Grim Brown Discharge

Let me ask you something. SUPER murky brown discharge? Carrotcakequeen percent percentparagraph percent per cent


Alright. Every time they make my panties off after a long week, they are brown. This is the case. I’m assuming this always was discharge, usually in seat in no circumstances near butt region. Honestly it simply looks like a combination of dirt and sweat to me but when you’re concerned we should go see a gyno.

You should wear a panty liner. That looks normal to me. Furthermore, sweat and discharge. Wearing panty liners constantly or for longer than several weeks in a row affects the vulva in a negative way. It gets fairly damp quite fast and that increases bacterial growth.

Oh we merely meant for over one month, to more apparently see what has been going on. It can’t look to me like she’s having troubles, it looks normal. Double check with a panty liner and later can not worry about it! Nevertheless, alright, they misunderstood. For just one month I understand you, it would be easier to analyze it thereby. Now pay attention please. OP did mention an unusual smell though and that oftentimes comes from bacteria which shouldn’t be cultivated too long.

It might be able to be, when the following probably were one of your period pair, that the fabric probably was discolored and merely darkens to a noticeable point as they’re wet with sweat. Bloody discharge coming out later, when it is right after our own period.

It means blood. Possibly will be harmless, probably will be a sign of something. In the event it happens frequently talk to your own doctor. Notice that this wasn’t a case with me just about any fortnight for a while.

All my googling has told me that it was always most possibly rather old blood Seconding, they had this even when I wasn’t on my period so I explains my doctor when we went in for a real physical. Notice, it was normal, old enough blood releasing itself.

Is it too bad post period? In any event, iUD and we get this for about a day to 2 weeks after my period and lessens as time passes. It was blood. Otherwise it kind of looks like dirt. It is normally possibly that, in the event you were working out and sweating a lot.

Edit I looked at the pic, it will not look like spotting to me, it looks like sweat. Edit we just looked at pic, it will not look like spotting to me, it looks like sweat.

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