Johny Saw Demon, One of the Real Sleep Paralysis Stories

What is sleep paralysis and my own story?

Sleep paralysis is the state when you are not awake, but can think and temporarily experience an inability to move. This cause panic in some individuals, I heard many stories that people think they are dying. But do not worry, please read my story!

It was some years ago, I was working hard on my body to be in shape and to get six pack abs. Always was busy with work, fitness and other personal things to do. So most of the time I was tired and wanted sleep a lot. So one day it happened, I can’t move or speak or doing anything else.

Just approximately in 2-3 AM, I woke up in a strange state. I was thinking that it’s a dream, but then I realized that I can be aware of it and I feel that something is sitting on me, I tried to look on this “Demon”. Totally dark, unreal creature was trying to suffocate me.

I naturally tried to sit up, but I discovered that I could not move a single part of my body. I was a victim of sleep paralysis. I tried turning my head towards my girlfriend hoping to get her attention, but it was hopeless, not a single part of my body was moving at my will. I desperately tried to find ways to get attention or make myself rouse from this horrifying state.

I slowly realized that nothing was working in order to escape this experience, so I began exploring my surroundings from the state of sleep paralysis. I quickly noticed a nasty shadow creature presence in my room, right at the foot corner of the bed. It began to slowly climb up my chest and it sat there. I had the most troublesome time breathing, I thought it was crushing my chest with its weight, some sort of sightless power pressing upon me. I felt my whole body receiving harmless electrical hum, as if I was connected to a high voltage cabinet, it was a strange sleep paralysis phenomenon. At that point I gathered all my physical and mental resources to get out of this nightmare which kept spinning out of control. I desperately attempted to fight of the ominous dark creature of my chest, which kept on building weight on it, but it there was no progress or help in sight. Every inch of my body was tight and I thought, I will have a heart attack of this. There was nothing I could do, I was stuck in a fight against an empty attack to get rid of the unseen power which kept me completely stationary, and on top of that I was complementary scared of falling back asleep and never wake up again.

I started to think, it’s trying to kill me. Panic took over me and I wanted to scream or push away this demonic creature. It was unreal, I was paralyzed and slowly was loosing myself, my consciousness. Then it happened…

I woke up. I was alive, sweat, my heart was beating like crazy. This sleep paralysis documentary is my experience of what it is like to experience this phenomena. Throughout times many people have reported experiencing sleep paralysis. They may vary in descriptions, but there are common clues to most of the stories. And they go like this: you are most likely having a bad dream and all of a sudden you wake up consciously and you are not able to move any muscle of your body, in most cases the subjects report being able to move their eyes, and you have a sense of dark, scary creature like bully presence in your room, which may or may not crawl on your chest and sit on it – giving you the idea of it crushing a heavy weight on you, a very oppressive sense of terror and powerlessness.  What was this? I was scared and started to pray god to help me. After this I was not sleeping that night. It was something similar to lucid dreaming or astral, only like in a horror movie.

I pursued an interest to find out more about this phenomena, and this is what I found.

Sleep paralysis

1. What causes sleep paralysis?

There is no real cause of it. Most of the time it’s due overload at everything you do. Just take more rest and sleep well in time. I would recommend to go sleeping at 10 PM, but as I know many of you are creative at that time, so 12 AM is fine as well.

When you sleep and sink into the rapid eye movement (REM) sleep your muscles of the whole body as completely turned off and your brain is experiencing vivid dreams, which is an essential part of sleep paralysis stories. At the time when you sleep you are unable to move, thus the subject wont be able to get out of a dream with their body, sleep paralysis occur when the person wake up prior rapid eye movement sleep is over. You become conscious , but your body is not able to move, because it has not on yet.

A number of things can provoke sleep paralysis stories, one of the most common denominators are little to no sleep, medications and sleep disorders can trigger sleep paralysis. In a scientific study in 2015 by University of Southern California, 8 % percent of the people reported to have some sort of problems with sleep paralysis. If you are subjected to mental disorders such as depression or anxiety, you are more likely to have your own sleep paralysis stories.

