Is It Feasible To Be Pregnant And Get Our Own Period

can you be pregnant and get your period

It sounds gross for all parties involved, what with blood getting on condom and his pubic hairs, you possibly leaking onto course bed and the awkward tampon removal or pad before you even get freaky. That being said, in the event a lot of you have been down for it, it has got several edges.

Stick to missionary position. It stops blood from flowing too much. Put some towels under you to keep blood off the sheets and keep tissues nearby for when you’re done -you don’t have to sit up and have everything spill out,plus it’ll help the boy start off cleaning off himself unto he makes for bathroom. Avoid having sex until 3-rd or fourth fortnight cause lighter flow should help prevent extreme leakage when you stand up, in the event your own 1-st couple of months always were all in all ‘heavy flow’ months. Besides, try having sex in the shower, in order to avoid any of this.

can you be pregnant and get your period

Fairly significant stuff is probably to be have fun, confident and understand that you will back outat whenever necessary. This article has gotten the Rotunda loads of attention! Think, in case the individual who turned this article in a grand spectacle planned to let savvy and good judgment play a fraction in choice making and emailed the editor, plenty of guys perhaps wouldn’t have seen this article.

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