How Is It Feasible To Get Pregnant From Oral Sex

can you get pregnant from oral sex

Thanks for sharing, I appreciate facts wealth. Thanks once more and say a prayer for me, I want twins! Thanks for all the encouraging words. God is at work. My testimony is coming back to you pretty quickly. In Jesus title, amen!

Semen is a ‘all natural’ bodily fluid that doesn’t harbor any diseases or harmful bacteria within a HEALTHY human being, as you most probably again understand. Semen’s primary purpose is to provide sperm with a lofty protein and nutrient rich medium to sustain the journey to the female ovaries. Sperm, primarily and does not present a threat to the digestive tract since they are neutralized by gastric fluids till they reach the stomach! Now let me tell you something. Swallowing a proper semen male may in matter of fact be good for you! This is due to the semen’s extremely concentrated source of nutrients like unusual sugars, minerals and protein. Nonetheless, it does not contain any harmful chemicals. Semen bleachy smell is due to traces of chlorine and its alkaline pH. Undoubtedly, seriously, think about it… When it’s safe to enter the vagina, it possibly should be alright to enter your harsher environments mouth and throat!

can you get pregnant from oral sex

Even if, swallowing semen from a partner that has a STD implies that you’ll proven to be exposed to whatever they’re carrying. We all understand that having unprotected oral sex is risky. HIV risk transmission thru oral sex is still undetermined, as of now. Thru extensive research we’ve looked with success for that some experts say there is little to no risk of getting HIV thru fellatio while anyone else say there is a manageable risk. There are cases of men contracting HIV via oral sex. It all depends whether or not there’re cuts or sores in the guy mouth performing the oral sex -Do us all a favor and add some flavor!

as well, another reason for this is due to psychological reasons or due to the taste -We’ve got you covered for all! Just remember, practice makes perfect and even certainly you can oftentimes modify the taste! Now let me ask you something. Are you assured? Notice, nO, YOU CANNOT GET PREGNANT. Semen goes down to your stomach where they are digested with your food. Sounds familiar? There is no passage connecting your stomach to your vagina.

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