS in 2004 when they was in graduate school. I’m almost sure I was glad to ultimately have a diagnosis but when doctor ld me nothing could have been done about it except be given drugs for pain we was completely stupefied. Couldn’t function whatsoever normally because of consequences, Actually I was given a couple of exclusive drugs over a month. Know what guys, I was completely unsatisfied and frustrated. I don’t need drugs for pain, I want a cure or something that will reduce symptoms occurrence. However, they have heard over time that stress and specific foods have always been triggers for me.

Know what, I started seeing a nutritionist who gave me a lengthy symptom questionnaire to fill out till my first appointment.

It had questions pertaining to almost any big system in body.

Know what guys, I was interested and hopeful. She altered my diet and assumed we make a couple of supplements. Actually I am determined to try to get as much control over my sickness as feasible, the diet had been ugh to say the least. It helps me physically and psychologically. Know what, I have be able to cook through this whole experience and am grateful for that and for having lowered symptoms. You see, I am thankful for what I am able to do, it’s incredibly disheartening to see that I can’t do everything they look for to do. On p of this, I’ve intended to continue on my diet, make my supplements, do yoga and meditation, and work on dealing with my stress. They have probably been p ols I have to try to feel better and have a normal health.

I actually am forever grateful for the Undoubtedly it’s to suffer from a functional GI disorder.

People look for clever techniques to manage their disorder and still relish and excel at school. That said, we’d love to hear from you, if you were always a college student with a functional GI disorder. Tell us what peculiar strategies or tips have helped you. Hi, I am in my second semester of college for engineering. I’m having IBS symptoms for nearly one year. Embarrassing, It’s so. This is where it starts getting really intriguing. They have diarrhea attacks virtually every day.

To be honest I have lot of gas trouble.

They cry everyday’s sitting in the bathroom.

My college has been strict about attendance and that adds to stress. It’s not doable for me to sit in lecture for hours continuously. With that said, My stomach makes loud noises and we have gas troubles and can’t evacuate my bowels completely. My essence has happen to be hell. Generally, I have to miss classes and can’t even tell my acquaintances about this since it’s actually embarrassing. By the way I am actually stressed. However, IBS is the awful thing that has did actually my essence. To be honest I started noticing my symptoms when I was about I thought that everybody experienced what I did. With all that said… As we got older, symptoms got worse. By the way I eventually shows my doctor about it when I was He pretty fast concluded that we have IBS.

I thought he was just giving me the solution so we will get off his back. As I come to research more about IBS, he was right on. To be honest I am person type that stresses about anything and everything. I actually keep my grades up wards the 0 area, and strive to do better. You see, This determination makes my existence a living hell because of IBS. Or a paper/project is due, I get what we like to call a IBS attack, before an exam. Now look. Within these attacks they experience shaking, profuse sweating. This is case. I actually have to make off all my clothing, crying, cramping, and most of the works.

During these episodes they wish that they wasn’t alive. I feel like experiencing one of these attacks is not worth living. These attacks don’t come entirely before tests and papers are probably due.

Before they go on vacation, They occur before I go out with my chums for night, or anything that ain’t just staying home. Basically, IBS restrains me and forces me to stay home until I stop passing a bowel movement, So if I have massive plans to go out and do something. IBS is my living hell. Ok, and now one of most vital parts. By the way I hate it very much. I merely don’t understand why something so horrible does not have a cure. I feel like only understands about it or cares about it and sees it as very straightforward complication that was usually manageable. Well, it’s merely not manageable. Something needs to be done to fix this horrible existence that everyone on this website was usually enduring. Actually I have had IBS since we was an infant.

My dad has IBS and so does my first cousin.

I practically think it’s hereditary.

Well now I’m a junior in college and it’s complicated but I refuse to let it get in my way everyday essence. Notice that I guess it does to a specific extent. At times it is, when understanding all these stories we realize my situation has probably been not as terrible as others. It was way worse when we was younger. I actually didn’t look for to look for bathroom as it hurt very much. That said, they often ignored urge to go and before you see it 2 or 4 months had passed by.

