Five Weeks Pregnant

5 weeks pregnant

I wrote blog posts over my pregnancy -the following are being published now -to share my narration, for readers who missed the announcement, I’m currently 14 weeks pregnant. This is the post I wrote when I was5 weeks pregnant… The news hasn’t sunk in yet. Neither Josh see fairly what to do or what to think, nor myself He does have some extremely cute moments though, where he starts talking about outfits he wants to purchase the baby, potential positions and things that he wants to do with his baby when it’s older. He talks animatedly about dad kind he thinks he will be, whilst grinning from ear to ear.

So here’s the question. Possibly he doesn’t think I’m meet the mama & dad material? Perhaps I’ll clear up shortly, as this workweek he invited me to spend Christmas with him in Kent! For instance, we are all talking about wanting to keep the baby. A well-known reason that is. Cause I do not think I could do it, the Aword hasn’t come up yet and I’m glad about that. Yes, that’s right! The troubles is though, it will not be choice.

, folks who are understanding my blog a long time, may understand when I wrote a post about not being able to have any more children -cause it should be too dangerous. Ok, and now one of the most important parts. HELLP Syndrome. For example, most guys who survive HELLP Syndrome are told not to conceive once more, or do not conceive once more, out of fear. I want to see specifically what the risks are, obviously, this pregnancy wasn’t planned. CANNOT take risks leaving my 3 incredible girls alone in the world with no the mummy. It’s a well i fairly just can’t keep this baby, in case my risks of HELLP Syndrome are big. My girls come 1-st and my own feelings come 2nd to that, ALWAYS. That’s right. You may as well like, when you liked this post.

That’s right. You may like, in case you liked this post

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