2. How to stop sleep paralysis?

If you are into it, you can’t stop it. Just relax and enjoy a ride, then it will stop faster in most cases. But if you have lucid dreaming, then enjoy it because it really cool experience. In general you wont find and treatment for sleep paralysis, because the key here is to treat and prevent the fundamental causes. If you have had any experience with it, you might want to consider making a doctor’s appointment. It might be a sign of sleep deprivation, thus scientists suggest that those experiencing this phenomenon are recommended to receive enough of good sleep, cut on alcohol consumption, nicotine and any drugs through night, at least 4 hours prior bedtime, and don’t forget to limit your caffeine intake.

3. How to induce sleep paralysis?

Well, take a naps, do not sleep well at nights, try control how long you sleep. Try wake up when you would want. Also I would recommend to learn about going into astral and lucid dreaming, it can help. But question yourself, do you really need this experience? Astral travel would be 10000000x better than sleep paralysis and it is easier to do, if you want new things in your life!

4. Can you die from sleep paralysis?

The answer would be NO! Of course, if you panic after waking up and run away, you can get into accident in worst case. But don’t worry, you will probably be scared to move somewhere. I hope my story will help you a lot and please write on contact page about your sleep paralysis stories. I will read and will add your stories here.

Sleep Paralysis: the Ultimate Convenience!

sleep paralysis

Sleeping paralysis may be defined as terrors within the night. Think happy thoughts, and also the sleep paralysis will in due time get transformed into a terrific lucid dream. If you need to eradicate sleep paralysis a pleasant dark quiet room is what I recommend. It’s possible for You to bid farewell to sleepless nights.

REM is the amount of sleep that’s associated with dreaming. In sleeping paralysis an individual has uncontrollable naps. The underlying reason for the condition is sleep being suddenly disrupted within the middle of the dream. So you may consider this to be considered a sleep paralysis cure.

Sleep paralysis was described a condition wherein you’re experiencing some effects of REM sleep (muscle atonia) while you’re still somewhat conscious. It is essential to grasp the cycles of sleep to be able to get an entire comprehension of sleep paralysis causes. Because my brain wouldn’t I want to sleep properly. Firstly you are required to keep up a constant sleep pattern.

It would really enable a lot in the event you maintained regular sleeping hours. Maintain a normal sleep pattern too. These 4 stages compose an one sleep cycle. Pray for protection prior to going to sleep.

The Little-Known Secrets to Sleep Paralysis
  • Should you sometimes find that you’re paralyzed during sleep and you maynot move then you’re suffering from sleep paralysis. Because you can see there are lots of factors behind sleep paralysis. To help you to stop sleep paralysis it may help know what it’s caused by. If you’d like to understand how to stop sleep paralysis, just avoid sleep disturbances that’s all. If you find you stop breathing entirely you might have sleep apnea and ought to see a physician about it. It would be a terrific thought to really get to know all the potential causes and a number of the organic ways which you can take advantage of to eradicate sleep paralysis.
  • Most of the people can and certainly will feel fear and maybe even paralysis whilst dreaming, but most people today are also effective at knowing when they’re in a dream and when they’re experiencing something in reality. This paralysis sustains moments subsequent to the individual has woken up whenever the brain does not realize whether the individual remains dreaming or not. If it becomes sudden the human body along with the brain’s reaction times are really not the very same and this leads to the paralysis. In addition, There are some problems which can be seen in every action including in his emotions including speech.
  • There are lots of drugs and medicines you will locate which have been prescribed for sleep paralysis but they don’t cure the condition they just allow you to sleep better that’s all. It is best to see an excellent doctor should you feel that the condition getting worse. It’s quite important that you go for a consultation of an excellent doctor who’d have the ability to suggest ideal medicines so as to cure this issue. There should be a suitable consultation of the doctor who is able to guide the patient properly and there should really be a neurological evaluation of the problem to start with a suitable medicine for the finest cure.

Within this article you’re about to learn why sleep paralysis may be the holy grail for new OBEers since it’s the way you can access your subconscious without needing to practice utilizing any visualizations in any way. What you really need to know is the reaction times of the human body as well as the brain inside this situation are become different. There are lots of stimuli the brain responds to when you’re asleep.