I’m pretty sure I would go 1 and 4 months without using the bathroom when they was younger.

My system must be so backed up I had to spend a week in a children’s hospital.

My mother didn’t understand what was bad with me. I was depressed, it hurt to sit down, stand up and they didn’t look for to take. Notice that the hospital had to Actually I still don’t have a remedy but I just have to remind myself each week that I truly under no circumstances have an urge since we resisted it when I was younger so we don’t get it anyway. When I use bathroom frequently it still from time to time hurts virtually, actually badly that way where I’m practically in tears. Furthermore, When I get to this point they generally do a mineral oil that my doctor prescribed to make when they understand we need assistance. None of my acquaintances see about this as long as it’s merely I’m quite sure I wish there was cure but looks like I’m could be dealing with this a long time.

There probably was hope -mine has gotten very much better over years.

I just have to stay above all and don’t let it progress or get out of control. My pediatrician thinks we have had it since we was three My mother agrees saying they constantly had constipation and complained of pain in my stomach, By the way I was ld we had IBS when we was 15. When they was in 3rd grade I was miserable. Fact, they was ld that it was ‘all in my head’. To be honest I lived for seven years thinking we was crazy. Basically, we thought I was a hypochondriac. Summer till my junior year they got practically sick. September whole month they lost 30 pounds being that I couldn’t get.

By the way I was fainting and simply so sickly.

My parents were so scared, and eventually my dad said he wasn’t taking it anymore and was preparing to search for a decision.

Know what guys, I went to doctor after doctor, that between being sick and intending to the doctor they missed 30 school weeks. Luckily, because of doctor notes and my being able to keep straight A’s, I passed. I had tests done and blood taken. Then once more, eventually they sent to children’s hospital where I was diagnosed with IBS. I am now a freshman in college. Let me tell you something. Every day I question if perhaps they should look for my sister branch college, that would let me to live in the premises until I was older and able to get an apartment on campus before dorm existence. My first semester sucked. Usually, I constantly worried about how my condition will be that day. Now look. I missed a lot of classes because of pain and because of nausea keeping me up till my alarm went off. I went from a straight A student in HS to failing all my classes and being put on academic probation. By the way I feel so embarrassed since my family will think they merely couldn’t do it, I so badly seek for to be indoors, just until we define what works for me.

By the way I always heard they think I won’t stop merely as long as I’m so shy.

Community wise’ college sucks Actually I can’t be a normal college student. Pop and booze, while everybody has probably been bonding over late night pizza. Then once more, I am sitting in my room fighting off nausea and gas. I feel so alone being that they can’t do those things and we in no circumstances may be able to. My boyfriend has been virtually big about my IBS but we fear one day he will get tired of it. I’d say if he just understood what they go through, Know what guys, I understand why.

To be honest I hate that IBS runs my existence as much as it does.

I am on my rest and they don’t seek for to go back to college… at least not back to my dorm.

I hate fact that I hate college. While sharing bathrooms with complete strangers, Know what, I want to love college but we can’t -at least not while we live the dorm health. I’m 22 and attempting to graduate. On p of this, they was diagnosed with IBS a few months ago when I was eventually fed up with it and went to doctor. Actually I was looking forward to a solution. Of course, My doctor prescribed an antispasmodic but it mostly seems to delay troubles for a few weeks. Our own stories have made me more wary as it’s becoming more evident this underin no circumstances ends. I may relate to most of the college stories. I’m pretty sure I used to relish intending to bar with buddies. I’ve tried to keep going. A well-famous fact that has been. To be honest I hold a beer in my hand or get a Coke and tell people it’s Coke and Rum. It’s quite fast proven to be unappealing staying out late and watching others get drunk.

