Is It Possible To Get Hiv From Swallowing

can you get hiv from swallowing

I did taste some precum, now they didnt let him cum in my mouth. Now we asked was he clean.

Reason that reason im worried, was probably that after we had given head they realised my gum had been bleeding cause my wisdom tooth is coming up. Now let me ask you something. Can u get HIV from precum in our own mouth? Now pay attention please. Infection rate for that has always been estimated at one in ten,000. Nevertheless, and a lot easier; Theres somebody else stuff you may catch too, though.

can you get hiv from swallowing

They dont think these cut and pastes were probably of any help, with all due respect when people comes on looking for opinion.

NO you can’t catch it from precum! When you did swallow a mouth full of his cum, it is probably quite really quite rough to catch HIV from Oral sex. Finally, in order for you to catch it under these circumstances, there should plan to be. That’s interesting right? Cuts and sores that have not yet healed inside your mouth. Do not listen to various different fools on here telling you wise! None of them have got a clue what they have always been on about! Immuneolgy and I’ve been studying HIV for the past two years and I’m sick to death of folks scare mongering on here about HIV. At least that could be remedied with the help of getting ACCURATE data, in case you always were genuinely ignorant about HIV. In the event you have any doubts or questions visit a few of the sites or ask the doctor.

Now look. Being sexually active on th gay scene you preferably need make it the entrepreneurship to educate yourself about HIV and next STD’. For instance, in the event you could not study about it and methods to protect your own self, it was generally no corpus elses reponsibilty yours, then its our own fault. Make this as tough love, sorry to sound so cool. So, hIV. Nonetheless, as usual with situations really like this extremely acceptable response is usually a link to a site with more info and a free address hiv test clinic.

As Maybebaby has pointed out opinions on this differ greatly What folks have heard versus what they understand may occasionally be a fine straight betwixt reality and ego, did not mean being chilly to the situation.

Considering the above said. What has ego got to do with it? There is nothing bad with individuals giving out their opinions, thats what the poster came on for. The risk probably was short go andget tested, as anyone here hassaid.

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