  • There are a lot of things which are known to cause paralysis. So, these are a few of the causes of the disease. There are a number of things which have been identified as causes of the condition. It got me wondering if there weren’t any alternative ways of handling this condition. What you didn’t know is that is just what the body is exerting effort to prevent.
  • In regards to ways to stop sleep paralysis they’re worth considering. Avoiding things which are likely to stimulate the mind whilst you’re sleep will likewise help. Among the best methods to treat this disease is to decrease stress in addition to tensions from the mind of the person. As we age, there’s a change within the way that we sleep, which may have a considerable impact on our overall health. So that you can clearly note that whatever will interrupt the standard sleep pattern of somebody will probably cause it. There are several things which are known to disrupt the usual sleep pattern, for example light and sound.
  • As you begin falling asleep, consider the kind of dream you’d like to get. In case you are fortunate to eventually become aware that you’re in a sleep paralysis state then you’ll need to remind yourself of what exactly is occurring. Sleep paralysis is merely one of those simple to dismiss conditions until you’ve experienced it. You shouldn’t be in the mercy that you dream about and keep having restless nights.
  • Another source of information tells us that sleep paralysis is really a pure event, also it has biological roots. Their recall is extremely much like patients who endure delirium, and that’s why some experts conclude there is really a dissociative state in sleep paralysis. Sleep researchers conclude that, typically, sleep paralysis is just a sign your body isn’t moving smoothly through the stages of sleep. Twin studies have proven that in case that one twin of the monozygotic pair experiences sleep paralysis which other twin is quite probable to experience it also.
  • Should you be fortunate to eventually become aware that you’re in a sleep paralysis state then you’ll need to remind yourself of what’s occurring. An individual experiencing sleep paralysis is truly awakethe mind truly is, the body isn’t. In spite of the fact that sleep paralysis is natural and normal, it’s still among the most terrifying experiences you are ever going to have. Fortunately, sleep paralysis is some thing which most individuals experience just a number of times and so no treatment is demanded.

I myself am a lifelong insomniac and quite a light sleeper. I couldn’t look in just about any other direction. I didn’t understand what I had been doing. I marveled at this easy truth that I’d discovered.

I now understand the world in another light, plus I just thank God that He’s kept me alive this much time to realize Him. I’d like to say this is actually the only occurrence I’ve ever had, but that simply is really not the case. And suddenly, I began having sleep paralysis.

Since that day, I haven’t again seen demons in my personal sleep, and it’s an excellent feeling to receive ready for bed knowing I’ll sleep peacefully. Fortunately, this is definitely the most relaxing and pleasurable sleep paralysis story, even though it is still somewhat unnerving. Make certain that the room is airy so you don’t wake right up in the night on account of bouts of sleep apnea. Through the night, however, blue light is an entire different story.

You’re not certain who or what’s pushing in your chest. Don’t struggle but instead focus your attention on moving just one part of your own body, for example an one finger. In any event, you’ll awake abruptly. It can nonetheless be frightening, mainly on account of the disorientation you feel when you suddenly awaken and can’t move. Try and make sure that you eat right in order to stay replenished.

Nightmare seems like this kind of understatement, however it’s the sole word I have. This time, still, a strange thing happened. Then, the person has been rendered paralyzed or immobilized. It is frequently accompanied by unusually strong and terrifying hallucinations to which one is not able to react as a result of paralysis, and physical experiences (for instance, strong current running through the top body). Some nations such as Iran and Pakistan interpret it as being demons or spirits who’ve taken over somebody’s body, often because of black magic performed by means of an enemy.

It wasn’t until a couple of years later that I stumbled upon a web site about sleep paralysis, along with I suddenly discovered it is common. Within the meantime I was attempting to wake myself up but did not achieve that. Sometimes, I’d go months without one. Sometimes, I’d have these experiences two times a week. Other times, I’d see shadow people in my personal room. So in a moment we’ll have a look in the scientific explanation, and in addition consider a number of the alternative viewpoints.

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