I try to at least make an appearance and be ‘social’ but it’s ugh when buddies pressure you to make shots. Actually I haven’t figured out how to fake that one yet. My memory had been decreasing faster. Remember, It gets me a few minutes to recall a week ago, and three weeks. Now regarding aforementioned fact… Lose it! Concentrating and memorizing course work was usually much more complex than it may be. Although, Does anyone else have these issues? You should make it into account. Know what guys, I looked at symptoms lists and don’t search for memory loss associated with IBS. I wish IBS had another name, just like Constant Stomach Conditions. It’s not a good name to bring up and I’ve entirely ld one person that’s what they have. I’m pretty sure my boyfriend questions me when they say I’m not feeling well.

It’s good to see how he relates my complaints to hers, His mom complains about her back a lot and overemphasizes that it prevents her from doing things.

We don’t virtually tell him about it anymore.

As long as he doesn’t get it, Everyday usually was simply fine as far as he sees. I am 24 years old enough and they have had IBS since I was six years quite old. I have trouble with diarrhea and big cramps. I was scared to leave my house and they don’t go rather far from home, due to IBS worry acting up. That’s interesting. I’ve been taking loperamide nearly everyday. Nonetheless, I understand with others that it’s really embarrassing. Needless to say, I hate having to look for bathroom 45 times in a social restroom. I get extremely stressed and worried what others may think of me. Therefore in case they are always laughing at me.

To be honest I in addition don’t travel far from home either.

My husband gets mad when we don’t like going out with him due to all the bathroom trips.

I don’t think he understands how painful Undoubtedly it’s for me to move to the bathroom, He will make fun of me. More so in a social bathroom. I wish there was a cure for this. Needless to say, we have lost lots of jobs due to it and they have 1 kids to raise. Actually I hate having it very much. Nonetheless, If anyone has any suggestions please share our stories. In response to Kristen’s story from ’07, I understand specifically how you feel. I was diagnosed with IBS a couple years ago and ever since it has made my health hell. Who am I to argue, that’s what doctors say, Honestly, I’m not even convinced that Surely it’s IBS.

I’m not the one with the medicinal degree.

We had a fundoplication in December 2007 as long as we could not make proton pump inhibitors for GERD.

It was due to dyspepsia conforming to gastroenterologist, A few months after the surgery, Actually I had heartburnlike symptoms and epigastric pain that mirrored GERD. I’m almost sure I decisively felt better from January 2009 April 2009. Whenever there’re a lot more people across the globe who have usually been having identical digestive disorders like me, I’m quite sure I have merely study robust amount of stories and they felt a lot better than before. I am completely a 19 year quite old girl from Spain, and I started with this difficulties nearly 3 years ago. I am practically 70 and have suffered with IBS for a few years despite trying out exclusive meds and watching what I take. This was always the case. Lately it has happen to be hell. I do not see how far more they may stand.

We went to FL on vacation and I in no circumstances left condo for 3 weeks.

Pain has usually been so rubbish.

I’m almost sure I have various different assured health issues. Plenty of weeks they just pray to die. My husband has always been extremely understanding but not my family or acquaintances. To them IBS is a joke. Then once more, they cry very much rubbish as long as pain, heartburn and feeling hopeless. I’m pretty sure I went to Arizona in April 2009 and got food poisoning from swordfish. With that said, we haven’t been very similar since. Actually I had gas, bloating, constipation, and wormlike stools. Now look. I saw my primary physician when we returned from Arizona and she thought we had viral gastroenteritis. I in addition saw my gastroenterologist who prescribed polyethylene glycol for constipation and said at least you don’t have Crohn’s disease. I’m quite sure I went to alternative gastroenterologist who prescribed rifaximin as we thought they may have tiny intestinal bacterial overgrowth, after months of suffering and frustration.

