Is It Possible To Be Pregnant And Still Have Our Period

can you be pregnant and still have your period

Pregnancy is what happens when a fellow’s sperm meets up with a woman’s egg and the fertilized egg sticks to the lining woman’s uterus. Any sex type where semen gets inside vagina should consequence in a pregnancy in the event a pal’s penis has been near but not inside the woman’s vagina when he ejaculates. It can’t matter what position you’re in reverse cowgirl, standing, whatever or missionary. Sperm + egg + sticking to the uterus = pregnancy. The actual question is. Simply how possibly probably was a lady to get pregnant from unprotected sex? Now pay attention please. It depends on where she usually was in her cycle.

Needless to say, rather short the solution is YES! I’m sure you heard about this. You were probably less probably to get pregnant while on the period than at various different times in your cycle that doesn’t mean it was impossible, in case you have regular periods. How do they see it was unsually not impossible? There are tests of a fertility awareness method called Standard months where ladies have unprotected sex at specific times in their cycle, as well as while on the period. As a output, about one in 4 girls using this method get pregnant. Bottom straight line is that when you practically do not wish to become pregnant, use birth control every time you have sex. Considering the above said. There has been a range, most ladies have cycles lasting between 25 and 28 weeks. For instance, for some ladies, their regular cycle usually can be up to 35 weeks!

can you be pregnant and still have your period

Nonetheless, you have got a regular period, in the event you count for some cycles and all of your periods are usually about weeks same number. Oftentimes can’t sweat it was generally normal to had small amount of weeks more or less any fortnight, not every cycle shall be the exact same number of weeks. The period is irregular in the event it happens at really special times from one cycle to the successive for almost 24 months, then 32 months, example and likewise then 27 months. A well-known reason that is. That’s likewise irregular, in case 2 or more months go by and you couldn’t had a period. In general, it is generally elementary to have irregular periods, specifically within 1st few years of is going to menstruate. Notice that some methods of birth control could help make it more regular, in case you had an irregular period.

can you be pregnant and still have your period

That’s interesting. How shortly how is it feasible to test for a pregnancy after unprotected sex? All this indicates that you have to wait 2 weeks right after unprotected sex to get a correct pregnancy test outcome.

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