It helped with bloating and gas slightly, however, my stools were no longer wormlike, merely foul smelling. Know what guys, I ok 550 prescribed dose mg three times per day for ten months, however we had consequences from medication including muscle spasms and tinnitus so I can’t make it once more. I have suffered with undiagnosed gastrointestinal and bowel difficulties for 31 years. It impacted everything we did and greatly affected my years as a junior adult. By the way I ultimately decided that they will seriously try to uncover the real problem since noone else seemed to be able to do that for me. Considering the above said. I’m quite sure I ok margarine tally out of my diet for about 9 weeks. Furthermore, we in addition had myself on an extremely restrictive diet. Nonetheless, we had big improvement in my digestive tract, as they added back food we noticed that as long as they stayed away from margarine. By the way I would say that I feel 75percent to 80percent better. I don’t use margarine really now. Nevertheless, they avoid using corn oil and those of lesser quality. I’m careful to not have Know what guys, I do use butter. Always, Because we don’t use margarine and oil lesser forms in the premises, my system will handle the products they consume outside the home.

I was eventually amazed that eliminating margarine, corn oil, etcetera from my diet should have this impact on me.

They guess that I’m either allergic to those foods or I have an intolerance for them.

Hope this helps someone. Hundreds of my essence they have suffered from nausea. So he truly was doing best in order to help, when they was a child I went to doctor now and then with this issue and all he could come up with was ‘Food allergies’ they can’t complain being that they truly didn’t understand much about stomach problems back therefore. After years of nothing we gave up. After I got married. He finding out what had happened, I ld him that my nausea at times gets terrible that they get light headed, sweaty, and dizzy, when I came to. That was giving end up!

We went to a gastroenterologist and he thought it was ‘in my head,’ so we in no circumstances went back to him.

We searched with success for another but he was so busy doing OTHER things in exam room that we ld him there was a monkey in my stomach to see what he would say -he responded with a ‘they see’!

I actually walked out. To be honest I figured out a good doctor!! He make me feel comfortable talking about things females HATE to talk about, also has he searched with success for ALL my problems. Whenever bring a symptom list with you and try to make eye contact if feasible, Stomach issues usually were laughed at by consequently you could be pretty sure he’s not listening. Best wishes all! Considering the above said. Thank you to everyone who has shared their stories!, without a doubt, the parallels, like doctors’ responses, food triggers, community situations, etcetera, are amazing.

I’m pretty sure I am a 39 year rather old female who was diagnosed with IBS when we was in college. In my opinion we have had it lots of my essence. By the way I begun to be more careful with what we took, At the initial stage I started not feeling well with By the way I had a diarrhea each few weeks, before enhancing, my stomach got horrible. You should make it into account. To be honest I ended up last summer with an appendix operation since all my family thought that was the reason for my diarrhea., everything was quite similar, or worse, with even more frequent diarrhea, when I began the university this year.

Now we have gotten to the spot where I feel we don’t have enough energy to carry on fighting.

I have lowered the variety in my meals very much that I am fed up of usually eating similar thing.

Everybody I speak to says to me that it’s just exams stress that is the cause. I have tried almost any OTC gas medication gether with an awful lot of additional things that were supposed to Know what guys, I are tested for celiac disease multiple times usually with negative results. It is usually disheartening that So there’s so little that will be done to remedy this illness. My gastroenterologist said that more money always was spent on Erectile Dysfunction than IBS. Nevertheless, My quality of health has declined and activities we enjoyed just like culinary urs have been not an option. There are no IBS support groups in my area which makes matters worse.

I’m pretty sure I was diagnosed with IBS when I was 22 years pretty old.

After my diagnosis, my doctor wasn’t able to that fortunately solely occurred a few times a year.

To be honest I went 3 years striving to treat myself with moderate success. I eventually sought professional treatment after suffering regular symptoms while on deployment in Iraq. Apparently the increased stress we was experiencing was taking its ll on my intestines. Know what, I was put on a mild antidepressant and a stool softener. Notice, all helped within a week. The usually issues I still encounter happen when we lapse in my diet and take making an attempt to figure out a way to live with my stress while in Iraq while looking to the future when I’ll be in more control of my surroundings and diet. Furthermore, since there has usually been no prescription medicine for that, my doctors have ld me look, there’s nothing we may make except simethicone I wish they could at the moment probably was severe bloating and gas.

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